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This library provides support for Pulse-Eight's USB-CEC adapter and other CEC capable hardware, like the Raspberry Pi.

A list of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) can be found on libCEC's FAQ page.

.Net client applications, previously part of this repository, have been moved to this repository.

Supported platforms

Linux & BSD

See docs/

Apple OS X

See docs/

Microsoft Windows

See docs/

Supported hardware


See docs/

Vendor specific notes


  • On Panasonic to enable media control buttons on bottom of the remote, you may have to change the operation mode. To change it, press bottom Power-button, keep it pressed, and press 7 3 Stop. After releasing Power-button, Play, Pause, etc should work in XBMC.

Raspberry Pi

  • If your TV cannot detect the Raspberry Pi's CEC, or if the the Pi can't detect the TV, try adding the following line in /boot/config.txt and reboot the Pi: hdmi_force_hotplug=1