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akhet Delete Paste middleware code from pony module.
docs Correction to instructions.
unfinished Script to update committer's name/email.
.gitignore Rename .hgignore to .gitignore and adjust.
CHANGES.txt Finish version 2 documentation.
LICENSE.txt README and license. Add contributors.
README.txt README and license. Add contributors.
TODO.txt Todo.
setup.cfg Rename project to Akhet. (This version doesn't work.) Reset development version to 2.0.


Akhet is a Pyramid library and demo application with a Pylons-inspired API. 

Documentation is in the 'docs' directory.

(c) 2010-2012 Mike Orr and contributors. 
Copying and derivations permitted under MIT license; see LICENSE.txt.

* Mike Orr <>: author.
* Mike Merickel: urlparse module.
* Marcin Lulek: Demo stylesheet.
* is derived from "paste.pony" by Ian Bicking (
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