Port of pianobar - console based pandora.com player
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pianobar is a console client for the personalized web radio [Pandora] (http://www.pandora.com) ported to Windows.



Releases can be found at GitHub Release page.

Build status


  • Play and manage (create, add more music, delete, rename, ...) your stations.
  • Rate played songs and let pandora explain why they have been selected.
  • Show upcoming songs/song history.
  • Configure keybindings.
  • last.fm scrobbling support (external application)
  • Proxy support for listeners outside the USA.

Source Code

Original source code can be downloaded at github.com or 6xq.net.


Checkout pianobar-windows-build where you will find configured solution for Visual Studio 2015.

This repository is linked by GitHub submodule.