Use duck-typing to set a quasi-integer response status. #191

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perey commented Apr 7, 2015

This change checks for integer values when setting response.status by calling int() on the supplied value, instead of explicitly checking for a subclass of int.

This is helpful to me, because I'm writing code that wraps HTTP statuses in a class that defines __int__(). I'd like to be able to use WebOb together with this class without having to check whether the Response object accepted the status, or whether I need to call int() (or str() for that matter) and try again.

This change additionally removes the need for the "if ' ' not in value" check, which assumed value was interpretable by int() anyway and then performed the same string substitution as the setter for response.status_code.


Can you please fix the failing tests.

@bertjwregeer bertjwregeer added this to the Version 1.5 milestone Apr 7, 2015
@mmerickel mmerickel commented on the diff Apr 13, 2015
@@ -256,11 +260,6 @@ def _status__set(self, value):
raise TypeError(
"You must set status to a string or integer (not %s)"
% type(value))
- if ' ' not in value:
- try:
- value += ' ' + status_reasons[int(value)]
- except KeyError:
- value += ' ' + status_generic_reasons[int(value) // 100]
mmerickel Apr 13, 2015 Member

We are losing some validation here I think.

response.status = 'InvalidStatusCodeString' will pass here and be set when it should fail, right?


I pulled your changes, and rebased them on top of master.

@bertjwregeer bertjwregeer added a commit that referenced this pull request Apr 14, 2015
@bertjwregeer bertjwregeer Rebased and missed part of a patchset
Rebased PR #191, but apparently missed part of the patch. This fixes

Thanks for your contribution!

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