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The repository provides a Leaflet (1) based web frontend to the Open Source Routing Machine (Project-OSRM (2)). The frontend is implemented in Javascript. Data is fetched from routing and geocoding servers using JSONP queries. The website is XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant. A deployed version of the the web frontend can be seen at (3).


The frontend for OSRM is a pure javascript application and needs no additional server support other than servering files via HTTP. Folllowing are the steps for an example installation on an Ubuntu server running Apache:

Download repository from GitHub (as root):

  cd /usr/local
  git clone
  chmod 755 -R Project-OSRM-Web
  cd Project-OSRM-Web/WebContent

Link content for Apache to serve (as root):

  cd /var/www
  ln -s /usr/local/Project-OSRM-Web/WebContent osrm

The frontend should be available on your server at:


If required, edit OSRM.config.js to change multiple settings. By default the frontend uses the project-osrm infrastructure (routing server, data timestamps, url shortener). This should be changed to your locations.

Note that our url shortener only accepts urls pointing to the official project-osrm website. Though, it is possible to either switch to another shortening service or disable the url shortener entirely if required.


  • The master branch will always point to the latest released version of the frontend.
  • The develop branch should always point to a working version with new features and bugfixes (think of it as a nightly-build).
  • Other branches contain various work in progress.


Please use the OSRM-Project bug tracker (4) for submitting any bug reports or feature requests.


If you like to contribute, simply fork the project and start coding. It is best practice to create a new branch (from the current develop branch!) with a descriptive name for your contributions. When you are done, send a pull request from that branch. With this workflow, each pull request is isolated and can be easily merged.


The frontend has been tested with Firefox 2.0+, Internet Explorer 8+ and Chrome 18+. Certain visuals like rounded corners or moving boxes only show up in more recent browser versions. The frontend will not work with Internet Explorer 6 or 7. As of Leaflet 0.6.x, dragging the map is no longer fully functional in very old browsers, such as Firefox 2.x. This will not be fixed.


(1) Cloudmade Leaflet:
(2) Project OSRM:
(3) Project OSRM Frontend:
(4) Project OSRM Bugtracker: