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SuperTux-nSpire is an adaptation of the SuperTux game for the TI-nSpire
calculator. All the images, the sounds and a large part of the source code has
been totally inspired or copied from the original project. All credits for
these parties belongs to the author and the contributors of the original


This description comes from the file from the original project :
SuperTux is a jump'n run like game, with strong inspiration from the
Super Mario Bros games for Nintendo.

Run and jump through multiple worlds, fighting off enemies by jumping
on them or bumping them from below. Grabbing power-ups and other stuff
on the way.

The supertux-nspire project does not intend to redo the original game, but it
intends to make the game available for the TI-nspire architecture. This task
include :

  • Redo the hardware layer : access the screen and possibly the sound.
  • Redo the architecutre specific stuff (i.e. make everything compatible for
    the ARM (the TI-nspire processor architecture).
  • Adapt the game (e.g. the game and the menus) to fit the small screen of
    the calculator (that has a resolution of 320x240 pixels).

To build and launch the game, refer to the file INSTALL.


This story comes from the file from the original project :
- Penny gets captured! -

Tux and Penny were out having a nice
picnic on the ice fields of Antarctica.
Suddenly, a creature jumped from
behind an ice bush, there was a flash,
and Tux fell asleep!

When Tux wakes up, he finds that Penny
is missing. Where she lay before now
lies a letter. "Tux, my arch enemy!"
says the letter. "I have captured
your beautiful Penny and have taken her
to my fortress. The path to my fortress
is littered with my minions. Give up on
the thought of trying to reclaim her,
you haven't a chance! -Nolok"

Tux looks and see Nolok's fortress in
the distance. Determined to save his
beloved Penny, he begins his journey.


The project is licensed under the GPL license. You may have receive a copy of
the license (see the COPYING file).


An adaptation of the SuperTux game for the TI-nspire calculator.







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