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Starting a new PyCon

To start a new PyCon you must:

  • Email the Python Software Foundation trademark workgroup seeking permission
  • Confirm you have a Code of Conduct for your PyCon
  • Confirm there is no other regional PyCon (e.g. in your country)
  • Confirm that your conference is a community conference and not for commercial profit

Adding your PyCon to the website

If you run a Python event or conference, you can add or edit your listing by making a pull request to this repository.


National Conferences are listed in alphabetical location by location.

Regional conferences are listed in alphabetical order by name.

Testing your change is data-driven with Jekyll templating served via GitHub Pages.

This repo has been configured with Netlify deployment previews. When you submit your pull request, a render will be generated so you can preview your changes. Click the 'Details' link on the deploy-preview check to see your preview.

Adding your event

Each national conference card should be created as _national/conferencename.yml, with a:

  • name
  • flag (2-letter ISO 3166 Alpha 2, e.g. us, nz)
  • location
  • website URL

For Example:

name: PyCon Namibia
flag: na
location: Namibia

Special interest and regional conferences should be created as _regional/conferencename.yml, with a:

  • name
  • location
  • website URL

For Example:

name: Pycon Latam
location: Puerto Vallarta, México

Be sure to include the --- at the start and end of the file!

If in doubt

Copy an example from another conference.


If you would like to submit your event to the event calendar please see the wiki for instructions.


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