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Freeze your charts in the wished versions. Helm freeze helps you to declare the charts you want to use in a desired version and download them locally. This to freeze/lock them directly in your Git repository.

The advantages are:

  • Follow GitOps philosophy
  • Know exactly what has changed between 2 charts version with a git diff
  • One place to list them all
  • Works well with monorepo
  • Declarative configuration (YAML file)
  • Supports git repositories in addition to charts repositories


Mac OS

On Mac, you need to have brew installed, then you can run those commands:

brew tap Qovery/helm-freeze
brew install helm-freeze

Arch Linux

An AUR package exists called helm-freeze, you can install it with yay:

yay helm-freeze


You can download binaries from the release section.


To use helm-freeze, you need a configuration file. You can generate a default file like this:

helm-freeze init

A minimal file named helm-freeze.yaml will be generated. Here is an example of a more complex one:

    # Chart name
  - name: cert-manager
    # Chart version
    version: v1.7.0
    # The repo to use (declared below in the repos section)
    repo_name: jetstack
    # No destinations is declared, the default one will be used
    comment: "You can add comments"
  - name: cert-manager
    # Chart version
    version: v1.8.0
    # The repo to use (declared below in the repos section)
    repo_name: jetstack
    # Override the folder path
    dest_folder_override: cert-manager-1.8
  - name: fluent-bit
    repo_name: lifen
    version: 2.8.0
    # If you temporary want to stop syncing a specific chart
    no_sync: true
  - name: nginx-ingress
    # No repo_name is specified, stable will be used
    version: 1.35.0
    # Change the destination to another one (declared in destinations section)
    dest: custom
  - name: pleco
    repo_name: git-repo
    # When using a git repo, chart_path is mandatory, you need to specify the chart folder path
    chart_path: /charts/pleco
    dest: custom
    # Set git reference
    version: 5e05faddb0fde1f5ddd822c3d3ba72925f094e67

    # Stable is the default one
  - name: stable
  - name: jetstack
  - name: lifen
  - name: git-repo
    # If you want to directly use a chart folder in a git repo, set type to git
    type: git

  - name: default
    path: /my/absolute/path
  - name: custom
    path: ./my/relative/path

Then use sync arg to locally download the declared versions, here is an example:

$ helm-freeze sync

[+] Adding helm repos
 -> stable
 -> aws
 -> git-repo

[+] Updating helm repos

[+] Downloading charts
 -> stable/nginx-ingress 1.35.0
 -> stable/prometheus-operator 8.15.12
 -> stable/elasticsearch-curator 2.1.5
 -> aws/aws-node-termination-handler 0.8.0
 -> aws/aws-vpc-cni 1.0.9
 -> git/pleco 5e05faddb0fde1f5ddd822c3d3ba72925f094e67

Sync succeed!

If you update a chart, launch sync and you'll be able to see the differences with git diff.