tagged Nov 21, 2015 · 450 commits to master since this release

The v0.24.0 release includes the following updates:

  • Replaced external Ed25519 C libraries to pure Java code
  • Optimized Wallet Synchronization
  • Faster implementation of Base58
  • Added support for all languages based on UTF-8 for Qora web
  • Multilanguage support in blog for #hashtags and @mentions
  • Revision of Asset Exchange
  • Block Explorer optimization (boost is not needed)
  • Block Explorer transactions filter
  • API for messaging service
  • API for assets (limited)
  • Revision Control System Upgrade
  • Delete owned unconfirmed transactions that has not been propagated into the network
  • Improvement for logging system
  • Updated third-party libraries
  • Minor optimizations and bug fixes


MD5 : 61c79eea8518fd37040aacfc619343df
SHA1 : 351737d1c0a9caf70b56d15aba5d49132ea29ad9
SHA256 : 849309226719f39a58b8ab395062c557f91a6655f7165b4e012ec5f6532d7bf2

Virus Total - Qora_v0.24.0.zip


MD5 : 7f926ad365bc0305af05e680a293e8a5
SHA1 : e8aef6215c0e9fffcf078153d4c0b17310cb9e49
SHA256 : dcca63e9794346e6b92e53b5a9dc1570fae1c7acff4af2ee2f3b0c20a68e7c93

Virus Total - Qora-v0.24.0.exe