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Python Password Generator

This password generator was built by PyLam. It comes with both a terminal and graphical user interface version. The user gives a number that represents the strength of the password they want, then the number of arithmetic digits is given(if the user does not want numbers in password he enters 0 to digits), then a few more password attributes are selected and the password can be generated. This generator also comes with history of all the passwords generated by the user and if needed it can be cleared.

Getting Started

To get the software just request a pull on our GitHub page and we will give you a copy. There is no need for installation of our software. Just head to Python website. We are working on making the files executable for users without python. Thank you for your patience!


The user only needs nothing to run the generator program except for python language to be installed, which is easily downloaded from the official python website. Just make sure you have dowloaded and installed the right python version for your computer.

Built with


  • Vasilis Dimitriadis: Coordination
  • Nikos Grigoropoulos: Debug


  • Pavlos Aplakidis: Programer


MIT license

Known Issues

  • project needs to be run without python installed
  • gui could look better