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in fact from 2003 there is ~ the 1st(and only one) focus Zope tech community be set up;

so years ago, there is soooooooo many python tech abt. commuity in China

but never group as one unify community brand, like as: perl-china/ruby-china etc.

so after PyCon2013China, some old Chinese Pythonista together and building:


  • by Pythonner in China Operations
  • as Pythonner in China Deleloping
  • for Pythonista in Global support events organizing srvice


  • KJ
  • Zoom.Quiet


How to update the site contents

main loop:

  1. git clone
  2. edit some .md in content/
  3. fab build && fab serve for test local
  4. cd output this is another repo. yet!
  5. mark the article you have applied on GitCafe Ticket
  6. git add->ci->push
  7. fab deploy published all


  • fork into local

  • or becamed member hold the repo. ACL

  • cd into content/

  • the sub-dir means:

          +- Events       首字母大写的是分类目录 收集对应文章
          +- Volunteer    ...志愿者
          +- _extra       扩展功能文件 e.g robots.txt
          +- _files       站内文件
          +- _images      站内图片
          `- pages        类似 about 的导航栏文档


  • 标准 Markdown 格式

  • 以 .md 为后缀

  • 文件名不得使用中文/空格/符号

  • 内容模板:

    Title: 中E可以混杂的标题 Date: 2013-12-09 Tags: people, shanghai Slug: sting-chen Author: Zoom.Quiet

  • 其中:


支持本地调试! 使用 fabric 进行管理, 支持的命令:

Available commands:

    build       编译所有页面
    deploy      向主机部署所有页面
    reserve     重编译所有页面再启动本地服务
    serve       启动本地服务 localhost:8000

注意! 向主机部署,需要有相关权限,并在本地配置好对应 SSH 信息


基于 pelican-bootstrap3 深度定制

  • 配置:
  • 样式: _themes/pelican-bootstrap3/
  • 插件: _plugins/


提交你的贡献到CPyUG / weekly,先确保自己的仓库与上游仓库同步

# 在 Fork 的代码库中添加上游代码库的 remote 源,(操作一次就可以,以后不必每次添加)
git remote add upstream

# 查看添加的上游仓库
git remote -v

# 提交本地修改
git add .
git commit -m "****"

# 同步上游版本
git remote update upstream
git rebase upstream/master

# push代码到gitcafe
git push origin master

# pull request
在自己gitcafe项目仓库下提交pull request到上游仓库


  • 131219 base pelican build and through publish