An open source Flash game framework built around a Component-Entity system.
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Welcome to the PushButton Engine!

PushButton Engine is a framework for Flash game development. Build your game with reusable gameplay, physics, rendering, and networking components - some written by others, and some written by you. There are lots of great libraries for game development on Flash, and PBEngine helps you use them more effectively.

PushButton Engine has been used by PushButton Labs, Playdom, Zynga, Hive7 and other developers in commercial games.

Next Steps

Open and start reading. The repo includes several demo applications with full comments.

PBE needs the following compiler arguments: --keep-as3-metadata+=TypeHint,EditorData,Embed,Inject,PostInject

Contributing & Details

Visit the official PBE repository at GitHub: Follow it for updates. Fork PBE and submit your improvements! (Forking Instructions)

The PushButton Engine is covered under the MIT license in its entirety, not including 3rd party components. Please read LICENSE for more information on the MIT license.

Copyright 2009-2011 PushButton Labs, LLC. All rights reserved.