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The datasets for training and testing PureseqTM.
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Dataset for PureseqTM

The datasets for training and testing PureseqTM can be found here. In addition, the Human proteome data is provided. For each dataset, we also generated the prediction results from Phobius, Philius, Topcons2, and PureseqTM.

Folder name Description
pdbtm_database ground-truth labeling from PDBTM database.
Train_and_Test_result training and testing set, also include the prediction results from the four methods.
TMP_and_nonTMP_result dataset for discrinating Transmembrane Proteins (TMPs) and non-TMPs.
Human_proteome_result human proteome dataset from UniProt.
source_code,util source code for evaluation and label generation.

UniProt Human membrane proteome

Given a UniProt ID (e.g., Q9UMS5), users may find the prediction result of PureseqTM by the following link: alt text

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