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Stand-alone software package of PureseqTM for transmembrane topology prediction from amino acid sequence only.
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TransMembrane (TM) topology prediction from amino acid sequence only


Users may submit their sequences to the PureseqTM Server at:

Train and test data

Users may find the train, test data of PureseqTM at:


Contact email


Download the PureseqTM package

git clone
cd ./PureseqTM_Package

Compilation if necessary

cd source_code
cd ../


single protein prediction

prediction with fast mode (i.e., NOT use DBN features from Philius)

./ -i example/4j7cK.fasta -m 0

prediction without ground-truth label

./ -i example/4j7cK.fasta

given ground-truth 2-state TM label

./ -i example/4j7cK.fasta -l example/

evaluate the prediction result

If the ground-truth label is provided, run below commands to evaluate the prediction accuracy:

grep -v "#" 4j7cK_PureTM/4j7cK.prob | awk '{print $NF" "$3}' > 4j7cK.pred_reso
util/TM2_Evaluation 4j7cK.pred_reso 0.5
rm -f 4j7cK.pred_reso

plot the posterior probabilities

./ -i example/4j7cK.fasta -P 1

Note that gnuplot is required to be installed in the local system.

prediction with given profile

./ -i example/1bhaA.tgt

Note that to generate the evolutionary profile, users are suggested to use the TGT_Package to generate the TGT file:

./ -i <input_fasta> -d uniprot20_2016_02 -h hhsuite2 -n 3 -E 10

For more details on evolutionary profile, please goto

proteome prediction

As it takes about 2 hours for the whole Human proteome, below please find a toy example:

./ -i example/test_proteome.fasta

transfer PDBTM label

Transfer PDBTM 9-state label to 0/1 TransMembrane (TM) label:

python util/ example/1bhaA.pdbtm

Output files

There shall be 5 to 7 output files in XXX_PureTM by default, where XXX is the input name:

File name Description Option
XXX.fasta_raw original input sequence file in FASTA format.
XXX.fasta canonical sequence file without non-canonical characters. simple 2-state TransMembrane (TM) prediction in FASTA format.
XXX.prob detailed 2-state TransMembrane (TM) probability prediction.
XXX.pred_mode prediction mode (1 for sequence and 0 for profile).
XXX.png posterior probabilities plotted by GNUPLOT if option -P 1 is set
XXX.gff segment-level output if option -P 1 is set



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     Transmembrane Topology and Signal Peptide Prediction Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks
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     Protein secondary structure prediction using deep convolutional neural fields
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