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Sample project for the SlideView Custom Control
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Creating Custom Controls Part 2: SliderView

Hey Guys!

In the first part of this series of articles about creating custom controls, we learned how to create an ExtendedListView that supports Infinite Scrolling and Commands to handle business logic directly on our ViewModels.

In this article we are going to see our next use case which is creating a Custom Stepper + CarouselView (SliderView) to support sliders in our Xamarin Forms Apps.

The Use cases we will be talking about through this series will be the following:

  • Endless Scrolling + ItemTapped (ExtendedListView)
  • Custom Stepper + Carousel view (SliderView)
  • Timeline of Events (TimeLineView)

Our use case to dive into on creating custom controls Part 2 will be the SliderView

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