Psybrus Engine & Toolchain
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Psybrus Engine & Tool Chain

My personal engine which I use for Ludum Dare, tech prototyping, and testing out new ideas.

No demo games are in this repo anymore, please see

This is intended to be added as a submodule of a game repo, look at

To generate makefiles/projects for target platform, run with ProjectGen.bat (Win), or (*nix).

1) Python 2.7

Python must be in your PATH env var.


1) Clang 3.5
2) ccache

Linux users can also build for HTML5, but they will also need to build Emscripten themselves. Details of this to be written later.

I've setup a natvis file for use with Psybrus, as it helps a lot with debugging (particularly decoding names and resource structures for an at a glance view). Drop this in the "My Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Visualizers" folder and it should start to work. I will soon provide a setup tool to setup this, and possibly more.

1) Visual Studio 2015
2) Windows SDK 8.1 (Windows SDK 10 if you want D3D12 support)

When building in Visual Studio, be sure to select the "x64" platform.


1) android-ndk-r10e
2) android-sdk (latest)
3) ant

ANDROID_NDK env var must be set to the location of your Android NDK.
ANDROID_SDK env var must be set to the location of your Android SDK.

adb, and ant must be in your PATH.

From Windows, once you've generated the projects, you can simply use build_gmake_android-gcc-arm_build.bat to build source code.

To deploy, you need to have packed data. This is built by running the game on either Windows, Linux, or OSX (Import tool coming soon).
Running deploy_gmake_android-gcc-arm_build.bat will deploy to an attached device. Will deploy assets to /sdcard/PackedContent (Packing into apk coming soon).