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The v0.25.1 release includes the following updates:

  • A Hard Fork is scheduled for February 25. In this regard:
    • To increase the security of Qora.
    • Improved network portion. Wallet selects the best nodes. Permission to use the same IP.
    • Allowed messages with zero amount. Now you can send the assets with message.
    • Optional multiple payments in ArbitraryTransaction.
  • Improved section Peers. After Hard Fork, there will be a visible version of each of the connected node.
  • Added TestNet mode. command line key "-testnet".
  • If there is no connection, it will load the list of trusted peers from the Internet.
  • Added commenting in the blogs. There is a delete function.
  • Added visual editor for websites.
  • The dialogue prompt for password to unlock the wallet when performing actions in the Web.
  • Improved Asset Exchange section.
  • Added voting within assets.
  • Auto update Asset Favorites for non-zero balances.
  • Added to the menu item to unlock the wallet.
  • Added hotkeys for all menu items.
  • Added Closing dialog.
  • Display the synchronization status in tooltip in systray. Also added wallet synchronization status.
  • Added new API commands.
  • Minor optimizations and bug fixes.


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