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The ArrowPoint Android App Solution is a Android tablet or phone based platform designed to receive and display telemetry information from an WiFi access point in real time.

The out of the box implementation is designed for use in Solar or Electric racing cars that use technology from Prohelion ( or Tritium ( This solution was origionally developed by TeamArrow ( and has been used in racing environments since 2015. TeamArrow continue to use this application both as the in car dashboard as well as a solution for the entire fleet to communicate and monitor the car.

Examples of the software in use can be seen here -

Documentation for the Prohelion ArrowPoint App can be found on the Prohelion Documentation site which is located here

If you are interested in contributing to the solution, please see our contribution file here

The application provides

  • A driver centric dashboard with speed and battery information
  • A solar energy dashboard showing inbound solar data from each array
  • A battery management dashboard
  • Customisable alerts for driver or team to provide information on heat and other alertable conditions
  • Short Message service to provide private communications between cars and the race vehicle or to support communications during a radio failure

The application is compatible with

  • Prohelion Battery Packs
  • Tritium WaveSculpters
  • Tritium BMUs and CMUs

The Wifi connection should be broadcasting CANbus data using the Tritium CANbus identifiers.

Any issues please or question, please raise them on our GitHub account at