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QB64 is a modern extended BASIC+OpenGL language that retains QB4.5/QBasic compatibility and compiles native binaries for Windows (XP and up), Linux and macOS. contributions welcome

Table of Contents

  1. Installation

    1. Windows
    2. macOS
    3. Linux
  2. Usage

  3. Additional Info


Download the appropriate package for your operating system over at


Make sure to extract the package contents to a folder with full write permissions (failing to do so may result in IDE or compilation errors).

  • It is advisable to to whitelist the QB64 folder in your antivirus/antimalware software *


Before using QB64 make sure to install the Xcode command line tools with:

xcode-select --install

Run ./setup_osx.command to compile QB64 for your OS version.


Compile QB64 with ./

Dependencies should be automatically installed. Required packages include OpenGL, ALSA and the GNU C++ Compiler.


Run the QB64 executable to launch the IDE, which you can use to edit your .BAS files. From there, hit F5 to compile and run your code.

To generate a binary without running it, hit F11.

Additionally, if you do not wish to use the integrated IDE and to only compile your program, you can use the following command-line calls:

qb64 -c yourfile.bas

qb64 -c yourfile.bas -o outputname.exe

Replacing -c with -x will compile without opening a separate compiler window.

Additional Information

More about QB64 at our wiki:

We have a community forum at:

We tweet from @QB64Team

Find us on Discord: