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PyQt-builder - the PyQt Build System

PyQt-builder is the PEP 517 compliant build system for PyQt and projects that extend PyQt. It extends the SIP build system and uses Qt's qmake to perform the actual compilation and installation of extension modules.

Projects that use PyQt-builder provide an appropriate pyproject.toml file and an optional script. Any PEP 517 compliant frontend, for example build or pip can then be used to build and install the project.


The documentation can be found at Read the Docs.


PyQt-builder is licensed under the BSD 2 clause license.


To install SIP, run:

pip install sip

Creating Packages for Distribution

Python sdists and wheels can be created with any standard Python build frontend.

For example, using build an sdist and wheel will be created from a checkout in the current directory by running:

python -m build --outdir .

Building the Documentation

The documentation is built using Sphinx, myst_parser and the sphinx-rtd-theme theme.

Change to the docs directory of a checkout and run:

make html

The HTML documentation can then be found in the _build/html subdirectory.