Import in IDE

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  • Be sure that you use newest SDK and SDK Build-tools


  • Install EGit plugin (drag this link into running Eclipse)
  • File - Import - Projects from Git - URI
  • Into Location - URI type, press Next
  • Mark only master branch. Double Next!
  • Select Import existing projects, press Next
  • You should see all related projects, like demo and addons. Press Finish
  • Read this basic migration guide

Android Studio / IntelliJ IDEA

  • Checkout from Version Control - Git
  • Typo in Repository URL:
  • Press 'Clone', wait until repository checkout
  • If you use Android Studio, then just click 'Yes' on the proposal to open a project. Otherwise in IDEA press Import project and specify path to downloaded repo, choose gradle model and press next.
  • Kiss a Google and Android devs team!
  • Read this basic migration guide


  • Add a HoloEverywhere repository to your pom.xml:
            <name>HoloEverywhere Repo</name>
  • Execute guide for your favorite IDE from above articles
  • If are you use Eclipse, also install plugin m2e-android (drag'n'drop into Eclipse)