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QTV: a QuakeWorld match broadcasting tool

Supported architectures

The following architectures are fully supported by QTV and are available as prebuilt binaries:

  • Linux amd64 (Intel and AMD 64-bits processors)
  • Linux i686 (Intel and AMD 32-bit processors)
  • Linux aarch (ARM 64-bit processors)
  • Linux armhf (ARM 32-bit processors)
  • Windows x64 (Intel and AMD 64-bits processors)
  • Windows x86 (Intel and AMD 32-bit processors)

Prebuilt binaries

You can find the prebuilt binaries on this download page.


None at the moment.

Building binaries

Build from source with CMake

Assuming you have installed essential build tools and CMake

mkdir build && cmake -B build . && cmake --build build

Build artifacts would be inside build/ directory, for unix like systems it would be qtv.

You can also use script, it mostly suitable for cross compilation and probably useless for experienced CMake user. Some examples:

./ linux-amd64

should build QTV for linux-amd64 platform, release version, check cross-cmake directory for all platforms

B=Debug ./ linux-amd64

should build QTV for linux-amd64 platform with debug

V=1 B=Debug ./ linux-amd64

should build QTV for linux-amd64 platform with debug, verbose (useful if you need validate compiler flags)

G="Unix Makefiles" ./ linux-amd64

force CMake generator to be unix makefiles

./ linux-amd64

build QTV for linux-amd64 version, you can provide any platform combinations.


For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.


Cokeman deurk JohnNy_cz qqshka VVD

Based on Spike's FTE QTV

Code of Conduct

We try to stick to our code of conduct when it comes to interaction around this project. See the file for details.


This project is licensed under the GPL-2.0 License - see the file for details.