SPAN - Android Manet Manager
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SPAN - Android Manet Manager

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Obtaining Custom Kernels

For many devices, the kernel must be modified to allow ad-hoc mode before android-manet-manager will work. There are kernels available for several devices at this repository:

How to create a JAR to include MANET Manager in your project

  • Import android-manet-manager into Eclipse
  • Right click on 'AndroidManetManager' in the Package Explorer and click 'Export'
  • Select 'JAR file' under 'Java' and click 'Next'
  • Uncheck 'libmanet.jar' and 'AndroidManifest.xml' in the right pane, and uncheck the 'bin/', 'libs/', and 'obj/'folders in the left pane
  • Set the exported file destination to be the libs/ folder of your project
  • Click 'Finish'