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Project Elixir • [UpsideDownCake]

"Redefining your android experience with our new update which offers minimal UI enhancement and close to Stock android experience with customization"

Introducing Project Elixir now based on Android 14 シ

"Redefining your android experience with our new update which offers minimal UI enhancement and close to Stock android experience with customization."

⊀ Unleash Innovation ⊁

Your experience while using our ROM will be buttery smooth without compromising the quality of the Android experience.

A screenshot is worth thousand of words so don't forget to checkout our gallery 1 and gallery 2

Download Project Elixir [Custom ROM] Project-Elixir Download Project Elixir [Custom ROM]

Project Elixir is an AOSP-based custom Android ROM with great performance, security and stability. So do not hesitate anymore, join us now and start enjoying the beauty of stock Android.

So now you know about us, Lets begin the madness !

You can build and enjoy Project Elixir on your respective devices by your own or you can visit our website for OFFICIAL builds by porper maintainer. Now basics pre requisite that you need to build by yourself

Official Git Organization / Repos

Some important links below

Official Support Group & Channel

Have you joined it already? Okay, good. Now if you need to contact us, well, you may ask in our Telegram Support Group, we may or may not answer.

Official Website and Downloads

Contact on Emergency

For urgent need feel free to contact us on provided links. And for personal build request, patreon, donation, suggestions, sponsor, personal device support join telegram group or respective platform like patreon chat. Don't PM unnecessarily !!

Help to keep Project Elixir active and running by donating.

Any amount is appreciated.シ

UPI: dwarmachine24@oksbi


  1. manifest manifest Public archive

    Ah ! Here we go AGAIN !! • Base: Android 14/13/12 • [QPR2-WIP]

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  2. frameworks_base frameworks_base Public archive

    The Heart of Project Elixir

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  3. packages_apps_Settings packages_apps_Settings Public archive

    Typical Android Settings

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  4. docs docs Public archive

    XDA Template & Maintainership Form for Project Elixir

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  5. vendor_aosp vendor_aosp Public archive

    Our Junk HUB

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  6. issue_tracker issue_tracker Public archive

    At least you can do it properly now



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