XNA version of the roguelike puzzle game http://robotacid.com/flash/ending/
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XNA conversion of the roguelike puzzle game http://robotacid.com/flash/ending/

There are 3 projects in the solution: Windows, Windows Phone and XBox 360.

I've tried to preserve the structure of the original Action Script project as much as possible during the conversion - obviously code has been changed to conform to C# syntax but there are some stub / wrapper objects that mimic Action Script classes that I utilised to aid conversion and reduce the requirement to rewrite game logic.


Pretty much all of the features of the original source have been converted. You can use JSON or XML as a file format for the levels.

Windows Phone

As above, although I think the level editor may need a tweak or two here and there.

XBox 360

Currently limited to a Title Safe viewport for rendering and fixed to Gamepad 1 for input (minimal work required to read all pads). I hooked the mousepointer to the right analogue stick and spoofed LMB with the 'A' button.