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Automates IB Gateway start, stopping and restarting.
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QuantConnect / IBAutomater

IBAutomater is an automation tool for IB-Gateway 974 and above. It supports starting, stopping and automated logins for IB Gateway. This package is best used in conjunction with LEAN. LEAN handles the automatic login and portfolio construction once you start the Gateway.

The built package is hosted on NuGet and can be installed to your packet manager by: Install-Package QuantConnect.IBAutomater.

On installation to your solution, the IBAutomator has one key class to instantiate:

// Create a new instance of IBAutomater
_ibAutomater = new IBAutomater.IBAutomater(twsDirectory, ibVersion, userName, password, tradingMode, port);

// You can bind to event handlers to receive the output data.
_ibAutomater.OutputDataReceived += OnIbAutomaterOutputDataReceived;

//Gracefully handle errors
_ibAutomater.ErrorDataReceived += OnIbAutomaterErrorDataReceived;

// Get events once the IBGateway has exited.
_ibAutomater.Exited += OnIbAutomaterExited;

//Trigger the IBGateway to start and login with your configured parameters.

// Stop IBGateway with a simple command.
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