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SortViz is an educational tool, developed in order to help students to understand how sorting alogirithms work. The whole tool contains three scripts, the visualization script, the sorting algorithms script and the main script, bearing the name of the project itself.


When using the tool, your computer must have the following elements:

  1. A version of Python 3.6.
  2. The python module Matplotlib, which can be downloaded by typing.
pip3 install Matplotlib
  1. The python Graphical User Interface module, PyQt5:
pip3 install PyQt5

Note: if anaconda is installed on your system, you should already have all the required packages for this project.

Running the script

All you have to do is to open the directory containing the scripts, and run the command.


Then you just wait for the GUI window to pop up, and you are ready!

Note: All aforementioned scripts must reside in the same directory.

Running Instructions

When the GUI window pops up. There are three basic buttons, which also show certain functionallity messages when placed under the mouse cursor! The buttons are:

  1. Custom List
  2. Generate random list
  3. Show current list, which also acts as pause button.

Built with


We are trying to improve our coding techniques and programming skills as often as possible. So, be afraid not, we are working for new versions and always think about improvements. Have fun waiting for our updates!


  • Aristos Karampelas-Timotievits - Team coordination, Algorithms Implementation, Code Refactoring
  • Taxiarchis Kouskouras - Full GUI Design, Algorithm Implementation
  • Nikos Grigoropoulos - Algorithm Implementation, GUI Assistance & Refactoring


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details.

Source Codes taken by 3d-party may be licensed differently!