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A modular DAO framework for Web3.

Daowabunga is a cross-chain, modular web3 DAO framework, leveraging the Internet Computer to orchestrate ownership and management of smart contracts, assets, accounts, data, infra, and deceisions in a decentralized manner.


With Daowabunga we encourage developers to integrate as few or as many modules as your heart desires. We're building each core module as an easily extendable piece of your DAOs larger pie. We strongly encourage the community to build modules of their own through our plugin economy (which we're calling toppings). Many more toppings will be added in the future, including messenger services (like Terabethia for cross-chain orchestration.

Charging Station: Ensures target canisters’ cycles balance never falls below a certain threshold

Governance: Manages proposals, votes, and executes commands based on the final decision that is reached between the members of the governance committee

DIP20 Token Standard: A blueprint token canister that follows the DIP20 token standard.

Upgrade Gateway: acts as an intermediary/proxy between admins and Internet Computer's management canister. Allows for transparent and secure code upgrades

Multi-Sig: acts as an intermidiary between multiple identities (signers) and outside parties.


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