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package goquery_test
import (
// This example scrapes the reviews shown on the home page of
func Example() {
// Load the HTML document
doc, err := goquery.NewDocument("")
if err != nil {
// Find the review items
doc.Find(".sidebar-reviews article .content-block").Each(func(i int, s *goquery.Selection) {
// For each item found, get the band and title
band := s.Find("a").Text()
title := s.Find("i").Text()
fmt.Printf("Review %d: %s - %s\n", i, band, title)
// To see the output of the Example while running the test suite (go test), simply
// remove the leading "x" before Output on the next line. This will cause the
// example to fail (all the "real" tests should pass).
// xOutput: voluntarily fail the Example output.