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Progressive Coders Network

Progressive Coders Network -- Projects Catalog

These are projects and groups being formed from week to week. These projects can be an idea that you would want to discuss and conceptualize further, or active where there's development ongoing. Some may last for only a day and not be touched forever, and some may have been progressing for months with tens of volunteers, millions of users. To keep track of these fluctuating groups, we use GitHub issues to open, close and update groups over time. Reach out to the project leader by commenting, or following the communication section.

You can see the full list of projects in the issues list for this GitHub repository.

How do I add a project to the list?

  1. Create a GitHub account if you don't already have one:
  2. Open a new GitHub Issue in this repository:
  3. Set the title of your issue to the name of your project, and fill out the description template in the body. We will add the appropriate labels to it.

This is strongly based (almost copy pasted) on Chi Hack Night's format. Please check out their amazing community.

Source: Chi Hack Night

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