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Color-convert is a color conversion library for JavaScript and node. It converts all ways between rgb, hsl, hsv, hwb, cmyk, ansi, ansi16, hex strings, and CSS keywords (will round to closest):

var convert = require('color-convert');

convert.rgb.hsl(140, 200, 100);             // [96, 48, 59]
convert.keyword.rgb('blue');                // [0, 0, 255]

var rgbChannels = convert.rgb.channels;     // 3
var cmykChannels = convert.cmyk.channels;   // 4
var ansiChannels = convert.ansi16.channels; // 1


$ npm install color-convert


Simply get the property of the from and to conversion that you're looking for.

All functions have a rounded and unrounded variant. By default, return values are rounded. To get the unrounded (raw) results, simply tack on .raw to the function.

All 'from' functions have a hidden property called .channels that indicates the number of channels the function expects (not including alpha).

var convert = require('color-convert');

// Hex to LAB
convert.hex.lab('DEADBF');         // [ 76, 21, -2 ]
convert.hex.lab.raw('DEADBF');     // [ 75.56213190997677, 20.653827952644754, -2.290532499330533 ]

// RGB to CMYK
convert.rgb.cmyk(167, 255, 4);     // [ 35, 0, 98, 0 ]
convert.rgb.cmyk.raw(167, 255, 4); // [ 34.509803921568626, 0, 98.43137254901961, 0 ]


All functions that accept multiple arguments also support passing an array.

Note that this does not apply to functions that convert from a color that only requires one value (e.g. keyword, ansi256, hex, etc.)

var convert = require('color-convert');

convert.rgb.hex(123, 45, 67);      // '7B2D43'
convert.rgb.hex([123, 45, 67]);    // '7B2D43'


Conversions that don't have an explicitly defined conversion (in conversions.js), but can be converted by means of sub-conversions (e.g. XYZ -> RGB -> CMYK), are automatically routed together. This allows just about any color model supported by color-convert to be converted to any other model, so long as a sub-conversion path exists. This is also true for conversions requiring more than one step in between (e.g. LCH -> LAB -> XYZ -> RGB -> Hex).

Keep in mind that extensive conversions may result in a loss of precision, and exist only to be complete. For a list of "direct" (single-step) conversions, see conversions.js.

Color Space Scales

Conversions rely on an agreed upon 'full-scale' value for each of the channels. Listed here are those values for the most common color spaces


channel full-scale value
r 255
g 255
b 255


channel full-scale value
h 360
s 100
l 100


channel full-scale value
h 360
s 100
v 100


channel full-scale value
h 360
w 100
b 100


channel full-scale value
c 100
m 100
y 100
k 100


channel full-scale value
hex 0xffffff


channel value
name any key from color-name


channel full-scale value
0 65535
1 65535
2 65535


channel full-scale value
g 100


If there is a new model you would like to support, or want to add a direct conversion between two existing models, please send us a pull request.


Copyright © 2011-2016, Heather Arthur. Copyright © 2016-2021, Josh Junon.

Licensed under the MIT License.