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Debian package that sets up an https vhost with collectd graphs
Perl Python Makefile

Add support for the mail_counter type (#11)

It's a custom type, defined as

  mail_counter value:COUNTER:0:65535

It is used by

It is used instead of counter to prevent counter overflows when
restarting collectd, so it should be fine to treat it exactly like
latest commit 4c94f4d3ee
@mgedmin mgedmin authored


PoV server page

This script sets up web page for your server, listing the following information:

  • contents of /root/Changelog
  • graphs for collectd
  • open TCP ports
  • SSH host key fingerprints
  • disk usage treemaps (if configured)


  • Ubuntu
  • Apache + mod_wsgi
  • Perl
  • Python
  • collectd


apt-get install pov-update-server-page
vim /etc/pov/server-page.conf
  at the very least uncomment enable = 1
  you'll also need to make sure some SSL certificate is available
chmod +x /root  # make /root/Changelog readable by www-data
pov-update-server-page -v
a2enmod rewrite ssl wsgi cgid
a2ensite $(hostname -f).conf
service apache2 reload
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