A simple online screenwriting app
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A simple copy of Final Draft that can be used online


Use Enter to create new lines

Use Tab and Shift+Tab to cycle through different formats

Scripts are NOT private or secure (yet). Use at your own peril.

Scripts are synchronized across browsers. Collaborate in realtime with friends!


  • Character / Location autocompletion
  • Private scripts
  • Better formatting
  • Export
  • Notes


Custom Shareable URLs

Simply type in any unique URL and share it with others Custom Shareable URLs

Realtime Collaboration

Realtime collaboration across devices Realtime Collaboration

Line Control Shortcuts

Easily change the line type using ENTER (repeatedly) on an empty line or TAB and SHIFT+TAB. Line Control Shortcuts Line Control Shortcuts Move lines up and down easily with CMD/CTRL + UP/DOWN Move Lines Shortcuts

Printer Friendly

Printer friendly standards formatting. Add author notes or highlight character's lines Printer Friendly

Read-Only Mode

Don't want someone to accidentally clobber your work? Just append /view to the end of the URL. Read-Only Mode

Line Comments

Add comments to any line, even in Read-Only mode. Line Comments