Console-based player
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edward-p and PromyLOPh Implement audio buffering
Prevent stuttering on low-power devices like Android phones by moving
playback to its own thread and decoupling it from decoding through a
reasonably sized buffer.

Fixes #665.
Latest commit bbbdd99 Sep 15, 2018


pianobar is a console client for the personalized web radio Pandora.


  • Play and manage (create, add more music, delete, rename, ...) your stations.
  • Rate played songs and let pandora explain why they have been selected.
  • Show upcoming songs/song history.
  • Configure keybindings.
  • scrobbling support (external application)
  • Proxy support for listeners outside the USA.

Source Code

The source code can be downloaded at or


There are community provided packages available for most Linux distributions (see your distribution’s package manager), Mac OS X (MacPorts or homebrew) and *BSD as well as a native Windows port.