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Psybrus Engine & Toolchain


Psybrus Engine & Tool Chain

My personal engine which I use for Ludum Dare, tech prototyping, and testing out new ideas.

No demo games are in this repo anymore, please see my other repos, Psybrus_DevelopmentGame, and ResenseGame. They have instructions on setting up.

VS2012 Users:
I've setup a natvis file for use with Psybrus, as it helps a lot with debugging (particularly decoding names and resource structures for an at a glance view). Drop this in the "My Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Visualizers" folder and it should start to work. I will soon provide a setup tool to setup this, and possibly more.

Setup instructions
1) Install the DX SDK (June 2010).
2) Install Boost 1.56 (Requires static linking libs: b2 link=static runtime-link=static install) and set BOOST_ROOT environment var to its path (i.e. C:\Boost)
3) Run This will verify that everything has been setup appropriately, and setup PSYBRUS_SDK environment var.
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