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PureMVC Standard Framework for Haxe (Ported)
Release Date: 4/20/13
Platform: haXe - JavaScript, Flash 6, 7, 8, 9, Neko VM
Version: 1
Revision: 3
Author: Marco Secchi <>
1.3 Haxe 3 support added, docs updated by zjnue
1.2 Libraries now include version number. - CLH
1.1.1 Alignment to pureMVC (AS3) 2.0.4.
Disallowed re-registration of Mediators in View.registerMediator.
Modified View.notifyObservers to notify from a copy of the observer list
rather than the actual observer list, which may change during the notification loop.
1.1 haXe 2.0 compatibility. This version is no longer compatible with older versions
of haXe.
1.0.4 Removed unit tests (moved to their own repository)
1.0.3 Removed bug with removing and re-registering Commands (originated from the AS3 porting).
Added missing testReregisterAndExecuteCommand on ControllerTest.
Refactoring of core elements (moved at 'core' package level). Unit tests updated accordingly.
Added binaries for flas6-9 and js (useful if you need external libraries).
Unit tests now can be run on all supported platforms.
Change skin for api docs.
1.0.2 Alignment to pureMVC 2.0.3 (AS3).
Added notifyObservers to IFacade, where it is required
if you are sending custom Notifications. No unit tests required.
Refactored View.removeMediator method, moving the logic for removing
an observer into a removeObserver method (also on IView), which is now
called by the Controller.removeCommand method as well as the
View.removeMediator method.
The Model.removeProxy method only attempts to remove the Proxy
if it is registered.
1.0.1 Removed demos. Added compiled unit tests bin for all supported platform and
instructions on how to run them. A couple of bugfixes on tests to make them cross-platform.
1.0 First official release on Framework source, Demos and Docs
are all in the same project with build files for each. These need to
be refactored into separate projects and with directions for building
when the framework source referenced from an installed location
rather than being included along with each project's source.