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Quamolit: a tiny animation library

Demo(check browser compatibility first)


  • declarative component markups for Canvas
  • animation abstractions
  • persistent data by default with ClojureScript

Still working in progress... And Quamolit requires ctx.addHitRegion(opts), which is an experimental technology.


Quamolit is trying to combine two things:

  • declarative programming experience like React
  • pixels manipulating and animations in HTML5 Canvas


Clojars Project

[quamolit "0.1.6"]

You may require Quamolit with higher level APIs:

(quamolit.core/render-page store states-ref target)
(quamolit.core/configure-canvas target)
(quamolit.core/setup-events target dispatch)
(ns quamolit.main
  (:require [quamolit.core :refer [render-page
            [quamolit.util.time :refer [get-tick]]
            [quamolit.updater.core :refer [updater-fn]]
            [devtools.core :as devtools]))

(defonce store-ref (atom []))

(defonce states-ref (atom {}))

(defonce loop-ref (atom nil))

(defn dispatch [op op-data]
  (let [new-tick (get-tick)
        new-store (updater-fn @store-ref op op-data new-tick)]
    (reset! store-ref new-store)))

(defn render-loop []
  (let [target (.querySelector js/document "#app")]
    (render-page @store-ref states-ref target)
    (reset! loop-ref (js/requestAnimationFrame render-loop))))

(defn -main []
  (devtools/install! [:custom-formatters :santy-hints])
  (let [target (.querySelector js/document "#app")]
    (configure-canvas target)
    (setup-events target dispatch)

(set! js/window.onload -main)

(set! js/window.onresize configure-canvas)

(defn on-jsload []
  (js/cancelAnimationFrame @loop-ref)
  (js/requestAnimationFrame render-loop)
  (.log js/console "code updated..."))

Also you may use lower level APIs directly by copy/paste this Gist:

boot compile-cirru # generate ClojureScript at src/
boot build-simple # build app at target/
boot dev # start develop workspace at target/index.html
(defn init-state [arg1 arg2])
(defn update-state [old-state state-arg1 state-arg2])
(defn init-instant [args state at-place?])
(defn on-tick [instant tick elapsed])
(defn on-update [instant old-args args old-state state])
(defn on-unmount [instant tick])
(defn remove? [instant])
(defn render [arg1 arg2]
  (fn [state mutate instant tick]))

(create-comp :demo                                                                         render)
(create-comp :demo init-state update-state                                                 render)
(create-comp :demo                         init-instant on-tick on-update on-mount remove? render)
(create-comp :demo init-state update-state init-instant on-tick on-update on-mount remove? render)

(mutate state-arg1 state-arg2)
(dispatch op op-data)
(defn updater-fn [old-store op op-data op-id])

(quamolit.util.iterate/iterate-instant instant :x :x-velovity elapsed [lower-bound upper-bound])
(quamolit.util.iterate/tween [40 60] [0 1000] 800)

Component Specs

Shape records:

  • name keyword
  • props a hashmap of:
    • style a hashmap of styles used in Canvas API
    • event a hashmap of events, mainly :click events
    • attrs a hashmap
  • children sorted hashmap with values of child nodes

Component record:

  • name keyword
  • coord a vector of numbers(maybe also keywords and strings)
  • args props of components are passed in a list, not hashmap
  • state any type from init-state
  • instant any type from init-instant, mainly hashmaps
  • init-state function to initilize component state
  • update-state function to transform component state
  • init-instant function to initilize component animation state
  • on-tick function to update animation state at every tick
  • on-update function to update animation state on every store or states change
  • on-unmount function to update animation state when component removed(not destroyed yet)
  • remove? function to detect if component totally removed(or destroyed)
  • render function to render
  • tree cached from render tree
  • fading? boolean, whether component unmounted(waiting to be destroyed)

Paint Elements

(line {:style {
  :x0 0 :y0 0 :x1 40 :y1 40
  :line-width 4
  :stroke-style (hsl 200 870 50)
  :line-cap "round"
  :line-join "round"
  :milter-limit 8
(arc {:style {
  :x 0 :y 0:r 40
  :s-angle 0
  :e-angle 60
  :line-width 4
  :counterclockwise true
  :line-cap "round"
  :line-join "round"
  :miter-limit 8
  :fill-style nil
  :stroke-style nil
(rect {:style {
  :w 100 :h 40
  :x (- (/ w 2)) :y (- (/ h 2))
  :line-width 2
(text {:style {
  :x 0
  :y 0
  :fill-style (hsl 0 0 0)
  :text-align "center"
  :base-linee "middle"
  :size 20
  :font-family "Optima"
  :max-width 400
  :text ""
(image {:style {
  :src "lotus.jpg"
  :sx 0
  :sy 0
  :sw 40
  :sh 40
  :dx 0
  :dy 0
  :dw 40
  :dh 40

Paint Components

(translate {:style {:x 0 :y 0}})
(scale {:style {:ratio 1.2}})
(alpha {:style {:opacity 0.5}})
(rotate {:style {:angle 30}})
(button {:style {
  :x 0 :y 0
  :w 100 :h 40 :text "button"
  :surface-color (hsl 0 80 80) :text-color (hsl 0 0 10)
  :font-family "Optima"
  :font-size 20}})
(input {:style {:w 0 :h 0 :text ""}})
(comp-debug data {})