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Windows app which allows efficient work on a computer by speech alone.


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Work by Speech


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Work by Speech is a Windows app which allows efficient work on a computer by speech alone.

Work by Speech Features:

  • Efficient work on a computer by speech alone
  • Quiet speaking support
  • Application switching and opening by speech
  • Built-in voice commands for the most common actions
  • Custom voice commands management
  • Macro recording
  • Separate dictation mode
  • Fast and repeatable mouse control by speech with support for all mouse actions
  • Customizable and movable mousegrid which divides the screen into up to 2550 figures
  • Automatic mousegrid optimization for every used application
  • Very low processor and memory usage
  • Works with any microphone under Windows 10 and 11
  • Available for the English language only

Macro Recorder Features:

  • Smart Recording - combines hold and release actions into press or click whenever appropriate. Simultaneous multiple key presses and releases are combined into a single hold, release or press action.
  • High Accuracy - the Macro Recorder accurately records mouse movements when Record Mouse Movements option is selected. Mouse clicks are always recorded with cursor coordinates, so selecting this option is not recommended for recording simple mouse actions. Mouse click time and keys press time are recorded with high accuracy.
  • Editable Macros - recorded macros can be added to a custom voice command and edited later. Other types of actions can be added to it. You can also share your macros with friends by using Export Profiles feature.

Who is Work by Speech for?

  • People with some permanent disabilities (e.g. someone paralyzed in both hands).
  • People with some temporary disabilities (e.g. a person who broke both hands in an accident).
  • Those who would like to decrease the chance of developing repetitive stress injury, such as carpal tunnel syndrome (eg. by working one day a week by speech or by performing some tasks by speech).
  • Users who want to increase their productivity by using voice commands like switch to Chrome, open Photoshop, close that, show desktop, paste x times, undo/redo x times, scroll left/right x times, custom voice commands and macro recording.
  • Anyone who just wants to control a computer by speech.

This program can recognize your speech with high accuracy only if you complete at least two voice trainings. One voice training takes about 7 minutes. You can find more information about voice training in point 4 of the user guide, which is located in the help section.


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Bug Report and Feedback

If you wish to report a bug or send feedback, you can do so by sending me an e-mail: alt text . Please include as much information as possible and provide screenshot(s) if applicable.

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