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QMSTR compliance tool
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Quartermaster - the FOSS Compliance Toolchain that is itself FOSS

Quartermaster is a suite of command line tools and build system extensions that instruments software builds to create FOSS compliance documentation and support compliance decisions. It executes as part of a software build process to generate reports about the analysed product.

Continuous Integration Status

master (build and unit tests) documentation (shelldoc)
Build Status Build Status

Compilation and Installation

The client and master side installation of Quartermaster is Makefile based. See the installation instructions for details. The client side tools need to be installed on all build machines. The master is only needed once per build process.

To develop on Quartermaster, a few extra steps may be required.


Quartermaster runs adjacent to a software build process. A master process collects information about the software that is build. Once the build is complete, the master executes a number of analysis tools, and finally a number of reporters. Which exactly is configured in a configuration file called qmstr.yaml that usually resides in the root directory of the repository.

All modules are executed in the context of the master, not the build machine. The master ships all dependencies of the modules without affecting the build clients file system (it runs in a container).

Read more in the Getting started page.

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