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Pyramid cookbook recipes (documentation)
Python Makefile
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_static begin project
_themes @ cb62403 Updated submodule _themes
auth Merge pull request #111 from mpeeters/patch-2
automating_development_process renamed title
configuration Documentation updates: add reference links, minor reorganization.
database Fixed hyperlink in database/sqlalchemy.rst
debugging Final validation updates, and add comments about Debug configuration.
deployment major cleanup; replaces #134
forms temp_file to temp_file_path
logging fix typo in python code
misc add paul's pycharm webinar
porting remove out of date instructions for adding cataloging and configuring…
pylons Fix argument name in call to Session.configure
routing Routing main page needs alphabetical title.
static_assets Merge branch 'master' of
templates fix example to work on py2 and py3
testing Improve & extend cookbook recipe
views - another grammar correction
.gitignore updated docs for rtd
.gitmodules updated docs for rtd
CONTRIBUTORS.txt created automating development process section
Makefile Update Makefile
README.rst - use correct link to Pyramid docs Fix invocations of "git submodule".
index.rst created automating development process section
links.rst Finish the Pyramid for Pylons Users guide.
todo.rst Minor format fixes


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