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"State Rep. @CBellJr earned an F on this year's Fiscal Responsibility Index. Find out how he—and other lawmakers—voted this #txlege session:"
"ICYMI: @dallasnews editorial weighs in on the leadership + strength of #Texas competitive #electricity #grid noting growth challenges as market-based system is tested by summer demand. Read it here: #txlege #txenergy"
"My life is complete! #txlege #FlagDay #mindblown"
"On June 14, 1777, our nation adopted the U.S. Flag as a symbol of peace, pride & freedom. Long may Old Glory wave. Join me in celebrating our flag today! 🇺🇸 #FlagDay #txlege"
"Coming up! @tgiovanetti joins @660KSKY @MarkDavis to discuss plumbers, Gov. Abbott, #txlege & more. Listen live at 8:35 am CT to 660 AM- The Answer."
"Texas ranks 49/51 on our health system performance. Bottom indicators are: uninsured children, uninsured adults & adults who went without care due to cost. What did #txlege do about this? Nothing. Be a #healthcarevoter & use your voice for change."
"Generally skeptical of consolidating power in the executive. As I said on the radio, though, still thinking through @GregAbbott_TX's move on plumbers. The conservative hosts including @mattmartinradio are not thrilled and think it's a power grab #TxLege"
"The #txlege is honored to have passed HB 1, a balanced budget that promotes fiscal discipline with no unexpected tax raises. Read more about the bill here:"
"Inclined to agree, though the Legislature did pass Senate Bill 285 this session, which includes this language. Question is whether it's a stretch to apply the plumbing board to hurricane recovery efforts #txlege"
".@GovAbbott’s proclamation extending the state board that regulates the plumbing industry was welcome news to plumbers whose licenses — and livelihoods — were in jeopardy “Greatest news I’ve gotten since my wife’s last pregnancy,” one said. #txlege"
"Truth. #TASBsli19 #txlege"
"HHS (AES) Lufkin standing in solidarity for Men's Health Week to honor those who have overcome health challenges. #txlege #TeamTexasHHS #TexasHHSProud @TrentAshbyTX @SenatorNichols @TPEA_Updates @TexasHHSC"
"Happy #FlagDay2019 #HD71! So proud to live in a community where we proudly fly our flags, support our military and build community! #BigCountry #txlege"
"🔹Beto O'Rourke, Julián Castro make DNC debate 🔹Gov. Abbott has until Sunday to sign bills 🔹Abbott extends life of state plumbing board #txlege"
"It’s Friday, which means it’s time to recap the week in Texas politics with our pals from the @TexasTribune. Find a station to listen in: #txlege"
"ICYMI: Do county-wide vote centers boost turnout? Using Texas data ’09-‘18 @jcortina and me find vote centers have a small impact on constitutional election turnout (4%) but no significant effect on midterm/presidential. #txlege Blog post:"
"On June 14, 1777, the Second Continental Congress adopted the flag of the United States of America. #FlagDay #txlege"
"Our results show vote centers ⬆️turnout in lower turnout elections more than larger turnout elections. The long term effects still emerging. These results suggest a cautious assessment is needed when considering county-wide vote centers. #txlege Article forthcoming @Res_Pol"
"I bullied @RavenDouglas_ into getting a Twitter, so give the voting rights queen a follow 🎉 #txlege"
"@PattyMurray Help us get #Cannabis 483 nutrients to stop Disease ~ #Endocannabinoid system feeds and heals all mammals ~ #JimCrow has got to go ~ Regulate food like alcohol is not working in the #BibleBelt #txlege my 4th Session still has no #MedicalMarijuana Extract is stopping my cancer"
"#Taxpayers have been given the tools to break into the “black box” of property #taxes under #SB2, the property tax reform bill that @GovAbbott signed into law Wednesday. TTARA's @CraymerDale talked to @KXAN_News: #txlege"
"ICYMI: I had a blast with @lillian_salerno, @kendallscudder, and Karrol Rimal on @podblesstexas. We discussed my 1st term in the #txlege, headlines we obsessed over and my spoon collection. Take a listen and laugh with us! #reppinwithrosenthal #txhd135"
"Tired of the bias and narrative pushing of the liberal media? Yeah, us too. That's why we launched @TheTexanNews. We're not hostile to your worldview like all the others are. Check out and then subscribe! We respect the values of Texans! #txlege"
"GOP Caucus Chair in #txlege House State Rep @Burrows4TX earned a 47 of 100 on the 2019 Fiscal Index, which included 170 record votes on fiscal, free market, limited government issues. The highest-rated Democrat earned a 33."
"Thank you to @KirkPWatson for honoring our new @TexasABC agents at today's graduation. Your support in the #txlege was critical in helping TABC to continue its proud legacy of service."
"New interview with TREAD member Lucy Johnson on her concerns with how the Permian Highway Pipeline could impact wildlife, native plants, and groundwater. Thank you for keeping up the fight! #txlege"
"@TXSBOE Board member Lawrence Allen said Elevate Collegiate Charter School in Houston would be ""a death sentence to Third Ward."" #txlege #txed"
"Today, we recognized National Men’s Health Week! The purpose of Men’s Health Week is to increase awareness of preventable health problems & encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys. This year NMHW is June 10 thru Father’s Day, June 16. #txlege #hd29"
"June 14, 1777 the Second Continental Congress passed a resolution adopting the Stars and Stripes as the first flag of the United States. Happy #flagday #txlege #TxHD112"
"“I could spot Texas Roadhouse from across the mall parking lot even without seeing its sign. Everything about it just screamed ""Texas"" and ""Roadhouse,"" even though the restaurant chain was founded in Indiana.” A statement of our cultural power. #TxLege"
"#txlege 👀"
"👏🏽 #txlege: no nos vamos 👏🏽"
"Thank you to my constituents that brought this important piece of legislation to my attention. I was proud to co-author this bill, named to honor Samantha Watkins. #txlege"
"This week, @austintexasgov Utilities had more than 125 customers report scam calls. Unfortunately, two people paid the scammers. Make sure you Don't Fall for the Call! Help us #StopScams & watch this video to see what to do & not do. #txlege #austin #psa"
"🎶 ""When you try your best but you don’t succeed..."" 🎶 Nice try, @TexasGOP. But looks like the Planned Parenthood center in East Austin will be sticking around for a while 💁🏻‍♀️ #txlege"
"Happy Birthday @USArmy! Thank you for taking such good care of us. #armybday #txlege #txhd112"
"Mary Conger, organizer of the #71Kplumbstrong rally, claims there are 10,000 plumbers here. #txlege"
"Wow. #txlege"
"#ArmyBday RT @AngieChenButton: Happy Birthday @USArmy! Thank you for taking such good care of us. #armybday #txlege #txhd112"
"Conger references Abbott's executive order to extend the plumbing board when she said the ""good news yesterday."" She said the fight is not over. #71Kplumbstrong #txlege"
"Fort Worth State Rep. @charliegeren earned an F on this year's #TFRIndex. Find out how he—and other lawmakers—voted this #txlege session by visiting"
"Take a listen! #txlege #PublicEducation Here’s a show for you… S2 - 01 / School Finance Update with Diego Bernal Miss Education"
"Travis Co #prosecutor gets 70-yr sentence for #humantrafficking, but on a drug conviction. To some advocates, this might be viewed as a failure b/c the “data point” doesn’t help their cause. Makes you wonder whose cause they are really serving. #txlege"
"A quiet surprise of the 86th Legislature was the failure of many of the Christian right’s priorities. #txlege"
"Today, Gov. Abbott signed the landmark agreement that creates the RGV MPO. This allows RGV to better plan long-term projects and access more state and federal $$$ for regional transportation projects. I am proud of our Valley leaders for this incredible agreement! #Txlege #RGV"
"people on the move: #txlege"
"The @TXSBOE approved Elevate Collegiate Charter School on a 9-6 vote. This charter will serve early childhood through grade 5 in Houston. #txed #txlege"
"@GovAbbott signed several bills into law yesterday that will make our region more resilient against flooding. State $$ for flood mitigation will help us build more flood control infrastructure. Grateful to our #txlege delegation for making this happen!"
"@TXSBOE After much parliamentary discussion about what different votes would mean, Elevate is approved, 9-6. BM Matt Robinson, a Republican, joined all 5 Dems in trying to reject it. #txlege #txed"
"Wow. Did Byron Cook move to New York!? #txlege"
"""Protect our industry, protect the consumer, and protect the way of life of the Texan plumber."" #71Kplumbstrong #txlege"
"ICYMI -- Take a moment to read my latest opinion piece about how arrogance is driving a wedge in the American electorate. #txlege"
"Texas' sex ed standards are built on a foundation of abstinence. How long will it stay that way? There's talk of adding more teaching about contraception and consent into the state standards. #txlege"
"@yang_hologram @BernieSanders He is not the one ~ I am sorry #Cannabis 483 nutrients in #prohibition since 1915 #txlege The lies are deep ingrained Pills do not cure we are Healed by Nutrients we eat ~ We have had almost 500 nutrients this is Genocide regulating food like alcohol is not working ~ He's a Shill"
"More than three dozen federal environmental laws and regulations govern the U.S. mining industry, in addition to laws at the state and local level. #mining #TXlege #lignite"
"@TXSBOE San Antonio Preparatory Charter School approved, 9-4. #txlege #txed"
"@JamesQuinteroTX @DiegoBernalTX @karabelew @TPPF @dallasnews I ain’t mad atcha James. I respect you, but just be happy for the success you got this session. No need to belabor what you consider #txlege failures. Believe me, message sent and heard loud and clear. #txed"
"""Today's a new beginning- there's a new mindset in plumbing.""- Speaker on plumbers staying involved in politics. #71Kplumbstrong #txlege"
"Big news for Harris Co! @GovAbbott signed several bills that help make our region more resilient. Grateful to our #txlege delegation! There’s lots of work left to do & it takes all of us. I hope this is the start of ongoing state support 4 flood mitigation"
"Plumbers unite at the Texas capitol #71kplumbstrong #txlege"
"@SenRoyceWest is #ProChoice believing #ProLife is a hypocrisy because there are children who need to be take care of who are not. He also spoke to it being an issue in the African American community including maternal mortality which was not fully addressed this session. #txlege"
"ICYMI - Public safety expenditures make up 70% of #Austin’s general fund, and implementation of #SB2 will severely hinder hiring new police officers, constructing new fire stations. | @statesman #txlege #Texas"
"Today the @txglo disaster recovery team is in Calhoun County giving an update on GLO-run programs and answering questions from local officials on how to complete applications for buyout/acquisition and infrastructure CDBG-DR funds from @HUDgov. #txlege"
"If for some odd reason you don't easily tire of puns, I have your fix right here. You're welcome. #txlege"
"@TXSBOE Soner Tarim, the founder of Royal charter school, said Burnet Middle School in Austin had improvement required in the category of student progress and student achievement. But the overall grade Burnet got was ""met requirement."" #txed #txlege"
"The reporting here is gold by @bradj_TX ""Gov. Abbott issued an executive order reinstating the state's plumbing board, though issues of the move's constitutionality have been raised."" #txlege #Plumbers"
"Summer Teacher Appreciation is coming to Alamo Drafthouse Austin! | Austin News | Alamo Drafthouse Cinema - Free movies for educators! via @drafthouse #txed #txlege"
"Aw man, this is a bummer. #txlege Advocates say lawmakers largely exempted themselves from Texas' public records law, prompting calls for a veto via @TexasTribune"
"@TXSBOE BM Aicha Davis asks Tarim that given their decision on Alief, would Tarim consider not opening in Austin ISD? #txlege #txed"
"Wow. #Whatatake #txlege #txlegegold"
"We are passionate about a uniform start and end date because we believe so deeply in the benefits of a summer at camp! Like this post if you agree. #summercamp #saveoursummer #txlege"
"@TXSBOE member @ginaTXSBOE1 has six pages of questions for Royal Charters Applicant that is one of five charters recommended by Commissioner Morath #txed #txlege"
"@TXSBOE @childrenatrisk @teainfo Perez said Tarim's application shows he will not serve the percentages of ELL and SPED populations that are in ISD schools. Tarim said he will and that the rates will reflect neighboring schools. #txlege #txed"
"During the 86th Legislative Session, 61 bills passed that were tied to Platform Planks. Our Legislators are getting results for all Texans! #txlege"
"@TXSBOE @childrenatrisk @teainfo She also pushes whether the board will reflect the demographics of the community because right now, it is not. Ken Pascal, head of the Royal chair, said they are expanding the board #txlege #txed"
"Let's stop saying things like: ""The govt exists to preserve our liberties"" It's false. Instead, say: ""The govt should.... or the US govt was created to... protect our liberties"" That way you don't look dumb, our govt no longer exists to protect our liberties #TxLege"
"Now that #txlege is out of session, what can we do locally to address these human rights abuses in our state? @jessicafortexas @DonnaHowardTX @JFarrarDist148 @RepMaryGonzalez @Victoria4Texas"
"@TXSBOE @childrenatrisk @teainfo Perez asks Tarim how SEL is innovative/unique to Royal? Tarim said nobody is combining SEL and STEM. #txlege #txed"
"You hate to see it. #txlege"
"@TXSBOE @childrenatrisk @teainfo Tarim said the space constraints kept him from explaining how we would implement SEL/STEM/his curriculum. #txlege #txed"
"The #txlege may be out of session but preparations for the 87th Legislative Session are already underway. Students from LEAP Texas visited the state Capitol to learn how to testify in front of a committee. Two students are from #sd24."
"@TXSBOE @childrenatrisk @teainfo The @TXSBOE just REJECTED Royal Public Schools 8 to 5 with some Republicans voting no. #txlege #txed"
"Breaking News: Texas #SBOE vote to VETO Morath approved #RoyalPublicCharterSchools. #Txed #Txlege @KillingEdFilm @MarkHallFilm @lynnsdavenport"
"Five months ago, we made history in TX. Three additional LGBTQ lawmakers were elected to the Texas Legislature, immediately making the House more inclusive & representative of our state. It has been the greatest honor to serve as Chair of this bold group. #txlege @txlgbtqcaucus"
"The American Medical Association is calling for patient protections from Pharmacy Benefit Managers. The AMA wants more state regulation of PBMs & greater transparency as PBMS play an increasing role in drug pricing & administering drug benefits. #txlege"
"""To address gaps in the federal registry, Burn Pits 360 and Texas Watch lobbied for a statewide burn pit registry that would gather more comprehensive health information."" @carson_frame #txlege"
"The Texas Alliance for Life End of Session Recap: The 86th Texas Legislature Completes a Successful Session. #TXlege"
"What an honor to recognize @donnabahorich today for her dedication and commitment to Texas as she concludes her service as chair of the State Board of Education. You have made a positive difference in so many young Texans lives! #txlege #txed"
"As teachers, we want kids college and career ready. Licensed trades are careers that mean something. #txlege @GovAbbott #plumber #71KPLUMBSTRONG"
"@TXSBOE @childrenatrisk @teainfo The rejection was bipartisan. Board members Hardy (R), Little (R), Melton-Malone (R), Rowley (R), Perez (D), Cortez (D), Perez Diaz (D) and Davis (D) voted to reject the school. #txlege #txed"
"Glad you support a “right to be left alone”. The Supreme Court has consistently applied that idea to protect privacy and stop states from banning interracial marriage, contraception, same sex marriage, and abortion. Good you’re on the Choice side now. #txlege"
"Happy birthday to the @USArmy! #txlege #ArmyBDay"
"OK, you owe me one. The new Texas property tax law is 153 pages of boring legalese. This morning, I read it SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO. Here's my cheat sheet on how it could affect your life: #txlege #sb2"
"Inside Texas’ Failed Experiment to Replace Planned Parenthood with an Anti-Abortion Group #txlege"
"Thank you #TXLEGE and @GregAbbott_TX for getting it right and being a model for the entire US to follow! #FloodReady"
"Planned Parenthood’s lease of a city-owned building in East Austin can continue until 2039 despite the recent signing of Senate Bill 22, which bans Texas cities from having “any transaction” with an abortion provider or its affiliates. #txlege"
"Happy Flag Day to all, and happy birthday to the US Army, and especially to the Phantom Warriors at @forthood in #HD54! #txlege @iiicorps_cg"
"Over 61 bills, but no legislative priorities. #txlege"
"NEW: @GovAbbott signs bill into law greatly expanding the list of debilitating medical conditions that qualify for medical cannabis under the 2015 Compassionate Use Act. Background: #txlege"
"@TexasGOP calls what we had, a successful session. I'd hate to see what they call a bad one. #txlege #maketexasprogunagain #hb357 #constitutionalcarry @SuziInTx @EmpowerTexans @MQSullivan @NETarrantTea @TxFreedomCaucus @TheTexanNews @LoneStarGRights @RepStickland"
"#ICYMI: we've released our end-of-session report with a thorough recap of the 86th Texas Legislature and its impact on Texas hospitals and patients. Download the report today. #txlege"
"I had a busy week of meetings throughout the district. Read about those, and how to apply for the Texas Armed Service Scholarship Program in my weekly newsletter! #txlege"
"5/ 2️⃣ Coordinated anti-abortion legislation has passed across the South. These laws reveal the consistent strategy of extremists to chip away at abortion access. #txlege #TrustRespectAccess"
"“This is w/o question the most significant state sex assault legislation in the country. Never in a million yrs would I have thought you’d get this in Tx.” #txlege #HB1735 #TexasIX"
"Thank You! These robocalls are out of control! RT @GregAbbott_TX: Are you tired of deceptive calls from telemarketers? I just signed a law out-lawing it in Texas. Thanks #txlege"
"‘We Got Nothing:’ Few Wins for the Christian Right in the 86th Texas Legislature #txlege"
".@GovAbbott signs bill recognizing 911 dispatchers as first responders #txlege"
"@Joanhuffman fought valiantly against this awful bill & stood w/law enfmt & 1st responders. How ppl like @TeamBettencourt, @SenLarryTaylor & @SarahforHD134 could vote for this is beyond me. @momsdemand #txlege And thx to @kseliger & @SenatorNichols for standing w/1st responders."
"Notice to every #txlege lawmaker who voted for this - Dem or Republican. @momsdemand sees you. #ExpectUs #HB1177"
"With all these little feel good laws.. you know he’s about to drop some new taxes #txlege"
"Imagine what lengths the #txlege would have gone to to protect #Whataburger if it were still in session."
"@samisparber @moodyforelpaso @GregAbbott_TX @HoustonChron Prepare for cases like this in Texas #txlege"
"#whataburger sold to a Chicago company, and now @JJWatt is trying to buy it back on behalf of Texas. Who said the drama ends when the #txlege goes home?! #texasforever"
"I didn’t realize it was “extremist” and “fringe” to support the natural right to bear arms. I guess you learn something every day 🤷‍♂️ #2A #txlege"
"Oh BTW #txlege legalized the carrying of maces in public eff. 9/1/19. #clubs #thefarside"
"Waiting for @GovAbbott to sign TABC sunset bill, HB 1545. Among other things, starting Sept. 1, breweries will be able to sell beer to go. Texas last state to permit such sales. Limit: 1 case per person per day. #txlege"
"@GovAbbott is starting to resemble @JerryBrownGov and that ain’t a good thing! #TxLege #TexasTurningBlue #KingAbbott"
"Funny to see @chrispaddie at the table, considering the Texas House passed beer to-go in spite of his opposition #txlege"
".@govabbott arrives at dais at Austin Beerworks. #txlege"
"Congratulations Aayush Davé on your recent High School graduation and your next chapter at Berkeley! Aayush was involved in the Youth & Government Program through the Vic Coppinger Family YMCA. Obviously, you are a bright student with style! #txlege #interim #hd29"
"Lockhart folks - make plans to attend the city council meeting on Tues! Council members will continue the discussion on whether to pass a resolution opposing the pipeline route and need to hear from constituents. Dr. Eugene Clark Library, 3rd floor Tues June 18 7:30 pm #txlege"
"And thanks to legislators who ensured #txlege budget included unprecedented $75M in new funding to support infrastructure, lab capacity, forensic scientists, telehealth, SANE nurses, SAFE-certified facilities, audits & more. @RepJohnZerwas @RepLongoria."
"TTARA’s @CraymerDale will be on @KXAN_News State of Texas public affairs program Sunday to provide details on how Texas #taxpayers will be impacted by the new property reform law. The show airs at 8:30 a.m. on KXAN, the NBC affiliate in Austin. #SB2 #txlege"
"With ""severe limits"" on the amounts. Personal responsibility and small government tho. #txlege"
"Happy Juneteenth!! I was honored to be the Grand Marshall at Juneteenth Parade! Thank you Houston Sun for inviting me to this awesome community event. Look forward to next year! #HD146 #txlege #Juneteenth #TeamThierry"
"In a surprise, @GovAbbott signs the two-year state budget without making a single change. You could knock chief budget writers @SenJaneNelson & @RepJohnZerwas over with a feather about now! #txlege #txbudget"
"Denton County: How did your elected representatives perform in the 2019 #txlege session? See the scores they earned on this year's #TFRIndex."
"Guess the #txlege will be back at it in 2 years again to discuss car seats. Even though there’s years of testimony showing how rear facing car seats save lives. What a shame."
"UPDATE: Gov @GregAbbott_TX signed #SB38 into law. Debbie Debrick just texted me: “Finally something good coming out of our tragedy” #txlege Background:"
"@DiegoBernalTX Thank you my friend! It was a great Team effort! A special Thank you to “the 4 ladies in a car” and our House sponsor Chairman @RepRaymondTX who made it possible to get the bill to @GovAbbott ‘s desk who I thank for his signing it into law. #txlege"
"Keep this in mind #txlege @projecteduco @pastors4txkids"
"@RafaelAnchia @Wylie_H_Dallas @DallasLoveField @DFWAirport @GovAbbott Gov been too busy lately passing landmark lemonade legislation #TXLege"
"Big day for Amarilloans , Texas Tech alums everywhere, Texas residents and future veterinarians. Proud of all those that pushed and worked so hard to make this become reality! Great news!! #TXLege #TTUVetMed"
"If you haven’t seen @GregAbbott_TX Twitter lately, you are in for a real treat. Twitter game at #txlege is strong!"
"Our own @RavenDouglas_ joined the #GreenNewDeal Town Hall tonight to talk about the critical role young people are playing. ""We are tenacious, ambitious and bold. We're not afraid to call out power, flip the script and turn the table until we have a seat at the table."" #txlege"
"Pete Salas, Libertarian Candidate for Texas House District 126, 2020. #AmplifyLiberty Pete Salas, Candidato Del Partido Libertario para representante del distrito 126, 2020 #txlege #HD126 #TXHD126 #salas4texas #salas2020"
"THIS. cc: @ProsecutorsAGV @JoanHuffman @tdcaa #txlege"
"Our view: I-27 extension study important step on long journey #Lubbock #Texas #TxLege"
"On Facebook, @ZachMaxwell of @RepMikeLang’s staff adds his own comment to @DougDeason’s criticism of Empower Texans #txlege"
"!!!!!!!! ""While the machines themselves are legal under Chapter 47.01(4)b, Penal Code, known as the FUZZY ANIMAL EXEMPTION, businesses and patrons violate the law if winnings are paid or received in cash."" #txlege"
"Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers across our great state! #txlege"
"@DanPatrick “I don’t know why they are disappointed” when asked by @JasonWhitely why Empower Texans and conservatives grassroots groups are upset with this session. #txlege @wfaa"
"OMG. Coming soon: a Hollywood film titled Fruitcake based on Corsicana fruitcake shop scandal. (Is the title based on this ad? #txlege"
"@Bdsteptoe @EatsBeat @ayanmittra @JasonWhitely Reporters Roundtable talking about @TexasGOP concerns of a #TXLege House flip #wfaaitp"
"“I came from California to escape the high tax, leftist society there. Now I see Texas rapidly heading down the same path - but at a much more rapid pace. We need a Texas Trump to call out the phonies in Texas before it is too late.” -Ron Hansen #txlege"
"HB 3557, Relating to civil liability for engaging in certain conduct involving a critical infrastructure facility - G-Signed by the Governor on 6-14-19. Thank you, @GovAbbott, Chairman @chrispaddie. #txlege."
"Good news for West Texans! Lower natural gas prices and more wind energy lead @XcelEnergyTX to lower fuel costs for Texas customers. #txenergy #txlege"
"Prepping for the lechón and cabrito. It’s amateur night at the BBQ Apolo. First time smoking these. Aver como nos va. #txlege #FathersDay"
"#tlot Hashtag News: @GregAbbott_TX: 'I just signed a law allowing “Beer-to-Go” in Texas. It allows you to take home beer from Craft Breweries in Texas. Enjoy responsibly. Thanks #txlege #beer ', see more"
"@RepStickland @GregAbbott_TX Rep. Stickland, we agree with what @GovAbbott did. If we didn't have licensing of plumbers, Harry and Marv are the kind of people that would be coming in our homes. Just ask Kevin from Home Alone. 🤣 #SundayThoughts #txlege @EmpowerTexans @MQSullivan #movie"
"To my Dad, Husband, Son and all of the amazing dads out there, #HappyFathersDay! #txlege #TxHD112"
"#Texas judges are notorious for denying parents and children caught up in #CPS their #Constitutional rights. Looks like some of the #txlege is okay with that. What did @GovAbbott do in response? Privatize it so he could bypass federal policies like #FFPA. #investigateCPS"
"Happy Father’s Day to everyone celebrating today and to all the dads and father figures in #txlege"
"I was proud to co-author and vote for this bill! #txlege"
"Look around your community - would you recognize barriers to access? Thanks, @DiegoBernalTX #healthcare #504plan #socialdeterminantsofhealth #hb706 #txlege #southtexas"
"Inspired by Speaker @moodyforelpaso salsa pic. I created my Smoked Salsa w/ new pellet smoker. #FathersDaySmokin #txlege"
"I know, I know, #txlege is over, BUT in all the fun, I forgot to share my latest & last (for now)... a taboo topic & a big move for Texas, so have a read or listen!👇🏽"
"@Menendez4Texas @astros @rubenblades @GerardTorres5 @2ndWardAggie @DrLauraMurillo @JPHernandez2014 @robertreidryan @RickNoriega This could be a second career outside of the #txlege for you"
"Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads and especially to my dad, Willie Cortez. He taught me as a teenager how to make a mean BBQ and the tradition continues on today! #txlege #hd117"
".@TPPF economist: ""The 2020-21 Texas budget of $243.7 billion, which excludes funds to Harvey recovery and property tax relief, is a 12.5 percent increase from the 2018-19 appropriations."" #txlege #tcot @kdhnews"
"After dedicating their lives to shaping young Texans, retired teachers deserve high quality healthcare & pension plans. SB 12, which I was proud to joint sponsor, provides a 13th check of $2,000. This bill is a monumental step in honoring our promise to retired teachers. #txlege"
"We just dropped my 13-yr-old at a summer camp at Texas State. The dorm where she’s staying for a week allows the open carry of handguns. Everybody feel safer? #txlege @MomsDemand"
"Today is the last day for Gov. Abbott to sign and veto bills. Download THA's end-of-session report to learn about the most important bills for Texas hospitals from the 2019 legislative session. #txlege"
"I coauthored this bill that expands the Compassionate Use Act. I recognize, though, that there is more work to do and this is not the end of the conversation in the Texas legislature. #hd45 #txlege"
"The #DeathPenalty is never easy to think about. Consider Coble’s son being arrested as his father was executed. Consider Coble’s victims, one of which was a father. Did TX solve anything by executing Coble? I don’t think so. It’s time we end the death penalty. #FathersDay #txlege"
"How Some Schools Restrain Or Seclude Students: A Look At A Controversial Practice #txlege #txed @eastersealsTXAdv"
"Doesn’t know? Maybe because @DanPatrick isn’t listening. The #GOP #TxLege purple session: ❌ Spending limits ❌ Union dues reform ❌ Ban taxpayer-funded lobbying ❌ Election integrity ❌ #ConstitutionalCarry ❌ #prolife heartbeat protection 🤮 Grew state spending 12%"
"After two decades of looting state park funding, lawmakers appropriated nearly $350 million this session, greenlit development of a new state park and gave voters a chance to maintain a long-term source. #txlege"
"State @RepMattKrause earned an C+ on this year's Fiscal Responsibility Index. See how he—and other lawmakers—voted this #txlege session by visiting"
"@RepMattKrause @PhilKingTX Is redistricting coming up? 😬 #txlege"
"I broke yet another finger nail installing multiple car seats in vehicles to assist the “micromanaging” of immigrant children across the city of Dallas to safe shelter. My own kids were micromanaged to pre-school and camp safely this week. Car seats aren’t partisan. #txlege"
"Texas antichoicers had this guy testify in the #txlege for House Bill 896, which would have led to death penalty for a woman getting an abortion."
".@TexasGOP ✌️#txlege #tx2020"
"#ICYMI - Read here for the Results of this Legislative Session! #txlege"
"Tomorrow’s Texas Minute (6/17/2019) is focused on the taxpayers’ MVP of the #TxLege session. Subscribe now to find out at 6:05am!"
"“Don’t let this moment define you.” THIS is why teachers and caseworkers are so important and the huge impact they can have on the future of our yourh. @SixtyMinutes #txlege"
"@DanPatrick doesn’t know anything apparently! Time for a new Lt. Gov in #Texas #TxLege #ChallengeIncumbents #PurplePlan #PurpleSession #Tyranny #RuleByFiat #Texans @NETarrantTea @MQSullivan"
"Charlie Geren is a career ""F"" as a legislator when it comes to conservative values. #txlege"
"@GovAbbott #AllHailKingAbbott #TxLege #ChallengeIncumbents #PurpleSession"
"#RT @TexasGOP: #ICYMI - Read here for the Results of this Legislative Session! #txlege"
"Looks like @TexasGOP members have a breaking point on guns. They actually are willing to stand up to the @NRA on promoting responsible storage of guns. A rare NRA loss in the #txlege - and ppl see it. @momsdemand @shannonrwatts"
"Seems to be confusion by many #txlege Republicans. Not showering u with praise does not = attacking u. U are not the rulers of the people. U are their servants. Many of u stood idly by while #propertytaxes rose 50-70% in 5yrs; now u want praise for a 10% school tax cut?"
"@rkecseg84 . thank you!!!!! someone needed to say this! #txlege"
"To celebrate the 4th of July we will be burning the American flag as an act of peaceful protest. Bring a flag and join us. 5pm July 4th Texas Capitol building, front steps 1100 Congress Ave, Austin Texas #txlege"
"@RealCandaceO We will be burning the America flag on the front steps of the Texas Capitol building at 5pm on July 4th as a form of peaceful protest. Bring a flag and join us! #txlege"
"This will be my post session therapy this week so I will soon be saying happy birthday in person #bigbend #texas #txlege"
"What Caused The HUGE Uptick In Mental Health Issues In Students? Listen and Learn and Retweet! #Txed #Txlege #SB11 via @YouTube"
"Check out TSRA having to explain how a safe storage campaign isn't a threat to their members' #2A rts & insist that a program that could save lives is just ""fake news"". No wonder 100 ppl die ea day from guns in the US. @momsdemand #txlege"
"Thank you @RepDennisBonnen for your leadership of the 86th Legislature. And to #TXLege for debating serious issues that are important to ALL Texans. Nobody got everything they wanted, & that's ok. Progress was made. Outstanding coverage by @HoustonChron & @statesman."
"Literally the best children’s best book ever—-prove me wrong. #FathersDay #txlege"
"@rkecseg84 To celebrate the 4th of July we will be burning the American flag as an act of peaceful protest. Bring a flag and join us. 5pm July 4th Texas Capitol building, front steps 1100 Congress Ave, Austin Texas #txlege"
"Reminder: the gun lobby TESTIFIED AGAINST a public awareness campaign for responsible storage in this #txlege session. They are DISAPPOINTED that money has been allocated for a program to save kids' lives. PATHETIC. @momsdemand"
"@Richard26686290 #txlege"
"New June 2018 UT/@texastribune Poll: #Txlege job overall job approval: 43% approve / 33% disapprove. More: #txlege"
"New June 2019 UT/@texastribune Poll: Democratic pres trial ballot (n=483, MOE is +/- 4.99%) Biden 23% O’Rourke 15 Warren 14 Sanders 12 Buttigieg 8 Harris 5 Castro 3 Gabbard 3 Others <2 each More: #Tx2020 #Txlege"
"New June 2019 UT/@texastribune Poll: Job approval ratings for Texas’s US Senators. Cornyn: 42% approve / 39% disapprove Cruz: 49% approve / 40% disapprove More on #Txlege & #Tx2020:"
"New June 2019 UT/@texastribune Poll: Greg Abbott job approval: 54% approve / 32% disapprove. Lt. Gov. Patrick: 45/35; Speaker Bonnen 33/30. More on #Txlege & #Tx2020:"
"New June 2019 UT/@texastribune Poll: #Txlege job overall job approval: 43% approve / 33% disapprove. More:"
"@TrueFactsStated #RepublicanParty #bathroom laws. #txlege"
"Texans approve of Trump’s job performance but have questions about his character, @UTAustin/@TexasTribune Poll says #Txlege #Tx2020"
"Two cities more than 2,100 miles apart — #SanAntonio and #Portland — are scrambling to respond to an influx of #African #migrants. In San Antonio, city-run #Migrant Resource Center has assisted about 300 #Africa migrants #IMMIGRATION #TXlege #Migration"
"I agree w @MQSullivan: Texas State Sen Paul Bettencourt (@TeamBettencourt) embodies the words of a plaque Ronald Reagan kept on his desk: “There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he does not mind who gets the credit.” #SB2 #Txlege"
"@velvetditch @shannonrwatts @MomsDemand Yep. They did that in the 2017 #txlege session. I mean - WTH?!!!"
"“This #txlege session was a B, B minus. Underwhelming on property taxes, no real #prolife victories, too much spending. I’m not bitter about it, but lawmakers are [overselling] it.” -@MarkDavis commenting on @DanPatrick “Super Bowl” session in interview w @JasonWhitely"
"Last week, TFR's @CaryCheshireTX joined @ChrisSalcedoTX to discuss the #TFRIndex and the fiscal score that elected officials earned. How did your legislator do this #txlege session?"
"Good morning Friends & Fam! ☀️ I’m starting a new Monday Motivation series to help keep us all inspired and encouraged! Let’s lift each other up as we continue to climb these mountains. We got this! 🙌🏽 #TeamThierry #TxLege #HD146 #MotivationMonday"
"Texans approve of Trump’s job performance but have questions about his character, UT/TT Poll says #txlege #2020Election #2020Elections"
"Now that all legislative timelines have concluded, I am pleased that 38 legislative measures my staff and I worked on have passed into law. These include bills on healthcare, telemedicine, rural hospitals, mental health, tourism and transportation. #txlege"
"I'm so proud to have the support of @SenTedCruz as I run for re-election to @txrrc! He's a strong conservative leader for #Texas. I hope I'll have your support too. #energy #txlege"
"Texas raises a toast to freedom. Legislation has been signed to allow for beer-to-go sales in the Lone Star State. Cheers! #txlege"
"PeerTacks welcomes all indie @A2IM's Indie week 29019 @peertracks @thesoundac @YolandaAdams @aatw1969 @BunBTrillOG @MarciaBallBand @hansonmusic @FlacoJimenez @A2IM @MidlandOfficial @paulwallbaby @BCourtneyWilson @TXgrammyAWARDS @TXCommArts #txlege @txmusicoffice #LittleJoe"
"Bypassing Legislature, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Issues Executive Order to Continue State Oversight of Plumbers #txlege @GovAbbott @scottbraddock"
"I am not seeing a lot of #Texas School Districts using #HB3 tax $ to adopt plans to improve reading & math results. #txlege #txed @SpringISD @impactnews_skl @tarapohlmeyer @LuzMorenoLozano Spring ISD approves 2019-20 budget, teacher pay raises"
"@shannonrwatts @NRA Excellent news and good thing I was sitting down! Thank you @GovAbbott #txlege"
"Cédric Cobban was speaker @A2IM's Indie week 29019 @peertracks @thesoundac @YolandaAdams @aatw1969 @BunBTrillOG @MarciaBallBand @hansonmusic @FlacoJimenez @A2IM @MidlandOfficial @paulwallbaby @BCourtneyWilson @TXgrammyAWARDS @TXCommArts #txlege @txmusicoffice #LittleJoe #Grammy"
"Senate Bill 18 written by @JoanHuffman, has been signed into law by @GovAbbott. It is critical that free speech is protected, even if the speech in question is unpopular or contentious. #SB18 stops universities from taking action against student orgs b/c of their beliefs. #txlege"
"Good thing @TexasGOP doesn’t believe in polls! Or they’d be in BIG Trouble. “39% said they would “definitely” vote to reelect Trump; 43% said they would “definitely not” vote for him.” #tx2020 #txlege"
"Doctors and public health experts are just trying to keep children alive and well. #txlege"
"Really nice interview by @TexProtects with @RepJamesFrank. Happy belated Father's Day to our House Human Services Chair at the #TXLege"
"A quiet surprise of the 86th Legislature was the failure of many of the Christian right’s priorities. #txlege"
"pastor who testified in support of #txlege #hb896 that would have abolished abortions arrested for molesting a teenage relative multiple X's a day for 2 years #abortionrights"
"Looking forward to sharing more about what happened at the #TXLege and what's ahead for infants, toddlers, and their families in Texas at the end of this month in the Houston area!"
"ICYMI -- I have recently joined the Texas Public Policy Foundation as a distinguished senior fellow to head up our new #RightonWork initiative, focusing on #WorkforceDevelopment across the state. @TPPF #TXLege"
"Unfortunately, House Bill 3490 was vetoed over the weekend. The Texas House and Senate overwhelmingly passed HB 3490 because we believed that we need to close the loopholes in our harassment and cyberbullying statutes. Full statement below. #txlege"
"Full statement regarding the veto of House Bill 3490 #txlege"
"Gov. Greg Abbott signed the state’s roughly $250 billion budget Saturday, bringing a session-long effort to address the Legislature’s top priorities — school funding and property taxes — to a close. #txlege #txed"
"We're excited to announce Tina Chavez from @joltinitiative as one of the speakers for our Legislative recap on 6/27! Tina will be chatting with us about what went down with elections and voting 🗳️during the #txlege session. RSVP now 👉"
"On the campus of @TTUHSCEP this morning to celebrate the #txlege funding/authorizing a dental school for #ElPaso. This serves a perfect example of what we can achieve through vision, leadership & collaboration between leaders at all levels within our community!"
"Texas Becomes 50th State to Allow Beer To-Go #txlege"
"Thank you Pastor Leach & @Mt_Hebron_MBC for having my husband & me join you for Sunday service. It was an honor to present Pastor Leach w a gavel for serving as Pastor of the Day during #txlege session & for his guidance on the #TxHD112 Urban Affairs Roundtable."
"Great summary from @Ken_Silverstein & @MicrogridNews of the conversations happening now at @PUCTX regarding #energystorage and reliability in Texas. Quotes our friend @SuzanneBertin of @TXAdvEnergyBiz. #txlege #txenergy"
"Guns or medical marijuana? The choice many in Texas are facing because of a conflict between state laws and federal gun laws. My latest w/ @rebekahallen #txlege #2A"
"Thanks to @ComalCountyTX DA @jennifer_tharp for bringing us this issue & working w/our team for past 2 sessions on a solution that will help save 1000’s of lives. Proud to have worked w/Rep Andrew Murr on #HB3582, recently signed into law by @GovAbbott. #Menendez4TX #txlege"
"This legislation was also made possible through our continued partnership with @MADD and the Texas Association of District and County Attorneys. #Menendez4TX #txlege #HB3582"
"@JohnCornyn @MinorityAffairs @statebaroftexas @theaustinbar @thehba @TexYoungLawyers He also thinks Brown v Board of Education was wrongly decided. #txlege @texasdemocrats here's your campaign ad"
"Thanks so much for all your advocacy efforts to ensure access to quality educational opportunities across our great state! #txlege"
"I was on @WFAA yesterday with @JasonWhitely talking about property taxes, the 86th #txlege Session and more. In case you missed it:"
"@TexasTribune so will @GovAbbott show up with State goons with guns drawn to steal their computers and voter data like he did to Houston Votes? #Txlege"
"Speaker @RepDennisBonnen set the tone for this: “The [#TXLege] numbers are markedly better now than they were at the end of the 2017 legislative session. [Polling] at the time found 33% of voters giving lawmakers high marks, while 42% gave them low ones.”"
"This legislation was also made possible through our continued partnership with @MADD and @TDCAA. #Menendez4TX #txlege #HB3582"
"Bowie Knife Veto Shows How Little Lawmakers Read Before Voting #txlege"
"DYK that @TPPF has a @Facebook messenger bot? We send weekly news roundups every Wednesday so you avoid getting clobbered with ANOTHER email subscription. #txlege #tcot Subscribe here:"
"Check out final #txlege bill stats after the signing/veto period for the 86th Legislature:"
"Me: Let’s analyze the #TXLege adjustments to per pupil funding and the long-term impact on... My friends: DEAR GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH WHATABURGER"
"@alexazura So NOW voter registration is no longer the activity of radicals?!? Mmm-k. #txlege"
"@allontheline_tx Common sense gun control is supported by a majority of Texans. #fairmaps would give Texas voters a prayer of having their wishes turned into law. #txlege"
"As with physical health care, Texas schools will now have more mental health care services. Curricula and training will include signs of mental health conditions and substance abuse. #MentalHealthAwareness #MentalHealthMatters #MentalHealthMonday #TXLeg #TXLege #TXpoli"
"Any instance of abuse, neglect, or human rights violations against migrants on the border is unacceptable, much less the 50 reported cases of abuse. We must enact change to ensure that no individual's safety is ever endangered on our border. #txlege"
"I think this song is about more than just literal gambling. #HoldEm #FoldEm #TheGambler #txlege"
"“Here is a toast to freedom itself in the Lone Star State,” Governor Greg Abbott cheered emphatically while holding up a pint of beer. Texas boasts almost 5,000 craft breweries and just over 3,000 beer distribution companies. #txlege"
"The state of Texas #txlege"
"The new #CamoAlert system will be developed in the fall. #txlege It's designed to protect those who served, but there's also some concern about privacy. Our 📺 coverage on @KXAN_News:"
"#RT @shaunking: RT @shannonrwatts: Open carry ✅ Semiautomatic rifle ✅ Tactical gear ✅ High-capacity magazines ✅ No criminal history ✅ All legal in Texas, all supported by the @NRA. He was a good guy with a gun until he opened fire. #txlege"
"75% of Texas Republicans say that non-citizens sometimes or frequently vote in Texas elections. 42% say frequently. #txlege"
".@loiskolkhorst is at the Victoria Economic Development Corporation’s weekly meeting this morning talking about her work in the #txlege this session"
"This title doesn't capture all the drama ==> ""SAISD staff to receive raises"" by @aliaatsaen for @expressnews #txed #saisd #txlege #sanantonioisd @saisd"
"The Best and Worst Legislators is out! Happy to see some of my favs made the best, including @moodyforelpaso @James_E_White @DonnaHowardTX @DadePhelan @Victoria4Texas & @KirkPWatson! Also, love that folks are still using @jamestalarico as a measurement of time! #txlege"
"We’ve come a long way from the days of running around door-to-door in East Texas! Congrats to the new Chairman of the @txrrc, @christianfortx! #txlege #txenergy"
"Today's Take: ""When I'm 77"" #SirPaul #TexasMonthly #TXLege #TheBeatles #Astros #TakeItBack"
"In case you missed my appearance on the @IngrahamAngle: #txlege"
"Join our team for a @HD115 Legislative Town Hall & Reception on July 10th in Farmers Branch! RSVP below to hear directly from State Rep. Julie Johnson about the 86th #txlege session:"
"#TXLEGE: I stopped paying attention to the publication in question several sessions back, but nevertheless this is classy response from @TerryCanales40 is duly noted and appreciated."
"Tremendous gathering today at @wilshirebc Dallas in celebration of the victories of #txed in the 2019 #txlege— and in honor of @SDonR34 for his lifetime of service to TX schoolchildren. Standing strong for Texas Public Schools!"
"“Suicide rates among young people reach their highest level since 2000” ⁦@StopTXSuicides⁩ ⁦@putkids1st⁩ #txlege"
"Democracy only functions effectively when individuals are engaged and active participants. I will continue to support current and future Latinx leaders in order to create a government that truly reflects the diversity of its constituents. #txlege"
"Meet the newest member of #TeamButton! Welcome to the world my sweet grandson Remy. At 20 inches & 8 lbs, 1oz, he has the Button nose & the Chen brains. #txlege #proudgrandma #loveatfirstsight"
"I plan to send Democrats like @juliejohnsonTX @ForHD65 @Joanna4Texas to the 2020 #txlege who will do what you won’t @GregAbbott_TX: Stop corporate welfare and take care of TEXANS!"
"Got questions about our Best & Worst Legislators list, or the #txlege in general? @cd_hooks will answer them during a @Reddit AMA in r/TexasPolitics this Thursday, June 20, from noon to 1 p.m. CT. Catch up on the list here:"
"As Senators were recognized at Trump announcement... Texas LtGov @DanPatrick appeared right next to them in the camera shot. 👀 #txlege"
"We must express strong objection to calling a sitting #txlege House member—or anyone else— “cockroach” as @TexasMonthly did @RepStickland. For all his faults, that is an inappropriate term to use in public discourse. Especially in today’s culture of hate."
"@SammiSteeleNews @rye_journo @Lanawrites @KatyaBee4 @SecretaryPerry @Permianlandgirl @MDsSecretWeapon @SenTedCruz #txlege"
"We're only as good as our staff. And as you point out, an increase in staff salaries is a good thing for Texas. #txlege"
"Austin City Council has started discussing ways to free up tax dollars, including the possibility of backing out of the city’s active tax break deals with corporations that cost millions of tax dollars each year. #txlege"
"This evening someone asked @DonnaHowardTX at SW Austin Strong Women Town Hall what advice do you give for someone to be on the list of @TexasMonthly Best Legislator of the year. She responded by empathy, listening to the people you serve. 🙌🏼 #txlege"
"About time mi gente in North Texas catches up with how we run things in South Texas 🤗 #Latinx #txlege #DFW #RGV"
"Um, no. This productive session only happened because Dems picked up seats in the House and you squeaked out a win. Don’t sugarcoat your crap. #txlege"
"@GregAbbott_TX San Antonio is a major offender in my opinion. I want to see stiffer punishment for Texas employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens. #txlege"
"Ok for real though, sad MQS tweet receipts aside, EmpT’s endorsement of Trump for 2020 is explainable by yesterday’s blog post which says, among other things, that racial reconciliation “blatantly contradicts” God’s teachings. #txlege"
"The latest OPT Avenue! Thanks to @stjbs @Mike_Beacham @evolucionemex #txlege #books"
"#TexasTech calls legislative session historic, successful #Lubbock #Amarillo #TxLege"
"Meet the New York couple donating millions to the anti-vax movement #txlege"
"BREAKING: The political prosecution against @KenPaxtonTX received yet another blow as the Court of Criminal Appeals has denied a rehearing in last year’s decision which concluded prosecutors’ charged rate afoul of state law #txlege"
"NEW: Is the Texas House Violating the Americans with Disabilities Act by Refusing to Caption Legislative Hearings? #txlege by @kgroetzi"
"The comments are equally as fun to read #txlege"
"Judge Rosie Speedlin-Gonzalez’ passion is what lead me to file and pass HB3529. Hope we can create a solution to a big problem in our state. #TxLege"
"Today join me, @SarahforHD134, @DanHuberty & @RepWalle in a conversation about the 86th #txlege moderated by @evanasmith. Watch the event live at:"
"Mississippi Supreme Court heard arguments this week on whether the state constitution requires local communities to help fund charter schools with property taxes. cc: #txlege #txed"
"Many of the same people backing Sen Seliger also opposed #SB2, which gives Texans a vote on city/county property tax increases. No wonder they are not upset that Seliger repeatedly voted against this reform in 2017/2019. #txlege"
"#TXLEGE:Thanks @rumpfshaker!!!"
"Here this person is applauding Sen Seliger’s opposition to “taking away control from hom rule cities.” In other words, opposition to giving Texas taxpayers more control over their own property tax bills. #txlege"
"Going to cover a lot of ground from the latest @UTAustin/@TexasTribune Poll with host David Brown & @amanbatheja on the @TexasStandard in a few minutes. Here are some reference points on the abortion items we're discussing: #txlege #tx2020"
"Yeah this ""Low Rent Trump"" thing speaks to the over-the-top rhetoric, sophomoric imagery, headline chasing and loose cannon social media presence of @TonyBuzbee. Can it be effective? #hounews #txlege"
"We appreciate your public service and reaching the #nextgen in #oilandgas AND public service! #txlege #Crude_quality_matters @txrrc #gunsup @BaylorGeo! Keep inspiring the next gen and #talktexasoil too!"
"A national report on nursing home quality ranks Texas dead last (yet again) & says care here is ""miserably substandard."" Do you agree? And how can Texas get better? #txlege #nursinghomes"
"RGA Releases New “Simply Stated” Video Highlighting Governor @GregAbbott_TX's Success with School Finance Reform: #txgov #txlege"
"I have to congratulate @ChristianForTX on being elected the new Chairman of @txrrc #txlege #txgop #tcot #oilandgas #txstrong"
"Thanks to ⁦@PlanoTXChamber⁩ for hosting me and my colleagues last night for their Post-Legislative Reception. Enjoyed catching up with old and new friends, and appreciated the opportunity to highlight our accomplishments from the #txlege that our community can be proud of!"
"#txlege #Israel borders are better secure than #Texas borders with Mexico. #Billions upon billions of dollars us aid to Israel how much billions of dollars does Texas receive from the #federal government"
"We're livestreaming our noon conversation in Houston recapping the 86th legislative session with four Houston-area legislators: state Sen. Carol Alvarado and state Reps. Sarah Davis, Dan Huberty and Armando Walle. #txlege"
"Expanding the #Medicaid rolls does little to expand actual #healthcare, and Texas should resist the pressure to do so. #txlege"
"#ElectionsMatter #txlege"
"@GOPLeader the GOP Tender Years Concentration Camp #MAGA @RepLizCheny @Liz_Cheney @RepAOC #txlege"
"Thank you ⁦@jamestalarico⁩ for allowing @TEGACTX to honor you and your staff this week for your tireless efforts on behalf of 7 million Texas students in public and higher education this #txlege. #txed"
"Thank you ⁦@BucyForTexas⁩ for allowing ⁦@TEGACTX⁩ to honor you and your amazing staff this week for your tireless efforts on behalf of 7 million Texas students in public and higher education this #txlege. #txed"
"@airportscouncil @JohnCornyn @CBP @SenGaryPeters @DeptofDefense-Raytheon lobbyist @HHSGov-pharma lobbyist @EPA-coal lobbyist @Interior-fossil fuel lobbyist @USDOT-McConnell wife @USEDGov-GOP megadonor @USTreasury-hedge fund exec @USDOL-cut Epstein deal @CommerceGov-King of Bankruptcy @HUDGov-$35K plates #txlege @texasdemocrats"
"I was proud to pass HJR 38 to give Texas voters the opportunity to amend our state constitution and permanently ban a state income tax. This will protect our hardworking taxpayers and help us keep more of our hard-earned money! #txlege"
"@shannonrwatts @NRA Yes but #txlege also passed permitless carry after a there's that. One step forward....."
"Thank you ⁦@KirkPWatson⁩ for allowing @TEGACTX to honor you and your outstanding staff this week for your tireless efforts on behalf of 7 million Texas students in public and higher education this #txlege. #txed"
"@TexasMonthly did nothing but state the obvious. Stickland is the most corrupt individual to ever roam the halls of our Capitol. #txlege"
".@cd_hooks joins us on this week’s #TribCast to talk about @TexasMonthly’s Best and Worst List! Tune in live and ask us questions. #txlege #tx2020"
"Live now: We're livestreaming our noon conversation in Houston recapping the 86th legislative session with four Houston-area legislators: state Sen. Carol Alvarado and state Reps. Sarah Davis, Dan Huberty and Armando Walle. #txlege"
"As @CarolforTexas points out, @HoustonTX has operated under a rev cap for property taxes, but we wish it was 4.5%. The population plus inflation measure has never gotten above 2% since the cap was hit in ‘16. In fact, in 2 of the last 4 years, it was negative #TTEvents #txlege"
"This #txlege session is over, but we're not done discussing the lawmakers who made us proud and those who made us cringe. Check out our 2019 edition of the Best & Worst Legislators, and let us know your thoughts:"
"Huberty said real issue of high property taxes is appraisal growth. He said the lege tried to deal with that this session. #txlege #TTEvents"
"Davis said we have to hope we have the revenue in 2 years to support increased state funding for public ed. #txlege #TTEvents"
"Clerks that work to renew your driver license only make $10-$12 an hour in Texas. They receive intensive training before they are assigned to a station. They leave work because you can't make a living on 10-12/hr. Government needs to pay a living wage for skilled labor. #txlege"
"Defined benefit ------> Defined contribution. For all new employees. Require state and local govts. to modernize their pension plans. #txlege #tcot @TPPF"
"Hot seat question from @evanasmith: are you coming back? @DanHuberty- I am going on vacation literally after this event, no firm answer. Reps @SarahforHD134 @RepWalle @CarolforTexas say yes, they are running again. #txlege #ttevents"
"BREAKING: At the #TribEvent in Houston, @CarolforTexas @SarahforHD134 @RepWalle all say they are running for reelection but @DanHuberty refuses to answer saying he is taking a trip to Toronto to contemplate his future. #TxLege"
". @DanHuberty and @RepWalle(kind of) think that the TX House could be in play after the next election cycle, @SarahforHD134 disagrees. #TTevents #txlege"
"Today is a day that is significant in American history. It is the day that many Americans were able to gain their independence. Happy Juneteenth! #Juneteenth2019 #txlege"
".@CarolforTexas: healthcare needs to be front and center next session @TexasTribune #TXlege"
"I was honored to work together on this issue. #txlege"
"Evan Smith asks why there are no appraisal reform this session? Sarah Davis says you have to be careful about market manipulation but there is work to do on this issue. #txlege #TTEvents"
"Low income, Black and POC Texans are the most affected by lack of healthcare access. Coupled with Texas having the highest uninsured rate in the country makes one thing abundantly clear: The #TXLege must do better."
"Rep.Leach, Jeff- Press Release #txlege"
"@rjcarreon @DonnaHowardTX @utrgv @RGVFOCUS @teainfo 👀 at diff in EL testing language b/n Edinburgh/Roma & other RGV ISDs. @RomaISD (3rd graders) is 94% EL, 87% Eco Dis & they do NOT test #STAAR reading in Spanish. Contrast that to urbans esp. @dallasschools - all of which have <% of ELLs. What can @teainfo #txlege #txed learn?"
"We've seen several articles reporting raises for school district employees since the passing of HB 3. Hopefully this is an ongoing trend among our schools leading to better compensation for all Texas educators! #TXed #TXlege"
"Hats off to @LongviewISD for partnering @TexasTech to offer K-12 students #virtual options! Parents need what works for their child! #txlege #txed @claremccarthy94 Longview ISD enters partnership with Texas Tech University virtual school via @newsjournal"
"“They provide accommodations for some disabilities but not others. It’s really discriminatory.” Records obtained by the Observer show that 11 ADA accommodations were filled this session in the House, while three were denied. #txlege"
"TAL staff with pro-life Rep. @TomOliverson, M.D. (R-Cypress) after a successful session. #txlege"
"Editorial @dallasnews: ""With #power outages, why is #Texas waiting to write rules on battery storage?"" @txlege gave guidance that #energystorage is a competitive service. #txlege #txenergy #utilities #grid"
"Houston's massively wasteful toy light rail train claimed another victim today. Fortunately it wasn't lethal, unlike the other 100 that it has killed. #hounews #txlege"
"If @kathietovo is compiling a list of ""the names of individuals and organizations"" behind this session's biggest conservative wins, then I definitely nominate: @mopenshaw, @VanceGinn, and @COSProject! #txlege #tcot @TPPF @austintexasgov"
"@JamesQuinteroTX @kathietovo @mopenshaw @VanceGinn @COSProject @TPPF @austintexasgov James: Add 71% of Texas voters to the list. #txlege"
"Gov. Greg Abbott vetoed a simple bill because of the Legislature’s lack of due diligence and attention to detail. #txlege"
"@K8MurphysLaw @DonnaHowardTX @TexasMonthly @James_E_White @KirkPWatson All ardent supporters of adult adoptee rights, as well. Commendable indeed! #txlege"
"How could I forget to add @cahnman to @austintexasgov's Naughty or Nice list! He deserves a spot near the top! #txlege #tcot @TPPF"
"President Donald Trump has begun his reelection bid by reviving a campaign promise to deport “millions of illegal aliens” from the United States. But ICE is currently averaging approximately 7,000 deportations per month from the U.S. interior. #txlege"
"Thank you @RonDeSantisFL for promoting choice and affordability in healthcare. #Texas & #txlege are on track to follow suit. @TPPF @RightOnHC #free2care"
"""My son was a very good shot. He didn't have an intention to shoot anybody. ... It's not him. There is nothing in those eyes. I know it's him. It's just like a blank stare. It's not my boy."" #txlege #dfw"
"Progressives are deplorable! Just look at how they behave in any public place. #txlege"
".@GAWTP Executive Director JoAnn Fleming discusses why conservatives aren't happy with the purple #txlege session. Read her latest commentary here ===>"
"When the demand for #cleanenergy creates the demand for another industry – clean #energystorage – we start to get a real glimpse at what a clean energy economy could look like. #txenergy #txlege"
"Today, we celebrate the news of the abolition of slavery reaching Texas, the last state to hear the good news of the Emancipation Proclamation. We should take today to celebrate the freedom we have as Americans, recognizing how far we’ve come & how far we have yet to go #txlege"
"Reading between the lines here — especially at the end — @EmpowerTexans doesn't seem too enthusiastic about engaging in #txlege races this cycle:"
"@RepDennisBonnen thank you and your staff for reaching back out to me. I spoke with Ms. Sheridan about HB3 and it’s impact to @DilleyISD thank you for taking time to speak with me and willingness to help me understand this complex bill. #TxLege #ThankYou"
"Hammers are swinging in Newton County! Special thanks to Newton County Judge Weeks Cmrs Fuller, White, Fomby, & Thompson for helping celebrate new home construction with us! #txlege"
"“Congress Must Act: Governor Greg Abbott says Texas will commit $1 billion to border security efforts.” #txlege"
"In honor of #Juneteenth, CPPP Staff compiled a list of some great racial justice reads by black authors to add to your summer reading list. There's still more work to do to ensure public policies lead to more equity for struggling Texans. #txlege"
"""At @KinderCare Education, we believe all children should have access to high-quality education and care, regardless of their background and financial circumstance."" - CEO Tom Wyatt #txlege"
"We're touring Texas to discuss the 86th #txlege session and its impact on children and families in your community. We want your ideas on what needs to be done in the 87th! Our first two events are July 18 in DFW - get info and FREE tickets at"
"Hey, criminal justice nerds in Austin: Tomorrow I'm moderating a panel on civil asset forfeiture with state Rep. @TerryCanales40, Harris County ADA Angela Beavers and KY reporter @jacobhryan. Feel free to come hang bright and early #txlege"
"@TerryCanales40 @jacobhryan For some background/homework, read our deep dive into forfeiture here: And @jacobhryan's latest on KY here: #txlege"
"Gov, Lt. Gov and Spkr — all of whom belong to the same party — get to select 12 of 15 members & this bill only requires them to select 2 from a party they’re not affiliated with. Yeah this will be fair... #TXLege #TXPolitics"
"We are going LIVE at 6:30PM from Houston's sold out event — State of the Black Entrepreneurship. #txlege #bcot Tune in:"
"Democratic Candidate in #TXLege #HD131 looking to primary @RepAllenTX131"
"Texas Governor Greg Abbott @GovAbbott has now signed #HB496 into law, effect immediately. This requires ALL Texas public schools to provide bleeding control stations to be available in all public #schools with training for staff and students. #TXLege"
"@Boeing hosted multiple teachers from 4 school districts for the 13th Annual Team @NASA Aerospace Teacher Extern Program. Teachers spent a week at @NASA_Johnson 6 aerospace contractor companies to learn about the variety of career opportunities in the industry. #txlege #hd29"
"The latest Doctors in the House (And Senate)! Thanks to @michaelcburgess @DrBuckinghamTX @juliejohnsonTX #txlege #worldsicklecellday2019"
"Happy #WorldSickleCellDay. Thank you @GovAbbott @jarvisjohnsontx @BorrisLMiles @SenRoyceWest @StephanieKlick @Senfronia4Texas @moodyforelpaso @wrayfortexas @FourPriceTX for supporting and passing smart legislation that protects Texans living with #sicklecell! #txlbc #txlege"
"This morning, #TeamMaryAnn took part in welcoming the newest Port of Houston Authority Port Commissioner, Wendy Montoya Cloonan! Congratulations on your appointment, Commissioner!! #HD144 #txlege @Port_Houston"
"@CarmenMForman Thanks Carmen! Now if I can just convince you to cover the #txlege so we can be in the same state again..."
"Veto period over. Back to these emails every single day #txlege"
"Calling all young people! Are you: Passionate about creating change in your community? If so, you should apply for our Fall Leadership Development Program before the deadline, July 15th! Join the MOVEment today --> #txlege #TheYoungPeopleWillWin"
"Hometown paper love for @ChristianForTX: Shelby County's Wayne Christian unanimously elected Texas Railroad Commission chairman #txlege"
"Nobody should be above the law. #txlege"
"New state laws passed this spring limit the ways cities can collect money to fund services — this restricts revenue from cable TV providers’ franchise fees, red-light cameras and property tax collections. From @dallasnews #txlege"
"How often do voters knowingly break election laws? (June 2019 @UTAustin / @TexasTribune Poll) via @TxPolProject #txlege"
"Talked to church leaders & a #txlege lawmaker about a new law that'll allow handguns in churches unless place of worship gives verbal/written notice that guns are prohibited. It was created after the deadly attack in #SutherlandSprings. More on @KXAN_News:"
"At this point I’d agree with unicameral just based on my own feelings of frustration and despair at how the best ideas in the #txlege House die either in a Senate committee, on the Senate floor, or are left to die by the Lieutenant Governor. But full-time + higher pay? Yes."
"And I’ve complained before about how the #txlege being 140 days w/ extremely little pay + in an expensive (for Texas) city like Austin means it’s highly unlikely that we see any AOC-types entering the lege, and why it’s so full of rich old white men/people who are mostly lawyers."
"@JohnCornyn I guess I don't have any ""religious freedom"" to object to concentration camps on the border, where children are kidnapped, raped, gassed, drugged, terrorized and killed. F you all. For all of history. @CardinalDolan @USCCB @USinHolySee @eramshaw @PatrickSvitek @SpoxDHS #txlege"
"RT-ing because I can see myself in this pic #txlege #UNiTeNorthTexas"
"Lawmakers passed an omnibus school finance and property tax reform bill this session, but didn’t include a way to pay for it past 2021. One place to look: corporate tax breaks. #txlege"
"#talktexasoilrecommends hit the bell and you can keep up with @RyanSitton news & campaign = public service, advocacy, accessible! #txlege @txrrc @TXGOPCaucus @TexasGOP @haysGOP225 @IPAAaccess @APIenergy @PBPA @PBIOS"
"Companies like @HEB draw inspiration from great leaders like Charles Butt. #TXLege"
"We see you, #txlege. #VoteThemOut"
"Thank goodness #txlege went home already."
"Thank you for this very helpful legislation, @SenJaneNelson and @Senfronia4Texas! #txlege"
"Texas Scorecard Radio (June 20, 2019) #txlege"
"Another district giving well-deserved pay raises! #txlege #txhd47"
".@TPPF's State of the Taxpayer Tour made a stop in #Midland yesterday to discuss education, foster care, local govt. and more. #Freedom #txlege #tcot #txed"
"God bless the #txlege!"
"“We had a purple #txlege session because too many Republican elected officials have turned purple. Now, they are putting Texas at risk in 2020.” – JoAnn Fleming, (@GAWTP) Grassroots America - We the People"
"What if I told you: Funding alone isn’t the issue. #TXlege"
"What took so long ??? #TxLege"
"@CarolforTexas @DanHuberty @codysfoundation @NASWTX @THSCAcoaches @TxDisabilities @texascta Thank you for all your hard work on #HB76, which will make Texas' student athletes heart health a priority! ❤️ #txlege #txed"
"@GregAbbott_TX Thank you @GovAbbott. This is such an important issue. #txlege"
"Anything is possible #txlege"
"Texas needs to get to work on health care! Thank you to @CarolforTexas, @SarahforHD134, and others who have said health care must be a priority for the next #TXlege session! Story here:"
"“We can do this by electing politicians who value public education and recognize that the state must make ongoing investments into schools."" (lookin' at you, Stickland) #txlege"
"#txlege @statebaroftexas"
"The property tax reform and relief was the biggest win. Except GOP tried to give no net relief, bread crumbs, which was insulting. And even the $5 billion taxpayers EVENTUALLY got is barely enough to lower tax bills for more than 1 year. #txlege"
"And the #txlege also doles out their corporate welfare on top of the billions handed out by local governments."
"#Internship opportunity w Texas State Rep @BrooksLandgraf #txlege"
"Same #txlege"
".@electcharles on @ChadHastyRadio discussing positive aspects of the 86th #txlege session, including hemp legislation, @TTUVetMed progress, abortion alternatives work, and much more. [VIDEO]"
"Now that the 2019 Texas Legislative Session is over in Texas, learn what @ChrisHosek thinks the impact will be to the Oil & Gas industry: #oil #energy #oilandgas #natgas #naturalgas #txlege"
"Good conversation with the SA Chamber this morning. Thanks for having me. If anyone else wants a presentation on #HB3 please don't hesitate to reach out. #txlege"
"“The only thing you need to know about the lieutenant governor’s current budget is that every Democrat praised and voted for it.” -@DanPatrick, 2013 Throwback Thursday from @CaryCheshireTX. #txlege"
"It's almost as if he tried to raise a red flag. #txlege"
".@DanPatrick speaks out of both sides of his mouth. #txlege"
".@GregAbbott_TX is leading the way in prioritizing the future of #Texas by prioritizing its students and teachers👩‍🎓 👩‍🏫 Check out the latest video from @The_RGA's #SimplyStated series to learn more 🎥: #schoolfinancereform #txlege #maga"
"Calling all young people! Are you: Passionate about creating change in your community? If so, you should apply for our Fall Leadership Development Program before the deadline, July 15th! Join the MOVEment today --> … #txlege #TheYoungPeopleWillWin"
"#TXLEGE: Thanks guys!!!"
"Lots of talk about ""historic"" salary increases; but the real focus should be on results. What kind of student achievement improvements can taxpayers expect for their investment?#txlege #tcot @TPPF @impactnews"
"@RafaelAnchia The Texas economy is 10th largest in the world 🌎 — larger than Australia #txlege #NALEOMiami"
"#ICYMI: @GovAbbott signed four bills into law aimed at bolstering the state’s emergency preparedness & disaster relief programs, including framework that provides more than $1.6 billion for flood control projects & repairs across the state. #txlege #Harvey"
"More info on the resolution that Austin City Council passed yesterday! We're particularly excited about language in the resolution that will require city environmental staff to study the potential water quality impacts a pipeline would have. #txlege"
"MISD has been labeled a Chapter 49 district — previously known as a Chapter 41 district...will pay more than $118.4 million to the TEA in the 2019-20 fiscal year. #HB3 #txed #txlege"
"Don't miss the Special Report in this week's @TheEconomist comparing the 2 most important states in the USA. #txlege California and Texas: California and Texas have different visions for America’s future"
"Aww, it's almost as if I'm back in Texas. #orleg #txlege"
"Every Representative can nominate one student for the Texas Armed Services Scholarship Program. This is a $4,000 scholarship that can be renewed year by year... @CFBISD @LewisvilleISD #txlege"
"Texas winning the opportunity competition. CA housing costs, rising taxes and hammering of middle class drives working folks and jobs away. Many people are moving from California to Texas via @TheEconomist #txlege"
"In the 2019 #txlege, effective conservatives delivered solutions for mainstream Texans on many fronts, including school finance reform, property tax relief and reform, and post-Harvey disaster response. These are thoughtful measures to address real challenges. Well done!"
"Who wore it best today at the Child Protection Roundtable? #childadvocates #postsession #txlege"
"HB2261 by ya boy Walle passed and will help attract doctors to medically underserved areas. #txlege @TexasTribune @HoustonChron @UniNoticias @NTelevisa_com"
"AARP Advocating for Older Texans -- 2019 Texas Legislative Review. #txlege"
"@MoneyInPolitics @TXRealtors @CandaceETaylor Yes it did. I plan on working on it again next session #TXLege @texasdemocrats @ChrisGTurner"
"Not only do I love getting to see these guys, but also enjoyed getting to show our @HoggFoundation National Advisory Committee members the value of having #peer voice in the policy world and explain what our policy team does before, during, and after the #txlege"
"Congratulations to the graduating class from Pearland Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Program! Our community will be greater due to your knowledge, guidance and impact. #txlege #hd29 #futureleaders"
".@impactnews_frs: From a blank slate to the Ryder Cup: City leaders describe how @CityOfFriscoTx got here and where it is going #txlege @FriscoChamber"
"@by_jmiller @scottbraddock Special session to end taxpayer-funded lobbying. #txlege"
"HOLY MOLY! #smh #txlege"
"Well this is more than a little intriguing. #txlege"
"The Cost of Carve-Outs #txlege"
"@rweckhart TY-I’ll keep saying it louder for those in the back. It’s not hard. Lock up pedophiles, not the victims. We’re talking about children who are raped by adults, and then criminally charged by the state for that abuse? Children are not prostitutes-period. #txlege #HB1771"
"""Solar power continues to grow in Texas, new research finds, and that growth is due in part to another renewable energy the state has in abundance: wind."" #txlege"
"#txlege Who says money can't buy your way out of jail?"
"Announcing a new Jade Helm exercise but to occupy Whataburger #txlege"
"Inadequate food, water & sanitation for 250 infant, children & teens at #ElPaso #BorderPatrol 3 girls taking care of 2-yo boy, who had wet his pants & no diaper & was wearing a mucus-smeared shirt when the legal team encountered him. #IMMIGRATION #TXlege"
"#txsen #txlege #txpoli #txpol #txpolitics texas politics #austin #houston Houston, TX #dallas #elpaso El Paso, TX #dallas #TX @UniteBlueTX @UniteWomenTX @IndivisibleTx06 @indivisibletx3 @Indivisibletx02 @IndivisibleTX14 @IndivisibleTX12 @indtx36 @indivisibletx24 #indivisible"
"Texas children can still be charged with prostitution after Gov. Greg Abbott vetoed a bill that would have prohibited those arrests. From @HoustonChron #txlege"
"Great to have State Rep @DiegoBernalTX provide a recap of the 86th #Texas #Legislature at the @sachamber Transportation and Education/Workforce Committee Meeting #txlege @HGUEVARAJR @SheRaisesUpKids @naomimillersatx @WorldAffairsSA #sanantonio"
"It’s almost like people want #CJReform. So why did this bipartisan issue fall short in the @86thLegislature? #txlege"
"Brand new badge of honor: being named TX Monthly cockroach of the #txlege. Way to go @RepStickland !"
"Follow us on Facebook! #p2 #txlege"
"“They provide accommodations for some disabilities but not others. It’s really discriminatory.” Records obtained by the Observer show that 11 ADA accommodations were filled this session in the House, while three were denied. #txlege"
"Discussing #TxLege’s SB 7 & SB 8 @TexasWCA #TWCAMY19. Truly landmark legislation that sets a new global standard for INTEGRATED, COMPREHENSIVE #txflood mitigation. Mapping + Planning + Mitigation @twdb wants your #StakeholderInput!!!"
"Great way for young folks to see my favorite weekend in #txlege politics!!"
"Disgusting! #txlege"
".@AnniesListTX ED says group’s state House battlefield is 29 seats — 12 defense and 17 offense — with 20/29 Dem nominees expected to be women: #txlege"
"#txlege #OOTT"
"Texans’ faint praise for the Legislature could get swamped by national politics via ⁦@jamesrhenson⁩ & ⁦@JoshuaMBlank⁩ in ⁦@TribTalkTX⁩ #txlege #tx2020"
"#txlege #OOTT"
"#txlege #G20"
"I spent the day along the Texas border. As a former law enforcement officer who worked in SWAT and Intelligence, I couldn’t be more proud of the work the @TxDPS is doing. #Txlege"
"I look forward to working alongside @TxDPS DPS once again, this time as a legislator. I will be making a few trips to the border over the next few months to further learn how we can make Texas more safe and secure. #Txlege"
".@TxDPS is doing a great job for Texans. However, it’s Congress’ responsibility to secure the border and its time they step up to get behind President @realDonaldTrump and do so. #Txlege"
"This long, hot summer day ended with a group of the coolest heads coming together for gun sense. @MomsDemand of The Woodlands/Spring, Texas will not rest. Just go ahead and #ExpectUs. #TXLege #KeepGoing #SurvivorStrong #FightLikeAMother"
"Man enough to be a “Mom” in The Woodlands, TX. This isn’t an event. Just a regular monthly chapter meeting here in Small Town, Gun-loving Texas, y’all. @MomsDemand @Everytown @shannonrwatts #ExpectUs #KeepGoing #FightLikeAMother #TXLege"
"Texas @MomsDemand can chill out and get fired up at the same time. #SpringTX #Junemeeting #Summerheat #TXLege #NoTimeOff #FightLikeAMother #ExpectUs #StrawberryParfait #Veganandglutenfreeoptions #inclusive #embracediversity #keepgoing"
"I've been a soldier, a teacher, a floorhand, and now a mechanic, but I haven't been a State Representative. Maybe in 2020, I can get there 😁 #VoteBlue #txlege"
"@DanPatrick @Texan2A @GovAbbott Something needs to be done that will fund improving the reliability of our rural electrical system. Update the power stations. We've got new digital smart meters on our homes, why are we still using antiquated equipment that goes out at the bat of a butterfly's wing? #txlege"
"Overheard #Txlege just posted this GEM of a recap video from the 86th session (well, the House) and it’s glorious."
"Sometimes you just have to have some strawberry parfaits at a meeting. Great #WearOrange wrap up, upsetting #TXLege wrap up and optimistic #BeSMART events coming up. These #MomsDemand people of mine #KeepGoing! @MomsDemand #TheWoodlandsTX"
"@Mike_Rawlings @JohnCornyn Univision anchor ejected from Trump news conference @CNNPolitics #Txlege @ChuckTodd @maddow"
"@GregAbbott_TX Likewise clearing backlogged rape tests can eliminate innocent men falsely accused. Then the actual attacker is run to ground and prosecuted. Thanks to #txlege for getting this dome. And gov Abbott for signing,"
"File this under the more you know....little known former Congressman and current Dem Presidential candidate @JohnDelaney of Maryland has invested in Kaufman County, Texas bonds and Stephen F. Austin University bonds. #txlege #JohnDelaney"
"Reminder: @DanPatrick & @TexasGOP killed passage of a red flag law in the #txlege to allow law enforcement to remove guns from those who pose a threat to themselves & others. #txlege @momsdemand @JoanHuffman @senlarrytaylor @moodyforelpaso @shannonrwatts"
"“It is unlikely that the legislative output has generated enough enthusiasm among Republican voters to insulate GOP incumbents in competitive districts, or to empower Republican challengers in districts narrowly won by Democrats in 2018.” #txlege #tx2020"
"@GovAbbott (1) you can’t be both a victim of sex trafficking AND and criminally responsible for selling sex, and (b) no child should ever be charged with prostitution. #TXlege @alliefranklin17 @jessicafortexas"
"Is #Texas Too Lax? #Vaccine Exemptions Reach All-Time High Former state Sen. Craig Estes said change to TX' vaccine laws should be reviewed in current public health climate. #TX @ChronOpinion @joanhuffman @RepRickMiller @GregAbbott_TX @DanPatrick #txlege"
"Teacher pay raises are coming to @LubbockISD, trickling down from changes made this legislative session. But it is not just teachers! See who else will benefit #txlege #teacherpay"
"“#txlege needs to focus on maintaining the system they've built. We need to focus on ensuring the system works every day. We need to maintain this success and make sure we don't create another backlog.” Amen. Thank you @laviniamasters. @Victoria4Texas"
"Hey #txlege—amazing story of goodness and loving support of our most vulnerable little Texans from one of our own state employees (retired). #Proud @txcomptroller"
"Red Flag Laws @GovAbbott @ValoreeSwanson @MomsDemand #txlege"
"Imagine that @TexasGOP @DanPatrick @MomsDemand #txlege"
"Gonna be tweeting from the @NALEO Presidential Forum in Miami @NBCUTelemundo #TXLege #NALEOMiami"
"Texas children can still be arrested for prostitution after veto that surprised lawmakers who say children forced into prostitution should be treated as victims, not saddled with criminal records. #txlege #txcrime #prostitution #children #CriminalJustice"
"This is sickening. But go ahead and keep debating over what words we use to describe state sanctioned violence against children @chucktodd #txlege"
"@RepChipRoy @RepChipRoy Remember this every time Congressman Chip Roy talks about ""Fiscal Responsibility"" He hasn't submitted his Federal Personal Financial Disclosure as legally required and has now requested TWO extensions What is he hiding #txlege #Texas? @CREWcrew"
"@chiproytx @matthewdavidDFW @AOC @HouseGOP @RepChipRoy @RepChipRoy Remember this every time Congressman Chip Roy talks about ""Fiscal Responsibility"" He hasn't submitted his Federal Personal Financial Disclosure as legally required and has now requested TWO extensions What is he hiding #txlege #Texas?"
"Packed house waiting for start of @NALEO Presidential Forum hosted by @NBCUTelemundo #TXLege @MALCTx #NALEOMiami"
"Analysis via @rossramsey: What do Texas voters want? Meat and potatoes, apparently. And cleaner elections. via @TexasTribune #txlege #tx2020"
"More clean energy, more economic development and more jobs. #174PowerGlobal and @ChariotEnergy Announce New Solar Initiatives in Texas via @YahooFinance #txenergy #txlege"
"Q on Immigration - @BetoORourke will use Executive Order to stop family separations & will prioritize immigration reform. Q on Census - Opposes c itizenship Q on #Census2020 designed to suppress the count & vote. #TXLege @MALCTx #NALEOMiami"
"Texas is one of the worst states in the U.S. for child welfare, report says | KVUE #txlege"
"Q on #PuertoRico recovery - @BetoORourke discusses #climatechange - financial assistance - a vote on statehood/ independence by PR people. Q on #ClimateCrisis - says 2 500 year floods in #Houston in last 5 years - says we can’t be “pendejos” on climate change. @MALCTx #TXLege"
"#OOTT #Txlege #G20"
"Next @Hickenlooper starts w Spanish greeting and then leads by saying he’s progressive, but #Socialism is not the answer. Q on #Census2020 citizenship question. He’s against & would be for a #Census do-over if citizenship question taints results. #TXLege @MALCTx #NALEOMiami"
"Constituent work will always be the most important role in our office. Please come by for any state issue. We are ready to help. 3319 Sidney Brooks 510 suite 2 210-532-2758 #TxLege #MissionLibrary"
"ICYMI: Thanks to @GovAbbott, @SenatorBirdwell, @chrispaddie, @kirkpwatson, @DrBuckinghamTX, @EddieforTX, @TABC_Chair, and the @TXCraftBrewers for joining us at last weekend's TABC Sunset Bill signing. Exciting times are ahead! #txlege"
"LG Patrick fundraising email: 'Democrats will shut down our critical oil and gas industry overnight and institute job-killing policies that will devastate our economy.' 1/2 #txlege"
"They will open the border, increase spending, mire us in debt and mock our Texas values. If you think that can’t happen, you are wrong.' 2/2 #txlege"
"This. This is why @MomsDemand has advocated for ERPOs. #txlege hellooo? @GregAbbott_TX is too busy dismissing the inhumane treatment of asylum seekers and playing lapdlog to racist policies to pay attention, but maybe the rest of you could do something?"
"#txed #txlege"
"Great Case Study: @BankofAmerica reduces #energy costs w/ #solar panels on operations, saving $50 million over 25 yrs while reaching 100% renewables target. Story @facilityexec here: #txlege #txenergy"
"Read in @USATODAY how state legislators across the country are combining efforts to protect women’s reproductive health rights. Our office worked with @naraltx to ensure we kept an individual’s right to privacy, private. #txlege"
"Texas Gov. @GregAbbott_TX has signed bills designed to limit property tax growth (SB 2). #txlege"
"Texas is one of the worst states in the U.S. for child welfare, report says | KVUE #txlege"
"Far-left extremists on college campuses are getting out of control. When you can’t win the war of ideas through debate and merit, I guess your only recourse is threats and intimidation. #txlege"
"New certification from @EdExcelencia recognizes #highered schools doing best work to help Latinos graduate #txlege #txed"
"Angie Button is wrong on the numbers and wrong on the morals of Medicaid expansion. Here's another number—two. We came within two points of winning in 2018. This time, we'll finish the job. #TXlege"
"Wishing everyone a safe and happy summer! #txlege"
"The Texas unemployment rate is the lowest it's been since the state started tracking it: 3.5%. #txlege"
"Related: The state can't find people to work in prisons. #txlege"
"Elsa Vizcarra from @TxPEPresearch visited abortion clinics around the state to find out how the harmful restrictions passed by #txlege are impacting people seeking care:"
"A great success for Tobacco & e-cigarette use prevention the coalition was able to eliminate budget language in the rider prohibiting DSHS from using paid media to combat tobacco use. In addition the DSHS base funding for tobacco prevention was increased to $18.6 million. #txlege"
"Getting ready for press conference with big three. No topic given but some sources have suggested it could have to do with the border. Will find out at 12:15 #txlege"
"Texans pay nearly the highest tax rates among the 9 states without a personal income tax, and also among the 7 states without any tax on income or investments. #txlege"
"certainly not kumbayah language there. #txlege"
"The Governor of Texas deploys 1,000 National Guard troops to the border #txlege"
"@PatrickSvitek @GovAbbott Wonder how @JohnCornyn feels about being labeled a ""reprobate"" by the governor of his state and fellow Republican? #txlege"
"That feeling when @GregAbbott_TX, @DanPatrick and @RepDennisBonnen get together... and they DO NOT announce a special session of the legislature #txlege"
"Breaking: Gov. Greg Abbott announced Friday that the state will deploy 1,000 troops from the Texas National Guard to the U.S.-Mexico border to aid the federal government with border security efforts. #txlege"
"Speaking of national politics swamping the narrative from the 86th #txlege... Today in @TribTalkTx, with @JoshuaMBlank #txlege #Tx2020 #immigration"
"While some were guessing what the Big 3 press conference would be about, others reported it out. Thanks to our team at @quorumreport #txlege"
"#txlege people watching that press conference..."
"I guess that’s why #TxLege is looking the other way when children are illegally taken by #CPS. They need the #titlefunds to make up for this mess they can’t ever seem to clean up."
"It's good to have Congress to take pot shots at during a press conference now that the hydra-headed beast of local government has been slayed. #txlege"
"Thank you Senator for supporting Texans while keeping water accessible and affordable! #TXwater #txlege"
"Texas Approval of @RealDonaldTrump's Handling of #Immigration and #BorderSecurity (June 2019 @UTAustin / @TexasTribune Poll) via @TxPolProject #txlege"
"Thread: Two polls have come out in the past week showing Republicans struggling in Texas: the UT/TT poll and the Quinnipiac poll. A third report shows Trump’s internals have him struggling here as well. #txlege /1"
"You hear that @SenCreighton? Red flag laws save lives. I’ve attached your response to my email asking for you to consider #RedFlagLaws in our state. Your refusal was fueled by the NRA & gun rights activists that threatened your peers. Good job. #TXLege @MomsDemand #VoteThemOut"
"@eramshaw @cassi_pollock Gov Abbott joins the conspiracy to commit atrocities and humans rights violations on children and babies by knowing they will end up in kiddie concentration camps. #HagueConvention make us treat war criminals, POW's and terrorists better than Trump and #Txlege #VoteBlue2020"
"“Congress is a group of reprobates for not addressing the crisis on our border.” - @GregAbbott_TX #txlege"
"Ha! Thanks for the plug...?! Enjoy chatting #txlege, etc. w/ you every week."
"@rkecseg84 @GregAbbott_TX #txlege could do its job by passing mandatory E-Verify. Arizona and Alabama did, and their illegal populations dropped sharply. Texas “conservatives” are simply cons."
"Shout out to these Texas cookies celebrating our @TexasWHC colleagues and the work they did on the #TXLege this year! Delicious, timely, photogenic - a perfect Friday moment."
"Re: #SB4 “papers please” #TXLege @MALCTx"
".@ChuckDeVore: ""Since @realDonaldTrump signed the big tax cut and reform act in December 2017, the pace of private-sector job creation in the nation’s 27 low-tax states has doubled that of their high-tax peers through May of 2019..."" #txlege #tcot @TPPF"
"@KayaJones @RealSaavedra Funny how racist, bigoted Trump sycophants care more about using the term “concentration camp” than the actual criminal abuse of these migrants #TrumpConcentrationCamps #TrumpForPrison #txlege"
"@SaysHummingbird @AOC Funny how racist, bigoted Trump sycophants care more about using the term “concentration camp” than the actual criminal abuse of these migrants #TrumpConcentrationCamps #TrumpForPrison #txlege"
".@TPPF rarely chimes in on immigration/border issues but they have a statement on @GregAbbott_TX moving 1,000 National Guard troops to help @DHSgov. @KXAN_News #txlege"
"The use of shackles on pregnant incarcerated women increases the risk of complications during labor and delivery, and impedes the ability of medical professionals to work with the patient. HB 1651 bans the use of shackles on pregnant inmates in county jails. #txlege #140in40"
"Texas continues to be the beacon for the rest of the nation to follow. I want to do the same for #HD45 by bring higher paying jobs to raise the single & joint family income. Finding a balanced partnership between local gov & State gov, through innovation. #Hays #Blanco #TXlege"
"Great news for families and children. Also @WilcoxNMP is a great twitter follow if you want info on family studies. #TXlege"
"Yesterday, as a member of the Homeland Security Committee, I went to the RGV to see the DPS operations there. I had a good discussion with DPS about various facets of their work from border security, to drivers license operations, to safety in schools. #txlege #txhouse"
"I enjoyed getting to visit with the women of @TFRW today. These ladies are relentless in their efforts on behalf of conservatives in Texas. #jjb #tfrw #scotx #txlege #justicejeffboyd #GOP"
"Monday’s Texas Minute will focus on a big legislative win citizens secured in the 86th #TxLege session."
"Looking forward to speaking to #TFRW Saturday in Austin @TFRW #txlege"
"Texas is one of the worst states in the U.S. for child welfare, report says | KVUE #txlege"
"NEW from @PatrickSvitek: @SenRoyceWest signaled he is “likely to run” for #txsen in meeting with @SenSchumer #txlege"
"The public opinion underpinning of Texas GOP leaders' pivot back to immigration and border security #txlege #Tx2020"
"Texans who served our country, like Navy veteran Drake Thurman, are benefiting from the thousands of jobs created by the Texas wind industry. #txlege"
"calling congress a bunch of reprobates, abbott sends 1,000 texas national guard to the border : #txlege"
"One more time, for the people in the back; this is why lifelong anonymity is a farce. Adoptees deserve their info. Incl. fam med history, geneology & ethnicity info. #txlege #icymi"
"Nice scoop here from @PatrickSvitek on West's upcoming decision on running for Senate #txlege"
"Tonight’s broadcast will be interesting - as a former Produced Water Recycler who worked closely with @TCEQ and @StateofColorado on these issues - it’s a big issue. #txwater #oilandgas #txlege #Pecos #fossilfuelfridays @TalkTexasOil"
"@chrislhayes @Liz_Cheney @DanCrenshawTX @GOPLeader Nope. Cus Dan crony Crenshaw is another racist, extremist, bigoted TX Republican who worships Trump and doesn’t care what happens to poor Hispanic migrant families #txlege"
"Happy #TakeYouDogtoWorkDay! Chief Pup Amos enjoyed an afternoon walk around the capitol today while Urban Affairs Pup Fitzgerald kept an eye on the office. #txlege #txlegedogs"
"#txsen #txlege #txpoli #txpol #txpolitics texas politics #austin #houston Houston, TX #dallas #elpaso Houston, TX #dallas #TX @UniteBlueTX @UniteWomenTX @IndivisibleTx06 @indivisibletx3 @Indivisibletx02 @IndivisibleTX14 @IndivisibleTX12 @indtx36 @indivisibletx24 #indivisible"
"WOW Dems congratulates @JoannaCattanach on her election campaign launch! We wish her well! #Texas #HD108 #txlege #dallas #northtexas #WomenInPolitics #WOWDems @ Dallas, Texas"
"ERCOT market continues to produce low cost #renewable power for businesses which allow for higher investment in jobs, expansion, r&d, and higher profits. Renewables are good for business. #txlege #solar #txenergy"
"""Workers making the minimum wage in Texas of $7.25 per hour — the same as the federal minimum wage — would have to work 91 hours for a 1-bedroom or 112 hours for a 2-bedroom."" #Txlege #hd126"
"Working with @TAASA has been so rewarding. We all know someone who has experienced sexual harassment and/or violence. This is why my staff and I worked with TAASA to file HB 2672 and HB 2678 to address the lack of data regarding sexual assault offenses in TX. #txlege"
"“an undercount in the once-a-decade census would come with serious repercussions for a state like Texas” #txlege #Census2020"
"In receiving prestigious @NAMICommunicate Sam Cochran Award, Judge Bill Boyce of Texas declares “jails and prisons should not be default mental health providers”. Well said, sir - we agree completely. Congrats on your award, Judge Boyce! #txlege #Namicon19"
"The Texas legislature has a more dedicated fanbase than the Miami Heat #txlege #standwithwendy"
"Thank you ⁦@SAAFdn⁩ for hosting a great ⁦@TEGACTX⁩ legislative debrief meeting today with our amazing public and higher ed champions ⁦@DiegoBernalTX⁩ ⁦@stevefortx⁩ and ⁦@Menendez4Texas⁩ #txlege"
"""There is a humanitarian crisis at the border, but it can't be solved with troops because the crisis is how asylum seekers & unaccompanied kids are being treated. Unless they are taking food, water, toiletries, clothes, & medical care, this won't alleviate the crisis."" #TXLege"
"Over... today’s press conference? That’s weird #txlege"
"#shame #txlege"
"Gov @GregAbbott_TX gives a classic climate denier line to @TheEconomist. But scientists are clear that the climate has never changed this rapidly, humans are primarily responsible, and we will face devastation without dramatic and quick action. #txlege…"
"Now I have a new rep in the #txlege, so necessarily, I have to start again. And it is timely because I am STILL getting calls from companies trying to sell me insurance even though I signed up a year ago."
"@TXElects LOL. Better eat your Wheaties. @DrewSpringer will outwork anyone in HD68. #txlege"
"I’ll be appearing with Laura Ingraham tonight at 9PM to talk about the crisis on the border on the @IngrahamAngle #txlege"
"Day 2 of the NALEO 36th Annual Conference! Started today hearing from 8 presidential candidates about their views on immigration, the Census 2020 & climate change. Followed by the forum was a detailed discussion on the Census 2020 & predictions on what awaits. #NALEOMiami #txlege"
"Our story today: Texas is sending troops to the #border, while saying it’s picking up the slack for Congress. #txlege"
"Yo Straw! You have to swing at that pitch! @astros #astros #txlege"
"Texas unemployment rate drops to lowest level since feds began tracking it in 1976 #txlege"
"“Patients should never be surprised by unexpected bills for out-of-pocket costs for emergency or unplanned health care services.” Learn more about the new law to end surprise medical billing backed by Texas hospitals from @FierceHealth: #txlege"
"This is not a lack of funding. This is a lack of heart. ♥️ This is cruelty on purpose, and with disgusting glee. This is on our watch, in our backyard, and we should all be appalled. #txlege #nobabyjails"
"#txlege included Texas hospitals' priority funding items in the 2020-2021 state budget. Learn more about the new and legacy funding items from THA's end-of-session report."
"NRA VP Charles Cotton warns TX CHL Forum members tonight NRA board criticisms won't be tolerated on forum website - because members were criticizing the NRA on the website. #txlege"
"“House Bill 1771, authored by Rep. Shawn Thierry, D-Houston, would have changed the Texas penal code to NOT include children in its definition of prostitution.” Police would have still had authority to apprehend & protect a child they suspected was sexually exploited. #txlege"
"Team #Menéndez4TX attended Lone Star Neighborhood Association w/reports from SAFFE Officer, @COSAGOV Code Compliance office, along w/offices of @Trevino_D1, @VoteViagran, @CWShirleyG, & #txlege update by @DiegoBernalTX. Ann Fitzgibbons gave recap of Memorial Day Community Parade."
"@NRA 1st VP Charles Cotton fends off NRA member defections saying ""Lawsuits are only filed for very good reasons,"" as he tries to shore up donations to pay for attys & Wayne LaPierre's suits & trips. #txlege @momsdemand @shannonrwatts"
"That haunting crying you hear in the night are all those children locked up along the border. #txlege"
"Ask me about Session #TxLege"
"If your #TXLege Rep votes for 14% larger budget & responds to your concerns saying he supports a “conservative approach to spending” citing a $24million decrease in a ~$250billion budget, he either doesn’t know what a conservative is or he takes you for an idiot. @EmpowerTexans"
"Congrats, Judge Boyce! That has been my sentiment for the past 20+ years! Let’s continue the work, @NAMITexas #txlege"
"Texas governor sending up to 1,000 more National Guard troops to #MX #border #TXlege approved over $800 million for border security operations over the next two years. Pays for 500 troopers from Dept of Public Safety to work along the border. #IMMIGRATION"
"@GovAbbott why was there no video of you signing this one? Seriously? If you hear a sex joke, and don’t report it, it’s a crime? #HAILKINGABBOTT #ShakeUpAustin #ChallengeIncumbents #KimJungAbbott #TxLege #Texas @TexasGOP"
"Why isn’t @GovAbbott protecting #Texans from illegal and unconstitutional encroachment from the illegal feral orgs? #Complicit #Texas #ChallengeIncumbents #TxLege"
"According to @EIAgov: Four states account for 52% of U.S. #wind #electricity generation: #Texas #Iowa #Kansas #Oklahoma. Five other states provided 20%: #California #Illinois #Minnesota #NorthDakota #Colorado. Details here: #txlege #txenergy"
"An important read: “Yet evidence suggests the more we ignore the problems that beset us and/or our loved ones — the fears, the shame, the fevered thoughts in the night — the more we contribute to the growing suicide rates.” #MentalHealth #SuicidePrevention #txlege"
"Didn't this happen to #TXlege-?"
"The disinformation machine of greed, fear has turned up full volume. They shout their lies loud. But we are louder. Calmer. Truer. A mighty chorus drowning out discord & division. There is a new song of love & justice in public policy. Sing it! #txlege #txed #2020Elections"
"See who passed and failed in this review of the #txlege this year:"
"Happy birthday to Keith Bell! Your first session was a home run and we are proud to call you a @TXGOPCaucus member. #txlege"
"Happiest of birthdays, @BurnsForTexas! Thank you for being an incredible member and for your leadership on issues important to #HD58. #txlege"
"“In the past 3 weeks alone, more than 45,000 people have been apprehended crossing the southern border,” ⁦@GovAbbott⁩ told the press gaggle cluttered in front of him.” ⁦@TheTexanNews⁩ ⁦@bradj_TX⁩ at yesterday’s presser #txlege"
"Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting w/ some of the young ladies that were on the House floor for Girls State. #GirlsCanDoAnything #txlege"
"While Republican dominated #txlege passed #sb4 which limits local governments ability to protect residents from ICE, Mayor Turner commissioned a Welcoming City task force, that recommended multiple ways the city can better include/protect immigrants, and has not implemented it."
"Would be interesting to overlay gender, ethnicity and party. Have done this before and see how public policy is predominantly crafted by older white Republican men. Shapes the agenda. #txlege"
"What are these quotes from Texas reformers in the @TheEconomist all about? @Lori4DISD @AliceLinahan @Philly852 @GovAbbott @ed_hog @joyceforeman16 @stbecker @janabean @vieillefemme @RachelChumney @RachelCDreiling #txed #txlege"
"@FBCSO @SheriffTNehls This is NOT an accident. This is negligent firearm storage that endangered the life of a minor! Charge the gun owner. This state has CAP laws for a reason! @MomsDemand #txlege"
"Once again, when Democratic lawmakers in Texas fled the state in 2003 to do some quorum gamesmanship (which is a part of the process), there were no hints of violence. This is unacceptable and no whataboutism is valid here. #txlege"
"#txlege #nobabyjails"
"Proud that my family fought to educate Black Creole children as early as 1917. Felix Thierry Sr. founded the Thierry School on his own land. The original school is now the music building at Plaisance High School. He & my cousins, Lucy & Irma Thierry are pictured below. #txlege"
"Now that session's over, I have time to get coffee with constituents and hear from them directly. I hope my constituents feel heard and understood. If you're interested in joining us, make sure to like my FB page to get event updates #txlege #txhd47"
"Team Menéndez attended a legislative debriefing presented by the Texas Education Grantmakers Advocacy Consortium. @TEGACTX #Menendez4TX #txlege"
"Practice what you preach...immigrants are not ""immigrants"", they're PEOPLE who deserve to be treated as humans. #Txlege #ICEraids"
"👏🏻👏🏻 these are amazing. #txlege and everyone, y’all need some of these created by an awesome #ElPaso artist. #supportlocal"
"We are bringing pride to Katy in one hour, y’all! Come on out and join the fun! #Pride2019 #Pride #PrideMonth #LGBTQ #Equality #vote #fortbend #txlege #txed @EqualityTexas @HRChouston @HRC @texasdemocrats @texasyds @runforsomething @BoldProgressive"
"ICYMI: Editorial @dallasnews: ""With #power outages, why is #Texas waiting to write rules on battery storage?"" @txlege gave guidance that #energystorage is a competitive service. #txlege #txenergy #utilities #grid"
"More @peterwattson advice for avoiding getting sued over redistricting (relevant to Texas among other states): “Don’t exclude minorities from the mapdrawjng room and then approve a plan in party-line vote.” #NCSLredistricting #fairmaps #txlege 2/"
"Actual lions taking copious mental notes ... #TXLege"
"I'm sorry, but why do I think of most of the @TxFreedomCaucus in this last legislative session as I watch this pretend 'lion' while REAL lions are watching? #txlege @CaryCheshireTX @NETarrantTea"
"If you haven't already, make sure to check out @TexasMonthly 's ""The Best and Worst Texas Legislators."" Congratulations to the amazing Central Texas Delegates @DonnaHowardTX and @KirkPWatson for making the Best list! It's been an honor to work along side you. #txlege #txhouse"
"In poor taste: Texas Monthly adds new category of ""cockroach"" to its biennial list of ""best"" & ""worst"" legislators. This was the term used by mass media in Rwanda to describe political opponents - and it ended badly. #txlege"
"“They provide accommodations for some disabilities but not others. It’s really discriminatory.” Records obtained by the Observer show that 11 ADA accommodations were filled this session in the House, while three were denied. #txlege"
"The 10th state to open birth records to #adoptees is a doozy. C'mon you other 40! (I'm looking at you, #txlege.)"
"Bay Area Houston: Combined Primary Voting. This process saves tax payers money. It's more secure. It makes it easier for people to participate in the process. Who can possibly against that? I'll give you one guess. #txlege #Voting"
"Enjoying visiting @MarkSolomonsr, my former desk mate @RepLanceGooden, & the inspirational @repebj at the Greater Dallas Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting. #txlege"
"@eramshaw @TexasTribune National Guard could be shoulder to shoulder along Rio Grande but still wouldn’t impact the # 1 story that is tending. Meanwhile traumatized babies are crying for their mothers at the border and in our cities for fear of mami y papi being rounded up. #txlege"
"#TXLEGE: Is this delayed onset post-session PTSD?!?"
"Report TX Lags Behind Most States for Child Well Being - Public News Service We’re number...41. #txlege"
"The real scandal is the scale and volume of propaganda pushed onto newly-elected officials by taxpayer-funded lobby groups, like @TML_Texas, @tasbnews, and @TexasCounties. #txlege #tcot #txed @TPPF"
"Who else in #TXlege will take a stand on this?"
"Which will be having teams trying their hand at drawing 14 state house districts for Dallas County. #NCSLredistricting #fairmaps #txlege 2/"
".@troy_closson @lara_korte: What you need to know about the mass migrant deportation operation in Houston this weekend #txlege"
"Report TX Lags Behind Most States for Child Well Being - Public News Service We’re number...41. #txlege"
"For reference, here's what the Texas legislature came up with in 2011 for the 14 state house districts in Dallas County. Let's see if #NCSLredistricting participants can do better. #fairmaps #txlege 4/"
"I just send this letter to RGV Border Patrol to ask for a list of items that we can donate to help the children in over-crowded detention centers. The feds are often too slow to act, and I want to personally reach out to offer the full support of the RGV & Texas. #RGV #Txlege"
"Here is how @JohnCornyn responds to his constituents: #txlege"
"Incredibly proud of @SheriffEd_HCSO for receiving the @EmbamexEUA Ohtli Award at the @NALEO 36th Annual Conference for his contributions to immigrant communities. Congratulations on a well-deserved honor, Sheriff! #NALEOMiami #txlege"
"Texas views: Should Government Require Parents to Have Children Vaccinated? (June 2019 @UTAustin / @TexasTribune Poll) via @TxPolProject #txlege #vaccinations"
".⁦@MALCTx⁩ went down to the border early this session to deliver supplies to non-profits & faith community responding to the humanitarian crisis. Good Neighbor Settlement House in RGV is good spot to send donations. #txlege ⁦@RafaelAnchia⁩"
"Thank you for continuing to build @UTEP! It offers an opportunity to train the best in the borderland who’ll serve locally & nationally. This school will help meet workforce needs by developing bilingual, bicultural pharmacists. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #almamater #MinerProud #ElPaso #TxLege"
"Driving through #sd24 today I stopped at the @HyeMarket , which has the oldest operating post office in #Texas. While there, I met the owner Jason Cook and the 2018 Lampasas Festival Queen and her court. #txlege"
"The public opinion underpinning of Texas GOP leaders' pivot back to #immigration and #bordersecurity, w/ @JoshuaMBlank #txlege"
"Mapdrawing has become intense enough that in some groups everyone is standing. #NCSLredistricting #fairmaps #txlege 11/"
"Favorability ratings in Texas of the #MeToo movement, among men and women (June 2019 @UTAustin / @TexasTribune Poll) Topline and more tabs: via @TxPolProject #txlege #Tx2020"
"Interesting to see the different choices being made by the groups - some groups, for example, are treating highways as major natural dividing lines and others are prioritizing different things. #NCSLredistricting #fairmaps #txlege 12/"
"@janasanchez A Democrat chairman never voted this bill out of committee. Why? Because the financial details of a private transaction between two individuals or private companies is none of anyone’s business. Bad policy. @TXRealtors #txlege"
"I wonder if this graph takes into consideration that @BurnsForTexas turned 47 today. Apparently he’s in good company with many of his colleagues. #TxLege"
"They said he was finished tho??? #txlege"
"New prints up in the Gonzo Viz store including some drawings from the #TXlege , my recent trip to New York and of course @mohawkaustin #artforsale #prints #NYC #newyork #austin #music #subway #art"
"""...startling lack of uniformity — and accountability — in an industry that’s sprung up almost overnight since the U.S. late last year removed hemp from the controlled substances list."" #txlege"
"Rep. @TerryCanales40 - please let me know if/when you hear back. There are lots of us who would love to help in this effort! Here to help and support. #txlege"
"It’s the responsibility of the fed. gov. to ensure proper care & standards are at every detention center. It's our duty as Texans to ensure every child on our soil is treated with compassion. Thanks @GovAbbott for taking action. Humanitarian support is desperately needed. #txlege"
"Happy to provide a legislative briefing to @safoodbank’s board of directors at their annual retreat. Thank you for providing assistance to one of the largest service areas in the 16 counties you serve & for your advocacy. #Menendez4TX #txlege"
"Love it when I see members of the #txlege work together in a bipartisan fashion on this issue—Washington could learn a thing or two from #Texas! #Immigration #SecureTheBorder #ImmigrationReform #HumanitarianCrisis #RGV"
"JoAnn Fleming, executive director of @GAWTP, outlines squandered opportunities by the GOP in the 86th #txlege session. Read her latest commentary here:"
"Yes! The reports — of lice outbreaks, minimal food or water, taking away beds as punishment, and no proper caregivers for young ones — are appalling. The entire #txlege should sign on. Caring for children shouldn’t be a partisan issue. Cc: @RepMattKrause"
"@JohnCornyn @TexasTribune is @JohnCornyn complaining about Mexican ppl moving into the state? How the hell is GOP gonna gerrymander that into a win for the hypocrites on the hill??? & don't forget... #txlege calls $7.25/hr a #LivingWage😡 of course, they get bribes in Rubles, sooo..... they don't care"
"@JaredLPatterson Thank you @JaredLPatterson for your support. 🙏🏽 Children who are sexually molested, exploited and raped by adult predators must be protected, not criminally punished. Let’s work to build a bipartisan coalition next session to save all Texas children! #txlege"
"Briefings on the 86th Legislature with Senator José Menéndez Join us at one of 4 dates/locations for an overview of #txlege Session & recap of its results. We will also be answering questions from the audience. Info=> #Menendez4TX #sanantonio #bexarcounty"
"We're talking about children. #Txlege"
"Mayhem rolling in the grass. #DogDayAfternoon #TXlege @LewisvilleTexas"
"#Texas needs to follow suit. We need to end the #kids4cash scheme. There is more death, abuse, and exploitation of children under #CPS care than under the care of parents in #Texas. #TxLege defrauded 2.5b due to #fostercare cases from #CPS."
"“What you permit, you promote. What you allow, you encourage. What you condone, you own. What you tolerate, you deserve.” -@michellemalkin #txlege"
"Tio Wayo keeping the tradition alive! #RGV #txlege #HD40 #STX"
"A valetictory from @expressnews editor @ricardopimente: “Good-bye San Antonio, Texas, with love” via @mySA #txed #txlege"
"Great collaboration, my friend! Let’s keep it going @Menendez4Texas #txlege #mentalhealth"
"This is so tragic and preventable. #txlege"
"Loon Star: Vaccinating Against Ignorance #txlege"
"That’s how we have to improvise to make carne asada in Nuevo Laredo. we don’t need no BBQ Pit. #MexicaIngenuity #txlege"
"Amazing! #txlege"
"#Texas #txlege #Latino"
"@TerryCanales40 @GregAbbott_TX Don’t pretend you are pro-life while this goes on under your nose. A DOJ attorney actually argued in court that children are not entitled to sleep, soap, food, or toothbrushes. You would take my kids away if I kept them in the same conditions! #txlege"
"Hundreds of children continue to be removed from their parents More than 700 children were taken from their parents / relatives Nearly 500 parents were deported without their children #IMMIGRATION #FamiliesBelongTogether #FamilySeparation #Asylum #TXlege"
"We need strong legal protections for #LGBT. 29 states, including Texas, don't have laws that prohibit discrimination in workplace, housing & public accommodations on basis of both sexual orientation & gender identity. #EqualityAct #LGBTQ #Stonewall #TXlege"
"Make it stop. Seriously. We have enough scooters. @austintexasgov #txlege #87thLegislature"
"And the Texas GOP will do everything in it’s power to make sure their voices are diluted in the next redistricting #txlege #votolatino"
"#UTTASA kicks off at 3pm today with a #txlege update by the TASA Governmental Relations team. Register on-site at the Hyatt Regency Austin. Details: #txed #InspiringLeaders"
"140 days. Over 10,000 bills filed. Now that the legislative season is over and @GovAbbott's veto period has ended, we're taking a closer look at what passed, what didn't and where we as a state go from here. #TxLege #InFocusTX #JoinUs"
"140 days. Over 10,000 bills filed. Now that the legislative season is over and @GovAbbott's veto period has ended, we're taking a closer look at what passed, what didn't and where we as a state go from here. #TxLege #InFocusTX #JoinUs"
"Greetings from the @NALEO Education Fund Board Meeting! Proud to be part of this amazing group! #txlege #NALEOMiami"
"Crown Holdings signs Knox County, #Texas #wind #energy deal w/ @LongroadTweet Energy. Story @NAWindpower here: #txlege #txenergy"
"This a.m at #NCSLredistricting, we’re getting a chance to see how teams did at drawing state house districts for Dallas County in yesterday’s simulation exercise. As a reminder, here’s 👇what the Texas legislature came up with in 2011. #fairmaps #txlege 1/"
"Video explaining the convoluted pharmacy supply chain. Notice complexity and rebates massively distort the FMV of the drug. Now imagine the same system with no rebates and no middlemen. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 save💰 #txlege"
"And here’s Team 1 map for Dallas County. #NCSLredistricting #fairmaps #txlege 2/"
"Ya know... more educators need to be at the table when education policy is being discussed. Lots of folks heavily involved with no classroom experience. Still great advocates & relevant opinions from these people, I’m just sayin... #txed #txlege #publicedmatters #SATX"
"And Team 2’s map. #NCSLredistricting #fairmaps #txlege 3/"
"And Team 3’s map. #NCSLredistricting #fairmaps #txlege 4/"
"Team 3 says they struggled with drawing safe Republican districts because the county has become so Democratic. But with a little work, they did manage to get District 12 to be safe R. #NCSLredistricting #fairmaps #txlege 5/"
"The @HoodCountyGOP says the county’s librarian advisors don’t share the “political will or moral character” of Hood County. Scary stuff from the fringe Tea Party/Freedom Caucus clique in Granbury #txlege"
"Team 3 also kept black districts below 50% BVAP because the team’s African-American representative (Sen. Clark from NC) said not necessary for ability to elect. #NCSLredistricting #fairmaps #txlege 6/"
"Though given the relatively high African-American segregation in Dallas County, that resulted in some black districts (e.g. District 2) look a bit funny. #NCSLredistricting #fairmaps #txlege 7/"
"Team 4 came up with a geographically compact map but also says given the politics of Dallas County, it was hard to draw many Republican districts. #NCSLredistricting #fairmaps #txlege 9/"
"Under a bill passed by OR lawmakers, all families with new infants could opt for a home visit from a nurse who would help parents identify their needs and refer them to a range of community supports to improve maternal & child well-being. #txlege ⁦"
"Funny comment from a member of Team 6: “I’m a Republican from Mississippi and I’ve never seen so much blue in my life. I thought we were drawing districts in the Gulf of Mexico instead of Dallas County.” #NCSLredistricting #fairmaps #txlege 10/"
".@andoconmando39 wants #Texans to be able to live the #americandream. He spoke with @DrNicoleCross at the state capitol about his plans to increase mass transit, improve access to healthcare and add a law school. Details on #InFocusTX. #Tunein #TxLege"
"@Rosie #SarahFabianIsAMonster #SarahFabianIsAGarbagePerson #TrumpTorturesChildren #TrumpConcentrationCamps #TrumpIsARacist John Cornyn is a racist bigot who has dementia. We are not in 1940s, commie Cornyn! #txlege"
"@RAICESTEXAS #SarahFabianIsAMonster #SarahFabianIsAGarbagePerson #TrumpTorturesChildren #TrumpConcentrationCamps #TrumpIsARacist John Cornyn is a racist bigot who has dementia. We are not in 1940s, commie Cornyn! #txlege"
"@jackjonesbabe @ErikaAndiola #SarahFabianIsAMonster #SarahFabianIsAGarbagePerson #TrumpTorturesChildren #TrumpConcentrationCamps #TrumpIsARacist John Cornyn is a racist bigot who has dementia. We are not in 1940s, commie Cornyn! #txlege"
"Was trying to figure out all the vitriol at @JohnCornyn for tweeting a fact, then found this handy chart #txlege"
"Programming note: No podcast this weekend. Will return next weekend #txlege"
"The family deaths of #SusanSmith (Grandparent) & #DavidMangus (Son-in-Law) are tragic reminders of the apathetic approach of #TxLege at solving the #TexasRoadDeathCrisis, forcing Texas families (like the Smith/Magnus families) to continually endure 10 Texas road deaths every day."
"@momsdemand gave & got a lot of love at #HoustonPride2019 @PrideHouston. Signed up many new vols. But can’t un-hear comment from man happy teachers can be armed b/c students are violent. He was surprised to hear teachers aren’t armed to shoot students. Thanks #txlege"
"Are you seeing this TEXAS!!! Get involved in your government process now. Not just voting but volunteering & engaging your representatives in the Capitol. Make your voice heard!!! #TXLEGE #VOTERID #KEEPTXRED"
"It is within our power to end gerrymandering, which will help end the overwhelming divisiveness that has paralyzed American progress. Texas must adopt an independent redistricting commission, as some states have done. All states would surely follow our lead. #txlege"
".@JGKoufos: ""Celebrities have also joined this effort to work alongside groups like the @TPPF's Right on Crime project, and Safe Streets & Second Chances, which takes an evidence-driven approach to criminal justice reform."" #txlege #tcot @CohenAtTPPF"
"If you haven't read @kevingladish's piece, #SundayMorning is a great time to learn something. #adoptee #txlege #adopteevoices #ThisIsUs"
"😦 wow. #txlege"
"#FakeNews! The #txlege meets every odd numbered year. We will convene again in January 2021."
"""We applaud every effort to make our justice system cleaner and smarter, and we'll be glad to see thousands of Texans once again ride free."" #txlege"
"I had a great time last night at the Annual 51 Gun Raffle held by the Pearland Lions Club. Thank you to The Caboose BBQ for the table! #txlege #hd29"
"I think Royce West also knows that he (contra what Dem insiders & pundits think) doesn't have THAT big of statewide name recognition and that being a senatecritter in the #txlege won't help that much"
"@babslights You have a firm grasp on the situation. #txlege"
"A quiet surprise of the 86th Legislature was the failure of many of the Christian right’s priorities. #txlege"
"Elmina Pitre Thierry, is my great great Aunt. She was born in 1879 and lived until 1930. Everyone says my daughter & I have a resemblance. #History #Txlege #Txlegefamilies"
"@eramshaw This happens everyday to the disabled by @TSA not because they’re being a smart aleck but because they can’t walk. The outrage because he can publish his story is sickening. #txlege"
"Great use of Michael Jackson's lyrics to define leadership via @leadershipfreak #TxEd #edchat #txlege"
"@JimmyFlannigan ""In 2018 we elected 4 more progressives into the #txlege, what we need is for you to talk to your friends in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio. We’ve got to get people registered to vote and we’ve got to get them our to VOTE. It is up to us. I implore you to vote!”"
"""Because of all the fundraising we did in the last two or three years, Texas got its own director!"" Rebecca Marques is talking about the political work we've done at #txlege this session."
"On the original Chik-fil-a bill, when the speaker asked how to move the session along: ""This is my life. This is my family. This is my kids. I'm not going to negotiate this bill."" This is the importance of being in the room. #txlege #txlgbtqcaucus"
"In TX this w/e alone (so far): ➡️ SATX: 2 teens shot in legs ➡️ HOU: 72-yr-old man shot mowing his lawn ➡️ DFW: 2 found shot & killed in apt ((Cc: #txlege))"
"In update on 86th #txlege, TASA Governmental Relations team urges #txed school leaders to become familiar with the provisions of #SB11 on #schoolsafety. #UTTASA"
"‘Fairly’ transparent. #Txlege"
"#MAGA #txlege"
"Caucus Member @RepWalle believes Pride Month is a time to honor the work of resilient fighters of justice, as well as remind the public of the work that remains to be done in order to improve our state's laws. #txlege #PrideMonth"
"The Texas unemployment rate is the lowest it's been since the state started tracking it: 3.5%. #txlege"
"Additional pipeline development is estimated to support 171,000 Texas jobs annually. #TXLege"
"New Study: The best-run states are Republican-controlled. The worst, except for one, Democrat-controlled. Texas is “average,” not in the Top 10. #txlege"
"Now that @GovAbbott and #txlege have approved #HB3, it is just a matter of time before local school boards rationalize withholding raises from teachers. Tic toc .."
".@robbymontoya reports on the recent duel between @KHancock4TX and @RepStickland regarding property tax relief and the ""purple"" 2019 #txlege session."
"I had a wonderful time as always at the DFW #DragonBoatFestival. It was great to enjoy this year’s festivities w @MattShaheen. I love our community! #hd112 #txlege"
"My God. What part of GO AWAY do you people not understand. We’ll take this to the #txlege as well. @austintexasgov"
"Most Important Problem Facing Texas (June 2019 @UTAustin / @TexasTribune Poll) via @TxPolProject #txlege"
"The Cost of Carve-Outs #txlege"
"@michaelvallee15 @austintexasgov Add camping ordinances to the list of grievances we will take to the #txlege re: designated parks. We’re serious."
"So proud of my desk mate @CeliaIsrael and her leadership of courage and dignity. #txlege"
"Ben Sargent’s latest. #txlege"
"An armed society is so polite, it allows everyone access to it's arms.....sigh....#txlege"
"Does Texas election system discriminate against racial and ethnic minorities? (June 2019 @UTAustin / @TexasTribune Poll) via @TxPolProject #txlege #tx2020"
"#Texas Republican - Conditions in migrant centers are worst he's ever seen #TXSen #TXpol #TXGov #Democrats #USLatino #Latism #ElPaso #Dallas #dallastx #houston #houstontx #Austintx #Galveston #SanAntonio #MyTexasVotes #txlege #Arlington #Abilene #Plano"
"Between 2014-2024, the Texas pipeline industry is expected to contribute $374 billion in total economic output. #TXLege"
"#txlege Salsa Throwdown Challenge! With @moodyforelpaso & @DrewSpringer. Salsa Negra on the new #BigGreenEgg"
"There’s a man sitting in the gate area for my flight out of IAH who looks like a sober Bob Bullock. #traveltweets #txlege"
"What a shame. I guess what passes for a successful legislative session is that craft brewers can now sell direct to the consumer and children can legally sell lemonade again in front of their houses. #txlege"
"Guess we’ve found the next local issue that the 87th will be focused on overriding... #txlege"
"👀 #txlege #DontCaliforniaMyTexas"
"Team #Menéndez4TX attended Tanglewood Residents Association meeting. Members discussed their National Night Out event on Oct. 1st & solutions for vandalized property in the neighborhood. Menéndez staff gave brief #txlege update & answered questions about zoning cases in the area."
"I need to raise $750 for the application fee to get on the ballot for Texas State Representative District 57. I greatly appreciate any help that you can give 😁 #txlege #VoteBlue #CloseTheCamps"
"Direction of United States (June 2019 @UTAustin / @TexasTribune Poll) via @TxPolProject #txlege"
"House Speaker Dennis Bonnen Job Approval (June 2019 @UTAustin / @TexasTribune Poll) via @TxPolProject #Txlege"
".@AlexSamuelsx5: Here’s an *updated* list of organizations mobilizing to help the influx of immigrants crossing the Texas-Mexico border #txlege"
".@marcipurcell #txlege"
"Hey, @austintexasgov , are you willing allow this scooter company to operate in Austin despite the recent concerns regarding its safety? #txlege"
"There are hundreds of graphics from the June 2018 @UTAustin / @TexasTribune Poll now available at our website. You can download files in multiple file formats for your webpages, presentations, teaching, and handouts. #txlege"
"Glad you're okay, Jerry #TxLege"
"@GregAbbott_TX Thank the Universe #Texas has a Governor and a State Legislature that is willing to combat the liberal madness of these crazy city councils & mayors. @MayorAdler and Austin's insane city council are ruining Austin the way Democrats ruined California cities. Stop them! #txlege"
"He aint wrong! #txlege"
"@KimEGoldman Absolutely. I will tweet you a list tomorrow. #txlege"
"“I can promise you that women working together - linked, informed and educated - can bring peace and prosperity to this forsaken planet.” Local Moms Demand Action leaders toasting to our goals 🥂 together we can achieve anything #MomsDemand #KeepGoing #TXLege @MomsDemand"
".@samisparber ""When it comes to immigration, abortion rights and reelecting President Donald Trump in 2020, Texans are split nearly 50-50, according to a battery of polls released this week"" #txlege #HouNews"
"Just another law abiding good guy with a gun - this time w/a legal license to carry.But these guys need permitless carry after a declared disaster. Gotcha.... #txlege @SenCreighton @willmetcalfTX @joanhuffman @sylvesterturner @ArtAcevedo @Well_Regulated_"
"Between 2014-2024, the Texas pipeline industry is expected to contribute $374 billion in total economic output. #TXLege"
"#Texas needs strong conservative leadership. My friend Lt. Gov. @DanPatrick is such a leader, and I’m honored to let you know he's endorsing my re-election to the @txrrc! I’m proud to have Dan’s support! #2020Vision #txlege"
"Today #UTTASA includes a general session on personal wellness by Todd Whitthorne, a walk-through of #HB3 by @tasbo staff, a presentation on the implications of the 86th #txlege by Commissioner of Education @MikeMorath + much more: #txed #InspiringLeaders"
"1/ ""The conditions within which they are held could be compared to torture facilities,"" the physician, Dolly Lucio Sevier, wrote in a medical declaration obtained exclusively by @ABC News #IMMIGRATION #TrumpCamps #PrivatePrisons #Detention #TXlege #Asylum"
"This starts a Monday off well! @DanPatrick @RyanSitton Click the bell and follow both 59 keep up with @RyanSitton leadership! #2020vision #txlege @TexasGOP @GOP"
"@JohnCornyn @RepCuellar Just like how racist, White Nationalist extremists like you worship Trump and use Hispanic immigrant kids & families as political pawns for your racist base. Republicans are pure dangerous evil racists #txlege @dallasnews"
"Legislative showdown: Texas cities plan to sue the state over a law that will slash telecom providers’ fees #txlege #telecom"
"Supporting students and schools instead of punishing them! It took the voters of the state to accomplish this through electing new leadership: New Mexico Gets Rid of A-F School Grading System #txed #txlege ⁦@Texans4E⁩"
"In 2017, @TAMU blocked white nationalist’s event. Could new campus free speech law prevent that? @rebekahallen explores that Q: #txlege #txed #highered #gigem"
".⁦@troy_closson⁩: Texas unemployment rate is at lowest level feds started tracking it since 1976 #txlege"
"In our experience they’re also Democrats. #txlege #tx2020"
"@JohnCornyn @TexasTribune @ExpressNews @monitornews @elpasotimes @BrownsvilleNews @dallasnews @HoustonChron @lubbockonline @amarilloglobe @BmtEnterprise Texans plz look at the blatantly racist & bigoted views of senile John Cornyn! Time for him to get sent to the retirement home! #txlege"
"The Weekly Texas Progressive Blog Post and Lefty News Wrangle #TXLege #TXSen #TX2020 #DemDebate #MondayMorning #MondayBlogs #MondayMotivation #MondayThoughts #Ineedaweekendtorecoverfrommyweekend"
"With #texas leading the way. In the @BP_plc Statistical Review of World #energy 2019, the U.S. led all countries in increasing #oil production, with a gain of 2.18 million BPD (equal to 98% of the total of global additions) #permian #txlege #oilandgas"
"Thanks for the opportunity, @TheTexanNews! Loved the chance to talk to your team @KonniBurton #txlege #SD19"
"Long-time Democratic State Senator Royce West (.@SenRoyceWest) is looking likely to throw his hat in the ring against Republican U.S. Senator John Cornyn (.@JohnCornyn). #txlege"
"Thank you for supporting Texans and keeping water accessible and affordable! #ruralwater #txlege"
"Dan Patrick job approval by party id (June 2019 @UTAustin / @TexasTribune Poll) via @TxPolProject #txlege"
"@NancyLeeGrahn 2-0-1-5 2015 ‘15 #Texas #txlege"
"North Texas tea party Republican @RepStickland will not seek re-election, @lmcgaughy reports. #txlege"
"Good. #txlege"
"Efforts to control health costs often focus on listed prescription drug prices but a perspective published by Journal of the American Medical Association suggests unregulated pharmacy benefit managers also may contribute to escalating expenses. #txlege"
". @RepStickland has announced he will not seek re-election. @texasscorecard Capitol Bureau Chief @bwaltens has the story: #txlege #txlegegold"
"Rep. Jonathan Stickland announces he's retiring. Says, ""I don't want to turn into what we’ve been fighting and become part of the establishment."" Read @lmcgaughy's terrific profile of the House Freedoms' flamethrower: #txlege @RepStickland @TxFreedomCaucus"
"“This won’t be the last you’ll see of me; sorry to disappoint the establishment forces!” @repstickland tells @texasscorecard #txlege"
"Big news coming out of Bedford this morning. #txlege"
"So Empower Texans is going to hire Sticky aren't they? You know, to throw a dog a bone and whatnot? #Txlege"
"Texas’ rural communities are some of the biggest beneficiaries of investment from the #wind power industry. Take a look at how development tools like #Chapter312 have lead to #job creation and economic growth: #txlege"
"The latest The PSIII Daily! Thanks to @JacquesMorial @BrittneyWSOC9 @justinmooretv #readlocal #txlege"
"Smelly deal is legal but not good government in Houston, Harris County [Editorial] #txlege #HOU #Hou2019"
"Great book to read, especially as Texas and it’s political make up begin to shift 👇 #txlege"
"Really fascinating how one legislator out of 181 - with a track record of one bill passed in eight years, no less - can so completely swamp the dialogue. Must be a heady feeling. #txlege"
"The man passed one bill after eight years and decided that was enough for him #txlege"
"@RepWalle Many people in the Southern US cook this way. #txlege"
"Outspoken conservative Rep. Jonathan Stickland announces that he will not seek re-election: #txlege"
"Ol' @RepStickland won't run for reelection. The walls are closing in on @EmpowerTexans. This state is better than that 6 white millionaires that make up that ridiculous ""PAC"". #txlege #Tcot"
"ICYMI Fake news falters; relying on left further burns media credibility #txlege"
"Godspeed good man. Much respect. #TxLege"
"Because if he had run again, he’d be walking out on OUR terms. Idc why— just go. #TXlege"
"In 2018 in Tarrant County, Democrats won: ✅ A state senate district ✅ A County commissioner seat ✅ A Justice of the Peace seat ✅ Plus, Beto carried the county. HD 92 is next up, especially now that it is an open seat. #txlege @TexasHDCC"
"North TX Rep Stickland, known for being an outspoken tea party Republican, announces he’s not seeking re-election. #txlege"
"@TheDemocrats conspire to 'collude' to influence results of 2020 elections. @realDonaldTrump @RealCandaceO @JudicialWatch #MAGA #txlege #Cheaters"
"This is how we feel about gun reform measures. ""At some point cities must start putting public safety & common sense first"" #EndGunViolence #TxLege"
"He wept for there were no more red light cameras to conquer #txlege"
"Now that Sticky's out, nominations are open for new #txlege laughingstock. Register your nominations early, before the rush!"
"In his only session as Speaker of the #txlege (1911), Sam Rayburn admitted he “muddled through his first session by God, by desperation, and by ignorance.” How does Speaker Bonnen’s 1st year compare to other recent Speakers’ first years? Blog:"
"If the @tarrantgop was smart, they’d try to recruit a woman to run and keep Stickland’s seat. But that’s just my pinko commie libural opinion. 🤷🏾‍♀️ #txlege"
"Who will take his place as #txlege court jester?!"
"He was my deskmate my 1st session. Sat behind him my 2nd. Office across the hall. He has a heart of gold. #txlege #LoveYouBro."
"Hey @RepStickland, you were never doing ""The Lord's"" work. You were doing the bidding of your extremist puppet masters in West Texas. Bye! p.s. Science isn't ""sorcery."" #TXlege"
".@MayorAdler responds calling Austin “laser focused” on public safety, but saying arresting homeless people is not the answer. He says #atxcouncil will have made great strides by the time #txlege meets again."
"Bedford GOP @RepStickland has announced he will not seek re-election. If you haven't already read my profile on the consummate conservative contrarian, check it out here: #txlege #HD92"
"From former fetus to former lawmaker. State Rep. Jonathan Stickland, likely facing a tough re-election fight, says he won't face voters next year: #txlege"
"Stickland is a #LiesIntoLaws lawmaker who voted for plenty of bills that turned anti-abortion lies into laws --> #txlege"
"Rep. Jonathan Stickland announced this morning that he will not run for re-election in 2020. Read why his behavior during this #txlege session earned him a new category on our 2019 list of the Best & Worst Legislators:"
"Participating in testimony at the Capitol is so easy a toddler could do it… and they sometimes do. Read more at #txlege"
"BREAKING: @RepStickland Stickland (R - Bedford) announces he will not be seeking reelection in #2020.#txlege"
"Collins: Investing millions of dollars in economically distressed areas via @RioGGuardian #txwater #EDAP #txlege"
"We wish @RepStickland and his family God’s blessing in his decision not to seek re-election after four colorful terms in the #txlege House."
"And there you have it. #txlege"
"Jump over to our Facebook page to watch our live rundown of what the #TXlege did - and didn't do - to support Texas kids this year: #TCFCevents"
"@RepStickland wanted merit based pay for public school teachers...why shouldn't we have merit based pay for our ""citizen legislators""? #txlege"
"In 2017, @TAMU blocked white nationalist’s event. Could Texas' new campus free speech law prevent that? #txlege"
"Thank you for the support and testimony. Your current pilot program was a great model for statewide implementation! #txlege"
"State Rep. Jonathan Stickland Announces Retirement #TXlege The Texan"
"UPDATE: @RepStickland clinched a win in his historically Republican district by 2.4% last election. (He'd won it by 17% two years before.) Here's what he thinks about the chances it goes to Democrats in 2020: #txlege"
"“Mexican Federal Police are on alert, preparing to encounter or arrest Ahamed Ghanim Mohamed Al Juburi from Iraq, and Ibrahim Mohamed and Mohamed Eissa from Egypt.” #Texas #Mexico #txlege #terror #terrorism #Iraq #Egypt #border #security #safety #Austin #Trump"
".@Steph_Rubin wraps up our #TXlege recap event by encouraging everyone to make sure all Texans - including the littlest ones - are counted in the #2020Census so TX can adequately fund investments in kids. #TXcounts #CountAllKids"
"Not sure if it is as much the Lord's will as much as it is the voters of his district. People are fed up seeing his jackassery on tax payer time. #txlege"
"Cities stand to lose millions due to a new law that slashes fees telecom providers pay. “I don’t know who saves millions more than the constituents that I work for,” the bill's author said. Individual residents may only see $1-$3 off their bill. #TxLege"
"I was on @FoxNews with @IngrahamAngle last Friday talking about the border crisis and our announcement that Texas will send additional national guard troops. In case you missed the show, click here to watch: #txlege"
"I want to thank @Burrows4TX @charliegeren @leachfortexas @RepMattKrause @JaredLPatterson @ForHD65 @DiegoBernalTX @poncho_nevarez @RepWalle @RafaelAnchia & so many others for being part of a solution to the humanitarian crisis on the border. Your leadership is powerful. #txlege"
"At the White House, where President ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ is about to sign an executive order on healthcare price transparency. Boy do we need more of that!!!! #txlege"
"@MAOrona512 @GregCasar @GovAbbott #txlege did plenty, despite taxpayer-funded lobbyists and liberal local officials. Struggling Texans now enjoy tax relief, strong taxpayer protections, and access to more affordable homes with the preemtion of city ordinances mandating expensive building materials. @TPPF"
"“You can’t fire me, I quit!” says the only guy who voted against the school finance bill... Thanks to the rest of #txlege for valuing the work that I do and for your investment in #PubEd"
"Enjoyed meeting stellar rural educators from across TX at the @TxREA_ conference in Fort Worth this weekend. Looking forward to connecting with parents & community members about continuing to increase funding for public education. #txed #txlege #justfundittx #vote @FOTPStx"
"So glad to be w/ #PNCGrowUpGreat partner @Commit2Dallas for their 86th #TXLege update! Thankful for the advocacy of so many to aid the passage of HB3 which includes full-day #PreK for eligible students. @EarlyMattersDFW @derekglittle @investedtx @SarahJackson @teachplusTX"
"Thanks @TxREA_ for inviting us to the TREA summer conference. What a great group of rural educators! Don't forget to register, vote, and model civic engagement for TX students! #txed #txlege #vote"
"Hey Texas 👋 We just rolled out a mashup video of our some of our work from the 2019 #txlege session. This is how we built progressive power in the legislative session and how we’ll continue to build power in #2020 👊 Check it out here -->"
"The 86th #txlege is behind us and we're still #254Strong. Gather with legislators and county officials in Austin to discuss the issues that affect your county and your constituents. Register online today:"
"When Big Insurance tried this power grab at the #TxLege, we stopped them. Now they’re at it again in Congress. Much bigger stage, much bigger stakes."
"Was able to find a campaign email from 2014 in which then-Gov. Perry promoted an op-ed about the border, but unlike @GregAbbott_TX raising money off a troop deployment, there's no appeal for campaign cash #txlege"
"Texas must fund its students adequately so that all children can achieve their full potential. I’m proud to have secured the first increase to the special ed mainstream weight since 1995, resulting in approximately an additional $85M for special ed services #txlege #txed #140in40"
"*Representative* democracy, yes, Konni. Texas’ excellent public schools taught me that. I didn’t attack you personally but you chose to attack me. Sad, really. Local news does matter, and in your area there a number of major and community papers, radio and television. #txlege"
"We need to do everything in our power to ensure that every Texan counts. #2020Census #txlege"
"Having #hemp (bill) headaches? We can no longer reply to your questions individually, so here's a summary of where things stand after #HB1325 took immediate effect two weeks ago #txlege"
"When you ask this miscreant who is funding her website, this is the type of dodge you get. Hilarious! #txlege"
"@RepStickland you’ll be dearly missed & remembered as a freedom fighter & TX patriot. Thank you for fighting for liberty, for transparency, & for keeping the #txlege honest. So grateful you secured more travel freedom & our Constitutional rights by banning red light cameras!"
"Republican Calvinball: Me: @KonniBurton won't disclose who funds her website! Konni: Why would you accuse me of that? Of course I will! Me: Great! List all the names/amounts of the funders right now! Konni: I don't own a website! Or something. Gotta go bye! #txlege"
"@RepStickland we’re saddened to hear you’re retiring from #txlege. You’ll always be remembered as a freedom fighter,fighting for TX liberty.Thank you for your tireless efforts to ban red light cameras & secure our constitutional rights. You’re irreplaceable!"
"jr: stickland departure leaves wide open race in suburban texas, where democrats are ascendant : #txlege"
"With Stickland gone, which wing of the Republican Party will be back with more friends? @james4texas reports that the beginnings of an answer may be taking shape in Tarrant County #TxLege"
"TASA President-Elect @briantwoods1 welcomes #UTTASA attendees to final general session of the day featuring remarks on 86th #txlege outcomes by Texas Commissioner of Education @MikeMorath #txed #InspiringLeaders"
"Our staff is honored to stand with pro-life Rep. @dr_sheffield (R-Gatesville) at the conclusion of a successful session. #txlege"
"Anytime. It's a pleasure to be on @710KURV with you and @roxgflores to talk Texas politics #TxLege"
"Wow. The Democratic Governor of Oregon sends state police after GOP Senators who skipped town to avoid a climate change vote. Flashback to #txlege on a different issue?"
"Gathered today by @Commit2Dallas @DCCupdates @teachplusTX 4 continuing discussion RE: #hb3 #txlege #txed “it has 2 be a beginning not an ending” @derekglittle @dallasschools @icanreaddallas @EvaMarieAyala “we all play a role” “thoughtful & measured efforts 2 get most bang 4 buck”"
"This evening we continue our #TXLege wrap-up at our Austin office. @texastribune CEO @evanasmith will moderate a discussion with Texas Reps. @RafaelAnchia and @JohnCyrier about the legislative session’s impact on the business community. #HBLegeReview"
"As of today, there are 30 kids left in the Clint Border Patrol facility. 2 weeks earlier, CBP started transitioning the facility to process unaccompanied children, rather than hold them long-term - I will continue to monitor this situation closely. #txlege"
"Having flashbacks to #txlege Dems in 2003... #TexasEleven"
"@GregAbbott_TX & @MayorAdler This is a great way to address the homeless issue. There are solutions! Now maybe the city and state can put some money behind it! #texansfirst #txlege #Austin #traviscounty"
"Additionally, school board trustees will announce the new staff compensation plan including a raise for teachers, as recently mandated by the #txlege."
"Many searching for answers cannot afford DNA test or private detectives. For those who can there are usually answers. Answers after a very public search. Commercial #dnatest does not replace equality & human dignity. #txlege #archaiclaws #timeforchange #HumanRights #adopteevoices"
"Because the dark money West Texas Billionaires that fund the @texasgop dont want to flush $600k+ down the drain on a losing campaign. Let's just say, they're ""trimming the fat"" #txlege"
"Before being voted out. #SoLongSticky #txlege"
"@KonniBurton is nuttier than squirrel shit. #txlege"
"#Texas folks -- let's help Jason #TurnTexasBlue -- @Rogers4Texas is running for #TX57 in 2020. We need him in the #txlege!!!! (Not my District & may not be yours, but we need blue voices throughout TX! 😉) RT plz! 🌊✌💙"
"How does @RepDennisBonnen 's first year as Speaker compare to other recent Speakers’ first years? Committees under Speaker Bonnen had bill approval rates as high or higher on key committees than most other first term speakers. #txlege Blog post:"
"We are so blessed in Texas to have an agency such as the @TxSchoolSafety Center. Fortunately, @GovAbbott and #Txlege also realized their worth by increasing their funding and responsibility. Proud to be affiliated with these folks. The #envy of the nation."
"Great hearing @FallonForTexas and @Scott_SanfordTX talk about this past legislative session! Senator Fallon has one of the best sense of humor in the entire #Txlege"
"#Mexico sends nearly 15,000 #troops to #US-Mexico #border | #Texas #txlege #Austin #SanAntonio #RGV #ElPaso #Laredo #RioGrande #military"
"State Representative Jonathan Stickland announced today that he will not seek reelection. During the #txlege legislative session, he labeled the work of Dr. @PeterHotez on vaccines ""sorcery."" @HumanitiesMD wrote this response:"
"If you are pro-#txed and interested in serving in #txlege— and have enough relationships and drive to win!— we will connect you with our close friends at @TXParentPAC. They have a superb record of supporting winning candidates!"
"@govabbott - thanks for supporting the #txlege in promoting responsible gun storage. @momsdemand has been at this game a while.Feels great to have elected lawmakers with us as we fight to protect our kids. FYI: our Humble chapter here. @danhuberty"
"Company that runs immigration detention centers is top donor for three Texas congressmen #txlege #txdems #txgov #elpaso #Austintx #dallastx #houstontx"
"What... some of our own #txlege are in bed with private detention companies?"
"@FaceTheNation @RepMcCaul So THATS what McCaul looks like. Must be an election year! I’m voting, donating, and volunteering for @Shannon4Texas ! @texasdemocrats #txlege"
"@mindykaling @RAICESTEXAS @AnniesListTX mission is to elect pro-choice, progressive women in Texas! #txlege"
"@RepMcCaul @RepMikeRogersAL @RepCuellar @USRepKeating @SenMcSallyAZ So- it’s an election year and you’re trying to pretend like you haven’t voted with @realDonaldTrump 99% of the time? Whatevs. I’m voting for @Shannon4Texas @emilyslist #txlege"
"@GregAbbott_TX Who cares. #txlege"
"Great meeting with the FBC Tejano Democrats! Now let’s focus on registering and turning out our Hispanic and Latino voters! To 2020! #latinos #Hispanic #vote #tejano #democrat #txlege #txed #ChangeTheGame @texasdemocrats @FtBendDems @KatyDemocrats @FortBendCAN1 @TejanoDemocrats"
"It’s just the earth & food the supply, but pro-life y’all. #txlege #ClimateCrisis"
"If #college becomes “#free”, I’m going to help #enroll every #retired #person in the #USA to full time #student status. No charge. #Texas #txlege #Austin #age #education #university #taxes #AdValorem #property"
"@Rabbitstick1 Well thank goodness gun rights activists killed this bill for us in #TXLege. Made our jobs a lot easier."
"#HD92 GOP watch: After Stickland announcement, '16 candidate Scott Fisher says he's been talking w/ '12 candidate Roger Fisher (unrelated) & expects him to run. SF would offer RF ""full support."" Trasa Robertson Cobern says she's catching up, hasn't made any decisions yet. #txlege"
"Police: Connecticut man wanted in stabbings killed in Texas after stabbing deputy. #txlege #MayorPete2020 would be taking up for the criminal."
"Thank you Memorial Super Neighborhood for having me as your guest speaker this evening. I appreciate the questions asked by the residents. It was great to see #txlege Rep. @JimMurphy133 and to hear his update from this past session. Also in attendance was CM @TravisDistrictG."
"The reason Public Education #txed is a mess is the Texas Legislature #txlege demands Regulators, at Texas Education..."
"In the great state of Texas...@GregAbbott_TX you have to stop this. CPS, Fire Inspector, health inspector. #DoSomething #txlege"
"Plenty in #txlege - incl Republicans & faux life orgs/individuals - likewise shocked parents would choose life for disabled preborn. Opposed bill that would protect disabled/help parents. Pretty telling. #abortion #ChooseLife #AllLivesMatter"
"Seeing all the #RGV flood damage is saddening. Stay safe y’all! Proud of the Valley state legislators for directly addressing urban flooding and related equity issues during the 2019 legislative session. #txlege"
"Company that runs immigration detention centers is top donor for three Texas congressmen #txlege"
"Lots to digest here. But dude has lots of insider info here. Enjoy this circus 🎪 ride. All the while little sick children with limited food sleeping on concrete floors in meat locker cages suffering. Children!!!! #txlege"
"@RepChipRoy No, @RepChipRoy, it's because you're making money from pushing this stuff. Your Treasurer Cabell Hobbs is dirty! @chiproytx #txlege @CREWcrew"
"Six years later, things haven't gotten any better. #txlege #trustwomen"
"Damn. I'm gonna miss the misogynistic comments, killing maternal mortality bills for personal vendettas, his fights to erode access to preventative reproductive healthcare, and attempted fist fights on the floor...Oh wait.From former fetus to quitter. 😂👏😂 #ByeSticky #txlege"
"Outstanding and important information! @GovAbbott #txlege @ValoreeSwanson"
"“gets rid of A-F ratings...” #txlege"
"@GregAbbott_TX Saying it, doesn’t make it true! Why are Texans still fighting the fed here in Texas? Did you give them more land to “manage” against our consent? What about our God given right to self defense? Oh yeah, your boy @RepDennisBonnen lied, and Constitutional Carry died! #TxLege"
"Stealing packages could result in jail time in Texas after Gov. Greg Abbott signs bill #TxLege"
"Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas): ""I've been down there throughout my 15 years in Congress and before that, as a federal prosecutor. This is the worst I've ever seen it, and it has to be taken care of"" #IMMIGRATION #TrumpCamps #TXlege #FamiliesBelongTogether"
"#SafeStorage #txlege"
"Harris County Considers LGBTQ Protections; Haters Cry Foul – Lone Star Q #txlege"
"CBD products are legal in Texas now, but some sellers face continued legal problems #txlege"
"Thanks to the collective efforts of @TAMU #AgriLife employees, and the continued support of Texas legislators and @tamusystem Chancellor Sharp, the 86th proved to be a successful session for AgriLife. #txlege"
"Agree! “[Rep @RepStickland] made it 8 years without turning his back on the people who elected him. Remarkable. He will be missed.” -@MattRinaldiTX #txlege"
"Sitting in a session on alternative assessments #NCSA2019 #txlege"
"Going LIVE w/@MarkDavis at 8:35am this morning on @660KSKY to talk about my decision to not run again for the #txlege"
"“Not only raise hell, raise holy hell. And not only you raise holy hell, everybody raise hell. And not just the regular hell raisers, everybody raise hell.” @PeteFlores_TX on the border crisis in this week's podcast. Watch more: #txlege"
"Rep @mayes_middleton is speaking to @GalvChamber on the 86th legislature. #HD23 #txlege"
".@RepStickland, who announced y'day he will not run for re-election in 2020, reiterates to @MarkDavis that he's ""walking off on my own terms. ... I think I could win tomorrow."" #txlege #HD92"
"This exciting new project will bring jobs and economic development to the legislative districts of @RepDennisBonnen, @SenLarryTaylor and @joanhuffman. #txenergy #txlege"
"In @MarkDavis interview, @RepStickland insisting 2020 didn't factor into retirement decision: ""I think I could win tomorrow. ... I have no doubt a Republican is going to keep this seat — a conservative one is what I'm going to try to make sure of in the next year."" #HD92 #txlege"
".@RepStickland says he has a favored candidate to succeed him in #HD92, suggests ""he"" could announce today #txlege"
"Tough choices loom for Texas cities under new tax caps - #txlege"
"The stupidity, racism, & evil of Trump sycophant Republicans is endless. The children CANNOT leave! It is a for profit prison #ConcentrationCamp Previous admins let migrants go to their sponsors but criminal racist Trump admin are torturing these migrants 4 $ & racism #txlege"
"Stickland says he's going to work to ensure a conservative replaces him in #HD92 — and that a candidate announcement could come as soon as today. ""I don't wanna steal the thunder,"" he says. ""I will be throwing him some love."" #txlege"
"#txlege: In this week's Roundup, #TXProgressives kick FFFF Jonathan Stickland, Kenny Boy Paxton, Gohmert Pyle"
"@stonecold2050 @michaelcburgess needs to resign!!! This racist, evil, bigot advocates for child abuse/torture of Hispanic migrants kids & women! @dallasnews @ExpressNews @monitornews @elpasotimes @TexasTribune #txlege #TrumpConcentrationCamps"
"Beto O'Rourke proposes a new 'war tax' on households without a veteran or current service member to fund veterans health care. Thoughts? #txlege"
"@lomikriel @CBP The stupidity, racism, & evil of Trump sycophant Republicans is endless. The children CANNOT leave! It is a for profit prison #ConcentrationCamp Previous admins let migrants go to their sponsors but criminal racist Trump admin are torturing these migrants 4 $ & racism #txlege"
".@txglo is happy to be helping the Barnhart Family from the City of Vidor to be able to rebuild! Orange County in Southeast Texas was hit hard by #HurricaneHarvey and the Homeowner Assistance Program is helping folks move home. #txlege"
"Bedford @RepStickland says a new #hd92 candidate will announce today for #txlege. @Voterogerfisher and Brooks M. Williams have said they’re considering. @CobernTrasa also in that district, but none of those 3 are libertarians"
"Last night we continued our #TXLege wrap-up at our Austin office. @texastribune CEO @evanasmith moderated the lively discussion with Texas Reps. @RafaelAnchia and @JohnCyrier about the legislative session’s impact on the business community. #HBLegeReview"
"Harris County Considers LGBTQ Protections; Haters Cry Foul – Lone Star Q #txlege #LGBT"
"Here's that candidate announcement @RepStickland mentioned in his interview this AM w/ @MarkDavis — @ElectJeffCason, a Republican & former Bedford City Council member, has launched a bid for #HD92 #txlege"
"BREAKING: @ElectJeffCason announces candidacy for House District 92 after @RepStickland announces he will not seek re-election #txlege"
"It’s time to recognize the obvious: State Sen @TeamBettencourt is a man of greater character compared to the Republican electeds who snubbed him, including all of the #txlege reps who chose not give Paul credit due to their cowardly fear of stepping out of line with the Big 3."
"Thank you, @GovAbbott, for signing important legislation to provide Texas taxpayers needed transparency, consistency and accountability when local governments hire lawyers on a contingency fee basis to file lawsuits. #txlege"
"Thank you @MichaelBerrySho for having me on your show to talk about the #txlege !"
"ICYMI: Since 2006, telecom providers — some who stand to potentially cut costs due to Hancock’s bill — have contributed over $200K to his campaign. “I don’t know who saves millions more than the constituents that I work for,” he said. #TxLege"
"@ElectJeffCason @RepStickland #txlege"
".@amyleekramp, former PP Patient: The narrative isn't just about abortion, when it comes to restricting health care to poor people with a lack of access it's a tool of general oppression. #TXLege"
"Our new report shows that Central Texas leaders must address maternal health - including untreated maternal depression and substance use disorder - during the year after childbirth. #TXlege #ATX #TCFCevents #FocusOnTheFourth"
"And here's the @RepStickland stamp of approval: #HD92 #txlege"
".@amyleekramp ""At anytime, any of us could be a Planned Parenthood patient."" #TXLege"
"1. Many of us can relate to this. From my own experience we have to keep fighting the fight. I am proud of my ethnicity. It defines us. But many of us can represent not just Latinos. I would never want to be relegated to my perceived own lane. #txlege"
".@DonnaHowardTX: Black mothers are disproportionately affected by maternal mortality. We need to make sure we're addressing racial inequities and systemic racial bias. Women are dying from preventable causes. #TXLege"
".@KonniBurton keeps refusing to disclose who funds her news website while also claiming the information is public. Check out her latest dodge below. Any real journos want to get in on this? @TexasObserver? @TexasTribune? @lmcgaughy? #txlege"
"Thank you @DrSchwertner and #txlege! #Whoop!"
"Wonder how this past legislative session could possibly relate to the tech sector? Check out our blog recapping three bills relating to the tech sector from the 86th #txlege session before our recap event on Thursday!"
"What a beautiful story! It's important to acknowledge the acts of kindness in this world. ❤️💙 #txlege"
"@SATX_Trish @RepChipRoy @SA_Indivisible @TX21Indivisible @kansaninkling @IndivisibleTeam @maddow @gilgamesh470 Why is Congressman Chip Roy's congressional campaign not registered as a non-profit political organization as required by the FEC & IRS? You can't get a corp./non-profit bank account without this info. #txlege Tax Exempt Organization Search"
"One maternal health barrier highlighted in our report: TX has the worst uninsured rate in the US for women of childbearing age #TXlege passed nothing to fix it TX House passed #HB744 to take a key step to address this challenge, but the TX Senate didn't take it up #TCFCevents"
"At our #TXLege wrap-up in Houston this morning, as @TexasTribune CEO @evanasmith talked with Texas Rep. @RafaelAnchia about the public education, taxes, and the Texas economy. #HBLegeReview"
"Thanks for including me and for having this discussion. #txlege"
"Here is the @TexasTribune list at a glance if you missed it. For more information, the article provides direct links to the organizations. #txlege #HD74"
"Under my SB 68, signed into law and effective immediately, agencies undergo zero-based budgeting on a schedule aligned with their Sunset date. #txlege"
"Study: Best-Run States Are GOP-Dominated, Texas Lags Behind #txlege"
"People want to donate diapers and toys to children at Border Patrol facilities in Texas. They’re being turned away. #txlege"
"Rep.Leach, Jeff- Press Release #txlege"
"Thank you @RepStickland for tirelessly defending liberty and unwaveringly standing by and believing in the principles of the liberty-loving Texans you represent! #txlege"
"@rickandrews84 @bradheath @RepChipRoy @chiproytx @carrahroy It's not as if his wife @carrahroy, Director & former Treasurer of the @chiproytx campaign & Cabell Hobbs (Compliance Consulting of VA) the current Treasurer aren't familiar w/legal requirements. Quite the opposite, she's a ""non-profit"" lawyer in TX #txlege @TX21Indivisible"
"Tuesday #Tax Tidbit: The Texas #economy remains strong. @txcomptroller @Glenn_Hegar recently reported that Texas monthly sales tax revenue hits $3B for 1st time ever, reaching $3.01 billion in May. The #salestax accounted for 57% of all state tax collections in 2018. #txlege"
"@maziehirono @RafaelAnchia @realDonaldTrump Is she a member of the Appropriations Committee and or the State Bar? Did she pass high school civics / government class? #txlege"
"⁦Via @statesman⁩ - In the ear of the beholder: On why ⁦@JohnCornyn⁩’s tweet on #Hispanic population growth was not a dog whistle featuring @bstein80⁩ #txlege"
"""Considered by many to be one of the nation’s most aggressive drug price transparency measures, HB 2536 reflects a larger trend among states to track & use drug pricing info to help curb escalating costs in the absence of federal legislation."" #txlege"
"Thanks to John Beacom & the Hill Country Tea Party Patriots for inviting me to discuss the 86th Legislative Session at the Comal GOP office & my 2020 campaign office in New Braunfels. We had some victories, but there is still much to be worked on for the 87th Session #txlege"
"My staff and I are already hard at work planning for the next legislative session. as well as supporting the Republican Party of Texas platform. I will continue to work for our shared conservative values. #txlege"
"Meet our new President ! @hrc #txlege"
"The Twitter page is up for @JeffCasonTexas, an R candidate to succeed @RepStickland. #txlege #hd92 Other R’s considering; Ds have Steve @S_RiddellTX92"
"We're celebrating tonight, y'all! Join us in San Antonio as we raise a glass to 6 years of youth empowerment and look forward to the fight ahead. We hope to see you there! #txlege #SanAntonio Tickets:"
"""I would like to think that Harris County is one of the most progressive counties in the nation, and [our laws] should reflect that,"" Houston GLBT Political Caucus president @MCWebbJr told the Commissioner's Court. #txlege"
"Apparently the “Texas Model” has put us at #22, despite GOP-led states making up the top-10 in this new @mercatus “Ranking the States by Fiscal Condition in 2018.” Way to go, #TxLege."
"Some background on this widely-praised Texas superintendent, who just announced his retirement: #txed #txlege"
"New terminology from Louisiana's reading tests: cold read, warm read, hot read. Strategy is to build knowledge & skill. The two go together. Critical thinking comes out of knowledge. #txlege #NCSA2019"
"75 out of 104 Texas prisons don’t have air conditioning in residential areas despite the sweltering temperatures common during warmer months. Climate control is not a matter of comfort and luxury. It’s a matter of life and death. #SmartJustice #TXLege"
"Conservative political candidate solicits conservative donors. Also, dog bites man this evening on your 5 o’clock news! #txlege"
"Transportation experts are “skeptical that a high-speed rail line connecting... Dallas and Houston could be profitable without substantial public subsidies for capital and operations."" #highspeedrail #txlege"
"Texans Overwhelmingly Support Life, Poll Finds #txlege"
"""We are behind on this, its good policy. Fortune 500 companies have [similar LGBTQ protections] to insure that they have the best talent. It's also the right thing to do, it's 2019.""—Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo #txlege"
"Our hotel room block expires TOMORROW. Now is the time to book your hotel room for the 2019 Texas Retailers Forum. Learn more about our annual conference and book your hotel room here: #txlege"
"Sad! #txlege"
"One thing I learned in the #txlege arena, we can neglect the good while seeking the perfect because then we will end up with nothing-@SylvesterTurner #TAGMobility19 @TAGHouston"
"Good riddance #TXLege"
"This is fantastic. FAN. TAS. TIC. And #txlege watchers know!"
"#txed #txlege #HEB"
"Great news ! Angela Hale is an amazing choice for Interim ED. Looking forward to working with her in her new role at @EqualityTexas #txlege"
"It’s about standing together for ALL children in Texas and supporting #OurPublicSchools! #txlege @pastors4txkids"
"Bus adventure with both kiddos? Challenge accepted! #ElPaso #transit #txlege CC: @SunMetro"
"“The number of African American-owned businesses here in Texas over a 10-year period more than doubled, from 88,000 to a little bit more than 200,000,” @MrTraywick said. #txlege #TXBiz"
"Power panel today @RRCoC talking 86th #txlege recap w/@jamestalarico @CeliaIsrael @BucyForTexas & @larrygonzales52"
"@TheTexasAshley on why student loan forgiveness is good for our economy: ""You were told, 'Get an education. It's going to help you be economically productive.' But the cost of that education keeps them from doing just that."" #txed #txlege"
"Aruba? #txlege"
"TABC leadership met with representatives from @RODEOHOUSTON to discuss the rodeo's tremendous economic impact as well as the latest initiatives and programs from TABC. Did you know the rodeo's economic impact tops $227 million and provides more than 5k jobs? #Houston #txlege"
"The charter school waste and fraud may be worse than the original report stated #txed #txlege #AnotherDayAnotherCharterScandal"
"@TX21Indivisible @RepChipRoy @chiproytx Congressman Chip Roy hasn't submitted his legally required Personal Financial Disclosures to Congress & has requested two extensions despite having well over 6 months to compile them. What is he hiding? #txlege #TX21"
"This morning, a resolution in opposition to the Battleship Texas’ relocation was presented to the Commissioners Court. We are in support of restoring and preserving her, but would like to see her remain at the San Jacinto Battleground State Park. #BattleshipTexas #HD144 #txlege"
"@RepMattKrause @Toth_4_Texas @RepStickland Congrats and thank you, @RepStickland for all your hard work, dedication, and service to our great state of Texas, our country and Constitution. You will be greatly missed. #txlege #tcot"
"We are extremely grateful to Rep. @ChrisPaddie (R-Marshall) for a sponsoring #SB24, the Texas Alternatives to Abortion Act, which is now law. #Txlege"
"According to Dallas police, the suspect used automatic weapons to shoot several rounds into the apartment. #txlege"
"Very proud to announce the support of @RepMcCaul #txlege #jjb #justicejeffboyd"
"Jimmy FTW #txlege"
"The #TXlege made good progress this year on full-day pre-k funding, student mental health, and more. But they did nothing to address Texas' worst-in-the-nation uninsured rate. Read more about these and other issues in our recap of the session."
"Great interview with @PeteFlores_TX at @TheTexanNews #txlege #texas"
"@sachamber Public Policy Council meeting diving into the big wins and losses of the 86th. #txlege #freshman"
".@TPPF's @karabelew: #TXLege spent a ton of money on schools this year, but will it lead to better results? History says don't hold your breath."
"🗣Tune into Facebook Live! Join us as Vulcan Materials Company’s Tyler Lowe (our 2019 Public Policy Council Chair) moderates a discussion about the 86th Texas Legislature with Sen @PeteFlores_TX, Rep @stevefortx & Rep @raylopezfortx: #txlege #SanAntonio"
"A look back over the years... I hope you enjoy! #onward #txlege"
"@JoaquinCastrotx @RepAOC @SpeakerPelosi #Texas #txlege #BorderCrisis #Austin #SanAntonio #Mexico #Democrats #DNC"
"A report that detailed up to $1 billion in wasted federal funds on bad charter schools ... 🦗 #txlege #equity"
"#Houston-area State Rep. Steve @Toth_4_Texas earned a B- on the this year's #TFRIndex. Find out how he—and other lawmakers—fared this #txlege session by visiting"
"This evening we wrap up our #HBLegeReview of the 86th #TXLege Session at our Dallas office. @texastribune CEO @evanasmith will moderate a discussion with Texas Reps. @RafaelAnchia, @MorganMeyerTX and @TurnerForTX about the legislative session’s impact on the business community."
"People’s vocabularies are shrinking at a time when more and more people have college degrees. #highered #txlege"
"Came back to my Capitol office for first time since end of session to find this very nice recognition from @EqualityTexas. Thank you! The work continues until all Texans are treated fairly and equally in our state! #txlege"
"Strickland, a member of the Tea Party, was one of the most controversial state legislators of the last few sessions. He finally got his first bill passed this year—a law banning red light cameras. #txlege"
"Tune in to @FoxBusiness Network tonight @ 6:30PM/CST where I’ll be live with @LouDobbs! #txlege"
"This filibuster literally changed my life and brought me to Texas. So grateful for this moment. And so proud of the work, infrastructure, and activists it helped create. My guess is that we will see the fruits of our labor in #2020. Thank you @wendydavis #txlege"
"Abbott threatens to overturn Austin council's easing of homelessness rules #txlege"
"#TXLege leads the way to suppress votes. #RestoreTheVote Now! Wave goodbye to @JohnCornyn #VoteBlue2020 #DontLookAway"
"@AnnCoulter The GOP .org here is nonexistent. They just give our cities and now suburbs away. After the grassroots fight like dogs to get majorities in Austin the GOP leaders pass garbage like lemonade stands. They run on tax and school reform and we get neither! #txlege"
"Questions about politicians and their social media accounts continue to come up. For example, can your elected official block you on Twitter or Facebook? A New Texas case involving @RepDennisBonnen may provide an answer. #txlege #txpolitics"
"There are 13 Texas counties we still need official precinct results for from the 2018 general. We might get 1-2 of them, but the others we'll need to use the Texas Legislative Council data, which is ok but not complete. Do you have any? #txlege"
"It's encouraging to see people trying to help the children at the border through donations - unfortunately, the TX detention facilities are not accepting supplies. If you'd like to help, please consider donating to the organizations listed. #txlege"
"Wind projects currently employ over 24,000 Texans, and that number will continue to grow. Learn more about how the Texas wind industry contributes to local economies: #txlege"
"Brother, sister shot while sleeping in northeast Dallas apartment | Gun violence out of control. #txlege"
"Thank you Congressman @JoaquinCastrotx ... we need more information and transparency #txlege"
"New DCCCD apprenticeship program aims to fast track health careers, meet industry workforce needs #txed #highered #txbiz #txlege"
"@RepStickland Congrats and thank you @RepStickland and family, for all your hard work, dedication and service to our great state of Texas, and to our country and Constitution. You will be greatly missed. #tcot #txlege"
"Immorality is what @TheDemocrats are all about! #MAGA #txlege"
"Me “how was work today?” My husband during session “shit hit the fan and I had to read a 400 page bill and had 37 meetings” My husband during the interim “Good! Gordon Ramsey made these donuts that I want to recreate” #txlege"
"When #txlege starts to look for money to continue funding #txed school finance reform, business tax giveaways are a good place to start"
"ICYMI: We released our new full report about how the #TXlege did on key children's issues. Great work on some issues, like full-day pre-k funding & student mental health. And some disappointments, like passing zero bills to reduce the uninsured rate."
"TREAD Statement on Ruling #txlege"
"Looking forward to visiting with @RepStickland at 10:05am Wednesday on @KFYO. #txlege"
"That fundraiser sounds Lit 🔥 🔥 #DidIUseThatRight #txlege"
"Thank you to @cityofkaty Chief Noe Diaz, Jr. & Council Member Chris Harris for showing us the new Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Patrol Car. With the recent signing of SB 636, KPD has been proactive in setting up the CVE program. I’m proud of all those who came together! #txlege"
"You know, nothing says ""thanks for your service"" like being prosecuted over a plant that I trust more than the opioid and psychotropic they want me to take that leave me everywhere mentally. Thanks #txlege"
"@MQSullivan @mercatus No longer relevant after 86th #txlege"
"@joannemusick @RodneyEllis Everyone knows in this town and in the #txlege that @SylvesterTurner & @RodneyEllis hold each other’s secrets and back room deals! @JudgeHidalgo you are being taken for a ride."
"when you’re a month out of session but still catch yourself thinking about that one bill #txlege"
"Desperate to be relevant. As always. #EmpT #tppf #txlege 🙄"
"Follow us on Facebook! #p2 #txlege"
"Right, Senator! #Texans won't allow local governments to throw away the #Texas miracle. Arguing against #SB2 was sincerely one of the most baffling and botched political moves I've ever seen. Wasteful spending is a bad practice—hard to disagree with that! #txlege #Priorities"
"Kinder Morgan Wins Texas Court Challenge, Removing Obstacle to $2 Billion Gas Pipeline #txlege #pipelines #eminentdomain"
"Texas juveniles should be reformed in small, local facilities @statesman @nilabala3 #CJreform #JJreform #txlege"
"Do they have to be your elected official? What about another, neighboring, particularly directly east of HD100, specifically HD107, elected official? 🙄 #txlege #sad"
"I, for one, am not prepared for the sure -to-be ridiculously large amount of rapid response emails my inbox will take in from twenty campaigns over the next 48 hours. Good luck out there reporters. #DemocraticDebate #politics #emails #txlege @KXAN_News"
"@NETarrantTea What's McCarty gonna do without her boo? Without Sticky, what does the local Klan have to offer? #TXLege"
"Great job Rep Stickland! You've exposed @RepDennisBonnen for the angry, petty, RINO he is and motivated people from all over the Texas to blockwalk to #PrimaryBonnen as he's in the wrong party. He's said as much with his disdain for our platform. #txlege #SpecialSession"
"Feral hogs are a severe problem in Texas that cause millions of $$ in damage to crops and property (including golf courses & lawns) every year. It’s devastating for a farmer to put a crop in the ground only to have it gone overnight because of hogs. #feralhogs #TxAg #TxLege"
"In the meantime, here again is a great list of organizations on the front lines of this crisis, courtesy of the @TexasTribune. Supporting any of these groups can help make a difference for someone in need: #txlege"
"Does Google realize they have adopted the tactics that failed in the USSR? @JamesOKeefeIII #txlege #MAGA"
"@FieldRoamer With “conservatives” like @GregAbbott_TX @DanPatrick @RepDennisBonnen selling out to the teachers union, whiffing on real property tax relief and not even touching E-Verify, are Dems really an “existential threat”? #txlege"
"One area where lawyers are specifically not allowed, nor are #journalists, is inside #BorderPatrol facilities. That's where those children were found in Texas Just imagine what happens in the dark, & out of view of public #IMMIGRATION #TrumpCamps #TXlege"
"CBP has figured out how to accept donations of Otter Boxes, perforating machines & other stuff, apparently without an Act of Congress. I bet there’s some smart folks in the administration who can figure out how to accept soap and toothpaste. #txlege"
"Is Google evil? Is Google colluding to affect the results of our elections? #txlege #MAGA"
"Why do @TheDemocrats protect Invaders who have violated our laws? How many 'passes' do Americans get when they break the law? #MAGA #txlege"
"@Austin_Network @UnlivableATX It will be 2021 before they meet again. #austin waited until #txlege left town. @MayorAdler is determined to become a model city much like Escape From New York, where the criminals run the place."
"If we are willing to take no action to prevent this, we should at least be willing & able to see this photo. Right? #txlege #Texas #RGV #realityis @apwillweissert @WillHurd @RepCuellar @poncho_nevarez"
"@kaylamarie413 #Texas is home to rampant #animalcruelty and neglect. We lead the nation in killing #pets. Our ignorant politicians, clueless citizens and apathetic media are complicit. This state is decades behind. Most people here have no clue how bad it is in our shelters. #houston #txlege"
"#TXLege #talktexasoil #fossilfuelfridays"
"#Texas's #BrooksCounty Is '#Death Valley' for #Migrants | ""We have recovered 37 bodies this year,"" Martinez told NBC Nightly News. ""And it's fair to say every one we recover, we are missing five or 10. There's a lot of bodies out there."" #txlege"
"“Last year, Border Patrol documented 445 deaths of migrants coming to the United States — the third-highest number since 1998.” #Texas #txlege"
"Eli Broad: “Let’s admit out loud what we all know to be true: A wealth tax can start to address the economic inequality eroding the soul of our country’s strength. I can afford to pay more, and I know others can too.” #TXLege @CPPP_TX"
"LOVE ❤ this video of @GovAbbott signing #THELAVINIAMASTERSACT into law 🙌 #txlege. #metoo #survive"
"As a proud liberal and progressive, I demand that my kids' elementary school be stocked with drag queens who will SUCK THE HOMOPHOBIA out of my boys starting at age 6. Amen. #txlege"
"“It was a system set up for failure and lasted for far too long:” Nearly 1 million Texans on verge of getting driver’s licenses back as of Sept. 1 #txlege #driving"
"Amazon Prime Day 2019 will run 48 hrs starting midnight on Monday, July 15. Amazon created a page dedicated to Prime Day deals from small and medium-size U.S. businesses.3rd-party sellers had sales of more than $1.5 billion during last Prime Day. #txlege"
"TX might have joined the fight, but #txlege chose not to lead fight by failing to advance HB1622 to allow physician dispense as 46 states allow, so CVS can run TX docs out of biz w/health hubs"
"Last night, @mattstringertx attended the Odessa City Council meeting where council was looking to propose issuing $93 million in new property tax-backed debt without seeking voter approval. #Localcontrol, y’all! #txlege"
"Texas Republicans refuse to limit a child’s potential to the conditions he or she were born into. That’s why we reformed school finance & improved education for generations. #txlege #txed"
"Gov. Abbott's family trip to Japan cost Texas taxpayers $83,000 for security @MorrisReports #txlege @andreazelinski"
"""We are very well organized. We have a great grassroots organization in place... they're going to have a tough row to hoe,"" Senator Pete Flores discusses how he plans to retain the seat he won in 2018 through a special election. Watch more: #txlege"
"Hmmm. Hard to imagine this didn't come up during #txlege session. Maybe should use this as opportunity to join other states (Illinois just became 11th to legalize) and look at cost:benefit of decriminalization. @moodyforelpaso"
"Outstanding “career highlights” video of #TxLege @RepStickland!"
"Help thank @BorrisLMiles @GeneforTexas & statewide Texas HIV/AIDS Coalition for SB1283, which Gov. Abbott signed on 6/15. It makes clear that Medicaid patients have access to HIV meds immediately following diagnosis & makes HIV meds a “protected class” in state law. #TXLege"
"Help thank @BorrisLMiles @GeneforTexas & statewide Texas HIV/AIDS Coalition for SB1283, which Gov. Abbott signed on 6/15. It makes clear that Medicaid patients have access to HIV meds immediately following diagnosis & makes HIV meds a “protected class” in state law. #TXLege"
"Maine is now the 17th state to ban conversion therapy for minors. It is time for Texas to stop living this lie that you can somehow pray the gay away. #conversiontherapy #txlege #LGBTQIA"
"1st step to winning a Dem Majority in TX State House in '20 is re-electing the 12 Dems who captured R seats in '18. Fundraising deadline is Sunday. You can give to all 12 at link below: ALL $ donated here goes straight to candidates. #txlege @CesarJBlanco"
"#TxLege Texas receives a C+ in regards to public schools. Electing pro-public education state legislators in the 2020 primary AND general election is paramount to get us on the path to an A+ grade."
"Arlington State Rep. @Bill_Zedler earned a B+ on the this year's #TFRIndex. Find out how he—and other lawmakers—fared this #txlege session by visiting"
".@EricaGrieder: Republicans who are horrified by the #BorderCrisis should act accordingly #IMMIGRATION #TXlege #TrumpCamps #Detention #PrivatePrisons #Asylum #Refugees #FamiliesBelongTogether #FamilySeparation"
"Waiting on the #SCOTUS decision on the addition of a #CitizenshipQuestion on the #2020census? Read more from @CPPP_TX on why this matters to TX: #TXCounts #txlege"
"@CPPP_TX And via @TexasTribune: What Texas stands to lose if the Supreme Court approves the #citizenshipquestion #2020census #TXCounts #txlege"
"We need more data-sharing and interoperability of the prescription drug monitoring program and electronic health records. I testified in favor of state funding for the integration of EHRs and PDMP at #txlege during an interim hearing last summer."
"Sitting in a session with a Michigan school district on formative assessment. Like, a real district and real formative assessment. And how it changes instruction entirely. Mind. Blown. #txlege #txed"
"@CPPP_TX @TexasTribune .@dallasnews: Census #citizenshipquestion could affect amount of federal money Texas receives for critical needs #TXCounts #txlege #2020census"
"New Gallup Poll shows 60% of Americans think abortion should be illegal in all or most circumstances, even though only 49% self-identify as “Pro-Life.” #prolife #txlege"
"@CPPP_TX @TexasTribune @dallasnews Power of New York, Texas hinges on immigrant #2020Census count via @RollCall #TXCounts #txlege #citizenshipquestion"
"Absolutely disgusting comment. But no doubt, this is the sentiment held by this administration. #txlege"
"Let's talk about the #TXLege, what happened, where we are, and what's next, June 27, from 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. #TWHC"
"More good news for Arlington. It’s GM’s skilled Arlington workforce that makes this plant such an integral part of GM’s global vehicle production. #txlege"
"#txlege @86thLegislature"
"Great op ed by Dr. Ben Raimer, President of ⁦@TXPeds⁩, on why young children should be rear-facing and veto of HB448 was wrong. #txlege Texas’ car seat law is too harsh, too broad and doesn’t keep little kids safe [Opinion] -"
"""One possibility is simply that Americans got older. The average American was 32 years old in 2000, and 37 in 2018."" #maturity #txlege"
"Here is a @NLIHC report on housing affordability for renters in Texas. What factors do you think most affect this gap? #costofhome #txlege #bcstx"
"#2020Census #TXCounts #txlege Census citizenship question could affect amount of federal money Texas receives for critical needs"
"former speaker straus launches new pac, starting with $2.5 million investment: #txlege"
"""Texas Forever Forward's goal is to promote “a thoughtful, conservative approach to governing and rising political leaders ready to ensure a bright future for all Texans.” #TXLege"
"I had the pleasure of starting my day with the @owlettChamber of Commerce giving a legislative update. Thank you #Rowlett. It was great to see so many good friends as well as some new faces. #txlege #hd112"
"@brandondarby They were burying the migrant bodies in mass graves in garbage bags in Brooks County, Texas . These are the undisputed facts. This is not a Republican/ Democrat issue, its a human decency issue! #txlege"
"Hmmmmmm #txlege"
"Texas Forever Forward. At last. #txlege"
"Was thinking more about @GregAbbott_TX @DanPatrick & @RepDennisBonnen's political retaliation against @TeamBettencourt by snubbing him at #SB2 signing...I wonder. How many other #txlege members were punished by Big 3 for not falling in line?"
"#OpEd from @VictorJEvans saying We owe it to our Tennessee students and their families to give them access to the educational setting that best meets their need. Are you listening #txlege? #MyChildMyVoice"
"Thank you, Mr. Speaker! #txlege"
"@PhillipMartin A word on climate change and data manipulation, as seen on today's #DrudgeReport. #txlege #tcot"
"We heard someone say ""spirited debate"" and, since the #txlege has wrapped up, thought we'd join in! 📕THA Stylebook: Health care Use two words except when part of an official name. Example: Texas Healthcare Trustees; American College of Healthcare Executives."
"@DMNPolitics Jesus. THANK YOU for shedding light on this. It’s a lot of money will be lost for every individual who chooses not to complete the survey. #txlege did not allocate funds to help cities spread the message about #2020Census. @BrennanCenter"
".@KenJanda notes that a recent report shows TX as way at the bottom in terms of health outcomes. Nearly 5 million people uninsured in TX, and it's dumb that we as a state are not taking the Medicare expansion. #txlege @TexasStandard"
"This is incredibly helpful. #txlege"
"Insurance is the gateway to access to care. We need to figure out how to maximize what's happening with the ACA rather than fight against it to make insurance more affordable in the state of TX. —@KenJanda #txlege @TexasStandard"
"Abigail Aiken on her wish list for lawmakers: Stop wasting public money. Stop taking on issues that the taxpayers have to pay for, like passing abortion rights legislation that is clearly unconstitutional. Stop wasting our tax dollars. #txlege @TexasStandard"
"What's missing in the conversation about health care? @donnahowardtx: There needs to be more of an understanding of our interconnectedness, and what access to health care means to people's ability function in society so the systems work better #txlege @TexasStandard"
".@donnahowardtx: Who's doing most of the talking is older white men, and that's not the majority of the population. You have a body that's not reflective of the cross-section of people in our state. #txlege @TexasStandard"
"What's missing in the conversation about health care? Abigail Aiken: Evidence and data. We are sitting on huge amounts of data about the people who come into the systems and they're being held by insurance companies rather than helping us improve outcomes #txlege @TexasStandard"
".@DonnaHowardTX says #txlege’s part time schedule is prohibitive for access to serve for a wide swath of (diverse) and capable Texans who likely have great ideas for #health and more."
"Abigail Aiken: We're in a data-driven age and we've got to get serious about how we use that data to improve things for people — as with personalized medicine and other types of treatments #txlege @TexasStandard"
"If the state of TX is not willing to invest in the systems that will allow us to use data, then we can't move forward. —@donnahowardtx @KenJanda points out that providers hoard data too #txlege @TexasStandard"
"Going over the 86th session in this morning’s Texas Agricultural Council meeting. In the House, @DrewSpringer as chair heard 67% of these bills and gave over half the chance on the floor by voting them out. Proud to have worked in such an efficient committee for Ag! #TXLege"
"Working on a theme for our #txlege Legislative Update tour presentation this summer (registration here: One possibility: ""Bad things can happen when criminal law changes don't go through criminal law committees."""
"Good Afternoon #txlege"
".@RepStickland on @ChadHastyRadio talking about his reasons for not running for reelection to the #txlege. [VIDEO]"
"Yes, it is, @JoeSiegler! This was legislation our office authored and passed in 2017, House Bill 1729, to help generate $ to tackle the rape kit backlog in TX. Thousands of fellow Texans have contributed. This year, we passed multiple bills, like @laviniamasters Act. #txlege"
"@TexasStandard @BadMamaJamaKris @TheLBJSchool @tedcruz The “opening” could be greater access through other means, i.e. joining 48 other states in providing reimbursement for contraceptives for our CHIP population. #txlege"
"#TXLEGE: TBH, you don't need more than 75."
"“We wanted to try to take the patients — get them out of the middle of it, because really it’s not their fight,” said the bill’s author, Senator @KHancockTx. #txlege #surprisebilling"
"It’s time for @TheDemocrats to get serious about the crisis on the border. No more games! As a member of the Texas House committee on Homeland Security & Public Safety, I thank you for your leadership, Mr. President! #Txlege #EndBorderCrisisNow"
"@michaelcburgess @HouseDemocrats Let’s talk about hate. Republicans are racist Nazis #txlege"
"Okay, #txlege. How about legislation that allows licensees from other states to receive a temporary license valid for three years in Texas if they provide their spouse’s PCS orders and military ID?"
"Thank you so much! It's been a good year and I am excited about what's next. #txlege #txdems"
"Kickoff day was fantastic! Here’s a quick campaign trail update. #txlege #HD92"
"“With all of our state’s world-class medical and public health institutions, it’s inconceivable that board members couldn’t find better qualified, less politically divisive individuals for this so-called ‘expert’ panel"" #txlege"
"Our Best & Worst Legislators lists aim to capture what’s wonderful and terrible, hilarious and stupefying about the 181 Texans who meet every odd year to do the people’s business. Here you'll find all of them in one place, including our favorites. #txlege"
"Governor Greg Abbott (@GovAbbott ) appoints Paul Morris to the Upper Neches River Municipal Water Authority Board of Directors for a term set to expire on February 1, 2025. #txwater #txlege"
"Is Texas not already inclusive and diverse? You sound like a Democrat. “Texas should embrace diversity and promote inclusive, non-discriminatory policies and laws.” #txlege"
"“We have more potential for solar power here than virtually any other area in the country,” Landgraf said. “The Permian Basin is leading the way in our country’s march toward energy independence.” Well put Rep. @BrooksLandgraf! #txlege #txenergy"
"Sorry, my memory is failing, who was the liberal Democratic Governor who appointed Wallace Jefferson to the Texas Supreme Court and then appointed him Chief Justice? #txlege"
"Can't make it to tomorrow's Legislative Wrap-Up? The good news is we'll live stream the event on Facebook at 12 p.m. The bad news is you won't get tacos.🌮🌮 #TWHC #TXLege"
"Thanks to the leadership of Rep. @TomOliverson and the Texas Legislature, patients will now be protected from exorbitant price hikes for prescription drugs. #txlege"
"#RT @TexasGOP: RT @RyanSitton: I'm so proud to have the support of my friend @SenTedCruz as I seek my second term on @txrrc. We believe U > govt. Join us! #2020Vision #Texas #txlege"
"Texas Nuke Waste Expansion Defeated; Crucial July Hearing Looms #txenergy #txlege"
"Four years ago today, love won. Today, we celebrate the Supreme Court ruling that marriage equality is the law of the land #YallMeansAll #txlege"
"Texas wins the Gold Shovel Award for the 7th time! Our conservative and pro-business environment makes Texas an attractive location for new businesses. #txlege"
"Update: Texas man convicted of armed robbery based on questionable video surveillance is granted retrial after a decade behind bars. #txlege"
"Merry Christmas, courtesy of the taxpayers. @austintexasgov departments collectively spent $140,532.97 on end of year holiday parties in December 2019. 🎅🎄🎅🎄 #txlege"
"@andreazelinski Isn’t he a doctor first? An ob/gyn with many years practice—that does qualify him as an expert, no? #txlege"
"Former Texas House @SpeakerStraus is back in politics, and @James_Barragan has the story on what he's doing now. #txlege"
"Which bills from the 86th #txlege specifically affect county clerks? TAC's Legislative Services team tracked and categorized every bill that affects all county offices. They're all right here:"
".@TDCAA reports that #txlege's bill legalizing #hemp has put #marijuana prosecutions in limbo"
"Rep.Wray, John- Press Release #txlege"
".@teambettencourt on RPT press call today about Dem debate: @betoorourke, @juliancastro won’t offer bipartisan solutions like #txlege w/ lower prop taxes, education & more."
"1/ Wesley Mathews just got life in prison for causing the death of his 3-year-old daughter, Sherin. Read the breaking story here by @LaVendrickS. #txlege"
"@jamestalarico Donated! You’re the best Rep ever. Everyone needs to donate so we can keep you in Austin. #HD52 #TxLege"
"Almost time! Briefing on 86th Legislature with Senator José Menéndez! 6:15PM-8PM Guerra Center 1930 Herbert Lane San Antonio, TX 78227 Event is free & open to the public. Refreshments will be served. Details=> #Menendez4TX #txlege"
"@PhilJankowski #ATXGov Party Hardy c/o #ATXCouncil. #TXLege"
"Marisa Perez-Diaz , Director of Strategic Partnerships, Edgewood ISD & State Board of Education welcomes everyone #Menendez4TX #txlege"
"@RepDanCrenshaw there are no mental gymnastics that will insulate these firms from this fact: Their practices amount to unreported 'in kind' donations to the Democrat Party. Please grill them on this aspect which has tremendous legal implications. #MAGA #txlege"
"Senator Menéndez introduces @raylopezfortx to address attendees #Menendez4TX #txlege"
"Veterans like Aaron are finding reliable, well-paid work here in Texas thanks to ever-growing #windpower investment. #txlege"
"Unsurprisingly, the top-10 fiscally run states are GOP-controlled. Unfortunately, Texas ranks #22. #txlege"
"@SpeakerPelosi @JoaquinCastrotx When will the #US House help the #BorderCrisis? #DebateNight #DNC #txlege #SanAntonio #Austin #Texas #Mexico #USCCB"
"Senator Menéndez giving #txlege update going over 86th Legislative Session #Menendez4TX"
"As part of Commission Bush’s #YearOfEducation he toured @TSTCFortBendCo to check out their technical training programs. #TXlege"
"Senator Menéndez- Legislative Update reference (Page one) #Menendez4TX #txlege"
"Senator Menéndez- Legislative Update reference (Page two) #Menendez4TX #txlege"
"Straus is a POS Democrat and his wife is a huge supporter of child sacrifice. The fact he calls himself a Republican doesn't change the fact he is against the RPT Platform. He's going to fund Democrats/RINO's not conservatives. #txlege #MAGA"
"An excellent discussion about the accomplishments of the 86th Lege! Thanks to @evanasmith and Representatives @RafaelAnchia, @TurnerForTX , and @MorganMeyerTX for sharing their insights. And thanks to @haynesboone for hosting the event. #txlege"
"Let’s play ball #Texas! #TXlege"
"Q & A with attendees #Menendez4TX #txlege"
"Going live at 7:30pm with @RepStickland to discuss his #TxLege retirement... and what’s next. Join in the conversation:"
"Funny how this happens when education is funded. #duh #txlege"
"Facts are facts! @TheDemocrats insure women are raped by keeping the border pourus. Over 70% of the female invaders are raped. The cartels feast off the suffering. #DemDebate #MAGA #txlege"
"Limited government & innovation ... not @GregAbbott_TX & his radical #RINO #txlege Senate growing government & unfounded fears & superstitions"
"Texas DID pass legislation to stop surprise medical billing. #DemDebate #TXReax #txlege"
"In #txlege, lawmakers tackled several proposals on opioids. #DemDebate #TXReax Some background: - -"
"It was an honor working with you! #TXLege"
"While @JulianCastro is authentic on immigration issues, you have to believe he was waiting (and planned) for the moment to tell @BetoORourke he needs to do his homework #TxLege"
"Pretty clear @TheDemocrats hate Americans. #MAGA #txlege"
"Guns: O'Rourke brings up Santa Fe High School shooting in Texas. This session, TX lawmakers approved money in #txlege budget for #SafeStorage program thru @TxDPS, led by @DonnaHowardTX. #DemDebate #TXReax Background:"
"@realDonaldTrump Why is it none of the candidates put Americans first? Now gun confiscation? #MAGA #txlege #ShallNotBeInfringed"
"@realDonaldTrump #DebateNight Why is it NONE of @TheDemocrats candidates know the US is a Republic, NOT a Democracy? They don't know what Article 4 of the Constitution says. #MAGA #txlege"
"Honestly......this is how most spend their #txlege session.....because no one asks Texas school experts how to fund Texas schools properly..!"
"Not what I expected, but I guess no longer holding office gives you time to pursue other hobbies. #txlege"
"There is nothing conservative about any of this. Not that I was expecting it. #txlege"
"""It will cause us to lose millions of dollars that we've invested in infrastructure for water, wastewater and roads"" -@tmitchell_tx Full story via @keyetv: Thanks for keeping up the fight y'all! #txlege"
"It's pretty clear none of @TheDemocrats understand #Federalism as proscribed by the US Constitution. Most of #DemDebate is centered on issues 💯% soley State jurisdiction. Read the Constitution before running for POTUS #MAGA #txlege"
"Hey @BetoORourke you are running for POTUS but you don't know US is not a democracy. It's a REPUBLIC! See: Article 4 of the Constitution. You know the document you swore an oath to support and defend. #MAGA #txlege #DebateNight"
"Further, @GinaForAustin said ""I testified today that they would be making 'liars out of my colleagues' if they continued to narrow the interpretation of the bill to essentially make any partnering organization act like a charter if it wasn't already."" #txed #txlege"
"👀 #txlege #DemDebate #TXReax"
"Which Texas candidate in the #DemDebate did better? #TxLege"
"84-8 is bipartisan from the Senate. Pelosi owns this now. #txlege"
"Great news from Unity partner @THLNTX #txlege #Texas"
"The numbers: Census estimates for Maryland’s 6th Congressional District show population of 779,616 in 2017 (Delaney served from 2013-19). Each state senate district in Texas has “an ideal 2010 census population of 811,147,” per lege council. #txlege"
"I spent 6 years educating lawmakers on gun violence prevention. Lots of meetings, testimony and facts that were largely ignored. And then there was Parkland. And these amazing young people emerged. Now, you’re either on board or they (and we) will vote you out. #txlege Bu-bye."
"Maybe Cook should get back into tech stock investing with @KenPaxtonTX #txlege"
"#Texas #txlege #debates #DNC #SanAntonio #Austin #life"
"This is my regular request. Does anyone still have the @SecretaryPerry / @kaybaileyhutch “crazy train” ad? #txlege"
"#DemDebate Republican National Committee spokesperson @cfpurves #TXReax #txlege"
"#DemDebate Republican National Committee spokesperson @cfpurves #TXReax #txlege— Wes Rapaport (@wesrap) June 27, 2019 via 24liveblog"
"Reminder for my collin county friends, @JasonWhitely is interviewing @JulianCastro this coming Monday at 12:30. You can sign up here: #Txlege"
"Just a thought: Call his boss Tim Dunn instead. He won't respond either but he actually makes the decisions over at Empower Texans #txlege"
"Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa of @texasdemocrats after #DemDebate. #TXReax #txlege"
"@USCCB @usccbprolife @TXCatholic @satodaycatholic @texascatholic @ETC_online @CatholicLubbock @CatholicRGV @catholic #abortion #healthcare #txlege #Texas #Austin #SanAntonio"
"Heard @TerryCanales40 on NPR this evening. Thanks for your efforts on behalf of the migrant children and their families. #txlege"
"Is @JulianCastro some kind of double agent operated by the Trump campaign? Tough to find a position more at odds with middle-of-the-road voters. Didn't watch the debate, so who all did he draw off-sides? #txlege"
"Hear the sound of all that #Spanish in the #democratic debate? That's the sound of you being replaced. #DemDebate #txlege #DemocraticDebate #TheTNM #texit #Texas"
"Analysis. 🐶🐶 #DemDebate #TXReax #txlege"
"High concern school administrator's rushing 2019-20 budgets WITHOUT taking the time to understand how many kids can read & what new tax $$ could be used for to help them. #txlege #txed Opinion: Schools now flush with cash, but will they use it wisely?"
"@TomOliverson @TexasGOP The number of unemployed pharmacists plagued with high amounts of student loan debt are increasing daily, and the number of jobs available are shrinking! #stopDIRfees #PBMabuse #txlege"
"@GovAbbott “Don’t Mess With Texas” is just a littering campaign, especially with you as Gov. #TxLege"
"@GovAbbott @DrGregBonnen Greg “Jussie Smollett” Bonnen is an embarrassment to Texas, and an enemy of Liberty! #txlege #Liar"
"@GovAbbott With 927 new bills? Way to show America what limited government and Republicanism looks like...WAIT! #HAILKINGABBOTT #txLege"
"So proud to work with @WGUTexas! Chancellor Johnson's creating partnerships with community colleges across the state to help streamline pathways for students to get an affordable, quality degree. Read a/b their efforts in Houston via @HoustonChron #txlege"
"#TXlege #HD67: Dallas real estate agent Lorenzo Sanchez established a campaign committee for a potential challenge of Rep. Jeff @leachfortexas (R-Allen) as a Democrat. Leach won with 51.15% last election."
"I gave a legislative update at the @PlanoTXChamber recently, covering the huge reduction in Robin Hood & funding increase for schools & teacher pay. #txlege #txed"
"#SeeTheEnergy. #Txlege #crude_quality_matters #OOTT"
".@rkecseg84 writes on a study released by @mercatus which found the 10 most fiscally solvent states are solidly Republican, but Texas is far behind them... #txlege"
"""This is the first time in more than 20 years the State Board of Education will update its health standards for lessons about healthy eating, mental health and sex education."" #TXed #TXlege @andreazelinski"
"“So to think that we can continue to say we're going to meet this need with the Healthy Texas Women's program is really disingenuous at best.” @lara_korte #txlege"
"@rgratcliffe @mn_haben The men should really moderate their tone- no one likes to be lectured to. ... Said no reporter ever. @womensmediacntr #TXLege"
"3/ The Office of Refugee Resettlement, which oversees government shelters, said #ORR was preparing to open another temporary influx shelter in Carrizo Springs, Texas, expected to hold 1,300 minors #IMMIGRATION #TXlege #TrumpCamps #PrivatePrisons #Detention"
"Isn’t this what we all want for our great State? Thank you @SpeakerStraus! #txed #txlege"
"‘Don’t Talk to Her’: Glimpse Inside a Troubled #Border Station Housing Migrant Children #CBP offered journalists a brief, highly controlled tour of a border station in Clint, Texas. Conversations w children were prohibited #IMMIGRATION #TrumpCamps #TXlege"
"ATTENTION #HD65: Your State Rep, Michelle Beckley, actively voted against your #SecondAmendment rights! I believe protecting our right to bear arms is critical. #txlege"
"""We shouldn't be paying rent for our own property,"" Senator Pete Flores discusses the tax plan passed this legislature and his thoughts on property taxes as a whole. Watch more: #txlege"
"Did he mention he’s been to every county in Texas? #txlege"
"@RepStickland you’re simply irreplaceable! We all owe you a debt of gratitude. Thank you for your indefatigable spirit in fighting for Texas liberty & to keep #Txlege honest."
"Texas could feel a fiscal strain in the coming years due to growing Medicaid costs if economic growth slows and a recession sets in, according to a new report from S&P Global Ratings. #txlege #txpoli"
"@rgratcliffe @mn_haben @womensmediacntr Whew! Well, I guess there’s no problem and nothing to reflect upon. Carry on! Coverage of women electeds and candidates is dandy- I don’t know why I worry?!? @womensmediacntr #txlege"
"Smart ⁦@lara_korte⁩ look at what SB22 will mean for abortion providers and women’s health care #txlege"
"I keep looking at how quickly #TX school boards are adopting 2019-20 budgets! Are they taking the time to determine how many students are reading at grade level at their schools & how to use tax $$ to improve results? Or just spending spree? #txlege #txed @statesman @dallasnews"
"The massive increase in illegal immigration — on pace to exceed a million people this year — has been an emergency for months, and Texas must continue to do everything we can to help #securetheborder, including deploying these additional troops. #txlege"
"Today's reality check: It's the first day of summer for students in New York City schools. Whaaa? Feast your eyes. #txlege #txed"
"Thank you @cyfairchamber for inviting me to give the 86th #TxLege session recap. It is an honor to represent you in Austin!"
"Today's the day! What happened during the 86th #txlege Session? Join us tonight and hear from our speakers @JimmyFlannigan, @chelseamvo, @beemoorhead, Edna Butts of @aisd, Tina Chavez of @joltinitiative and Adrianne Fore! RSVP"
"""When children are prosecuted and held in the adult system, they don’t receive services geared toward youth. Their parents cannot be involved in their judicial proceedings. They miss out on educational opportunities"" @statesman @nilabala3 #CJreform #txlege"
"Texas Kids Aren't Getting the Help They Need | Dallas Observer #InvestInKids #txlege"
"Hey #txlege how we doin?"
"Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren all head to Houston next week #txlege"
"#txlege #housing #housingplusservices #housingishealth"
"Gun Owners of America Expands in Texas, Hires Teresa Beckmeyer #txlege"
".@sanmarcoscity has so much money that it's hosting a mermaid parade. A. Mermaid. Parade. But please, tell me more about the budgetary havoc that property tax reform threatens to unleash. #txlege #tcot @TeamBettencourt @TPPF @rkecseg84"
"Construction update: TxDOT staff tells Commission the agency had 1 bid on 9 projects and no bids on 1 project. Staff blames it on traditional summer labor shortages. #txlege @scottbraddock"
"The #SCOTUS decision on extreme partisan gerrymandering means that Democrats have to redouble efforts to win back State Legislatures in 2020. It’s a top priority...if not THE top priority....starting with the #txlege"
"@MEPFuller @1SnoozyQ Sure is and that's why the Republican leadership in TX is so scared & cast doubt w the made-up claim that ppl had voted illegally in our state. It was a lie, yet, they were slow to admit it. Glad the Dems in the #txlege were able to block the Sec. St. nominee. #VoteBlue"
"Thanks @TEGACTX, we agree! Advocacy on behalf of young children & high quality #EarlyEd is a critical part of #PNCGrowUpGreat. Glad to be on today’s #TPLC panel w/ @bigthought & #CPAL. @TDFHereforGood @GiveWisely @MeadowsFound @AroundTI @Commit2Dallas @EarlyMattersDFW #TxLege"
"As the doctors point out, the Texas ban on physician dispensing is irrational. #txlege Our research is clear—physician dispensing makes sense. #healthcare"
"Getting ready for our #TXLege wrap up event! We will begin the live stream of this event on Facebook at 12 p.m. #TWHC"
"Another good reason we should support the arts in Texas schools. #artcan #txlege"
"Many LGBTQIA+ individuals are pressured to be less authentic versions of themselves - we must cultivate an environment of support for all individuals. This week's episode of ""Into the Fold"" by the @HoggFoundation explores Shane Whalley's journey. #txlege"
"Man bites dog!! Texan politicians put money into sensible policies. #txed #txlege"
"""redistricting that results in racially discriminatory maps – as has happened in Texas many times – remains illegal."" #txlege"
"@dlavine The most important takeaway from the article ↓↓↓↓ #txlege"
"#ICYMI: On June 10, Gov. @GregAbbott_TX signed off on HB 2826, which could curtail the rising trend of TX attorneys soliciting county, school district & city officials in hopes of pursuing litigation. Read & RT: #txlege"
"Today's decision reminded me of this quote from former state Rep. Burt Solomons who chaired the House Committee on Redistricting when #txlege redrew maps in 2011: “You can look at the partisanship aspect of it and say, maybe that was a little too much.”"
"Up next we have @emilyjsass giving the good, the better, and the best on #txed after the 86th #txlege! ✅ Merit Pay ✅ School board goals ✅ Efficiency Audits ✅ School Transparency (A-F system)"
"Hats off to the @EconAlliance for the exceptional #Workforcedevelopment #EconomicDevelopment #txlege wrap up. Keep making an #Mpact #Hou #Pasadena #Porthou House Bill 5 #Trade #industry #Collaboration #txTEA #TCEQ @MpactSC #strategymatters"
"One of the less talked about wins from the 86th session are the reforms made to protect families & children. @MrACBrown talks about the expansion of community based care, eased adoption regulations, and the advancement of CPS reforms to protect families. #txlege"
"@JohnCornyn from now on every president will bring his criminal adult children with him to all his meetings. #ShitShow #txlege"
"@thehill that is because Jared is committing treason and murder. @Parscale @StephGrisham45 @KingSalman @SaudiEmbassyUSA @StateDept @IvankaTrump @jsolomonReports @WhiteHouse #txlege"
"@PassaicSchools This is the evil, racist, terrorism that Trump and his racist Republican base enabled! This evil racist bully needs to be expelled and CHARGED with a HATE CRIME!! #Txlege @northjersey @HeraldNews @NJHerald"
"In May, @WylieISD convinced voters to approve a $193.7 M bond proposition. This month, the Board voted to grow its new budget by almost 12% YoY. This level of school district spending is not sustainable. #HB3 #txlege #txed #tcot @TPPF @MurphyMonitor"
"✅Good news from #TXlege: education funding will be increased by 10%. I’ve been advocating for a school finance overhaul from the get-go, and I’m excited to see changes being made. But we still have a lot more work to do to prepare future generations of Texans."
"Want to know what happened with our policy priorities during the #TXLege? Check out our overview to find out what happened, where we are, and what's next."
"@JohnCornyn you are responsible for the mass rape of children at the border. You. #txlege"
"Under current law, there are no requirements to notify people accused of a crime that their pleas may affect their status in the military. #txlege"
"Texas energy companies continue to advance new technologies that reduce carbon. Exxon Mobil invests in Global Thermostat carbon capture technology. #txlege"
"""Several business-related cases were decided this term in favor of challengers to corporate interests... issues such as class action litigation, antitrust law, arbitration, investor protection and the environment."" #txlege #supremecourt"
"What’s the Good News? What Didn’t Happen? What's the Bad News? Where Do We Go From Here? Here's CPPP's Wrap-Up from the 86th Texas Regular Legislative Session #txlege"
"@DonnaHowardTX @TerryCanales40 Ask @SpeakerPelosi & #Democrat #US House | #txlege #DNC #NPR"
"Excellent summary about the importance of the Permian Basin. This energy resource has helped the US surpass Saudi Arabia and Russia in the global energy market. #txlege #txenergy"
"@teainfo has a webpage that has budget resources for HB at; there is now a ""State Aid Excel Template"" on the webpage to help ISDs calculate there district funding under the new law; simply download at #txlege #education"
"@allontheline_tx The same Supreme Court that gutted the Voting Rights Act in 2013 is again turning a blind eye while partisans to tilt the balance of power away from the voters themselves. #txlege"
"@JanForCongress @BluePirate_ @RepKenMarchant Besides flipping #TX24 Texas needs to elect a #txlege in 2020 that creates #FairMaps #ForThePeople"
"So proud of all the work my @CPPP_TX colleagues did at the Capitol this spring. Read some of the wins we scored and see what's left for next time. #TxLege"
"Just a couple of guys in a bus...wearing sunglasses. #NationalSunglassesDay #SunglassSelfie #txlege @CapMetroATX"
"⁦The reading program at the ⁦@RowlettTexas⁩ Library is awesome! #txlege #hd112 #SummerReading"
"Throwback Thursday goes to HB 1545, the TABC Sunset Bill. We had a huge victory for craft brewers in Texas by adding on an amendment for Beer-To-Go! Now, you can go to a brewery and take home a six-pack of your favorite craft beer. #txlege"
"I was proud to support the amendment on HB 1545 and will always support individual liberty and free enterprise. #txlege"
"#greenandblackgold #G20 #txlege #fossilfuelsworlddialogue"
"A new law legalizing industrial hemp is having unintended consequences, writes @TweetTonyMac. ""Texans can look to @GovAbbott to call a special session to fix the problem."" Read more: #txlege"
"Our #TxLege recap is fresh off the presses. Get it here! @CPPP_TX Go team!"
"We must get an accurate count of people. Funding for a number of critical programs for students, including Texas' new tiered comp ed system, depends on Census data. Fingers crossed this block holds for the 2020 Census... #txed #txlege"
"Where is CFM?! #ShouldHavePaidCFM #txlege #astros @astros"
"""City officials who long warned that such a tax cap would hamper their ability to pay for police and fire protection will soon have some difficult decisions to make, especially in high-growth cities such as Austin and San Antonio."" #txlege"
"I don’t live in @jamestalarico district but I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know him since he was elected & strongly believe voices like his are absolutely imperative to advancing #Txlege policies for ALL Texans. I’m proud to support him! & donations are matched right now!"
"On top of the BIG issues that @Menendez4Texas and his team are constantly working on, they have helped me tremendously many times 🙏 Go here 👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽 to support his campaign for re-election so that we can keep making progress! 💪🏽 #txlege #SanAntonio"
"Joined fellow #txlege members from our Harris County delegation to discuss the 86th #txlege today. Thanks @EconAlliance for hosting us & supporting economic development in East Harris County! #EALegislativewrapup #Publicpolicy #HoustonPortRegion"
"Solar Oreos! @CNNBusiness reports @MDLZ is buying enough #solar #power from @enelgreenpower Roadrunner project in Texas to produce 10 billion Oreo cookies per year. Story @CNN here: @EnelXNA #txenergy #txlege"
"Governor Greg Abbott vetoed a bill that would protect emergency responders, which includes firefighters or Emergency Medical Service (EMS) volunteers, from severe penalties by employers during times of emergency. #txlege"
"Want to read up on some of the hot topics of this past #txlege session before our recap event tonight at 6:30 PM at @CapitalFactory? We’ve got you covered!"
"Remember when #txlege non POC folks pretended like his Latino tweet wasn’t a dog whistle ?"
"Proud to share this @TPRSource #vaccine panel with these incredible vaccine leaders. Thanks @DavidMartinDavi for inviting us to talk #Science and #PublicHealth @immunizetx @Immunize_USA @txbiomed #VaccinesWork #TXLege"
"The @EconAlliance hosted an 86th Legislative Session Wrap Up Luncheon to discuss the impact of new policies in the region. My priorities this session included card skimmers at gas pumps, the Battleship Texas, flood insurance & some local initiatives for #HD144. #txlege"
"I scored 100% on the @TexPIRG scorecard that tracked bills impacting consumers, democracy and public health. I'm proud of that. Check out the scorecard. #txlege"
"#US-#Mexico #border #deaths lower per year under #Trump than #Obama, data shows | #DemDebate #DemocraticDebate #debate #txlege #Texas #BorderCrisis #ICE #CBP #DNC #Austin ⁦@MALCTx⁩ ⁦@texasdemocrats⁩"
"Excellent story featuring Fredericksburg landowner Lane Hutchins on her love of her land/animals and concerns about how the pipeline could negatively impact the area. ""The battle over land is far from over."" #txlege"
"Enjoyed speaking in Dallas today with @leachfortexas & @juliejohnsonTX about judicial-selection reform in the #txlege, but the real thrill was getting to stop by and visit with my sweet grandmother, Jean Landgraf, before heading back to Odessa."
"@evanasmith Just unscientifically tallied the Qs using the transcript so feel free to fact check, but she didn’t get the most? Booker, Beto, and Klobuchar got more, her and Castro both got 8. Infographics circulating today show she didn’t speak the most either. Check your sexism (cc #txlege)"
"From radio to live broadcast #fossilfuelfridays! #weareoilandgas #txlege"
"We’re getting close to being fairly described as a news media desert,' says my friend @SteveTaylorRGG of an online news platform in South Texas, speaking of how there's no longer an NPR affiliate in the Rio Grande Valley: via #txlege"
"@EvaMarieAyala #HB3 took a step toward getting #Texas' property tax problem under control, but there's more to be done. Local govt. spending must be front-and-center next session. Overspending is at the heart of the problem. #txlege #txed #tcot @TPPF"
"So fun talking about the impact of new school finance legislation with Texas philanthropists and ⁦@teainfo⁩ today in Dallas! ⁦@TEGACTX⁩ ⁦@GiveWisely⁩ #txlege"
"Imagine if #txlege had gotten away with measely $2.7 billion in “relief” they wanted to ram through. Good things grassroots conservatives demanded more. $5 billion looks like barely enough, not quite enough to cut tax bills paid in 2019. 2020 will have 2.5% increase."
"We appreciate your support and the full of support of your office @USAO_SDTX! This is a full set of the agencies who are the heart and muscle of the CROSSROADS Task Force. We are proud to serve and do our part in combating organized drug trafficking Throughout our region. #txlege"
"Proud to work on behalf of the students and parents of @dallasschools by passing #HB3 in #TXLege"
"One of the sharpest contrasts on the first night of the #DemDebate came from the two Texans, @BetoORourke and @JulianCastro. Democrats in Texas were watching and noticed. @KXAN_News #txlege"
"Unfortunately after 9/1/19, this disaster declaration would allow permitless carry for 7 days. Very dangerous policy. @leesarossaustin @tweet_elva @LWVTexas #TXLege"
"Great teamwork! Thank you @RepMaryGonzalez @Menendez4Texas. These data will help Texas improve early grade success. #Txlege"
"Good #longread. FYI, #txlege just passed #sb20 to allow state prosecutions of some of this same conduct alleged in the cases"
"Our #txlege recap event has started! Check this thread for updates for key moments and highlights!"
"Packed house in #cedarpark full of appreciative supporters for the great @BucyForTexas #txlege #proud"
"Packed house in #cedarpark for the great @BucyForTexas full of enthusiastic supporters ready to re elect my friend and hard working colleague for #txlege #wilco"
"Teacher groups, employees out urging Dallas ISD to move away from TEI. Many say they're still confused by how their raises are to be calculated after #txlege mandated some salary bumps."
"Judicial selection reform passed in the #txlege. Texas chooses to elect judges most of the time, but this bill will study the pros and cons of appointing judges and electing them. @Bay_Scoggin"
"Many were expecting the $5,000 that #txlege Senate passed. But that failed in the House. Lawmakers ended up requiring ISDs to spend 30% of new money on raises for SOME employees."
"This @TheEconomist piece is a must read on Hispanics, immigration & lessons learned (and not) by CA & TX over the years. Hard not to get nostalgic for the era of Bush and Perry here in Texas. Read on... #txlege #tx2020"
"Not as crowded as last night - with two Texans on the stage - but still a pretty full crowd on night two of #DemDebate @texasdemocrats watch party. @KXAN_News #txlege"
".@TXImpact ED @BeeMoorhead at tonight’s Session Wrap-Up Event discussing disaster management: We need to be talking about equity in all of our public policies. #txlege"
"Which policies were your favorite to work on? Chelsea: ""Public education. To see such a strong plan enacted was very fulfilling."" #txlege"
".@Hickenlooper says it's not realistic to eliminate private healthcare insurance for millions of America. I take it he is not in favor of #MedicareForAll. @KXAN_News #txlege #2020Election"
"Favorite and least favorite part of the session? ""Session and session."" #txlege"
"Not likely that DISD will back down from TEI. It was all the rage during #txlege session w many pointing to Dallas as a model."
"Debate watching at VFD drill night. No one is buying the 10 Dem’s crap. 100% voting for @realDonaldTrump #txlege #RuralTexasGetsIt"
"An explanation by @teainfo about this session's ""school finance reform/property tax relief"" bill reveals discrepancies between its actual effect and misleading news reports: #txlege"
"@JohnCornyn So John Cornyn is such an evil, racist, bigot that he would stop using Bank of America because they stopped profiting from FOR PROFIT PRISON detention camps for migrant kids??!? Wow, evil Cornyn has no soul #txlege @startelegram @dallasnews @ExpressNews #TrumpConcentrationCamp"
"""The main problem with Texas’ approach is not that the rule passed or failed, but that the state bypassed the legislative process entirely by issuing the rule through a regulatory commission."" @JessDKelley @aubsneal #txlege"
"Fiery debate on charter partnership renewed at Dallas school board meeting. #Txed #Txlege Excerpts: “The Texas Education Agency gave provisional..."
"What a great night at our first fundraiser for my campaign to take back #HD45! Jason, the boys, and I are so grateful for the support of so many of our friends and neighbors. #txlege"
"These clowns want to be POTUS, doesn't know US isn't a democracy. Probably because they haven't read the Constitution! "" The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government,""   #DemDebate #MAGA #txlege @TheDemocrats @realDonaldTrump"
"@RafaelAnchia @mn_haben @MALCTx When you get arrested the State has a duty to try you in a reasonable amount of time. When do the people of Texas get justice against this particular defendant? #txlege"
"@chris_kratovil @leachfortexas @SenBryanHughes A spectacular event for two Texas legends: Senator Bryan Hughes and Chairman Jeff Leach. Thank you for saving the statute from itself. #txlege"
"Follow us on Facebook! #p2 #txlege"
"@speakermembers @86thLegislature Ok...the person who made this is a damn #txlege genius! They used “House Bill 368”! That’s next level creativity. #MindBlown"
"My office is gathering supplies for RGV residents affected by flooding in our community. We are collecting water, TP, bleach, cleaners, and nonperishable food, etc. You can drop off donations at my District Office located at 101 North 10th Avenue in Edinburg.#Txlege #RGV #HD40"
"Congratulations to teachers in Midland. MISD board approves raises for all teachers. You will guide our students to a brighter future. #txlege via @mwtnews"
"Transitioning from coach-pitch to kid-pitch. Lots of work to be done with the 9U Warriors. #txlege #BaseballLife"
"Transitioning from coach-pitch to kid-pitch. Lots of work to be done with the 9U Warriors. #txlege #BaseballLife"
"I promise, I wish more than anyone that the Legislature would not have used the ""c"" word for this, Little says of SB1882 #txlege"
"#txed #txlege #TimeOutforCharters"
"@speakermembers @BriscoeCain I agree! #txlege"
"We passed a resolution in the Texas Senate 70 days ago declaring a crisis on the border. #txlege"
"Lots of praise for DISD's new CFO Dwayne Thompson and his staff for scrambling to get budget done in time w so much unknown in #txlege school finance. The HB3 deal wasn't done until late May, leaving districts having to plan for multiple scenarios."
"Follow @EvaMarieAyala, a badass reporter whose doing important work covering Dallas kids and schools. #txlege #txed"
"#G20 #OOTT #txlege #talktexasoil"
"@yourfriendmags @Egalitare @nhannahjones @perspolicy @KamalaHarris the service of the god of DATA and ACCOUNTABILITY. It’s an abusive relationship. #txlege washes its hands, leaving it in “local control.” If your zip code is heavy on the low SES, property taxes are not going to raise and the cycle continues. Those who can, leave teaching ASAP..."
"Great to see how TX districts are leveraging new state funding to support teachers & kids. Like school safety funds paying for new counselors. And if space is an issue for full-day #prek, community partnerships can help. @cyfairisd #txlege via @lmtnews"
"Wind supplied nearly 15% of all Texas electricity in 2017. Texas has enough installed wind capacity to power the equivalent of over 6.2 million American homes. #txenergy #txlege @PoweringTX @AWEA @APowerAlliance"
"Great to see how TX districts are leveraging new state funds. Like paying for new counselors with school safety dollars. And if space is an issue for full-day #prek, partnerships with child care/Head Start can help. @cyfairisd #txlege via @lmtnews"
""" El fallo #SCOTUS de que los partidos políticos pueden dibujar mapas que les permitan elegir a sus propios votantes nos lleva un paso más allá de la representación democrática. #txlege #redistricting #fairmaps """
"ADVANCED ELECTRIC TRANSPORTATION IS BOOMING: U.S. Revenue from Plug-In #ElectricVehicles Surges 75% in 2018 #EV #energy #utilities #txlege #txenergy"
"Politicians need to win elections by taking policy issues to voters, NOT by virtually stuffing the ballot box with partisan gerrymandering. @chucklindell #txlege"
"Census uncertainties: Supreme Court blocks census citizenship question. Here’s what that means for Texas. #txlege #census #Census2020"
"“I am not a fool. I make my living as the chief appraiser.” In the wake of a new conflict-of-interest law, Rudy Durham chooses his job as Denton County’s chief appraiser over serving as mayor of Lewisville, writes @TrueTexasTea: #txlege"
"@thehill I recommend he choose a Swiss bank. They’ve never had a problem with countries that build detention centers. - And they’ll gladly hold the stolen assists of up to 6,000,000 “legally” detained human beings. #TXLege"
"""If the states adopt this habit, state lawmaking will begin to mirror the federal regulatory labyrinth, forever altering state governing structures."" @JessDKelley @aubsneal #txlege"
"@BudKennedy @JohnCornyn @GEOGroup Swiss banks would surely welcome you... like the detention camp builders of the 20th Century. #txlege"
"Meanwhile #txlege passed no significant voter ID legislation or did an audit of the voter rolls. Purple Session @aaronh125"
"Being a lobbyist is a lot easier when you're @GregAbbott_TX's former Chief of Staff. Daniel Hodge made about $3.7 million so far this year, per state records #TxLege"
"New state law prevents cities from setting permit fees based on the cost of a construction project. So, Abilene council took steps to comply. #AbileneTX #txlege"
"#Houston, we have a problem. #txlege #tcot @TPPF"
"Rep.Zwiener, Erin- Press Release #txlege"
"Summertime school gardening! #txed #txlege"
"I’m looking forward to attending a ribbon cutting at @NASA_Johnson. #HD23 #txlege #Apollo50th"
"@CraigRozniecki Republicans are pure evil, criminal, racists w no soul!!! #txlege @ExpressNews @dallasnews @startelegram"
"Big news for #TxLege. #WestTexas and #RuralTexas must stand strong and make sure our voices are heard during this next redistricting phase. #FoodFiberFuel #RuralTexasMatters"
"Though Justice Thomas is highly critical of Supreme Court precedent (""This case serves as a stark reminder that our abortion jurisprudence has spiraled out of control.""), he concurs with the Court's decision to deny cert. See PDF p. 8: #TXlege"
"Enjoyed attending the @IrvingChamber Legislative update yesterday with Irving-area legislators Sen. Nathan Johnson, Sen. Kelly Hancock, Rep. Terry Meza, & Rep. Julie Johnson. Such a treat to get to attend with my amazing mother 💙💙💙 #ilcclegrecap #txlege"
"An explanation by Texas Education Agency about property tax relief #HB3 reveals 2 discrepancies between its effect & misleading news reports. Tax rate compression is in 2019 tax year, not 2020, and 2.5% tax limit begins in 2020, not 2021. #txlege"
"Ethics commission just elected chad craycraft chair of the commission and katie Kennedy vice chair for the next year. Steve Wolens returns to member status after two terms as chair.#TxLege #ethics"
"If you wanna flip #txlege here are some ideas: donate to @BlueActionDems, register peeps w/ @GoRegister2Vote, getcherself some new sneaks cuz we all gotta knock every door in every neighborhood to make sure we get the baddies out. 👋"
"Proud to work with @anybabycan to support early childhood development in Texas! Parents and caregivers are the most important advocates for kids and the policies that will help them thrive. #txlege #ECE"
"@Danielfor100 announces bid for open #HD100 seat, vacated after Eric Johnson was elected Dallas mayor. He joins @LorraineForTX #txlege"
"How the #Permian Basin Became North America’s Hottest Oilfield. #txenergy, #txlege, @WSJ."
"What the #SupremeCourt #Census2020 #CitizenshipQuestion ruling means for Dallas and Texas | Census | Dallas News #txlege"
"@clairecmc @bulldoghill @JohnCornyn @SenTedCruz How is this ok????? How can you coninue to support this traitor????#txlege"
"These childrens lives are on @JohnCornyn smf @RepKenMarchant and all the GOP and #txlege We will #FlipTX24 and Turn Texas Blue. #VoteBlue2020 #DontLookAway #Lights4Liberty #TrumpCausedThisBorderCrisis"
"Proud to see our North Texas legislators recognized back home for the great work they are doing for all Texans in Austin. #txlege"
"Lawmakers should have known crime labs couldn't distinguish between marijuana and hemp. They were told during a hearing! Our editorial on the chaos created by sloppy lawmaking: #txlege #readlocal"
"The military trains people to be self-motivated, adaptive and relentless, the same qualities that make a great entrepreneur. But service members know more about small unit tactics than business plans. Here are a column and thread: #txlege"
"“As the state of Texas now sits at ground zero of a massive humanitarian crisis along the border, I implore you to use your legal authority and your moral conscience as a public servant to take action.” #Menendez4TX #txlege"
"It is interesting to see that the usurpation of democratically elected local governments is not just a Texas thing #txlege"
"10 more Democrats squared off in the second night of Presidential debates last night. We’re going to @DrVMDS and @jenmercieca for reaction. Share your debate thoughts with us! #DemDebate2 #txlege"
"More states vow 100 percent clean power. Who are they? Story by @lmsixel @HoustonChron here: #txlege #txenergy"
"How a longtime aide to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott became a top lobbyist #txlege"
"SCOTUS ruling blocking the census citizenship question (for now) gave another case w/ #txlege ties more room to move forward as a federal judge considers whether the Trump administration added the question to intentionally discriminate against Hispanics:"
"More than 100,000 jobs! Direct and indirect. That's how much Texas mining brings to the state. Learn more here. @NMA #TXlege #mining #economy #jobs"
"Check it out y’all -it’s a lege wrap up and a road map for our continued advocacy on Texas’ most critical policy priorities. #revenue #publicschools #healthcare Thank you friends for your support this session. Now back to the long game! #txlege #policy #policychangeslives"
"So many gems in here. @EveWile64034132 is creating her own path and legacy. We're so glad legislative reform is part of it. Just like in the adoptee rights community, honesty and transparency is at the heart of her issue. #DonerConceived #truth #txlege"
"@JamesQuinteroTX @Tiomurph I see that @TPPF is still pretending to support state control over local governments from a philosophical standpoint. It also just happens to benefit the financial interests of industries that have a stranglehold on Texas politics. #txlege"
"@danieljwindham I mean let’s give credit where credit is absolutely not due, our #txlege helped #SaveChickFilA"
"Continuing the conversation with friends & supporters providing legislative updates on our work this session. We are here to help. Please contact our office for assistance with state issues 210-532-2758 #TxLege #Here2Help"
"TONIGHT: In Dem-friendly Austin, Castro seeks to build on momentum while O'Rourke tries rekindle Texas magic. Follow @James_Barragan & @RebekahAllen as they shadow 2 TX presidential hopefuls, post-debate: #txlege"
"Praying for those effected by this. Much of Cameron County has no flood control services. This is why I passed legislation creating the Cameron County Flood Control District, which will construct & maintain improvements/infrastructure to address floods county wide. #RGV #txlege"
"On this day in 1919, Texas became the ninth state in the Union, and the first state in the South, to ratify the Nineteenth Amendment giving women the right to vote. #txlege"
"If you've been sitting around this Friday morning wondering how the recent #txlege session impacted the judiciary, then here's a good resource for you. It's being discussed right now on this live video:"
"SD22: Sen. @SenatorBirdwell appears to have picked up a primary opponent in Waxahachie rancher and SREC member Tripp Bryant. Ethics Comm. report shows he's seeking HD22, a Jefferson Co.-based district, but we believe that's in error #txlege"
"Congratulations to the Kickapoo Tradition Tribe on their groundbreaking! Can’t wait to be there for the ribbon cutting! #txlege #HD74"
"@TexasPlusWater provides a great legislative wrap-up of all things water by interviewing @RepLyleLarson and @electcharles , the leaders of the House and Senate Natural Resources committees: #txwater #waterlaw #txlege"
"Weren’t able to make it to our event last night? No problem! Take a look at our recent blog post on this past #txlege session and see how some of these important bills might affect the tech sector."
"Left Aggressively Working to Undermine Convictions #txlege"
"Here's the second of our three deep dives into how child protection bills fared at the 86th #txlege. This one focuses on bills aimed at child protection systems (CPS, foster care, etc.) #ProtectTXKids"
"How did bills aimed at behavioral health and trauma fare at the 86th #txlege? Here's the third of our three-part series of lege recap deep dives:"
"Thomas criticizes SCOTUS abuse of undue burden test used to oppose any limit of elective abortions including bans on dismembering live babies in utero & concludes ""This case serves as a stark reminder that our abortion jurisprudence has spiraled out of control."" #prolife #txlege"
"Someone start mocking up the tour t-shirt — we've got a tentative schedule for the House Redistricting Committee's interim field hearings #txlege"
"Thank you, Principal @Thayerhutch and parents from @BriargroveES for allowing me to spend time with you this week to talk HB 3 and other issues important to our kids, our schools, and our community #txlege"
"Children injured in Texas after finding a loaded shotgun IN A LAUNDRY BASKET. Police declined to say whether charges would be filed. #txlege"
"Texans, this reminds me: which #txlege candidates are on your radar thus far this cycle? Rish (Dem running in whatever Rick Miller’s district is) here is on mine, #ff"
"Appreciate my friend @CommishJRod for attending my fundraiser & sharing kind words of support for my re-election. Miss him at the #txlege but he’s doing amazing work for Bexar County."
"Soon it will be every state BUT Texas. NO ONE SHOULD GO TO JAIL FOR CONSUMING MARIJUANA! Texas GOP you failed us, again! #txlege #BigGovernment #TurnTexasBlue @GregAbbott_TX @DanPatrick @RepDennisBonnen @SenLarryTaylor @RepEdThompson"
"Inbox: @BetoORourke will be in Houston this weekend for a protest outside @SouthwestKey and then he will hold a #Bandswithbeto event. @KXAN_News #txlege #tx2020 #2020Elections"
"""The Texas Workforce Commission’s recent regulatory action — and sidestep of the Texas Assembly — is a threat to democratic norms and a harbinger of a dangerous shift in American federalism."" @JessDKelley @aubsneal #txlege"
"Congratulations to these Phantom Warriors who are now retired! We are grateful for your service to our nation and our @forthood community. Godspeed on your next adventure! @iiicorps_cg #txlege #HD54 #TheGreatPlace"
"patrick names 2021 redistricting committee members: #txlege"
"Sex Ed in Texas Classrooms Could Be Getting an Update- Women On the Wall Communication Team Work-Study. #Txed #Txlege -"
"Glad to see @SenPaxton being named to this committee #txlege @FriscoChamber"
"Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick names the 2021 Redistricting Committee. 10 Republicans, 7 Democrats. Chair is @joanhuffman, R Vice chair: @TxChuy, D #txlege"
"Proud to partner w/ you amiga & always appreciative of your work in #txlege 👊🏽 @vote4ina"
"""A shortage of supportive services in #rural places can exacerbate existing health concerns..."" #txlege"
"@USCISCuccinelli You are a sick, evil, racist bigot. Your ignorance is clear: a White privileged racist who doesn’t even live near the border tries to demonize Latino immigrants fleeing gang violence, famine, poverty and seeking a legal claim of asylum! #txlege @ExpressNews @monitornews"
"Hide the evidence': New Texas law may help GOP keep secrets about its redistricting strategy #txlege"
"Was the Texas Legislature in a haze when it approved the hemp bill? #txlege"
"Leaks and accidents are inevitable. Despite what Kinder Morgan says, they do not have a good track record and we don't want this risk in the hill country. #txlege"
"Donating to my main ladies @ewarren and @KamalaHarris is important, but don't forget to donate to your fave down-ballot candidates too!! We can 100% turn the #txlege purple by taking the House (so plz donate to my boss below) (she is really great)"
"Congrats to Chair @joanhuffman and all members of 2021 redistricting committee as appointed by @LtGovTX who said ""This critical committee is bipartisan and includes senators from every region of our state."" #txlege"
"Always humbled when former Justices endorse my re-election effort. Thank you, Justice Hankinson. #jjb #txlege #justicejeffboyd"
"The groundbreaking for a new psychiatric hospital located in Harris County this week shows signs the state is moving in a forward direction when it comes to addressing mental health needs for Texans. Read more here: #txlege"
"We had a great time in Seattle for the NAMI National Convention! Otsuka, one of our long time sponsors and supporters invited us and our affiliate leaders out to breakfast. Thank you to @OtsukaUS for your continued support and belief in NAMI's mission! #otsuka #txlege"
"Our efforts this legislative session would not have been possible without the knowledge & leadership of our Chair, @RepMaryGonzalez. For her, #PrideMonth is a time to reflect on the opportunities ahead to institutionalize LGBTQ leadership & proactive legislation. #txlege"
"The Texas Hill Country is a special place. No pipeline is worth the risk it imposes on the land, the water, the landowners, residents and businesses. #txlege"
"I'm grateful to be appointed to the redistricting cmte. Texans of all political stripes are demanding election integrity, which must start w/ #fairmaps. Voters deserve for us to finally get this right. #txlege"
"Cities along the #border bear the brunt of #BorderCrisis. They aren't getting much help from D.C. say leaders in McAllen. #txlege"
".@JulianCastro heading to Clint on Saturday w/ @RepMaryGonzalez to see migrant detention facilities, per Gonzalez's office #txlege"
"Read my OP-ED — #SB2 gives property tax power to the people. #txlege"
"The Texas DPS Troopers Foundation is proud to report that its 2019 Scholarship Committee as awarded scholarships totaling just over $50,000. Since 2010 The Texas DPS Troopers Foundation has given out over $501,728 in scholarships to 946 recipients. #txlege"
"Texas Democrats need to flip the #txlege and establish an independent redistricting structure. Those of us who believe in our ideas should not be afraid of political competition! The Texas GOP is terrified of political competition."
"Every child with a disability deserves to have access to special education services that meet their needs. This session, I was able to expand TEA’s $50 million exceptional item to include extended school year services, as well as the cost of evaluations. #txlege #txed #140in40"
"Almost didn't recognize two of my three favorite Generals (dressed in plain clothes today-Generals Flynn and Nichols) Always great seeing them! General Bodisch, did you not get the memo? 😂😂🤠🤠 #txlege #86Interim #DPSOA #DPSOARegion"
"Thank you to @IrvingChamber for hosting the #ILCCLegRecap with Sen. @KHancock4TX, Sen. @NathanForTexas, Rep. @TerryforTexas, and Rep. @juliejohnsonTX. #txlege"
"Our neighbors in #NewMexico have done away with the #DeathPenalty. Here in TX, the House passed multiple meaningful reforms only to see them fall apart and fail in the Senate. It’s past time we address this issue in a real way. #txlege #CJReform CC: @leachfortexas @DougDeason"
"Thankful to have more data on how many veterans our 20+ Texas Veteran Treatment Courts are reaching. #SB1180, which was sponsored by Rep @raylopezfortx, will allow us to better help our #veterans! #Menendez4TX #txlege"
"Hey y’all- this was my day today! Super proud. #TXLege"
"Texas has a new law, passed with little notice, that critics say is designed to keep redistricting-related emails and discussions secret. #fairmaps #txlege"
"This surprises no one who follows #txlege ."
"""For those who cannot seem to grasp the reason behind our discontent, conservative grassroots leaders and activists across Texas are not happy because…"" Read more from @GAWTP's Executive Director, JoAnn Fleming: #txlege"
"@Scavino45 #G20 #fossilfuelsG20 #talktexasoil @VP @POTUS @SenTedCruz #txlege"
".@BetoORourke gives nod to @GinaForAustin and to the @texasdemocrats shot at taking the #txlege House. @KXAN_News"
"More people worry about getting #surprisebills than they do about paying for food, gas, or prescription drugs, according to a recent @KaiserFamFound poll. Texas lawmakers addressed the problem this session by ending surprise billing in many cases. #txlege"
"O’Rourke going in on the #TXLege for the gerrymandering of the district maps. Say maps were drawn@and bills passed to stop minorities and young folks from voting."
".@BetoORourke recognizes @GinaForAustin, fresh off Miami trip for surrogate duty. If we work hard, O'Rourke says, she will be ""one of our extraordinary leaders in the majority in the state Capitol after 2020."" #txlege"
".@ScholzGartenATX reports to @BetoORourke campaign that 1,100 people were at his event. @KXAN_News #txlege #2020PresidentialElection"
"Now at @JulianCastro event at Cheer Up Charlie’s. @KXAN_News #txlege"
".@MannyGarciaTX begins @JulianCastro event. @KXAN_News #txlege"
"Looks like #txlege Rep. @BucyForTexas will introduce @JulianCastro. @KXAN_News"
"Proud to introduce my friend @JulianCastro at an event in support of @texasdemocrats tonight! #election2020 #txdems #txlege"
".@JulianCastro speaks to @texasdemocrats at Cheer Up Charlie’s in downtown Austin. @KXAN_News #txlege"
"I told you I was serious. #txlege"
".@austintexasgov approves outdoors camping by homeless persons ... except at City Hall #txlege"
"“Open borders is a right wing talking point,” Castro says, mentioning the massive resources spent on border security, including $800m from #TxLege . “We need to abolish sec 1325”"
".@JulianCastro notes how 9 out of 10 candidates on night two of #DemDebates2020 supported his idea of decriminalizing crossing the border. @KXAN_News #txlege"
"“A few months ago they were writing me off as the other Texan in this race. Not anymore. I am THE Texan in this race,” said @JulianCastro. Taking swipe at @BetoORourke. #2020Elections #txlege #tx2020"
"I’m just happy our CFO isn’t promising things that can’t be delivered. #txlege Published that info and it stated districts had to meet certain criteria including growth rates, Teacher Pat for test scores, etc. @KleinISD thnx for responsible budgeting."
"While waiting on a plane in Dallas the following songs were played in order: “Informer” by Snow “Unbelievable” by EMF “Be My Lover” by La Bouche On a somewhat related note, I have just successfully traveled through time. #TimeTravel #txlege"
".@GOP has statement on @JulianCastro and @BetoORourke campaigning in Texas. @KXAN_News #txlege"
"To also see his comments in text visit #straitofhormuz #opec #shalerevolution or on @LinkedIn #G20 #txlege #crude_quality _matters"
"The protection of children is beyond political parties. @MALCTx has sent around a non-partisan letter (to be released soon) that has Texas leaders of both parties that are willing to stand together to say we care and we expect better. That is the first step. #txlege"
"Not sure the intent of this article. Unless I’m missing something, it appears @AnniesListTX has their act together. #txlege #Election2020"
"There is so much to do on this issue, and you are right @ktnote that a tweet is not enough (which we have seen a lot of). But I do think signing a letter with colleagues of both parties - is a first step. An official move to add your name and move beyond the politics #txlege"
"Too bad Speaker Bonnen, LT Gov Patrick, & @GregAbbott_TX didn't get the memo. Their 'bully pulpit' was silent this session on our legislative priorities & the Democrats got what they wanted. We need a #SpecialSession to protect our monuments & get our priorities passed! #txlege"
"@DiegoBernalTX @RepMattKrause @jamestalarico @ktnote @Castro4Congress @RepEscobar @joekennedy @RepMaryGonzalez @CesarJBlanco @JaredLPatterson @charliegeren .@MALCTx is working on a visit to the RGV to tour the ‘tent city’ that opened in Donna. We welcome all TX legislators to call on CBP to grant access #txlege @andoconmando39"
"Texas don't want anyone from the party of child sacrifice to lead on anything. Christians are against abortion because it's wrong, but it's the only thing @texasdemocrats fight for besides the illegals. #txlege"
"This. #txlege"
"Uh hu ... get real. #shelbycounty #Census2020 #ReproductiveJustice #CriminalJusticeReform #couldgoon #txlege"
"@realXica @1ZanyGirl Debate? I agree! #txlege"
"I got to spend some time at the Zeta Amicae 52nd Annual Southern Regional Workshop Conference tonight. The Arlington chapter is hosting this year’s conference, and I’m glad I could recognize their service to the community. #txlege"
"@chiproytx @brandondarby Great job! Brandon has a better understanding of the issue than anyone I know. #BorderSecurity #txlege"
"Inconsiderate dude starts tugging match with @BetoORourke at Austin rally before security intercedes, interrupting speech @bobphoto #DemocraticCandidates #txlege"
"Dueling Democratic rallies -- one free and one not -- in Austin Friday nite as presidential candidates @BetoORourke and @JulianCastro compete forTexas votes @bobphoto #txlege #DemocraticDebates #DemocraticDebate2020 #DemocraticDebate"
"What did @JulianCastro + @BetoORourke do tonight when both were in Austin? Julián headlined a fundraiser to raise money for the Texas Democratic Party, while O’Rourke threw a party for himself at a beer garden. True to form. #txlege"
"Oh boy the battle of the 1-2% Presidential Texas candidates who could never win a statewide race in #txsen or #txlege"
"If there is nothing to hide, access should be welcome. #txlege #RGV"
"#txlege Lets just end it! Its not fiscally conservative! Its not Christian! It is definitely not a deterrent! And we cant undo it when we get it wrong, and we HAVE gotten wrong! One innocent death, is all the justification we will ever need to end it! We have many!"
"@RepMattKrause @jamestalarico @ktnote @Castro4Congress @RepEscobar @joekennedy @RepMaryGonzalez @DiegoBernalTX @JaredLPatterson @charliegeren Update? Come join us. #txlege"
"Yes they are. My wifes uncle is BP, he is salt of the Earth. #txlege #RGV"
"Yes they are. My wifes uncle is BP, he is salt of the Earth. #txlege #RGV"
"Its not Christian! Its not Conservative! Its not a Deterrent! And we cannot undo it, when we get it wrong, and we HAVE gotten it wrong! One innocent death more than enough reason to abolish the death penalty! We have MANY innocents we hsve executed. #endit! #txlege"
"If the goal is to EFFICIENTLY deal with undocumented immigrants who have entered the United States, SEPARATING children from their parents only exacerbates the situation, and makes the goal more costly and inhumane. This is not CONSERVATIVE or CHRISTIAN! #txlege #RGV"
"@RepMattKrause @jamestalarico @ktnote @Castro4Congress @RepEscobar @joekennedy @RepMaryGonzalez @CesarJBlanco @DiegoBernalTX @JaredLPatterson @charliegeren Thank you Matt! You and several of your Republican colleagues such as @BriscoeCain, @leachfortexas, @charliegeren, @Burrows4TX, @JaredLPatterson and many others have shown a genuine concern, and I am proud to work with all of you to find a solution. #txlege"
"And @JulianCastro is the only Chicano in the race. #txlege"
"Migrants detail conditions in Texas #border #detention They don’t shower or brush their teeth for days. They watch their sick kids cough & cry through the night. Toilets so foul that kids can’t help but throw up inside of them #IMMIGRATION #TXlege #Asylum"
"Kudos to ⁦@HaysCISD: as they move to full day #prek for 4s, they are shifting their Head Start to serve 3 year olds. Smart use of funds to serve more kids. #txlege #txed"
"@KirkPWatson Hat dang! Cant think of a better person for that important task!!! #txlege"
"Today’s reminder that the next round of redistricting is nigh upon on - and, indeed, that the mechanics are already being put in place. #fairmaps #txlege"
"Texas falls short of protecting its troops (aka another bad veto by Gov. Abbott) #TXLege"
"@RafaelAnchia .@GovAbbott Regardless of intent, the bill as written could disqualify applicants from future military service and hurt service members. #Texas #txlege #military #recruiting #retention #Army #regulations"
"""Based on the overwhelming evidence...shows the difficulty or inability of the TCEQ to bring Formosa into compliance...” #txlege Federal judge rules against Formosa Plastics in Texas pollution case | The Texas Tribune"
"Cases like this are why many Texans simply don’t have confidence in the ability or willingness of TCEQ leadership to hold polluters accountable. I’m glad a federal judge did so for them. #txlege"
"@TerryCanales40 Maybe if some on the #txlege visited the men on #DeathRow...they would help us #EndTheDeathPenalty There is #Humanity on the row! It is real! And powerful!"
"""A law legalizing industrial hemp is having unintended consequences. Texans can look to Gov. Abbott to call a special session to fix the problem."" Read more from @TweetTonyMac: #txlege"
"U.S. Oil Output Tops 12 Million Barrels a Day for First Time. ""Booming shale production from places like the Permian basin of West Texas have enabled U.S. oil output to overtake Saudi Arabia and Russia."" soc_src=social-sh&soc_trk=tw #txlege"
"Healthcare in Texas: 1. TX GOP leaders lead effort to overturn ACA, throw millions off of insurance. 2. TX GOP leaders have no plan in event they succeed. 🤦🏻‍♂️ #txlege As Texas leads charge against Obamacare, state leaders work on backup plans"
"We know that the attacks from the left to take control of the Texas Supreme Court will be enormous in 2020. Help in my re-election by donating today! fundraising deadline for the first report is tomorrow. Donate today! Every dollar helps. #TXlege #jjb"
"ICYMI: Folks came for our voting rights and we said - Not today. Retweet if you agree, we need free and fair elections today right now. #txlege"
"Getting that morning run in at @lonestarcollege @AldineDistrict @AldineISD trails. It’s beautiful hike and bike trail for our community that provides avenues for better health. More good news to come. Stay tuned. #txlege #Aldine"
"#TXLEGE: If you still need proof this Chick-fil-a bill was a joke"
"We know that efforts to take control of the Texas Supreme Court to promote political policies will be enormous in 2020. Help my re-election effort. fundraising deadline for the first report is tomorrow. Donate today! Every dollar helps. #TXlege #jjb"
"The U.S. has more than doubled its #oil output over the last decade. Much of the growth is due to the #PermianBasin of West #Texas and New Mexico. In @WSJ : #txlege #oilandgas #permian"
"“(Austin) is a really appealing place for people to move to. The city itself is pretty special and pretty attractive to people."" You’re welcome, #txlege. #DontMessWithAustin #ifitaintbroke"
"Please see and share this statement from Alliance President Lee Ann Hampton,, on physicians filing a lawsuit so that they can dispense prescription drugs — an idea the Legislature considered in its recent session. #txlege"
"The @BellCountyYRs hosted another fantastic Coolidge Dinner this year with keynote speaker Rafael Cruz. Thank you BCYR’s for your commitment to conservative principles, especially among our young people. #txlege #HD54"
"ICYMI: Left Aggressively Working to Undermine Convictions #txlege"
"To our Vice Chair, @jessicafortexas, #PrideMonth is a time to amplify the voices & hard work of the LGBTQ community. Thank you Rep. González for your tireless advocacy of LGBTQ Texans, and your leadership in the TX House - you are paving the way for generations to come. #txlege"
"Redistricting #fairmaps #txlege #2020Election @FairMapsTexas @InKatyHuddle @LWVTexas @Lita2327 @LWVHouston @RPaoli"
"Grateful for the opportunity to serve on the #txlege 2021 redistricting committee. I hope to see a bipartisan effort to ensure all Texans are fairly represented. Thank you @LtGovTX for the appointment."
"Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap (Galatians 6:7) #Txlege"
"""95% of the 17-year-olds arrested in Texas were behind bars for nonviolent offenses. And yet, all of them ended up in the adult system."" @statesman @nilabala3 #CJreform #JJreform #txlege"
"We're targeting anti-abortion extremists in 2020 with @naraltx, @PPTXVotes, and @_deedsnotwords! (One already down with Stickland's announcement this week 😏) #txlege"
"I agree with @Clark_Ealy. I am also certain @dintersmith is aware that public schools (ISD and charter in #txed) are at mercy of both federal and state graduation requirements and related accountability punishments/rewards. Thus the change has to begin in #txlege and congress."
"Kiki’s list of things he likes to do. #txlege #WalleUnit"
"After the retirement announcement of @RepStickland, a former Bedford city councilman put his name in the running for the HD 92 seat: #txlege #tx2020"
"@DianeRavitch Unbelievable. 😡 Everyone MUST read the’s worse than “stifling” liberal arts. One billionaire has “destroyed” TU for the benefit of “the workforce” — Billionaires taking control of democratically-elected officials. It is happening in #Texas, too. #TxEd 🍎 #TxLege"
"so happy to see julián meeting up with local reps to check out these facilities. so happy to see local reps doing their own digging into this situation. session might be over, but your jobs don't end there. #txlege"
"State representatives @RepMaryGonzalez, @CesarJBlanco, and @moodyforelpaso are elected officials *currently* serving the people of Texas. If they're being kept out of these facilities, what's going on in there? What are they hiding? #txlege"
"I’m not saying that my son @JPFree15 is optimistic, but when I told him that he was a “glass half-full person”, he told me that’s because his cup is 3/4 full. #txlege"
"@txlegequeens @AngelaPaxtonTX @CarolforTexas @joanhuffman @DonnaCampbellTX @SenJaneNelson @DrBuckinghamTX @JudithZaffirini @beverlypowelltx @loiskolkhorst @GregAbbott_TX @RepDennisBonnen @terrycanales @CeliaIsrael @lina4texas @SafeRoadsNow @TxDOTCommission @BrooksLandgraf @KHancock4TX @TxChuy 6/ JUN2019 In Memory of the Victims Sadly Killed on #TexasHighways 🌹🌹R.I.P. 🌹🌹 #BretRendleman 30 Ferris (pedestrian fm Dittmer MO) #KendrickEdwards 29 (street racer?) and #JailonMurphy 23 (innocent-bystander driver), 2 killed in Dallas street-racing? crash #TxLege #TxDOT"
"Texas Republicans might have forgotten how off-the-charts unconventional their presumed nominee for president has been with the donations they're making now to Democrat Marianne Williamson as a way of mocking her kooky debate performance this week.#txlege"
"@tterragnoj @amandalitman @runforsomething In #txlege they don’t even earn a living wage when elected; only about $7,000 per year. It’s a system rigged to only allow the independently wealthy to afford to run and serve. That’s why Democrats are fighting hard to retake the House, to give themselves a much deserved raise."
"@MinorityAffairs @Kirkland_Ellis @united . @RepKatiePorter challenged this government official on his time working for an SPLC-designated hate group @JohnCornyn allows trump to appoint gay-hating freaks to the CPFB so they can deny loans to gay people. #txlege @DBrandewie"
"@MinorityAffairs .@RepKatiePorter challenged this government official on his time working for an SPLC-designated hate group @JohnCornyn approves of trump-appointed bigots rigging the system against gay borrowers. @DBrandewie #txlege @DallasBarAssoc @thehba @theaustinbar"
"@TexYoungLawyers @ChangemakerChat @MLConfections ‘Do you agree with those views?’ — @RepKatiePorter challenged this government official on his time working for an SPLC-designated hate group @TeamCornyn @texasdemocrats #txlege"
"The June issue of Texas+Water features interviews of @RepLyleLarson & @electcharles about water & the 86th Texas Legislature, the Outlook for #Texas Water, & the Talk+Water podcast about water technology startups with Erin Keys: #txwater #txlege"
"Today I met the folks of @FDRofTC . How cool are they?!? An honor and a privilege to get to know you, thank you for what you are doing!! #txlege"
"""Today we are celebrating one of the biggest victories for Texas kids in recent memory: Governor Abbott just signed #HB3, the school finance bill that funds full-day #prek,"" via @putkids1st. #txlege"
"NEW: @GovAbbott signs #SaveChickfilA bill into law. #txlege #SB1978"
"And most of all, thank you to two of the bravest people I know: Karen & Sierra, two survivors who used their stories to advocate for and create change! #txlege"
".@paulfsimpson says @dtrautman’s proposed Harris County joint primary “would empower the bureaucrats and, worse, let one party's workers run the other party's primary election ... running the risk of disenfranchising, inconveniencing, and confusing voters.” #txlege"
"Working hard to understand HB3 🤣🤣 #ADayInSchoolPr #SchoolPR #txlege"
"Government transparency advocates say the bill will repair Texas’ strongly watered-down public information laws #txlege"
"Ever consider the irony of NRA/TSRA calling @momsdemand paid astroturf in light of their board members' self enrichment schemes? I've never been paid a dime- I'm a volunteer. TX NRA members better look long & hard at their corrupt leadership. Just pitiful. #txlege @texastribune"
"It's been 100 years since Congress passed the 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote. And even after all this time, voting rights are still under attack in our state. #VoterSuppression #txlege"
"Honored to join @GovAbbott in the signing of #HB3 which provides property tax relief, teacher pay increases, and moving away from Robin Hood. It was a monumental day for school finance reform and for Texas taxpayers! #TXlege"
"I am so proud of my friend Elizabeth Myers for representing these brave women. #txlege"
"@TexasTribune We seriously spent time drafting and enacting this ""law""?! What a colossal waste of time and ridiculous we have to legislate lemonade stands. Good job Rs, you just inserted Gov't in everyday life. #VoteThemOut #txlege"
"You were awesome @GeneforTexas! Thanks for making this bill even better. And giving us one of the greatest moments of the session in the process! #txlege"
"@GregAbbott_TX has signed an $11.6 billion bill to increase public education spending and reduce property taxes! Many teachers may receive raises and Texans will be getting the tax break they deserve. #txlege"
"We’re here for it. #PeoplesImpeachment #txlege #tx2020"
"Congratulations, Dr. Jennifer Cantu, Democrat for Fort Bend County Commissioner Pct. 1 on a great kickoff! Let’s get this done in 2020!! #fortbend #fortbendcounty #txlege #txed #Democrats #vote #commissioner @texasdemocrats @texasyds @BoldProgressive @AnniesListTX @Texans4E @BGTX"
"Ken was my friend and mentor in navigating the #txlege in Austin for many years on behalf of my profession when I was in leadership of NAIFA-Texas IFAPAC. I will greatly miss our phone calls on politics."
"@ChrissieKeffler @KIM4erteach @cjtackett @robhenneke @moderate2severe @Beckerkcb @TexasGOP @RivardReport I doth protest too much...which is why is @TPPF's local agenda sailed through #txlege. We eliminated rolling polling, required ballot box transparency, restricted unused bond proceeds and got ISDs to offer separate ballot props. Y-U-G-E!"
"💯 This is awesome! #Lemonade #txlege 🍋❣️"
"Reasonably Suspicious, June 2019 episode: 2019 #txlege roundup, Dallas cops' racist Facebook posts, and are 'progressive prosecutors' really a thing? - Legal News"
"TX Gov. Greg Abbott Signs Bill Banning Funding of Abortion Providers Thank you @GovAbbott for signing Senate Bill 22 into law! TX taxpayers are now protected from subsidizing abortion providers & affiliates thru state & local tax dollars, #txlege #prolife"
"I don't do shit I'm giving out $1000 to just 15 to dm, rt and like. Drop your cash app and become my baby and I'll make your allowance my first priority every week.#Sugardaddy #SugarDaddySerious #sugardaddydating #NewMusic #AdaWong #blockchain #Arizona #girl #bikinigirl #txlege"
"I don't do shit I'm giving out $1000 to just 15 to dm, rt and like. Drop your cash app and become my baby and I'll make your allowance my first priority every week.#Sugardaddy #SugarDaddySerious #sugardaddydating #NewMusic #AdaWong #blockchain #Arizona #girl #bikinigirl #txlege"
"I don't do shit I'm giving out $1000 to just 15 to dm, rt and like. Drop your cash app and become my baby and I'll make your allowance my first priority every week.#Sugardaddy #SugarDaddySerious #sugardaddydating #NewMusic #AdaWong #blockchain #Arizona #girl #bikinigirl #txlege"
"Great tribute to Chris Ritter (AKA Ma) last night on the @TrailerParkShow. Chris and James (Pokey) were married for 41 years and she produced the show since it started in 1998. We're headed to San Antonio this morning to celebrate her life and lay her to rest. @TravisGOP #txlege"
"Question: would this bill protect religious cult leaders who promote Child abuse, sex with children, child labor, etc.? Growing Up Under Koresh: Cult Children Tell of Abuses - NY Times Please let us Texans know after dinner. #txlege"
"Elections matter. Keep voting. #txed #txlege #vote"
"10/ How did we get here? The law came from a 3-page amendment to a 311-page bill in 2003. It was discussed for all of 5 minutes. #txlege"
"""I love showing Texans that when your governor, your lieutenant governor and your speaker say, 'We're going to be a team,' we do great things."" --Speaker @RepDennisBonnen @GregAbbott_TX #txlege"
"The Governor is signing bills every day, which means we're updating our end-of-session blog post for you every morning! Click to see the progress we've made on reducing mass incarceration in Texas--and how far we still have to go. #txlege #cjreform"
"Notably absent from celebratory signing of the property tax bill today: author @TeamBettencourt—who, late in the session, was critical of a @GregAbbott_TX proposal to raise the sales tax to buy down property taxes. A source familiar tells me Bettencourt was not invited. #txlege"
"We're excited to announce Daniela Rojas from @joltinitiative as one of the speakers for our Legislative recap on 6/27! Daniela will be chatting with us about what went down with elections and voting 🗳️during the #txlege session. RSVP now 👉"
"sen. bettencourt reportedly not invited to the signing ceremony for sb2 : #txlege"
"So the #txlege will never legalize marijuana as ""recreational"", but they can let parents that read a facebook post before going to bed about how ""vAcCiNeS r BaD"" send their kids to school without vaccinations. Every day I thank the man upstairs that I was born before FB."
"Just a reminder that as temperatures rise — often into the 100s — this summer, most Texas prisons do not have air conditioning. #txlege"
"Legislation has been signed to cap property taxes and provide tax reform to homeowners and businesses across Texas. #txlege"
"@SenTedCruz @JimBridenstine @ChmnMendelson @margotshetterly #texas #austin #dallas #houston #tamu #UTAustin #TXlege #TXpolitics #DallasCowboys #ChooseCruz #CruzCrew #KeepTexasRed #maga Cruz; You support a president who is - Criminal - Immoral - Unfit for office mentally - Favors the rich over the middle class"
"@WilsonCalvert @allynwest I mean, you’re correct too. Just important to note that the people very clearly voted to prioritize spending on things like expanding I-45 & @RodneyEllis & I tried to warn the people not to do it that way. But yeah #txlege perhaps tricked the people into it."
"@KevinRobertsTX: “The state of the taxpayer is strained. But we did make progress this session.” #txlege"
"""Texas has reported 15 confirmed cases of measles so far in 2019, six more than in all of 2018."" This is what happens when we have lawmakers in the #txlege who think vaccine research is “sorcery.”"
"Did you know that $41 million of taxpayer dollars were spent in the 85th legislative session to lobby AGAINST the taxpayer? #SOTT19 #txlege @ChuckDeVore"
"TFR's @CaryCheshireTX joined @ChrisSalcedoTX this week to discuss the 2019 #txlege session & the #TFRIndex. If you missed it, listen here:"
"Yep. Your money is being used against you. #TPPF worked on ending taxpayer-funded lobbying this session, but the watered down bill was killed in the #txhouse. We look forward to working with @GregAbbott_TX in the 87th to end this practice. #SOTT19 #txlege @ChuckDeVore"
"We have a PACKED house in San Antonio! Sad you’re missing all the fun? This is just the first stop on our State of the Taxpayer tour. Check out our events page to see when we’re coming to your city! #SOTT19 #tcot #txlege"
"We’re very excited to say that 4 bills have been made law in the state of Texas, most importantly SB 1564 pertaining to opioid exemptions and HB 3405 task force. #txlege"
"@rkecseg84 I’d be more worried about how Timmy Dunn measures legislative advocacy proficiency. #txlege"
"Measles cases are increasing in Texas. The state’s broad vaccine exemption law, which allows parents to claim “conscientious exemptions”, has seen non-medical exemptions for kindergarteners spike by nearly 2 percentage points over the last decade. #txlege"
"Tyranny. Brought to you by your friendly-neighborhood Republicans #txlege"
"🦅Dear Cyber Space Community; Please Read: Human Nation! :) #ShaziBlog #Venezuela #Politics #Education #Txlege @VenezuelaInUS @LatinoUSA @NPR @CNNPolitics @nytimeses @nytpolitics @NBCLatino @HAHR21 @UN"
"Senator José Menéndez Passes Bill Establishing Holocaust Remembrance Week in Public Schools Across Texas - See full press release here: #Menendez4TX #txlege"
"Trump backed off his tariff threat, but this Texas border town is still feeling the pain: ""Importing fruits and vegetables, it's like importing a trailer of dynamite with a wick on it... You cannot hold it."" #txlege"
"""New Texas Law, First in Nation, Helps Victims of Coerced Debt Access Identity Theft Protections"" — Our blog explains more about this new law that we advocated for during the @86thLegislature #coerceddebt #domesticviolence #txlege"
"Texas allows parents to get their children exemptions from vaccines for ""reasons of conscience."" Use our lookup tool to see how exemption rates have changed in school districts and private schools across the state. #txlege"
"""New Texas Law, First in Nation, Helps Victims of Coerced Debt Access Identity Theft Protections"" — Our blog explains more about this new law that we advocated for during Texas' 86th legislative session #coerceddebt #DomesticAbuse @86thLegislature #txlege"
"At the signing ceremony for HB 2496, a bipartisan bill that helps reform how historic designations work in Texas. Thank you @JCyrier for working with me on an amendment to alleviate affordability issues facing many of our African American churches #txlege"
"I am so proud that the Property Tax Reform & Relief Act has been signed into law by @GovAbbott! Reining in skyrocketing property taxes for Texas homeowners has always been my top priority — #SB2 will save Texans thousands of dollars in property taxes in the coming years. #txlege"
"Happy you read my tweets, @Burrows4TX. You may use my photo, but please attribute @texasscorecard or @EmpowerTexans. Thank you! #txlege"
"Kids in Texas can now legally pay for their own healthcare by working at lemonade stands. #Texas #txlege"
"When u pander to anti vaxxers #txlege: “Obviously we didn’t ever imagine what would happen,” Estes, a Republican from Prosper, told The Texas Tribune. “With what’s happened recently, I would encourage the legislature in the future to revisit that issue.”"
"Thanks @TeamBettencourt for fighting for taxpayers w #SB2, even while the Texas House spent all of 2017 killing a similar bill u authored. And now they’re taking all the credit while ignoring you! #txlege"
"A quiet surprise of the 86th Legislature was the failure of many of the Christian right’s priorities. #txlege"
".@roundrock CFO says city needs to raise fees in the wake of property tax reform. ""With #SB2...we’ll have to reevaluate our fees — our development fees, parks fees."" Remarks highlight the need for a comprehensive local spending limit. #txlege #tcot @TPPF"
"Thank you Governor @GregAbbott_TX for signing two bills I sponsored into law! #txlege #86thLegislature #sd24"
"CA's new budgeted investments for early childhood are huge and spread across the early learning system. With Texas's smart investment in full day #prek through the school funding formula, big wins for kids in two big states. #txlege"
"For several sessions, Chairman @GFColeman has led the effort the criminalize hate crimes committed against LGBTQ Texans. We're so proud to have him as an ally & official member. We look forward to enacting proactive legislation alongside him! Check out his response below. #txlege"
"“Abbott stated that school districts have a 2.5% hard cap...meaning they do not have the ability to ask voters for an increase higher than that set rate.” @bradj_TX on #txlege presser today."
"Proud of Rep @GFColeman! And thankful that I have such a strong #ally as my Rep. #trans #TransVisible #transhealth #txlege"
"Use our lookup tool to see how vaccine exemption rates have changed in school districts and private schools across the state. #txlege"
"“SB 2 places a cap on the increase in rates for school districts and local governments and includes an efficiency audit for ISDs.” #txlege"
"Follow up piece to this, #ChickfilA bill, and the 2020 elections coming soon! #txlege #Texan"
"Cruz, Ocasio-Cortez could team up to legalize over-the-counter birth control #txlege"
"“There will be a terrible measles epidemic in Texas, and children will be hospitalized in intensive care units, just like they are in New York right now. That will wake up the state Legislature to realize that there's a problem...” #txlege"
"It was a great honor to attend the bill signing for the TX Property Tax Reform and Transparency Act this morning, and help return the power to the people of Texas to approve their tax increases. #txlege #RGV #HD40"
"KEEP IT COMING GREG !! #txlege"
"Thank you to @GregAbbott_TX, @DanPatrick, @RepBonnen, and all 180 state legislators of the @TexasHouse and Senate for your commitment to reforming our school finance system this session. #txlege #txed #thxtxlege"
"Colorado just made a billion dollars off marijuana. Billion. That's with B! Remember, we don't get any of that. Thank the #txlege for that, and especially @DanPatrick & @GovAbbott @GregAbbott_TX of the @TexasGOP."
".@DonnaCampbellTX Please support the The Free to Believe Act and The First Amendment Defense Act. Everyone in Texas, including Christian owned businesses like .@ChickfilA, should be #FreeToBelieve! #txlege #religiousfreedom #HB1035 #HB3172 #SB1978"
"Please support the The Free to Believe Act and The First Amendment Defense Act. Everyone in Texas, including Christian owned businesses like .@ChickfilA, should be #FreeToBelieve! #txlege #religiousfreedom #HB1035 #HB3172 #SB1978"
"Texas Just Keeps Getting Freer. Here Are 5 New Laws That Give Texans More Liberty. And, there's more where that came from. #txlege"
"@DonnaHowardTX @AOC @SenJaneNelson ❤️ this! 🙋🏻‍♀️ I’m in too! #Bipartisanship is not a dirty word. #txlege"
"😂 LOL, 106 budget amendments is nothing. Glad @RepChipRoy is actually making the House click a button to further drive Americans into debt; at the #txlege they gave up and just passed the budget at midnight. Would wish for the same if it were balanced..."
"Reminder: The Russians TRIED to collude with the Trump administration. Trump was just too stupid to recognize the offers. | #tcot #collusion #Trump #txpolitics #txlege #Russia @realDonaldTrump"
"@szaafran @NoSurpriseGap Representing @TSAPAC @ASAGrassroots @TSAPhysicians @ASALifeline well! #insurancefail #insurancegap #txlege #PatientCare #hcldr #hcsm #healthcare #healthcarereform"
"Families reunited by teen in his spare time. C'mon #txlege. Seriously still clinging to myths? Sealed records cannot keep someone anonymous for life. Keeping info locked away just guarentees a more public style search method. Restore our dignity. #equality"
"Dallas, TX: ""This Texas Lawyer Flies Marshallese Women Through Hawaii For Black Market Adoptions"" #txlege"
"#Texas #txlege"
"Wow. You have uncovered the secret conspiracy behind planned public media events. You are a legend. #TxLege"
"18-yr-old was out on bond on a murder charge when he shot an 11-yr-old w/an assault rifle. #ThursdayThoughts **maybe it's too easy 4 ppl w/dangerous records to get their hands on guns in America? Food for thought, #txlege. @MomsDemand"
"Keeping inner city kids locked into failed schools to protect the #txed status quo is the real shame here. No electoral threats will stop #Texas Conservatives from fighting to give these kids more choices! Bring on 2021. #txlege #tcot @TPPF"
"More Democrats in the House lead to better policy outcomes for Texas. #txlege"
"There are a couple of things we are working on, with more news to come. Meanwhile, here is a copy of the Senator's news release from last week. #txlege"
"The same Democrat @RepDennisBonnen picked to be his Speaker Pro Tempore, still seems to maintain hateful accusations from last session: #txlege"
"Thank you @TexasTribune for hosting this post-session recap in Dallas #txlege #dallas #communitiesofdallas"
"We’re thrilled to be in Dallas at CFT to hear from @jessicafortexas @AngieChenButton @NathanForTexas and @MorganMeyerTX with the @TexasTribune. #ttevents #txlege"
"Chairwoman @AngieChenButton emphasizes the need to support #research and #TRIP funding for our #NTX emerging research #universities such as @UTDallasNews, @utarlington, and @UNTsocial. This #txlege, NTX didn’t get additional funds to cover the backlog of matching state funds."
"City officials in Amarillo are debating taking advantage of an amendment to HB 1631, this #txlege session's red-light camera ban:"
"Gov. Abbott signed SB 2 yesterday - dealing with property taxes. Interesting note: Sen. Bettencourt who authored the bill was apparently not invited to the bill signing. #txlege #propertytaxes"
"HAPPENING TODAY: A @txsboe committee will vote on Royal Public Schools. It's founded by the same forces behind Harmony Public Schools. Harmony is the one of the biggest charter operators in Texas. New charter operator targets @AustinISD #txlege #txed"
"#HappyFathersDay #FathersDay2019 @pbsparents @parentsmagazine @ATX_Family #txleg #txlege @CFRPlbj @nasw @NASWTX #socialworkers"
"#txlege @86thLegislature"
"Under #SB11, districts will receive new funds for safety initiatives including funds for planning, security personnel, mental health services, and the creation of threat assessment teams. #TXed #txlege"
"I coauthored this bill by Representative Tracy O. King b/c it gives Texas farmers another crop option. It also clarifies that hemp products such as CBD oil are legal with a concentration of no more than 0.3 percent THC. #hemp #txlege"
"Wow! There goes @BetoORourke shot at HUD....O'Rourke: Joe Biden a return to the past, country can ""do far better"" The guy is attacking his own party leaders. #TXLege #FITN #2%Problems"
"""...(Travis CAD) ARB Chairman Betty Thompson said that evidence not being heard would impact tax revenues for schools and emergency services."" CADs more interested in tax revenue rather than appraising property! cc: #txlege @86thLegislature @Burrows4TX"
"Only 9 House seats to go, Texas! #txlege"
"@scottbraddock addresses the post-#txlege session elephant in room: retirements. ""In 2010, the most recent election leading to a redistricting year, only 8 left of their own accord. As a friend said recently, 'Redistricting tends to hold them here.'"""
"When children are placed in federal custody, it is imperative that they are protected and supported. Cutting crucial activities & resources such as English classes, outdoor recreation and legal aide to unaccompanied minors is unacceptable. #txlege"
"Hey #txlege I was thinking of how we can continue to fund #txed and this popped up. Seems like a good idea to me."
"I love the divisive “five men” headline. So ridiculous. It’s the City Council, you morons. #Agenda #TXLege #JournalismIsDead #Abortion"
"Email your member of Congress TODAY & ask him or her to join colleagues expressing disappointment at the Trump administration's inaction on pharmacy DIR. The administration has studied this issue extensively. Your frustration needs to be heard. #txlege"
"After Texas Republicans tackled big challenges in the legislative session, they face another one: Saving themselves. Here's @PatrickSvitek on how efforts to keep/flip the Texas House are taking shape ahead of a key election for #txlege redistricting:"
"If we based legislative passage on the number of people that testified for and against bills, then none of these #txlege bills would have become law: All anti-abortion bills. All anti-LGBT bills. All anti-union bills. All voter suppression bills. Etc..."
"I, for one, look forward to the improved educational outcomes that this will produce. More money = better results, right? #txlege #txed #tcot @TPPF"
"As educators & supporters of #TxEd, we organized & #MarchedToThePolls to #VoteEducationFirst, #MarchedToTheCapital, made calls, sent emails, showed up in #TxLege offices to demand $ for ISD’s to provide raise$. Now, we organize locally. Great job @EdAustin_TX! #TeamTSTA #RedForEd"
"@TXSBOE @AustinISD She also said Royal's charter school application doesn't budget for counselors, which are necessary to implement SEL. She said Austin ISD is the leader of SEL in the country. #txlege #txed"
"@TXSBOE @AustinISD She also noted that in the Royal application, they plan to serve far fewer SPED and ELL kids than what Austin ISD schools in the area serve. #txlege #txed"
"@TXSBOE @AustinISD Board member Ruben Cortez said he won't be voting for Royal Public Schools. I'm also hearing some objection from at least two other board members. Even if the cmte doesn't recommend Royal today, the rest of the @TXSBOE could still consider it tomorrow. #txlege #txed"
"Organized vote harvesting schemes like this are why the #TXLege proposed higher penalties for filing fraudulent voter registration applications. This type of #VoterFraud may be ""common"" in the #Texas #RGV, but it's a crime and it needs to stop."
"#TXLEGE: 88% of Texans, including supermajorities of all parties, apparently isn't sufficient ""public support."""
"Great job @Joann1025 #texasfuelstheworld! #texasalliance #txlege"
"@GeneforTexas had a three line bill fell to the anti-science extremists of the #txlege #VaccinesWork"
"Ditch the computer lab....deploy a stem lab. Don't worry its Turnkey. You select the space we do the rest. Learn how at our exhibit 224 @TASPP1 #taspp #Txprincipals #Txlege #Txedchat #txstem #txstemed #txedchat #txteachers #GirlsIncDallas #WomenWhoCode #txgirlsinstem"
"The City Council District 4 legacy team, with newly elected Dr. Adriana Garcia joining the ranks! Special thanks to @COSAGOV Mayor @Ron_Nirenberg and the City Council for recognizing the Bexar County delegation today. #TXLege @Menendez4Texas @TMFtx @rey4sa"
".@RivardReport: @COSAGOV loading up on lobbyists. ""The prior budget for all lobby consultants was $270,000, but the new budget allows $345,000, which includes $120,000 from the Airport Enterprise Fund..."" #txlege #tcot @TPPF"
"I ❤️ my #LoneStarState, but I ❤️ my Governor @GregAbbott_TX even more because, day by day, he is making #Texas a better place to live in! #txlege #MAGA God bless America! 🙏🏼❤️🇺🇸🙏🏼"
".@carlos_glezgtez is right: “One of the lessons he has learned from his four years as consul general, he said, has been that Texas isn't playing the role it can and should in U.S.-Mexico relations.” #txlege"
"Your engagement helped move the needle in districts across the state. This is a great first step. But, we are just getting started! #txed #txlege #vote #justfundittx #txed #txlege #vote #justfundittx"
"For info on all the bills @GregAbbott_TX is signing now, check out #txlege"
".@theblaze: ""Now, the representing the brothers in a #1A harassment suit against the township, claiming that since going to the press about their situation, local authorities have engaged in bureaucratic retaliation against them."" #txlege #tcot"
"Some Democrats are mobilizing in hopes of taking the nine House seats they need for a majority in 2020, as Republican House Speaker Dennis Bonnen tries to prevent intra-GOP challenges in the primaries. #txlege"
"Also, FYI — The 2021 #txlege redistricting process will likely kick into gear while we're still waiting for a final resolution on the work from the last redistricting cycle. Voting rights life without Section 5:"
"What are you gonna do for 2020? #9seats #txlege"
"@TXSBOE @AustinISD He applauds that reading is part of Royal's curriculum that includes STEM and SEL, which he said is innovative. ""We ought to give them a shot."" #txlege #txed"
"I think my favorite part of post-#txlege session is going back and seeing who co-authored bills after they were definitively dead. I see y'all."
"@teainfo reporting that hundreds of thousands of #Texas parents logging onto the #STAAR portal & getting students results! @GovernorAbbott & @MikeMorath pub ed transparency working. #txlege #txed @statesman @dallasnews @mySA @quorumreport @TexasTribune"
"ICYMI - My op-ed on how the #txlege led by the Texas GOP is letting corporations off the hook... and making us pay."
". @BetoORourke, YOU would defeat Cornyn. Texas is on the brink of a legislative overhaul. We are flush with thousands of California transplants whom if mobilized properly could enact lasting and powerful changes. Your leadership would be paramount to a balanced agenda. #txlege"
"This, no doubt, will happen in EP County. Isn't SB2 supposed to provide taxpayer relief? We'll now have to pay higher interest rates on our debt, which means higher taxes. Just another example of how the #txlege is full of it. #SB2 #notaxrelief #tellthetruth #localcontrol"
"Good Afternoon #txlege"
"@TXAG’s Office is joining the appeal of a judge’s ruling that will deny good insurance to thousands of American workers. That ruling banned Association Health Plans. #Healthcare The ruling that bans Association Health Plans will harm American families. #txlege"
"The ever-wise @CollierForTexas on #txlege: As long as lawmakers bow to the big corporate interests the numbers Will. Not. Work. And the pain Texans are feeling from rising property taxes, traffic jams, large classrooms and declining services will only get worse."
"A quiet surprise of the 86th Legislature was the failure of many of the Christian right’s priorities. #txlege"
"Thousands of women will still be able to receive preventive healthcare in Austin at @PPGreaterTX despite #txlege efforts to punish Tx women just to score political points—even tho NO abortions are performed there & NO tax $ can be used for abortions."
"On Monday, Gov. Abbott signed the “Save Chick-fil-A” bill. While LGBT activists referred to the legislation as “bathroom bill 2.0,” over 150,000 phone calls, emails, and social media messages befell the Texas Capitol in support of the legislation. #txlege"
"#Charters exist in #Texas b/c of HUGE demand. @AustinISD doesn't teach half its kids to read at grade level. Let's hope #SBOE helps by giving families a choice in #Austin, instead of trapping them in failing schools. #txlege #txed @TXSBOE @TCSAnews"
"Instead of arguing to get rid of student debt all together. Our government should follow in Texas’ footsteps. Big moves by #txlege"
"At today’s @TPPF State of the Taxpayer tour stop in Houston, @DavidBalatHC was on the hot seat! Most questions were about health care, #txlege reforms, and what comes after #ObamaCare."
"Hey Mr. President, it sucks when a group of people are preventing you from doing what you want, doesn't it? #txlege"
"Texas police can seize both your property and money without charging you with a crime. In 40% of all the civil asset forfeiture cases we looked at, no one who had property taken from them was found guilty of a crime connected to the seizure. #txlege"
"More shady city happenings in @ElPasoTXGov? #txlege #tcot @TPPF"
".@govabbott signed a law that reins in how much cities and counties can raise property taxes, a key source of local gov't revenue. But will cities have to raise fees on parks and cut services to keep up with rising costs of operations? #txlege #txpolitics"
"Because sound groundwater management requires good data and information. Excited to see these research projects contribute to the life and continued economic viability of our West Texas aquifers! #TxLege #TxWater #Ogallala"
"Gov. Abbott signs disaster relief and preparedness bills #txlege"
"It was interesting to hear #TPPF's view of this last session along with hearing the concerns & questions from tax paying Texans attending their luncheon today. #SOTT19 #TXlege #86th 'States don't have rights...."
"Thank you Commissioner Isreal “Pody” Campos for serving up some of the best BBQ in Texas here in Pecos. #TxLege"
".@KHancock4TX and @RepStickland debated property tax relief and the ""purple"" 2019 #txlege session."
"History is being made in Texas. @GregAbbott_TX has now signed SB 2 into law, which will provide meaningful tax relief for thousands of Texas homeowners, renters, and business owners. #txlege"
"@GregAbbott_TX signs #TXlege Chik Fil A Law."
"@jamestalarico We wouldn't have progressed without our straight allies. Thanks for 'getting it' rep! #txlege"
"NEW! If you want to read my story about how Austin lobbyists swarmed like stinging wasps to kill a bill that was designed to protect your Internet privacy, here's my reporting: #txlege #data"
"@aschweiger35 @GregAbbott_TX What you fail to understand is that it's not my job to educate you on the failings of the #txlege #Republicans. You came to me with a comment expecting to argue and troll but you are no different than ole Abby. If you can't see it on your own, I'm just wasting my breath."
"I am proud to support our dairy farmers who work tirelessly 365 days a year on over 400 Texas farms to ensure that we have the highest quality of dairy products available. Thank you for all that you do! #txlege"
"Welcomed the @TexasTribune & a room full of guests today to HD 108. Great conversation with my colleagues on the wins of this #txlege session- especially $11 billion to pub ed & funding for full-day Pre-K! @NathanForTexas @jessicafortexas @AngieChenButton"
"1) Plumbing licensure erects a barrier between the services we need during disaster recovery and those who can provide them. 2) Hurricane Harvey happened in 2017—we shouldn't use it as a prop to block people from the freedom to work. #txlege"
"The state agency that regulates Texas plumbers has been extended by Gov. Greg Abbott through May 2021 to give the 87th legislature time to address the matter. #TXlege"
"Last I checked Texans elect Legislators and a Governor. Not a King. Horrible precedent, and massive expansion of executive power. Short sighted move by @GregAbbott_TX #txlege"
"Me after reading @bwaltens report at @texasscorecard that @GregAbbott_TX is abusing his executive authority to continue a state agency the Texas Legislature allowed to expire. #txlege #txlegegold"
"Right now #GregAbbott is living in the basement as far as plumbers go.Under Republicans govnt. doesn't function. #Abbott should remember the #1 rule of plumbing $hit runs down hill.Come Tx election time do not reward incompetence. #txlege #tcot"
"Was glad to give a #txlege update to our school support partners today 💙"
"House panel to hold hearing on reparations for slavery next week - KTVZ #txlege #Texans #QAnon2019 #WWG1WGAWW"
"#RT @TexasGOP: RT @GovAbbott: WATCH: Legislation has been signed to rein in skyrocketing property taxes in Texas. #txlege"
"You were a champion for the city of San Antonio this #txlege session. Thank you."
"@TexasStandard But is it just up to these counties to primarily take care of their illegal dumping woes? Tomorrow, I'll tell you about some of the ideas these environmental enforcers have for state leaders & what area #txlege lawmakers say."
"Thanks @TEGACTX for bringing your team to rural East Texas to talk 86th #txlege. Appreciate @TrentAshbyTX and @GaryVanDeaver for their work on education and for joining us."
"I worked hard to reduce testing for our children, giving parents & teachers the flexibility they need to teach the best way they know how. #txed #txlege"
"On a long weekend getaway in S. Carolina....walking down the street & come across this. #TexasPride #txlege"
"Glad to help pass industrial hemp for Texas, with bill author Rep. Tracy King. Big Win for Texas farmers! This bill will allow farmers to grow another year round cash crop while creating many industrial jobs in our communities. #TxLege #HempHempHooray"
"This morning, I spoke at the Highland Village Business Association Legislative Briefing. It was great meeting so many constituents and talking with the Mayor and City Council of Highland Village. #txlege"
"I was honored to be named Legislator of the Year by the State Bar of Texas Hispanic Issues Section. I went to law school to learn the law to fight for our community & hoped to one day write laws. As a Latina Attorney & Legislator, I’m humbled to fight for our community. #txlege"
"Every town should be a Sanctuary City for the Unborn! #Waskom #TXLege @TheTexanNews"
"If Texans want to know what’s happening with our budget and what it means for our future, I hope they read my op-ed. I’ll be traveling the state with a factual, non-partisan presentation, to help folks understand the state budget and the financial challenges we face. #txlege"
"“There is a principle of being innocent until proven guilty, and forfeiture just takes that and flips it on its head. That raises all sorts of constitutional problems.” #txlege"
"#txlege MUST end taxpayer funded lobbying."
"Could TX join the 42 other states that have their DMV handle driver license operations? DPS runs the #DriverLicense show in the Lone Star State. 🚗 Read more about the other times driver license operations have found the #txlege spotlight, via @KXAN_News:"
"Testimony in Opposition to Commissioner of Ed Mike Morath’s Approval of #CharterSchools in Texas. #Txed #Txlege via @YouTube"
"@MarkHallFilm @DianeRavitch @pastors4txkids @valeriestrauss THANK YOU .@MarkHallFilm I was challenged today on the validity of my information on the threat of the collection of Data. It is a #NationalSecurityThreat. Here is my Testimony with proof, I was right. #CharterSchools in Texas. #Txed #Txlege via @YouTube"
"Respect for @Raptors and @warriors as they show their respect for each other after this awesome game. Politicians take note. #txlege"
"""Houston experienced one of the worst rain events in North American history,"" @SylvesterTurner said in a statement. ""We knew if we were going to recover, we needed to have more resources, in this case the state’s Rainy Day Fund."" #txlege @TexasTribune"
"My pleasure. Thank you! #txlege"
"Controversial charter operator targets Austin district #txed #txlege @EdAustin_TX @KillingEdFilm"
"Hey @JohnCornyn. You’re from Houston! So was this former member of the #txlege."
"As part of a probe into religious discrimination, the Texas attorney general is suing San Antonio to get the city to turn over records about its decision not to give Chick-fil-A an airport concession contract. #txlege #txpoli"
"Excessive flaring in the Permian Basin is wasting millions of dollars of energy resources and exposing nearby communities to high pollution levels. #TXEnergy #TXLege"
"Congratulations to Judy Jamila on her upcoming retirement at the end of the month from Brazoria County! Her dedicated twenty years of service have made an impact for our county. Best wishes as you enter a new chapter in your life! #txlege #hd29 #interim"
"@Mom4gunsensetx1 @MomsDemand @Everytown @Erica4TX Great job @MomsDemand! Watch out #txlege gunsense is growing in your conservative communities. #WearOrange"
"Incase anyone wants to double check my math, here are the vote totals between the two counties in Plano Texas. EV has both @GregAbbott_TX endorsed candidates ahead by 1,000+ votes. #Txlege"
"#txlege #ImpeachAbbott"
"Think it’s time the #txlege meets the 21st century. #salas2020"
"""It's a betrayal of the 50,000 babies that are aborted in Texas each year."" @aaron_reitz, candidate for HD 47, discusses the failure of the Heartbeat bill this session. Watch more: #txlege"
"Update: Ron Kelly has conceded and congratulated Shelby Williams on his victory to #Plano City Council. (per Facebook) #Txlege"
"Congratulations @Johnson4Dallas! I wish we had the chance to serve together more at the #txlege, but hey, I get the appeal of city government!"
"Congrats Mayor @Ron_Nirenberg ! #txlege @SissiYado"
"Very cool. @MiguelForDallas is always cool. But his jersey is not as cool as @RafaelAnchia’s anti-tariff/pro-free trade t-shirt. He’s a trend-setter. Everyone will be wearing those soon. #txlege"
"Wow! #TXlege"
"#HappyBirthday to my favorite Vice-Chair @MattShaheen. I hope your day was amazing! #txlege"
"Supporting our colleague, @Johnson4Dallas, our new Dallas Mayor!!! With International Trade Committee Chairman @RafaelAnchia and @AzhaliaLeal. #txlege #Dallas"
"@MotherJones #SanctuaryCity #SanAntonio #Texas #txlege"
"Boys were not happy about today’s ⁦@astros⁩ loss. But maybe some ⁦@YordanAlvarez2⁩ bombs 💣 will light fire in offense. #Astros #txlege"
"Ohio jury awards $11 million to bakery owners targeted by Oberlin College student protests - Washington Times | #SanAntonio #Texas #SAT #txlege #ChickFilA #airport"
"Thanks for shares, and referrals. When we grow we take the leaders we trust bc we don’t just talk, we cheer, refer, and connect! #txlege #OOTT #wheredealshappen"
"Congratulations to my friend and former #txlege colleague, @Johnson4Dallas, for the huge runoff win and becoming Dallas’ newest Mayor."
"I need Chairman .@RafaelAnchia’s shirt, ASAP. #txlege"
"ConnectSA died in the #txlege. Funding gone unless massive bind package passes. May be hard for a mayor without a mandate. Probably have to be council driven to stand a chance. Bond elections are typically super low TO."
"A highlight of Woodlands,TX Wear Orange for me. Officer asked me for a photo and the kids were loving it- and their orange sno cones! #SpringTX #TXLege ⁦@MomsDemand⁩ #WeCanEndGunViolence"
"@pastors4txkids @JarredsmomKelly @kseliger @DanPatrick @Texans4E @cjtackett We MUST continually expose deception, & uncover & publish the truth about individuals & orgs. bent on destroying #txlege Reps. & Senators who #STANDUP for ALL Texans & #OurPublicSchools! @TxEdStrong @TXSC_org @TxEdVote @pastors4txkids"
"@NealMcCluskey @pastors4txkids @AdamKissel My public tax dollars should not be used to fund your child’s private religious school. Period. #txed #txlege"
"@NealMcCluskey @pastors4txkids @AdamKissel Furthermore, my public tax dollars should not be used to fund any school that does not have publicly elected oversight. #txed #txlege"
"@NealMcCluskey @pastors4txkids @AdamKissel Furthermore, my public tax dollars should not be used to fund any school that does not have publicly elected oversight. #txed #txlege"
"@NealMcCluskey @pastors4txkids @AdamKissel I thought libertarians didn’t believe in taxation without representation... Or is this about those seven hills? @cjtackett #txed #txlege"
"@EmpowerTexans @GovAbbott Sick govt always obsessed with children. Who wants to bet me a $100 this law will be exploited for govt gain more than it will be used to help children? #txlege"
"@expectustx_sara @MomsDemand @shannonrwatts Small town San Marcos, Texas also hosting first ever #wearorange @momsdemand #smtx. Did you feel that? It was the wind changing directions #txlege"
"1/ Imagine if State Farm Auto Insurance announced a plan to sell cars, open a network of dealerships, and decide what kind of car you could/couldn’t buy based on what your employer had negotiated. That’s what’s happening in Texas Healthcare. #txlege"
"287(g) programs have the same fundamental flaw as #SB4: they create fear& distrust. Less than 10% of counties in TX participate in 287(g); Tarrant is by far the largest. #txlege ‘We’re scared all the time.’ Immigrants speak out against local ICE program"
"2/ Further, what if the ONLY place you could buy a car was from the dealership your employer chose, and by-and-large, your ability to buy car was completely dictated by the contract between your employer and State Farm Auto? #txlege #TexMed2019"
"3/ Texas, among other states, is letting big health insurance corporations (like BCBS-TX) employ physicians in Dallas and Houston. TX already has a law that Hospitals may not directly employ physicians! Why on earth should it be legal for a health insurance co to do so? #txlege"
"“The problem, though, is that such a review doesn’t live up to ensuring that the charters are meeting national standards. Or any standards.” #txed #txlege"
"Merkel says German #multiculturalism has failed | Article [AMP] | Reuters | #txlege #assimilation"
"@TexasTribune @Miriam2626 #txlege #ComplicitGOP #Traitors #LockThemAllUp #CoverUp #ImpeachBarr #DerelictionOfDuty #ImpeachTheMFNow"
"I ask those attending the #AMAMtg to read this thread. Fixing this new problem is the kind of thing us rank & file docs expect from you. Here’s one glaring atrocity in American Medicine that docs need to stand up against and say ”NO!” #txlege"
"""The skyrocketing growth of young people's e-cigarette use over the past year threatens to erase progress made in reducing youth tobacco use."" @GovAbbott signed #SenateBill21 into law, which will prohibit anyone under 21 from purchasing tobacco. #txlege"
"Texas governor signs law increasing the age to buy tobacco products to 21 - CNN #txlege #smoking #health"
"#MustRead: Privatizing Idaho discusses how over-regulation is being dismantled in many states, but TEXAS wasn't among them. What's up with that, #txlege? @GovAbbott @LtGovTX @RepDennisBonnen @SenCreighton @DanHuberty @JamesQuinteroTX @TPPF"
"There’s an opening in HD💯 with some big shoes to fill. Looking forward to seeing who steps up to the plate. #txlege"
"This op-ed mentions prior-auths, and that's why it's so important that the #txlege passed SB 1742. Thanks to @DrBuckinghamTX @DrGregBonnen @Menendez4Texas @juliejohnsonTX"
"Never fear #txlege, a special election is coming up to replace Dallas Mayor-elected Eric Johnson!"
"About 50,000 Texas children will continue to get kicked off Medicaid every year now after HB 342 died in the Senate, @CPPP_TX's Anne Dunkelberg said. | @AshLopezRadio #TxLege"
"100 years on, the headwinds we face are still strong @LWVTexas When empowered women stand together we lift up our sisters.We don’t fight for what is easy.We fight for what is right. #wearorange @momsdemand @ErinForYall #txlege"
"Grassroots volunteers in Plano defeat a tax-hiking incumbent who ran on slate w a liberal Democrat. Bao & Williams won despite hundreds of thousands spent by out-of-town developers. @TrueTexasTea has the report. #txlege"
"👀 #txlege"
"""Incorrect or poor installation isn’t just a direct threat to the life, safety and health of one person. One incident can affect thousands."" @dansolomon reports on the consequences of the #txlege removing the licensing and regulation of plumbing:"
"Welcome to the fray, Rhonda Seth! #txlege"
".@DanPatrick talked with #KHOU11 about everything from school finance reform to solutions to flooding following the end of the legislative session #TXLege"
"And we have a candidate, former Congressman Marc Veasey staffer Lorraine Birabil #txlege"
"Tune into @KAMCNews this morning 11:30am @averytravistv and I discuss the 86th session #txlege"
"I’m reading school district facilities and transportation related bills passed by the #txlege while spending time with my family on a Sunday morning. It’s going about as well as you would think. Also, I’m not sure Benny’s car is up to code. #schoollaw #lawmama"
"@chrisyhinkle @MomsDemand @shannonrwatts Went to college in #SMTX so your town will always have a piece of my heart. So proud to stand with you small town moms 🧡 #TXLege better watch out! #KeepGoing"
"@Glenn_Hegar @JohnCornyn #txlege @TexasTribAbby"
"A day before this, @TexasTribune published an investigation into how law enforcement takes cash/property from people using this tool, which doesn’t require criminal charges. It included Harris County: #txlege"
"Turns out the critics of the Texas maternal mortality rate were just lying. It’s less than half of what the critics said. It’s about 1/10 of 1%. Still, Texas has done more than ever to reduce that rate even more. Facts matter. #txlege"
"The Capitol Review is now available! Enjoy light summer reading that covers covers: · Session Statistics · HB 1: The Texas Budget · Brazoria County Disaster & Hurricane Guide · District 29 Events #txlege #hd29 Read it here:"
"@RepKevinBrady is part of the <10% of Americans who oppose improved background checks on gun sales. Meet your constituents, sir. Get off the NRA train while you still can. @momsdemand #ItsHappening #txlege @TexasGOP @texasdemocrats"
"One of the proudest moments of my @dallasschools service was the establishment of an all-girls public school named after Irma Rangel, the first #Latina elected to the TX House. The Young Women’s Leadership School is a shining example for Texas. #TxLege"
"We had a great session! It wouldn't have been possible w/out the unity of our top state leaders-@GovAbbott , @LtGovTX & @RepDennisBonnen. It was also the hard work of our S. TX #txlege delegation & other members focused on the issues that matter most to our working families."
"Hahahahaha.... Life-long anonymity, good luck with that. Laughable except it is still being used to discriminate against adoptees in the majority of states. 26 million in DNA databases. @TXlege @86thLegislature #dnatest #txlege #denial #Adoption"
"The state of Texas has poured hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars into the Heidi Group. But an Observer investigation paints a picture of mismanagement, contract violations, lack of oversight and misuse of taxpayer funds. #txlege"
"THA tracked more than 1,500 bills throughout the 86th Texas Legislature that involved hospital financing, operations, or delivery of care. Download the report for an inside look at the legislative impact on Texas hospitals and patients. #txlege"
"Happy Pride, y'all. #yallmeansall🌈 #txlege"
"@KillingEdFilm @CBionat @sibeledmonds @NewsBud_ Will @DanPatrick be there to cheer them on? #txed #txlege #privatizersympathizer"
"I'm proud to have been chosen as the @HillCountryNws Best of the Best 2019 for Best (Local) Elected Official. Over 100,000 votes were cast in 194 categories and I am truly honored by this distinction. #txlege"
"Key question: Will a newly-elected @Ron_Nirenberg double-down on controversial progressive policies or course correct? #txlege #tcot @TPPF"
"Congrats! So exciting to see all the hard work pay off. #txlege"
".@Steve_Riggle calls on those in ministry to 'raise their voice' after the #txlege fails to protect unborn children."
"@TexasTribune @TeamCornyn #txlege"
" it’s a new site and we are just getting it up and running. But check it out and sign up for updates and newsletters. #investigateCPS #TXlege"
"Must see by everyone in America. #txlege"
".@HRC looks back with #pride on accomplishing some significant milestones for equality in the Lone Star State during the 2019 #txlege session."
"This is how we watching ⁦@Astros⁩ ⁦@YordanAlvarez2⁩ hitting dingers at my sisters house warming party. Garage improv. #astros #txlege #WalleMendozaUnit"
"Release: Houston union leader Zeph Capo elected today as Texas AFT president. You can follow him here: @unionmanhft #txlege #txed @HFT2415 @rweingarten @AFTunion"
"@GregAbbott_TX Pardon me sir. The state collected data is wrong . More of that good governance by the party in charge? The same party that let the board of Plumbing Examiners expire? Republican govnt. can't pour piss out of a boot w/instructions on the heel. #txlege #tcot #RegimeChangeIsReal"
"Zero legislative priorities taken care of = failure. No leadership from any of Y'all. @GovAbbott time to call #SpecialSession to protect our monuments and address all five #LegislativePriorities like you promised us in San Antonio last year. #txlege @TheTexianDM"
"Have you ordered something online only to have it stolen after the delivery was left on your doorstep? And when you ask for help, the retailer & delivery service say it’s the others fault? Let me know your experiences. Want to file a bill assigning liability. #TxLege"
"@GregAbbott_TX Did you read the article? Nobody lied. Apparently the state of Texas needs to improve its method for collecting mortality data. Same article cites <checks article> California as a state leading to reduce maternal death. Oh my. #txlege"
"My favorite too! #txlege #blockvote"
"Disgusting #txlege"
"@eramshaw Abbott and the #txlege willfully are causing women to die, period! @SenJaneNelson was the primary ringleader. Abbott is just lying. What's new about that,,,,remember all the in person voting fraud. #WomensRightsAreHumanRights"
"@guygavrielkay #MedicareForAll with 483 nutrients in #Cannabis as our food makes it affordable ~ #Texas still has no Cannabis access even for Cancer or Pain because we make access to the Plant a states rights issue not a Human Rights issue ~ #txlege with large number of Americans w/o healthcare"
"#txlege #txed #tcot @TPPF"
"Excited to be hearing from Anita Wheeler, RN, with DSHS - updates from the 86th Session! #txlege #tsnaa2019"
"Excited to be hearing from Anita Wheeler, RN, with DSHS - updates from the 86th Session! #txlege #tsnaa2019"
"We are sending prayers and offering any help needed to those affected by storms today. #txlege"
"On June 4, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) announced via Twitter that the governor’s office had the authority to continue the existence of the Texas Board of Plumbing Examiners for two years without the need for a special legislative session: #txlege"
"TX governor sharing an article showing that CA is superior is on brand. #txlege"
"CNN Anchor: US Got ‘Almost Everything It Wanted’ With Mexico Trade Deal | The Daily Caller | #Texas #txlege #Mexico #trade #Trump #deal"
"“Alabama is one of two states with no statute terminating parental rights for a person found to have conceived the child by rape or incest, a fact that has gained fresh relevance since its lawmakers adopted the nation’s strictest abortion ban in May. “ Great job, Alabama #txlege"
"These Texas cuties had fun at #TheWoodlandsTX inaugural #WearOrange event! #TxLege @MomsDemand @shannonrwatts"
"#Txlege leading the way to more #CPScorruption in order the keep kick backs and title funds. #Texas joined with 26 other states to delay the #FamilyFirstPreventionAct from taking effect in October 2019. ⁦@GregAbbott_TX⁩ why? #unacceptable"
"Top story: @GregAbbott_TX: 'I just signed a law protecting free speech on college campuses. #txlege ', see more"
"Top story: @GregAbbott_TX: 'I just signed a law protecting free speech on college campuses. #txlege ', see more"
"@NealMcCluskey @pastors4txkids @Wolverine_86 @AFTunion Charter schools were supposed to be “innovation in education.” They are old school, pay their teachers less, and take on avg $2000/Ss more at the tax payer expense... Why? Because of false rhetoric from orgs like @CatoInstitute & @TPPF. #txed #txlege"
"Falling in polling is not the same as gaining in polls, everyone starts out low in polls and grows to some point, no one who wins start out by falling in polls. O'Rourke dismisses Iowa Poll showing him at 2 percent support #FITN #TXLege"
"National momentum on smoking restrictions: Now you must be at least 21 to buy tobacco in these 15 states. Here’s why #txlege #smoking #health"
"👀 #txlege"
"Railroad Commissioner @RyanSitton joins me on @KFYO this morning at 10:35am to discuss his campaign and Republican principles. #txlege"
"Interim News Briefs updated with post about school marshal program legislation. #txlege"
"You'll recognize one current and one former #txlege member among Wallbuilders' team. David Barton also heads (or maybe headed - not sure) the Keep The Promise PACs for Ted Cruz"
"Project Blitz. I’ve been talking about it for months now. 14 bills from Blitz were proposed in the 86th #txlege. Most legislators don’t know what it is. The public certainly doesn’t know what it is. This article does a great job spelling it out."
"Thread 👇on Christian nationalist/dominionist #ProjectBlitz, incl Texas connections #txlege"
"Texas Joins California, Others in Raising Smoking Age to 21 #txlege"
"Refresher on Charles Cotton - He runs the TX CHL Forum, helped concoct the anti biz 30.06 signage law & he blamed the Charleston shooting on the pastor, who was a SC state rep & opposed laws legalizing guns in churches. #txlege @TexasTribune @HoustonChron"
"Last year, we found thousands of Texans were at risk of losing their licenses because they defaulted on student loans. @GovAbbott signed a new law that now prohibits that practice. #txlege #highered via @ShannonNajma"
"4/ Read some more context here from @marissaaevans, who is now with the @StarTribune but previously did an investigation into the state’s maternal mortality rate while she was with us at the @TexasTribune. #txlege"
"#txlege SMH"
"Last night Gov. Abbott signed a bill that helps to ensure certain practices of free speech are protected on college campuses. President of @TXValues, @jonathansaenzTX stated, “The First Amendment rights of college students should be protected and not..."" (1/2) #txlege"
"@jonathansaenzTX .@jonathansaenzTX continued ""infringed upon by their universities. We thank Gov. Abbott for signing this bill into law.” #txlege (2/2)"
".@scottbraddock on @ChadHastyRadio discussing all the latest news and #txlege bills being signed into law in Austin, as well as the precarious seats in the Texas House, currently held by the GOP. [VIDEO]"
"We had a great 86th legislative session. I couldn’t have done it without the love & support of my wife Robyn & to keep my focus on God, I sported my @iamsecond band. #txlege #livesecond"
"@MarkRamseySREC7's presentation. A ton of illuminating data that outlines the path our lege priorities and platform planks took through the session: substantive wins, incremental progress, and lessons learned. All valuable. @TexasGOP #txlege #SREC"
"Good write-up, but missing a key reform. #txed ISDs will now have to undergo an efficiency audit before asking voters to raise taxes. Big, big Change. #txlege #tcot @TPPF @TPRSource"
". @GovAbbott says this session was “prolific“ in making advances to fight sexual assault and human trafficking ahead of signing #HB1590 to create a task force to study the systematic problems survivors encounter when seeking justice. #TXLege"
"braddock on radio: scott and chad hasty discuss abbott choosing not to campaign against incumbents : #txlege"
"Cc: #txlege"
"Check out this June 19th webinar with the Texas Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. Our own @AKohlerTX will be joining to share her perspective on the #TXlege session."
"Fact: Obtaining accurate data has always been an issue. But it doesn’t mean experts were misleading public. We’ve tried to get accurate data. Mothers of color are still dying preventable deaths disproportionately. #txlege"
"UPDATED: @GovAbbott signs bill to close ""Boeing"" loophole in open records law. @davidmcswane: Courts gutted Texas' transparency laws. After years of fighting, bills to fix damage head to Abbott's desk #txlege"
"She’s just released endorsements for her race to succeed Dallas Mayor-elect Eric Johnson. Among them is her old boss Congressman Veasey #TXlege"
"All of the money intended for state parks and historic sites should actually be spent on state parks and historic sites, right? It seems logical, but hasn't been the case in Texas for years. Voters will get a chance to change that in November. #txlege"
"As grassroots’ frustration with the #txlege continues to heat up following the recent legislative session, Rhonda Seth announces her candidacy for state representative in @RepDennisBonnen's district."
"#ICYMI - Download THA's report on the 86th Texas Legislature for a breakdown of legislative outcomes and their impact on Texas hospitals. #txlege"
"This is it! I'm pleased to announce I'm running for re-election to @txrrc. #Texas energy opportunities are endless. I'd be honored to keep putting my experience to work for you. Find out more and get involved - #energy #txlege"
"Houston mayoral forum underway. Live video: H/T @jaspscherer #txlege"
"This is the latest in a series of bills that focus on sexual assault in Texas. Spearheaded by @DonnaHowardTX & @KirkPWatson, House Bill 1590 was signed by @GregAbbott_TX. #txlege Our coverage for @KXAN_News:"
"Gov. Abbott signs bill creating Sexual Assault Survivors' Task Force #txlege"
"Students say goodbye to the only San Antonio school sunk by state law #txlege #txed"
"So grateful to @DonnaHowardTX and the #Txlege for this, and to the many unnamed people who worked so hard to make this happen. And most of all, to the women who have told their stories. ❤️"
"Thoroughly enjoying the #TXlege back and forth created by @moodyforelpaso on this one."
"SO proud of Our Governor of Texas .@GovAbbott Thank you sir for passing this law! It’s sad this had to even be done! Kids have fun selling #lemonade 🍋 water, Tea & 🍪 #Txlege"
"1 in 5 #transgender people will experience homelessness in their lifetime. Meanwhile, research by @USC estimated roughly 40 percent of young people living in shelters or on streets identify as #LGBTQ. LGBTQ youth >twice to experience homelessness #TXlege"
"🚨 Hey women journalists in Austin/Central Texas! 🚨 We're having a happy hour tonight to discuss the future of our @womenjournos club. Please join us! DM me for more details or get more details here. #txlege #atx"
"""If something's right, you have to keep trying to do it until it gets done."" Proud of @GFColeman and his efforts to protect the safety of transgender Texans. Hate has no place in our state. #txlege #TexasForAll"
"It was an honor to visit with @HSUTX education doctorate students about leadership and our state's workforce opportunities. Many thanks to @repstanlambert for the invite! #txlege"
"“Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.” ― Groucho Marx #txlege"
"Pretty bad when home town professor calls you a liar! Beto O’Rourke touts his immigration credentials. But these El Pasoans say he doomed their historic migrant neighborhood. #TXLege #FITN"
"Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has signed a bill that expands Texas law to allow women to pump breast milk in public in addition to allowing them to breastfeed. #txlege"
"#HB1848 signed by @GovAbbott will improve infection prevention control programs in long-term care facilities by requiring rapid flu diagnostic tests are available to residents. @StephanieKlick @DrBuckinghamTX #txlege @LeadingAgeTX"
"San Antonio reelected Mayor @Ron_Nirenberg to his second term over the weekend. When he first took office in 2017, I interviewed him about his plans for the city, the biggest problem facing San Antonio and the #txlege:"
".@GovAbbott emphasizes the expansion of Pre-K, paying more to the most effective teachers, college/career readiness bonuses, and 60x30 goals in #HB3 #txed #txlege"
"Abbott: property taxes burden homeowners. This bill will result in about 5% reduction in school property taxes in first year and 10% in second year. #txlege #txed"
"#Txlege: Children in Texas can now legally sell #lemonade in neighborhoods by @MWatkinsTrib"
".@GovAbbott has signed the law ending forced annexation in Texas. 🥳 The bill expands on reforms made in the last legislative session, when forced annexation was banned in the state’s 10 largest counties. #txlege"
"“The signing of #HB347 completes this necessary reform by including all counties in Texas,” says TPPF’s @JamesQuinteroTX. “All TX property owners deserve to have their property rights protected, no matter what county they live in.” #txlege"
"Landmark school finance reform is now law in the State of Texas #txlege"
"So, #Texas public education is fixed now, right? Funded enough to ensure students can read and do math at grade level and will graduate educated and either ready to enter the workforce or attend college? #txlege"
"After the murders of two black trans women in Dallas, this incident underscored rifts within the #LGBT community. But it sounds like there is more to the story. #txlege"
"#BREAKING: #SaveChickfilA Bill Signed into Law #txlege"
"@JohnCornyn @WSJ so trump told Dowd to dangle a pardon to Flynn. Obstruction of Justice. Impeach now. #txlege"
"@GregAbbott_TX @VivigXO Now we just need one that legalizes marijuana #txlege"
"names on boats scare snowflake trump #txlege"
"Top story: @GregAbbott_TX: 'I just signed the law that bans red light cameras in Texas. #txlege ', see more"
"This #txlege session ended with a grand bargain for funding public schools and providing property tax relief. But it's a temporary one. Here's how the $11.5 billion package could result in an unpopular tax hike down the road ⬇️"
"@CarolforTexas @SenatorNichols @SenRoyceWest @electcharles @loiskolkhorst @DrSchwertner @JoseforTexas @TxChuy @KHancock4TX @BrooksLandgraf @lina4texas @DiegoBernalTX @BenLemanTX @GovAbbott @LtGovTX MAY2019 In Memory of the Victims Sadly Killed on #TexasHighways. 🌹🌹R.I.P. 🌹🌹 #JudyFarmer 74 Blanco (fm Mesquite, drowned-in-vehicle) #TylerJamesGroves 21 Nolanville (fm Elizabeth CO) #EduardoCardozo 22 Orange #JuanSoto 15 Lubbock (passenger) #JohnPereira 25 Seguin #TxLege"
"@ksatnews A rare good piece of legislation from #txlege."
"ICYMI: #txlege was dominated by PK-12 school finance reform and higher education flew relatively under the radar. Learn more about what bills will impact SA colleges/universities and what @TAMUSanAntonio, @UTSA, and @AlamoColleges1 will do with more $."
"Ed Related Bill Passed: HB 539 Addresses the issue of a very small graduating class, where even the valedictorian was not in the top 10%. via @TexasCTA #txed #txlege"
"Ed Related Bill passed: HB 692 via @TexasCTA #txed #txlege"
"@jessicafortexas @juliejohnsonTX @EqualityTexas @VictoryFund 2 great #txlege champs!"
"#ELB: Texas: “Failed secretary of state nominee David Whitley back on Gov. Greg Abbott’s payroll” #txlege"
"Enjoyed some post Tx Legislative session therapy with friends and family The Woodlands w @jimmybuffett but missed seeing the @FINMEN1 ! #txlege"
"Sarah is telling us about how in the middle of protesting the #txlege almost daily she got a call saying the lege wanted to give her an award as a Texas writer."
"This is just another egregious example of how the Texas voter ID law only serves to keep eligible voters from the voting. #txlege"
"@GregAbbott_TX Thank you, now can you do something about Property taxes? #txlege"
"Another income stream the state could use. @scottbraddock #txlege"
"@jeffbcdm @Truthdig @carolburris @DianeRavitch @Network4pubEd @Progressive4Ed Wow. 👆“Studies have shown Florida’s charter schools, compared to public schools, serve significantly lower percentages of low-income students, students with disabilities, and students who struggle with English.” #txed #txlege"
"@TexasTribune only Nazis say ""Fake News."" @TeamCornyn #txlege"
"Also super happy the #txlege set aside $5M for the Wyler Aerial Tramway."
"Texas Lawmakers Approved Money for Full Day Pre-K. What Now? @derekglittle @ALSRA #txlege #txed @EarlyMattersDFW"
"Speaker Bonnen describes them well: ""You will never please or appease those folks, and I'm sure as hell not going to waste my time trying."" #txed #txlege #EmpT #TPPF #Dunn"
"We were honored to host #Texas State Rep. @BucyForTexas & @jamestalarico for our #OpenMosque Ramadan Iftar Dinner. Thank you for highlighting the hard work both of you have been doing in #TXlege around public education in our great state."
"@GregAbbott_TX and @COTA’s Bobby Epstein holding hands and making deals with Texas Taxpayer money. #FalseAttendance #FalseEconomicImpact #EndTheSubsidy @aga57 #txlege #AustinFC #F1 #motogp @F1 #MOTOSPORT @texasscorecard #AustinBold #INDYCAR #Nascar #MlS"
"Monday June 3 - The Brief: Patient confusion, price gouging at freestanding ERs in Texas could soon ebb under bills #txlege passed Via @TexasTribune @cassi_pollock"
"The Captain of the Titanic could not have spun it better! 'I'm Not Disappointed': O'Rourke Tries to Explain His Nosedive in the 2020 Primary Polls #TXLege #FITN"
"Desperation time for Ron Nirenberg — he not only fought property tax teform at #txlege, he is committed to RAISING taxes in San Antonio."
"@RepMattKrause coming up on the @MarkDavis show next. We'll talk red light cameras, abortion legislation, the budget, and more. Tune in on @660KSKY. #txlege"
"Legislative season is mostly over. The political season is about to start. #txlege #tx2020"
"Shocking must read News about @COTA that mysteriously vanished from the WEB #cota #F1 #motogp #indycar #MERP #txlege @SenJaneNelson @GregAbbott_TX @texasscorecard @CaryCheshireTX @F1 @AustinFC #austinfc #motorsport @shawncollins @subsidyultras @JimVertuno"
"80 percent of maternal deaths one year could have been prevented. So why did the Texas Legislature decline to expand Medicaid coverage for new mothers? This story via @MorrisReports. #txlege"
"This message requires amplification. #txlege"
"At the end of Speaker Bonnen's first session with the big gavel, consensus is he gave members more authority to legislate, especially out of committee. This is true for State Affairs committee (but not for all). #txlege Blog post 📊📚 :"
"“Women with private insurance weren’t immune and accounted for roughly 20 percent of the fatalities, the report found. But nearly 60 percent of new mothers who died had been on Medicaid when they gave birth, the task force found.” #TxLege"
"Yikes! The pro-lifers are scary. #txlege"
"Texas has more than 200 freestanding ERs. Lawmakers just passed bills to combat patient confusion and price gouging. via @TexasTribune #txlege"
"@TXMasonry Could there be something more to @TXMasonry's push to veto #HB2439? Perhaps protecting market share? #txlege #tcot"
"Good morning Texas! Just an early reminder that we at @EmpowerTexans will be releasing the 2019 Fiscal Responsibility Index this Thursday. #txlege #txlegegold"
"Want to learn more about the many #cjreform issues we worked on this session? Curious about the bills that are on their way to the Governor's desk? Click here to learn more: #txlege"
"Teacher turnover remains high in Texas public schools #txlege #txed"
"Congratulations to #Killeen and the brave men and women stationed at @forthood! #sd24 #txlege #86thLegislature"
"The fourth grade class from Patsy Sommer Elementary School dropped by the Capitol. Enjoyed taking a mustache photo with these great students! @SommerVarljen #txlege #txed"
"What happened during our 86th Legislative Session? Find out at our June event! #txlege RSVP now"
"Digging has begun to expand @PoccaPort! Many Texans, myself included, have long advocated for this. It's great for #Texas and means more jobs. @txrrc #txlege #energy"
"Yay!!! Finally!!! 🚦 #txlege"
"Texas' Uninsured Rate Is Bad And Getting Worse - we need lawmakers to take action! #txlege #txmh"
"CPPP Legislative & Policy Director @LFiggy78: ""Next session we really need to look at either pulling back on that provision or if we really want to maintain those tax compressions, then we are going to have to look at some revenue sources."" #txlege #txed"
"Now that the #txlege session is over, the fight for your property taxes continues as your cities and school districts are now setting their budget and property taxes, to be revealed and voted on in a few months. #PropertyTaxes"
"Looks like @SenBryanHughes voted against his own HOT tax bill on the L&C Calendar. #smh #txlege #txlegegold"
"Unless pension funds around the nation continue to earn 7% or more per year on their investments, it’s likely that taxpayers will be on the hook for trillions of dollars of promises to govt unions. @ChuckDeVore #txlege"
"Rep.Zwiener, Erin- Press Release #txlege"
"Early intervention for mental illness, just like any other illness, significantly improves outcomes, when symptoms are less severe, more treatable, and more readily prevented from escalating to conditions that increase risk. We encourage @GovAbbott to sign SB 11 into law #txlege"
"Rep. Capriglione is talking about chicken sandwiches because that’s easier to do than brag about the Republican 16% sales tax increase plan, Texas’s uninsured rate, maternal mortality rate, per-pupil spending rate, voter turnout rate... He’ll be in GV tonight. #TXlege"
"Ag bills moved through the #TxLege. Read more >> about hemp, Texas Tech’s vet school and several transportation bills."
"ICYMI TMRA member Sabine Mining Company received a National Mine Reclamation Award from the Interstate Mining Compact Commission. We are very proud of their great work! Congratulations! #mining #TXlege #lignite #energy"
"The month after @CreuzotForDA rolls out his soft on crime proposal this happens. Thankfully the #txlege rejected efforts to weaken the criminal justice system. @GregAbbott_TX @DanPatrick @RepDennisBonnen @CLEAT @TMPALegislative @TXSheriffs @DPA_PoliceAssoc"
".@scottbraddock on @ChadHastyRadio discussing issues still in the news for the #txlege, and possibilities of a special session. [VIDEO]"
"Texas plumbers are fighting for their livelihoods after TX lawmakers abolished the agency that regulates and licenses their trade. #txlege #imaplumber #youreaplumber #wereallplumbersnow"
"The hardest-working cities in America are mostly in Texas. This is one of the many reasons employers like to hire Texans. #txlege"
"Thank you @GovAbbott for signing #HB918 into law! Great policy for #Texas jobs and paychecks. #txlege"
"@bobbycblanchard @rossramsey Those of us with the luxury of living outside of the #TXLege bubble have been on 2020 for a minute sir. You are late to this party, but don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to catch up. 😉"
"Wait ... Is this saying that Austin has good biz policies? or Texas? Or both? Because the #txlege often insists they are polar opposites."
"AG Ken Paxton on Fox News: Says Texas doesn't want tariffs on Mexico, but ""typically when you are talking about ... losing money and resources, you get action. I think that is where President Trump is, and I applaud him for continuing the effort."" #txlege"
"I just signed an open letter calling on @GovAbbott to veto multiple reckless gun bills in TX w/ wide-ranging effects from schools to natural disaster response to private businesses. Add your name now >> #TXLege"
"Just added to #UTTASA Summer Conference agenda: Commissioner of Education @MikeMorath will address attendees on the implications of the 86th legislative session. There's still time to register for the June 23-25 conference in Austin: #txed #txlege @teainfo"
"The final days of the 86th #txlege session saw the passage of several consumer protection bills including #HB1941 and #HB2041. See more in our latest Lone Star Health News Minute with @JSandlinATX"
"Would love to see this in #Texas but won’t hold my breath since the bill to prevent chaining dogs without food & water #SB295 failed #txlege a second time! We have an #AnimalCruelty epidemic here!"
"#TRA President/CEO @gfkelemen spoke on a panel at the @DSAssn conference moderated by TRA Board Member Theresa Flores (@MaryKay). Discussed issues retailers are facing at the #txlege and at the federal level."
"democratic dallas rep. john turner draws gop opponent : #txlege"
"Interesting: Texas Attorney General @KenPaxtonTX wars with San Antonio over access to public records about Chick-fil-A. #txlege"
"Texas lawmakers have cracked down on #freestandingERs that intentionally mislead Texas patients to turn a profit. Learn how this affects you: #txlege @TomOliverson @SenLarryTaylor"
"this is the best one. the end. #txlege 👏👏👏 @edithvalle012"
"During the 86th Legislative Session, 7,541 bills were filed, 1,427 were sent to the Governor, and 274 have been signed by the Governor. The Governor still has 13 days to sign bills. So far he has vetoed only 6 bills. #txlege"
"Texas has more than 200 freestanding ERs. Lawmakers just passed bills to combat price gouging. One bill will require freestanding emergency rooms to clearly disclose the in-network health plans they accept and the fees patients may be charged. #txlege"
"The latest Doctors in the House (And Senate)! Thanks to @TomOliverson @DrBuckinghamTX #txlege #killeen"
"After two years of acknowledging that the state has to do more to prevent dozens of deaths annually, we’re stunned that our representatives closed this legislative session without taking meaningful action to keep more moms alive. #txlege"
"hey ya'll...see below as to where you will find @ErinForYall this Friday. Be sure to go ask her questions. #txlege #hd45 #smtx #sanmarcos #hays #blanco"
"Think I need the @sweetwaterjc to accompany me on the golf course! #HD71 #txlege @WeAreSweetwater"
"#ElectionsMatter #txlege"
"Great to see rural TX coops like @Bartlett_Coop, Comanche Electric Cooperative, @HOTEC_coop, PenTex Energy, and @SouthPlainsEC buying 7 MW of clean #solarenergy for their members. @Saturn_Power. @RockyMtnInst #txenergy #txlege"
"A Tale of 2 invoices: Beto O'Rourke pays El Paso, which Donald Trump's campaign still owes $470,000 #TXSen #TXPol #TXLege #DallasTX #HoustonTX #Dallas #SanAntonio #AustinTX #Texas #ElPaso #Galveston #Duncanville #FortWorth #Arlington #Waco #Laredo #TX02"
"So happy that @GregAbbott_TX signed bills outlawing red light cameras in Texas and legalizing beer and wine sales to go and delivered to your home. Those are two things I am certainly grateful for out of an otherwise mediocre Lege session this year. #txlege #tcot #tlot #hounews"
"The latest Trump idea that would be BAD FOR TX: Boycott ATT, our state’s top private employer. #TXlege"
"waiting for the: “I just signed a law legalizing all recreational and medical use of cannabis in the state of Texas Enjoy responsibly.” #txlege"
"“In a conference call with reporters, the researchers said when women abruptly lose health coverage so soon after giving birth, it can force them to abandon medication and other ongoing treatment they may need, including support for postpartum depression.” #TXLege"
"""Bipartisan bills for the health and well-being of women and children, often budget-neutral and always supported by data, were abandoned and outright killed."" - @RPaoli on the #TXlege in @ChronOpinion"
"@EdFocus False. #txlege lawmakers kept the Texas Miracle going. ""Employers are not just targeting those with disabilities. Hiring managers are now filling open seats with people who may have prison records or those who are approaching retirement."" @KXAN_News @TPPF"
"Big pimpin at it again, with a beer delivery bill. #TXlege"
"Thank you Rep. @FourPriceTX & Sen. @KirkPWatson Watson for all your hardworking on HB 18, which will require school districts to offer mental health and suicide prevention curricula if they do the same with physical health. #txlege #HB18"
"Our departing Policy Associates left a special gift for Doug—a photo of the team posing as the #CJReform superheroes they are! Thank you to these amazing individuals for choosing to fight mass incarceration and build safer Texas communities by our side this semester. #txlege"
"#txsen #txlege #txpoli #txpol #txpolitics texas politics #austin #houston Houston, TX #dallas #elpaso El Paso, TX #dallas #TX @UniteBlueTX @UniteWomenTX @IndivisibleTx06 @indivisibletx3 @Indivisibletx02 @IndivisibleTX14 @IndivisibleTX12 @indtx36 @indivisibletx24 #indivisible"
"@GregAbbott_TX The Texas House failed Texans. Show us that you support our history. Call a special session and let's get the Monument Protection Act passed! #txlege #sb1663"
"Texas leads the nation in people without health care, and Republican leadership did nothing to address it. That is unacceptable. #txlege"
"Everyone pretty happy with HB278 by @TomOliverson and the rules to implement, allowing APRNs to have same PA authority to have supervision meeting with MD via videoconference. #txlege"
"So many bills that would've helped address the effects of climate change on Texas died in the legislature this session. But if you squint hard enough, you may be able to see one example of the #txlege taking action."
"“I and I alone can unclog this political toilet” #txlege"
"Richard Vedder saying that increases in University costs do not help students, it is just more $ for university. Plus, federal interference in loan programs hurts students & taxpayers. @TPPF @TomLindsayTX #txlege #txed @TexasTribune @CollegeBoard"
"I take it all back. Regulate the hell outta those plumbers. #TXlege"
"@TexasTribune will be holding a series of events recapping the 86th Legislature. This is a great opportunity to make connections with legislators outside of the session. #txlege #TxCAadvocacy"
"We are hearing that all cameras operated by Redflex Traffic Systems in #Texas are shut off. #redlightcameras #txlege"
"Good news for Texas’ largest county (with more voters than about half the states). #txlege"
"Happening now: Commissioner Bush talks with @wesrap ahead of @txglo’s 2019 Hurricane Outlook briefing webinar to kick off #HurricaneSeason #txlege"
"Really into Texas politics? This is a pretty nifty little gadget. #txlege"
"“Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman explained in his book, Capitalism & Freedom: ‘[T]he pressure [to license/regulate] invariably comes from members of the occupation itself.’ “ #txlege"
"Thanks @RepJohnZerwas from #TexasChildrens and the eight #CHATexas member hospitals for your support during the 86th #TxLege!"
"@brianingram2003 @jedichingona @RepStickland A compromise is supposed to be a win/win situation. The problem we have now with compromise is conservative values (the values that makes our state great) are being lost. Comprise today is win/lose less on conservative values. So no compromise unless its win/win #txlege"
"""Increased deployment of renewables could help alleviate Texas’ reserve margin problems over the long term."" @jneeley78 #txlege #energytwitter"
"@CaryCheshireTX But will they execute on their policies and platform? #txlege"
"Abbott says he is exploring all possible options to renew state plumbing board. Does not elaborate on options. Plans to get info out soon. @quorumreport #txlege"
"How Often Do People Who Are Not Citizens Vote in Texas Elections? (February 2019 @UTAustin / @TexasTribune Poll) via @TxPolProject #Txlege"
"Vetoes to date for the 86th #txlege session: HB 1476 and SBs 124, 467, 511, 536, 746. This is already equal to the number vetoed from the 85th session, and there are several days left to veto more bills. Yikes. The last veto overridden by the Texas Legislature was in 1979."
"@rkecseg84 @CBS4Local @ElPasoTXGov @uscensusbureau @TPPF @txcomptroller @CityOfDallas @CityofFortWorth @CityOfArlington @cityofplanotx From 2013 to 2017, @CityOfDallas' property tax levy jumped from $699.51 M to $925.74 M. That's an increase of 32.3% over five years. Over the same period, the city's population increased from 1,259,239 to 1,343,087. That's just a 6.7% bump. #txlege #tcot"
"#txlege is making it easier for oil companies to poison us. The city doesn’t do anything about it, the state doesn’t care. What’s left for us?"
"Let's be clear: The failed voter purge was not about voting integrity. It was clearly about the conservative establishment maintaining power. One day people will learn not to put everything in writing. #txlege"
"Wind energy strengthens our rural communities by generating tax revenue and providing economic stability to Texan families. #txlege"
"Gov. Greg Abbott signed five bills today that aim to combat human trafficking, eliminate the state's rape kit backlog, and expand resources for survivors of sexual assault. #txlege"
"Democrats dont moderate, only GOP. “12 new Ds categorically rejected [centrist voting], w/all 12 left of delegation’s median Lib-Con Score. A majority have positions more liberal than [most] of their colleagues...behaved as unabashed liberals when casting votes. #txlege"
"Would you like wine or ale with your home-delivered meal? 'Enjoy,’ Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says #txlege @GovAbbott @HEB @WholeFoods"
"#Eminentdomain reform died in the #txlege; Texas trial attorney @JustinAHodge says now the collaborative process can start. by @MichelleCasady"
"Thanks @KarinaKling for covering how Texas kids fared this session. Great news on #prek & student mental health but #txlege failed to address our high & growing uninsured rate for kids. @putkids1st …"
"@EricaGrieder Not only did @GregAbbott_TX order the #voterfraud, when hitman Whitley had to resign in disgrace, good Governor Greg gave him a $205K/yr job. Not sure who would hold Abbot accountable for fraud but if it's the felony-indicted AG Ken Paxton, that ain't happening, obvs. #txlege"
"That @UCLASoftball vs @OU_Softball Championship Game was thrilling. #txlege"
"Zero surprises, in fact. And how great would it be to have a $205,000/year job to fall back on? #txlege"
"It’s time to look at the #TxLege voting record this session & see who voted against their campaign promises & constituents. #Rule44 exists for a reason. It’s a system of checks & balances between the elected & electors #wethepeople. #Texas @TexasSenateGOP @TexasHouse"
"Conservatives go their whole lives saying they want less government and then they get the vapors at the prospect of an uncertified plumber. #txlege"
"#TXLege junkies! 👇👇🏽👇🏿👇🏻"
"Uhhh... No. Sorry, @SenJaneNelson, but according to @TexasPolicy: “It’s unfortunate that the Texas Legislature’s budget exceeds responsible spending limits,” said TPPF’s Senior Economist Vance Ginn of the #TxLege budget."
"If legislators want teachers to be paid based on test scores, how about they get paid based on job growth, a balanced budget, and the economy? #txlege #txed #meritpay #HB3"
"Texas Kids: How They Fared in the 2019 Legislative Session #txlege @putkids1st"
"HD59: Rep. @dr_sheffield draws two new challengers: Stephenville business owner Cody Johnson and Stephenville attorney Shelby Slawson. The latter unsuccessfully sought the Republican nomination for Erath County Judge in 2018, losing in the runoff, 55%-45%. #txlege"
"The ground being fought over now is the non-controversial position that non-citizens should not be voting in Texas elections. #txlege"
"no we know why disgraced Whitley ended up with a pay-off job @GovAbbott is the real disgrace #txlege"
"This year’s #txlege session was highly successful! Bills that protect consumers & provide greater transparency in government contingency fee contracts are now before @GovAbbott. Thank you for working to make our legal system accessible for all."
"TAC Executive Director Susan M. Redford: ""Time to Reflect, and Look Ahead"" #254Strong @redfosm #txlege #TACevents"
"@skylerkorgel is UDems’ longest active member & proudly gay🏳️‍🌈 While at UT, Skyler led #txlege immigrant rights advocacy for @ULItx & served in the office of his political shero @LaCongresista. A recent graduate of 6 majors, he hopes to one day fight for LGBTQ+ equality in #txlege"
" @txplanning #BastropTx #MyBastrop #APATx #HB2439 #TxLege"
"Abbott in 2014, when courting conservatives while running for office: “Indeed, ‘keeping out newcomers’ is a considerable benefit coveted by established market participants who often lobby for licensure of their [own] particular field.” #txlege"
"Texas leaders decided to keep cutting off health coverage for new moms 60 days after they give birth. Disappointed the #TXlege failed to change this policy, but we appreciate the efforts of @RepToniRoseTX @SarahforHD134 @NathanForTexas @BucyForTexas etc."
"Good to be in #HD68 discussing all the good work of the 86th. Meeting #2 was with Bowie’s Mayor, city manager, EDC director, & Chamber. #BowieKnife #OfficialKnifeOfTexas #txlege"
"And if he didn’t, why did he hire back his nominee for Secretary of State at a salary of $205,000?? Buying silence w/taxpayer dollars?? #BigDeal #TxLege"
"The #txlege ended on Memorial Day much where they started: in agreement on school finance reform and property tax relief. Learn key details of these two big ticket items in our latest Texas Business & Policy Report."
"Two major details from #86R: ⟶ The state is increasing its share of public education from 38% to 45%, with an additional $4.5 billion going into classrooms. ⟶ There will be a total of $5B in statewide property tax relief for Texas homeowners in the next 2 years. #txlege"
"Bastrop County Judge Paul Pape urges @GovAbbott to veto ‘dangerous’ groundwater bill: via @brand4on/@statesman #txlege"
"#Breaking: The @CityOfDallas confirms it has turned off its red light cameras, three days after @GovAbbott signed the ban into law. But the city hasn't decided what to do with unpaid tickets. More here: #txlege #HB1631 cc @RepStickland"
"The #txlege ended on Memorial Day much where they started: in agreement on school finance reform and property tax relief. Learn key details of these two big ticket items in our latest Texas Business & Policy Report."
"Two major details from #86R: ⟶ The state is increasing its share of public education from 38% to 45%, with an additional $4.5 billion going into classrooms. ⟶ There will be a total of $5B in statewide property tax relief for Texas homeowners in the next 2 years. #txlege"
"No more bundling #txed projects into one bond after SB 30 #txlege thanks to @SenatorBirdwell @DadePhelan"
"@NRA @TSRA_outreach @TXGOPCaucus #txlege #gunrights"
"Re: appointees, “Trump’s words in debate in which he made quickly debunked claim that current abortion laws allowed doctors to ‘rip the baby out of the womb in the 9th month, on the final day’ helped convince evangelical voters to vote for him.” #txlege"
"Thank you for your important advocacy work! An honor to have met you! #txlege"
"In its last weekly report of the 86th Legislative Session, the Partnership provides an update on its top executive priorities & other newsworthy items from Austin. Members, join us for a complimentary briefing on 6/18. #txlege"
"#Champions4Children #txlege"
"When interning for the Governor you do as you’re told. Even if that means throwing the guns up #txlege"
"Bad news if you care about healthy babies, healthy pregnancies, and healthy moms: Texas leaders failed to pass any of the bills to reduce the state's worst-in-the-nation uninsured rate: @KXAN_News #TXlege #TXHealthCareVoter"
"""By putting this bill into law, the legislators of Texas are saying to sexual assault survivors that what you’ve been through is important and we’re going to do something about it""- Juliana Gonzales, Senior Dir. of Sexual Assault Services at SAFE #txlege"
"In the presidential primary, Texas Democrats are: 30% Biden 16% O’Rourke 15% Sanders 11% Warren 4% Castro #txlege 3/"
"#SB1746: #TwitterNewsChat #TxLege"
"Thanks to @GregAbbott_TX for signing HB 2299, which will protect out-of-state team physicians when they travel with their teams to Texas. Thanks to @RDBobbyGuerra & @PeteFlores_TX for their work in the 86th #txlege."
"@iiicorps_cg Welcome to The Great Place, LTG White and family! Great to meet you this morning for a wonderful promotion and change of command. Looking forward to working with you!! #txlege #HD54 @DrBuckinghamTX"
"It is way, way, way (way) early, but needless to say, if the numbers next year look anything like the numbers in this poll, then Republicans are spending money to hold Texas - and that is a very different ball game. #txlege"
"SB 1585 should be an easy NO for the #txlege. Fracking wastewater doesn't go into our rivers & streams."
"Amazing morning advocating with my sister Sophia. #SinDie #TxLege #Over Time to get into the community and #GetOut #GetLoud #EndDemand #HearMe"
"Top Texas Republicans push back on Trump's Mexico tariffs, but how far will they go? @TomBenning: #txlege"
"#Bastrop and #Smithville are joining a growing chorus of cities urging @GovAbbott to veto House Bill 2439, which would limit cities’ ability to regulate residential and commercial construction. #txlege"
"#Bastrop and #Smithville are joining a growing chorus of cities urging @GovAbbott to veto House Bill 2439, which would limit cities’ ability to regulate residential and commercial construction. #txlege"
"#Bastrop and #Smithville are joining a growing chorus of cities urging @GovAbbott to veto House Bill 2439, which would limit cities’ ability to regulate residential and commercial construction. #txlege"
"Anti-abortion TX lawmakers funnelled millions into so-called Alternatives to Abortion clinics. The result: mismanagement, contract violations, lack of oversight & misuse of taxpayer funds. Eye-opening #longread by @TexasObserver's @SophieNovack #txlege"
"👀 #txlege"
"Just another reminder that @GregAbbot is NOT about all Texans, only white Texans. #txlege #Votersuppression"
"I am honored to have the endorsement of @GovernorPerry He is such a respected Texan and conservative force here in our state. I look forward to making him, and the rest of the voters in Texas, proud with my continued service. #jjb #justicejeffboyd #txlege #scot"
"With the 86th #txlege session behind us, we want to share a quick update. Read here:"
"JUST IN: @GregAbbott_TX confirmed plans to sign Lauren's Law, which is in honor of a murdered Wichita Falls teen. Check out the full interview where he also discussed plans to keep the state plumbing board alive. #txlege"
"@TxFOIFT #txlege @VoteGiovanni @KirkPWatson Thank you!"
"PRIORITY BILL VICTORY!! Thank you @Victoria4Texas and @JudithZaffirini for your leadership in supporting people with intellectual/developmental disabilities with HB4531! #TXlege"
"There couldn’t be a more@important story right now. Well done @SophieNovack #txlege"
"Thanks for your innovative leadership, Prez @michaelsorrell #txlege #PQC"
"I'm bad at this Twitter thing, but I want these ladies to get the attention they deserve! #txlege #txsen #BlueWave2020 #BlueWave #Resisters #TheResistance #Resist"
"this is stupidly belated but it's wild to me how much #txlege coverage gets written about bills without saying what the bill numbers are in the story. especially when you go years back, it makes it so hard to figure out what happened"
"No doubt. Instances like this always bring out and seem to empower the racist element. Wouldn’t be surprised if some Russian operatives get in on it, as well. #txlege"
"@GovAbbott Thank you for signing #HB259 today! @RepEdThompson #txlege"
"Yet one more example of a person with a gun not stopping a mass shooting on a school campus, but instead misfiring his gun, endangering himself & others. Can we try red flag & responsible storage laws now - since data show they WORK? #txlege @momsdemand"
"Gov. Abbott vetoes domestic violence bill over radioactive waste amendment #txlege"
"A perfectly damn good bill down the drain. Stupid move to add that amendment. All the time & effort put into this much needed bill to now be disposed of.. 😠😡 #TxLege #DomesticViolence"
"@workersdefense great work on @fox7austin tonight!!! @GregAbbott_TX is complicit in voter suppression. #txlege"
"New Poll Shows Vulnerabilities for Trump, GOP in Texas #txlege #texas"
"Lt Gov @DanPatrick's immigration claim rated Pants on Fire #txlege"
"What Heath is reminding us about here is the importance of putting #PrinciplesFirst #txlege"
"We spoiled @astros fans! I wanted them to sweep @Mariners. #astros #txlege"
"@TexasTribune @BetoORourke @HurdOnTheHill Trump’s team spent $1 million on four limos during a two day trip to Ireland. His presidential entourage’s hotel bills have also drawn scrutiny costing US taxpayers $1,223,230 on VIP accommodation at the InterContinental hotel in Mayfair, London. @JohnCornyn #txlege"
"@AlexRotterdam99 I see you now live in N.Y.; when was the last time you were in Texas? I live here, things on the ground are changing fast. That said, the #txlege has gone out of its way to make registering folks and voting (by certain pops) more difficult. Dems need a huge turnout to overcome."
"Despite this poor performance, #txlege further defunded Planned Parenthood in May, stating that other providers like The Heidi Group could fill the gap. Clearly it can't. Is this how #txlege should be spending your tax dollars?"
"Join me around the state & get a sneak peek at the final episode of our #UndertheDome #txlege series that publishes at noon. 6:15am Abilene @KTXS_News 6:25am Waco/Killeen @kwtx 5:35am MST El Paso @KTSMtv 7:40am ATX @fox7austin 9am San Antonio @ksatnews 4:30pm ATX @KXAN_News"
"@jamestalarico @TurnerForTX @juliejohnsonTX @BradBuckleyDVM @SamHarless126 @candynoble @Reggie4TXHouse Well-deserved! Thanks for making a difference for Texas! 👏👏👏 #txlege #txed"
"@MikaelGarciaTX I have 40 plus Texas flags and a several Gonzales Come and Take It Flags stored on board the plane. @GonzalesChamber #TxLege #DDay75 #DDay75thAnniversary"
".@AustinChronicle: ""To the @TPPF types...the howls of people like @MayorAdler or @JudgeEckhardt signify success – cities and counties should not be afraid to face the voters with justifiable spending plans."" True! #txlege #txed #tcot"
"@CarolforTexas @SenatorNichols @SenRoyceWest @electcharles @loiskolkhorst @DrSchwertner @JoseforTexas @TxChuy @KHancock4TX @BrooksLandgraf @lina4texas @DiegoBernalTX @BenLemanTX @GovAbbott @LtGovTX MAY2019 In Memory of the Victims Sadly Killed on #TexasHighways. 🌹🌹R.I.P. 🌹🌹 #DavidMedrano 48 Austin (pedestrian) #IsaacRamos 16 Los Alvarez (pedestrian) #OliviaMendez 9 Dallas #HavenSandoval 2 and #MarioBenavides 18 Bishop (2 passengers fm Kingsville) #TxDOT #TxLege"
"And speaking of the Index, we pushed out results to donors last night and some lawmakers have already called and complained about their grade! Imagine complaining to your teacher about the grade you made on the test when the exact questions were in the study guide! #txlege"
"Fortunately, the myths propagated by Texas Municipal League (@TML_Texas) & many whiny locally elected officials did not prevail in 2019. The 3.5% #votercontrol trigger in #SB2/#HB2 moves Texans one step closer to taking back control from runaway governments. #txlege"
"Thank you to the Kendall County Tea Party for inviting me to discuss the 86th Legislative Session. We had some important victories for District 73 with Property Tax and school finance reform, as well as several pro-life and pro 2nd-amendment bills. #txlege"
"I will continue to be listening to constituents in the coming months and working with my staff on priorities for the next session. We look forward to hearing from you. #txlege"
"Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Plans to Act Unilaterally to Preserve State Oversight of Plumbers . . via @scottbraddock #txlege"
"The Comptroller has certified the 2020-21 Appropriations Act, which covers our Harvey rebuilding costs, provides tax relief and prioritizes education — within all constitutional spending limits. Only in Texas could this be possible! #txlege"
"We are excited to see you and everyone else there next week! #energy #oil #oilandgas #natgas #txlege"
"This headline is gold 😂 #txlege"
"@RepDennisBonnen @willmetcalfTX One of the coolest dudes in #txlege"
"One of our top legislative goals, #SB22, to ban contracts between a government entity & abortion providers, may derail @PlannedParenthood & @AISD’s plan to roll out PP’s appalling sex-Ed curriculum to 7th graders in the district. #txlege"
"Enjoyed staying at the Stagecoach Inn and visiting with friends. If you havnt been to #Salado recently, this weekend is a great time! #sd24 #txlege"
"That’s a wrap! Read @DRCpublicpolicy's recap of the 86th #TXlege Session here:"
"At 12 we're livestreaming our conversation with San Antonio-area legislators including state Sen. Pete Flores and state Reps. Steve Allison, Diego Bernal and Ina Minjarez. Watch here! #txlege"
"How did clean #TXenergy do in #Texas legislative session? Our roundup here: #CHFEnergyFuture #txlege #solar #wind #energystorage #grid"
"Texas voters approve 60-28 of the job @GovAbbott is doing, per the latest Quinnipiac poll. #txlege"
"Rep. Briscoe Cain ranked as most conservative, while Rep. Gina Hinojosa ranked most liberal. Rep. Sarah Davis is listed as the most liberal Republican, while Rep. Ryan Guillen as the most conservative Democrat. See where your legislator stands. #txlege"
"Texas voters **OPPOSE 3-1** refusing service to LGBTQ people, @QuinnipiacPoll finds #txlege"
"Rep.Gonz�lez, Mary - Press Release #txlege"
"Y'all, today's my last day @dallasnews. I'm leaving Texas almost 5 years to the day since I arrived at the @statesman. Wow - wonderful journey! I've come to love this place. I'll miss it. I'll miss the people. And the barbecue. To my #txlege compatriots: Keep messin' with Texas."
"Here's who opposes business religious refusals of LGBTQ people in TX: - Catholics (68%) - No religion (68%) - Dems (82%) - Independents (65%) - Every age group - Black Texans (68%) - Hispanic Texans (72%) - Men (52%) - Women (64%) - White women (55%) #txlege"
"@RepRWilliams LEARN TO READ. #txlege"
"@RepRWilliams #txlege"
"Here's who supports business religious refusals of LGBTQ people in TX: - White evangelicals (63%) - White men (50%) - self-identified Republicans (57%) That's it. That's the whole list. #txlege"
"Texans‘ support for Roe v. Wade: Overall - 57% agree, 36% disagree Ds - 80% agree, 17% disagree Ind - 67% agree, 27% disagree Rs - 34% agree, 57% disagree #txlege 1/"
"And Texan views on what Texas should do re abortion if Roe is overturned. #txlege 2/"
"Good luck to the Big Sandy ISD Wildcats in the State Championship Game this afternoon against Linden-Kildare at Dell Diamond in Round Rock! #txlege"
"LIVE: We're livestreaming our conversation with San Antonio-area legislators including state Sen. Pete Flores and state Reps. Steve Allison, Diego Bernal and Ina Minjarez. Watch here! #txlege"
"Thank you to the @HGLBTCaucus for the opportunity to discuss our efforts to ensure equality and oppose discriminatory bills during the #txlege session! Proud to stand with our Houston LGBTQ+ community during Pride Month."
"On this day 75 years ago, the Allied Forces stormed the beaches of Normandy as part of Operation Overlord. The invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe on #dday was the start of the hard slog across the continent to throw off the yoke of fascism and tyranny. (1/2) #txlege"
"We are forever grateful for the bravery and sacrifices exhibited that day, acts of a magnitude that we may never see again. In their honor and memory, let us renew the bonds of fidelity and humanity that carry us forward in freedom and grace. #txlege #DDay75Anniversary"
"Who's surprised Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick is a thin-skinned, whiny baby who abuses his power? Anyone? Anyone? #txlege"
"We're watching @TexasTribune's livestream of their wrap up of 86th session of the Texas Legislature with San Antonio-area state lawmakers #txlege"
".@KFOXTraffic: ""'We now have to have a conversation with city council during this next budget cycle in terms of what are some of our options,' said Laura Cruz-Acosta, with @ElPasoTXGov."" Were red light cameras about money or safety? #txlege #tcot @TPPF"
"Nerding out at lunch. #txlege #ttevent @TexasTribune @evanasmith @stevefortx @DiegoBernalTX @PeteFlores_TX @vote4ina"
"Thank you @TexasTribune for an informative panel discussion on property taxes, school finance reform, & legislation that will impact San Antonio! #txlege #PublicEd @vote4ina @DiegoBernalTX @PeteFlores_TX @stevefortx"
"The finale to Under the Dome is here. Featuring: + A Tupac tie + Reporter confessions + No fist fights #txlege #txed"
"Very proud to have sponsored #HB2784 in the Senate! The importance of training & retaining a skilled workforce in Texas cannot be overstated. @DadePhelan thank you for bringing this bill to the #txlege!"
"Why @govabbott vetoed a domestic violence bill that sailed through the Legislature #txlege"
"@TexasTribune Recipe for a #winning episode👆🏽Loved working on this series and covering the #txlege in this way. Hope Texans enjoyed it as well! Mad props to our stellar #multimedia team – @jdehn @WoojaeJSong @Wisemeister @loriaRJDL!"
"#txlege #ImpeachAbbott #VoterSuppression #EndTheGOP"
"New @QuinnipiacPoll shows 71% of Texas voters don’t think businesses should be allowed to refuse service to people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. A related bill failed this session: #SB17 #txlege"
"""No, I don't think we did enough to address health care this session"". Thank you @vote4ina for addressing SB 22 and maternal morality. #TxLege @TexasTribune"
"Joined @GovAbbott as he signed school safety legislation that included my SB 10 - joint authored by every member of the senate & unanimously approved - making sure that early intervention is available to students at risk of suicide, substance abuse or becoming a danger. #txlege"
"Abbott signs into law school safety bills, including allowing more teachers, school staff trained to use guns #txlege #txed"
"Texas lifts cap on school marshal program that arms teachers #txlege #txed"
"2019: The Legislative Session Where Nothing Happened via @thsc #txlege #tcot"
"@RobbyMontoya @EmpowerTexans @KHancock4TX Not so hot, unfortunately! #txlege"
"We asked #txlege Legislators and Members of the Texas House LGBTQ Caucus to tell us why Pride Month is important to them. To kick us off, here is the what the wonderful, wise, & compassionate Representative @CeliaIsrael , Caucus Founding Member, had to say:"
"I watched @bigangrylaw and q chat 🤣 about knuckles last night. Most of my (R) family will be getting Brutus in their stockings this Christmas. The really good ones will be getting an ASP. Thanks to #txlege for updating some old dumb laws, esp “club” restrictions."
"Rep.Miller, Rick- Press Release #txlege"
"Both bills passed with kind-of overwhelmingly bipartisan support (Dems and Republicans co-authored/sponsored these bills). #txlege"
"Oh hey! Our @DRCpublicpolicy recap of #txlege! Awesome leadership by @TXPackerChick who worked tirelessly this session to advocate for @DRChamber public policy priorities! 🙌🏼👏🏼"
"I work with a buncha bad axes. #txlege #TeamBonnen"
"The #txlege passed model legislation to eliminate surprise medical bills for Texas patients. THA's @LanceLunsford and @hawkmantx breakdown the steps to the big win and why it could be a model to end #suprisebilling nationwide in the latest Capitol Update:"
"The 2019 Taxpayer Champions per the @EmpowerTexans Fiscal Responsibility Index. Check it out here: #txlege #txlegegold"
"#txlege #txlegegold"
"Thank you for supporting #WearOrange @PenzysSpices! #TxLege #SpringTX"
"Today is the last day of school for Santa Fe ISD students, the marker of a year survived since one of the deadliest school shootings ricocheted in their halls last May. Nearly 200 miles away, @GovAbbott signed bills to improve school safety. #Txlege"
". @txrcc Commissioners assess almost $600,000 in fines for #OilandGas & #pipelinesafety violations: #TxEnergy, #TxLege"
"Some lawmakers made a valiant effort to shore up mental health support and suicide prevention, but when the session ended last month, their victories were mostly contained within school-based initiatives. #txlege"
"@dlavine in @TheEconomist ""Hide Your Crazy, Texan Politicians Put Money Into Sensible Policies"". Dick will tell you that these same sensible policies need a sustainable revenue source. More work to do y'all. #txlege #policy"
"Texas Standard For June 6, 2019 #txlege"
"Rep.Burns, DeWayne- Press Release #txlege"
"LOL. Low bar. #TxLege @TexasTribune"
".@RepRonWright believes women should serve jail time for having an abortion. When asked about it he replied, “absolutely” without a thought. Follow & support @janasanchez. She will be running against him again & she’s going to need our help. #txlege #RonWright #MyBodyMyChoice"
"Thank you to Rep. @DonnaHowardTX for working w/ me to pass funding for the investigation of reported sexual assault offenses in TX as an amendment to the budget. This is a step in the right direction to ensure survivors can receive justice. #txlege"
"This week @GovAbbott signed five bills which are designed to fight human trafficking, increase resources for survivors of sexual assault, and eliminate Texas’ rape kit backlog. #txlege"
"TMA Legislative Top 10: Efforts to Curb Opioid Abuse Await Governor. #txlege"
"There's still a lot of work to do to make sure our schools have a sustainable source of funding in the future. More from @CPPP_TX: #txlege #txed #HB3"
"Don't forget... This Saturday, June 8th @ 2pm CST by @Shalemag -Join our President, @JJT13 for the upcoming 'In The #Oil Patch"" radio show @kymshalemag will be covering #legislative topics and what's to come for the #oilandgas industry! #txlege #energy Call in 210-526.3656"
"Abbott Signs Controversial Mental Health Bill #txlege"
"Great! Can we get a statewide non-discrimination ordinance then in the 87th #TxLege?"
"Did not know that sock peddling fell within the duties of the GLO. #txlege"
"Nice to see that Texans overall are more tolerant than the #TxLege GOP. Poll: Most Texans oppose refusing to serve LGBT people"
"Texas Takes Action to Address Transportation Infrastructure Woes - By @Longanecker3, President, @T_I_P_R_O., @OilmanMagazine, @86thLegislature, #txlege, #oil, #natgas."
"@Garciaparasoco This is classic snowflake material. Makes Goeb look pathetic and weak. #txlege"
"Texas lifts cap on school marshal program that arms teachers #txlege"
"by signing #SB11 into law against will of vast majority of grassroots activist, @GovAbbott has seriously damaged his bid for re-election. If he steps out of line and unilaterally takes action on his own without #txlege approval regarding plumbers, he can kiss re-election goodbye"
"@sadieeehdz Thank you for sharing your story with #txlege, @sadieeehdz! Let’s keep working together to increase the minimum wage in Texas."
"Great podcast featuring @putkids1st’s @AKohlerTX discussing the prevalence of maternal mental health issues as well as what has been/can be done by the #txlege to help Texas moms!"
"@murphysinclair @caitmeise @Carolinnnne Y’all kick axe! Thanks for all of your work. #txlege"
"#TeamTodd Takes the lead in the cuteness factor!! #txlege"
"What the House accomplished this session wouldn't have been possible without the positive & productive discussions we had with @GregAbbott_Tx, @LtGovTX, and our colleagues in the Senate. When Republican leadership unites behind the issues, the State of Texas wins. #txlege"
"1/2 TMPA was in San Antonio today for @TexasTribune's 'post-session event recapping the major policy debates of the 86th Texas Legislature and what they mean for the state's largest cities and surrounding communities.' #texastribune #txlege"
"2/2 The conversation today included State Representative Steve Allison, State Representative Diego M. Bernal @DiegoBernalTX, Senator Pete Flores @PeteFlores_TX, and State Representative Ina Minjarez @vote4ina. #texastribune #txlege"
"#TXLEGE: Nobody respects Braddock."
"Hey @GovAbbott, we need this for Texas! I’ll help design the plate, as I hold a PSB. Tried to do forms on MyPlates, no luck. I know many Texas Vets who are PSB holders & who would buy it! @SenTedCruz @SenTedCruz @GregAbbott_TX @RepBrianBabin #TxLege"
"Tomorrow #WearOrange and take a selfie for the 5th annual #NationalGunViolenceAwarenessDay! Then join me and my @MomsDemand friends, survivors, students, parents, @houmayor and other community leaders at Wear Orange Houston ! #txlege #HoustonTX"
"Tupac tie finally gets its due! #txlege"
"In case you missed it, or have been having trouble finding it online, this is dialogue that took place between Senator Birdwell and Senator Campbell on #HB3703 #txlege #txlege2019"
"Inside Texas’ Failed Experiment to Replace Planned Parenthood with an Anti-Abortion Group #txlege"
"As I have been telling Texas Teachers, you got played by #txlege. All they did was throw you a bone and hope you’ll wag your tail for them when you vote starting in March 2020. Teachers, the Texas Legislature failed you again."
"YES YES YES YES ANOTHER STATE DOWN!!!!!!!! THANK YOU @GregAbbott_TX #txlege!!! More on what the issue is from me and @cjdieterle:"
"The #txlege media circus is even worse than the national press, it’s comprised of the enemies of the people."
"Talk’n #txlege at East Lawndale Civic Club, my neighbors few blocks east. Good to hear many updates from @RobertGallegos_ as well as team @AdrianGarciaHTX & @Srtrevino6 @Pct6Constable"
"Yasssssss Let’s go @wendydavis 🔥🔥❤️. #txlege"
"#BoringAssSession #YouMightLikeTheResults #ElectionsMatter #txlege"
"Proud to be part of the winning team that made the accompaniments in this video possible. Watch here. #sd24 #txlege #86thLegislature"
"#Texas #txlege #Austin #legislators #legislature #Catholic #communion #abortion #infanticide #prochoice #SanAntonio"
"Texans don’t need reckless decision-making controlling our economy. Thank you @RafaelAnchia and all the HDC members in the letter for standing up for Texas jobs and workers. #txlege"
"Arizona got a 20% raise. For a topped out Texas Teacher at State Minimum a 20% raise is $9102. $4000/$45,510=8.79% raise. How do you like the #txlege effort now??? (considering Texas has the best economy in the Nation)."
"That’s great news mimgot stuff we never got to use. @wendydavis is a walking talking target generator! #txlege #neverthrowoppoaway"
"Wendy Davis likely to challenge Chip Roy for CD 21. We'll be ready! #txgop #tx2020 #txlege"
"Art of the Deal? More like no deal. Great to see @SarahforHD134 and @DrewSpringer signing onto this letter! Texas legislators ought to be united in ensuring the economic stability of our state. These tariffs move us in the wrong direction. #txlege"
"@dsphotoscapes .@WSJ: ""If any salary gap does exist, it is likely made up through teacher pensions, which are far more generous than private sector 401(k)s."" #txlege #txed #tcot @TPPF"
"She’s back for another try? #txlege #2020Elections"
"Today I signed school safety laws in response to the Santa Fe High School shooting. They make our schools safer places for children to learn, for teachers to educate, and for families to gather. #txlege"
"I like video signings. Better: Invite the press. #txlege"
"State Representative Jeff Leach legislative update #txlege"
"State Representative Jeff Leach legislative update #txlege"
"State Representative Jeff Leach legislative update #txlege"
"State Representative Jeff Leach legislative update #txlege"
"At the end of the day, lawmakers need to stay the hell out of our exam rooms. How many anti-choice members of #txlege can explain, much less understand, a pelvic exam? Make it easier for physicians to heal people & prevent everything from pregnancy to STIs to assault, not harder."
"The cruel spiteful decision of the GOP and #txlege -- because it strengthened the ACA -- caused more babies to die. Nice decision Gio and Kenny! #FlipTX24 @LauraLpelg @MPEYTO @RepKenMarchant Not #Prolife"
"@mattyglesias A reminder that I live in the only district (TX-20) that San Antonio doesn't share with Austin (TX-21 and TX-35), Ted Cruz's Senate office (TX-21), or the outskirts of El Paso (TX-23). Though I'm sure the #txlege will find a way to change that in 2021."
"Glad to see @GregAbbott_TX has not yet sign SB19. Really hoping this expansion of government and adolescence is vetoed. #txlege"
"@Dallas_Banter @Johnson4Dallas @ComradeGriggs @griggs_the @griggsfordallas Eric flaked on his voting at the #txlege. What makes you think he'd show up for election day?"
"And thanks to the #txlege, Texas gets none of it. Can you imagine if instead of trying to raise taxes, we just found an alternate revenue stream that people already use? @GovAbbott @DanPatrick"
"Truth. #EmpT #TPPF #txed #txlege"
"(As a paraplegic myself) you can’t trust a disabled person who doesn’t care about other disabled ppl! I’m not surprised. Political superiority is his true disability—DPS emails show Texas governor requested the voter purge that used flawed data #txlege"
"On Wednesday, Gov. Abbott vetoed a bill that would have offered better protections for domestic violence victims and law enforcement due to a last-minute amendment #txlege"
"That's it until January 2021 #cannabis #marijuana #Texas #txlege #Legal #LegalizeIt"
"... No worrys. When Demoncrats control the State in 2-4 years, they'll bring them back! !! ... RT @GregAbbott_TX: I just signed the law that bans red light cameras in Texas. #txlege"
"#Michigan imported $56B of products from #Mexico last year, second only to #Texas, which thrives on trade in energy, food & manufactured goods w Mexico. California & Illinois were also among the top importers #IMMIGRATION #Tariffs #TXlege #TXbiz #USChamber"
"#Texas would be hit the hardest by far by an across-the-board #tariff on #Mexico goods, according to the #USChamber of Commerce — with a 5 percent levy threatening roughly $5.35 BILLION worth of imports to the state. #IMMIGRATION #TXlege #TXbiz #Tariffs"
"I was reading @kherman’s piece on @DanPatrick banning my friend @scottbraddock while selling press seats to others, and I was reminded of one my favorite tweets. #txlege"
".@palestineherald: ""With a total budget of about $850,000, plus an emergency fund of $130,000, the city will pay Sheridan roughly 10 percent of its operating capital [to a fired city secretary in severance pay]."" #txlege #tcot @TPPF"
".@ExpressNews: ""...a bewildering chain of legislative blunders killed the paid-sick-leave repeal, at least temporarily preserving San Antonio’s ordinance."" Emphasis on ""temporarily"" if @TPPF has anything to say about it. #txlege #tcot"
".@ProgressTimes: ""The FBI is investigating a series of suspicious land deals that involve Alaniz, his sister and the city of La Joya — clear conflicts of interest that may involve criminal activity."" More shenanigans in La Joya. #txlege #tcot @TPPF"
"Legislative session provided San Antonio some big wins #cosagov #txlege"
"NEW: Texas police can seize money and property with little transparency. So we got the data ourselves. #txlege"
".@KPRC2: ""The new 8,000-seat stadium will have a low-glare turf field and a state-of-the-art video scoreboard system."" @SpringISD also sells naming rights to its fancy new facility for $750 k. #txed #txlege #tcot"
"A @QuinnipiacPoll showed that most Texans, across the political spectrum, _opposed refusing_ to serve the LGBT community. Yet #txlege continued to forward GOP-led ""religious refusal"" bills this last session."
"NEW: Texas police can seize money and property with little transparency. So we got the data ourselves. #txlege"
"If you told me in 2018 that post #Txlege session that Tarrant,Denton,Dallas & Collin counties would have a combined THREE members making an A on @EmpowerTexans scorecard, I woulda called you crazy... yet here we are!"
"Best of luck to Kirbyville ISD Wildcats Baseball in the 3A State Semifinals this morning against the Wall Hawks! #txlege"
"How fiscally responsible was your Tx House Rep & Senator this past #txlege session? Click here to find out. Also click on the ""Votes Considered"" to see how they voted on the bills that gave them that grade. What grade did ur Rep/Senator get?"
"The unemployment rate is stabilizing at around 3.6%, which is the lowest unemployment has been in over a decade. It was at 4.7% just after the 2016 elections. #txlege"
"Texas ready to arm more teachers with law lifting cap on school marshals. By: ⁦@andreazelinski⁩ #txlege"
"Banned from guns, Texas gave him a license anyway. Citizens paid the price. By: ⁦@Dexinvestigates⁩ #txlege"
"The latest OPT Avenue! Thanks to @ThePathOfMe @alanfossler @oschlenkernews #txlege #ctl"
"@J_Wade_Miller more than that, it's worth a #txlege vote next legislative session. seizure of a person's property should not happen without determination of criminal guilt. and, law enforcement should not have a financial incentive to seize personal property."
"For fucks sake someone put out interim charges STAT #txlege"
"Thank you to @GovAbbott, @FourPriceTX, @SenLarryTaylor and others for successfully working this #TXlege session to support student mental health in our schools. Ijah's story shows why it's so important!"
"Included in the Texas school finance bill: a section requiring #FAFSA submission for graduation. This month, @chrisco_laura looks at how we expect this new requirement to impact college access in TX: @TexasOnCourse #txed #txlege"
"1 In 30 Kids In Foster Care In Texas Were Reported Missing Last Fiscal Year, DFPS Report Finds #txlege"
"@RepMattSchaefer @Bishopoftyler You do NOT get to use #txlege to tweet your PERSONAL support."
"Now they're celebrating their behind the scenes move to commandeer the funds for safe storage to THEIR OWN COFFERS- the @NSSF -the GUN LOBBY. They don't care abt saving Texans' lives. They care abt selling more guns. We see you, guys. #VoteThemOut #txlege"
"Which state was ranked first for our tax environment? Click here to find out. #sd24 #txlege"
"It may have been “boring as hell” for some, but it was historic. Some of the best history was boring. #txlege #nofistfights #txlegegonewild"
"Stickland knows his #txlege days are over so he's in D.C. schlepping for a gig in the Trump Administration. No telling how much pandering, petulant material he is going to tweet out trying to get one."
"“New taxpayer dollars should only be spent on programs that demonstrate a high likelihood of improving student outcomes... Texans deserve the very best educational system we can get for our money.” @KaraBelew #txed #txlege #ATX"
"Interested in #CJReform and/or #AssetForfeiture? Check out this deep dive on four TX counties. Fascinating info. The info from Webb and Smith Counties is particularly interesting. This session, the House proved that it is more than ready for a debate on reform. #txlege"
"What should Texas should do if Roe v. Wade were overturned? Given the amount of attention our lawmakers put on abortion, the answer may surprise you. #txlege"
"We will #WearOrange on National Gun Violence Awareness Day. #ENOUGH #txlege #ExpectUs"
"This is Huge. Great time for Texas #txlege not pass to the proposed bill to change its system & have back-up paper ballots. Of course, TX didn't have to be hacked to undermine voter registration. Governor Abbott & his admin did it themselves."
"Hello! In a new poll, a majority of Texans support Roe v. Wade! Also, a new report from the @TexasObserver shows how badly we need Planned Parenthood as a women’s and sexual health provider because the state has failed us! Bye! #txlege #TXabortionfunds"
".@Ron_Nirenberg on this session's #LocalLiberty push: ""It could have been a whole lot worse..."" Ya ain't seen nuthin' yet! Work is already underway to get Big Wins in 2021! #txlege #txed #tcot @TPPF"
"Here's the best write up I've seen so far on what was said last light about @wendydavis potentially running for U.S. Congress -- and what she actually said. via @AustinChronicle @PointAustin #txlege"
"Though Texas's top lawmakers made a grand bargain on school finance and property tax reform, there's no permanent way to pay for it. @rgratcliffe explains how the scheme could unravel and cause a tax increase in the future. #txlege"
"I’m honored to have the support of Former Chief Justice Tom Phillips and Former Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson. They know the Court, and I’m proud of their confidence in my service. #jjb #txlege #scot #justicejeffboyd"
"Read more about The Texas Model - @TexasJJD’s plan to reform the Juvenile Justice System:… #txlege #jjreform #traumainformed #traumainformedcorrections"
"A state appeals court ruled this week that Abilene police cannot release an audio recording of an interaction former state Rep. Susan King had with officers during a 2015 incident at her home: via @chucklindell/@statesman #txlege"
"“Overreaching local govts like #ATX—& now Dallas + #SanAntonio—are working to enact CA-style ordinances that make Texans less free. We will continue to litigate this to ensure that all Texans share in the freedoms that make TX great.” @sfsterling18 #txlege"
"More than 750 people have already signed up for one of this summer's Legislative Updates. Don't be left out! Find a location near you and sign up at so you can be among the first to know what changes #txlege made this session."
"Julieta Garibay (@dreamelder) is a longtime Texas resident who became a US citizen last year. Still, she was included in TX' flawed voter purge list, along w/ thousands of other citizens. Today, she joins @RepLloydDoggett & @JoaquinCastrotx to discuss @GregAbbott_TX' role #txlege"
"Today we #WearOrange, tomorrow we #HonorWithAction the 100+ Americans who are shot and killed each day. Text ‘ORANGE’ to find an event near you! #EndGunViolence #NotOneMore @MomsDemand @Everytown #txlege"
"@WellsDunbar Shall we talk about @chiproytx ? Voted against disaster relief that impacted his own constituents. Feel like that is more important than insider baseball about @wendydavis gubernatorial campaign. #Txlege"
"Some of the sexual violence prevention bills signed in Texas: ✔️HB 8, Lavinia Masters Act: Requires an audit to figure out the possession and analysis of sexual assault examination kits and set deadlines for the analysis of untested kits. #txlege"
"✔️ SB 71: Establishes a statewide telehealth center to ensure victims can access specially trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners. #txlege"
"✔️ SB 20: Sets up two new criminal offenses for the online promotion of sex trafficking. #txlege"
"“If @GregAbbott_TX can just — with the snap of his fingers — restore an agency that has expired over sunset, then what’s the whole point of the sunset process?” @tgiovanetti tells The Texan #txlege #plumbers"
"Today is National Gun Violence Awareness Day, so I #WearOrange here in #HoustonTX to celebrate the lives of gun violence victims with my friends @MomsDemand. #txlege."
"Talmadge Heflin on the sales tax: ""The sales tax is the least burdensome because people have the option of buying or not buying...That’s the one tax that people have more control of than others.” Sales tax > property tax #txlege #txed #tcot @TPPF @kdhnews"
"Dr. Matt Robinson from SBOE is this month’s guest speaker at Clear Creek Republican Women Club. #txlege"
".@BetoORourke has 44 staffers in Iowa. Yes, that's an incredible amount at this time in the race. #txlege #2020presidentialelection."
"@JeffBoydTX @TexasFLCA I'm a little worried Jeff Boyd can't read. “No Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust ... shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, ... of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.”* @statebaroftexas @JohnCornyn #txlege"
"Save the date and register now. TAC’s Legislative Conference is Sept. 4-6, 2019. Details here: #txlege #254Strong"
"IMPORTANT: @HEB and @safoodbank will be providing assistance to families affected by the recent severe weather today and tomorrow at the Woodlawn Lake Park. For current outage information, please visit #txlege"
"We're is so proud of past WOW Dems endorsee @Victoria4Texas. She's been working toward this legislation for years. Keep it up, Victoria! #TXLege #Texas"
"“Supermajority is organizing millions of women to demand that gender equality be the law of the land. There is no more fundamental issue of equality than the right to control your own body,” @CecileRichards. #txlege"
"@RepStickland What’s your vaccine score...? #TXlege"
"Fake news :) Fox News says “Joaquin” Castro is tier 3 of dem potus candidates....furthering rumors the congressman isn’t running for reelection #txlege @PatrickSvitek"
"people on the move: #txlege"
"Time for a double with cheese. #txlege"
"Imagine liquour companies promoting a program to drive responsibly & stipulating Mothers Against Drunk Driving can't share its literature. Meet the @NSSF, where the goal of saving lives stops if you support background checks & red flag laws. UNREAL. #txlege @momsdemand"
"Today is National Gun Violence Awareness Day, so I #WearOrange here in #HoustonTX to honor the lives of the 100 Americans killed by guns each day and the thousands who are affected by their deaths @MomsDemand. #txlege."
"We #WearOrange because of active shooter drills in schools. No child should fear going to school! #Enough #SpringTX #KleinTX #TXLege @MomsDemand"
"Excited @GovAbbott signed into law SB 30 and HB 4388 today. Honored to be apart of both bills. #txlege #86thLegislature"
"NEW: @GovAbbott team responds to @Castro4Congress and @RepLloydDoggett presser. From Deputy Press Secretary @nantolson ""Congressmen Castro and Doggett showed that they are as ineffective at spinning lies as they are at working for Texans in Washington D.C."" @KXAN_News #txlege"
"""And it again declined to expand Medicaid, even as a new report shows 146,000 fewer Texas children were enrolled in Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program between the end of 2017 and the end of last year."" #TXlege @SanfordNowlin @SAcurrent"
"@JamesQuinteroTX @TPPF @KVUE @austintexasgov Worth noting that City's proposal would be arguably much less effective in reaching its goals had #txlege not passed property tax cuts and lowered revenue trigger to 3.5%. Otherwise, even housing under this proposal would become unaffordable"
"#Tariffs #Consumers #farmers #TXPol #TXlege #TXpolitics #MIpol #MIpolitics #CApol #CApolitics #ILpol #ILpolitics #OHpol #OHpolitics #AZpol #AZpolitics #AZlegis"
"The best way to #EndGunViolence is to increase the number of good guys w/ guns. The #txlege took a positive step towards this recently by fully expanding the School Marshall program."
"The dichotomy between the ratings from @projecteduco and the Empower Texans Fiscal Responsibility Index that dropped today is flat out striking. #txed #txlege"
"Now Available: Operators can change multiple Gatherers and Purchasers for one lease through a single P-4 Form online! Save time and submit online! For more information, visit: #oilandgas #txlege #txenergy"
"Today I #WearOrange to honor gun violence victims and survivors, to call attention to the 100 Americans taken from us *every day* due to gun violence, and to show the #TXLege that we are still here and we aren’t going anywhere. @MomsDemand"
"Hero Down: Grand Prairie Officer Albert Castaneda Knocked Off Overpass By Car. R.I.P. Officer Castaneda #txlege #BlueLivesMatter via @bluelivesmtr"
"The #txlege took action. We worked to improve campus security, require emergency response plans in schools, improve student mental health & prevent violence before it's too late. I was proud to co-sponsor and support #SB11 #theschoolsafetyplan #txhd112"
"I’m with her. My son is one of these victims of gun violence and This #woodlandtx mom is not at all happy with the #TXLege. #WEARORANGE #survivorstrong"
"Suicide is quiet crisis in Texas, especially in rural communities. As the dust settles on the 86th Legislature, advocates say most initiatives to curb suicide deaths failed. #txlege"
"Latest on trade talks- #txlege leaders weigh in..."
"Gov. Greg Abbott has signed a bill to raise the legal age of smoking tobacco from 18 to 21 in Texas. #txlege #KHOU11"
"Abbott also signed into law SB24, which mandates that women seeking abortions receive state-supplied information about adoption and “the characteristics of an unborn child."" #txlege"
"@LTHSCavFootball This is what happens to your property tax dollars. #txlege"
"#Texas #txlege #winning"
"#Texas #txlege #winning"
".@GovAbbott signs bill prohibiting city contracts with abortion providers #txlege"
"Congrats Megan! Great work & terrific content! Proud to be a resource! See you at the Capitol tomorrow! #STAR #adopteerights #HumanRights @GSCTXcouncil #nextgen #txlege"
"Highest rate of reported incest, no? Highest rate of teen births, no? P.S. most incest is rape. #txlege"
"My husband sported his orange @brooksrunning shoes today in honor of the senselessness of the 100 lives taken by gun violence each day in America. My Texan marathon runner gets it. @MomsDemand #txlege #soringtx #kleintx #WearOrange"
"@USAttyBash @CBP #txlege Abu Ghraib for Babies. Congratulations. You must be so proud."
"For Dallas peeps: Who wins mayor tomorrow? #txlege"
"For my SA peeps: Who wins mayor tomorrow? #txlege"
".@GovAbbott just signed #SB22 which prohibits local governments from giving sweetheart deals to abortion providers and #SB24 to ensure that women receive an important booklet with information about the child they are carrying prior to an abortion #txlege #prolife"
"News: @GregAbbott_TX signs bill raising the smoking age in Texas to 21. It’s now against the law to purchase or have cigs if you’re under that age. @KXAN_News #txlege"
"@AllenBlakemore “I’m allergic to bananas” 0.5 minutes later: @AllenBlakemore “omg, I love bananas” #txlege"
"Halle Berry lookout! 👀 My momma is coming thru with the fresh summer cut, makeover, & a smile! 78 is the new 48 right?! Lucky to have her!😍💋 🦋 #JTWithTheRemix #Transformation #TeamThierry #NeverTooLate #SeventyEightAndGreat #MommaThierry #SpoilYourMom #BlackDontCrack #txlege"
"""He acknowledged he was carrying a gun.“I feel threatened,” a student told the ...newspaper. “And I shouldn’t.”But campus-carry recently had been legalized by #txlege, & police determined Yoo was a Texas license holder, so there was nothing they could do."""
"Cahnman's Musings: #TXLEGE: Abbott Thumbs Nose at Citizenry (pharmaceutical lobbyists got paid):"
"@krucoff My beautiful girl is dressed up for #WearOrange and is not offended. She knows we need to #EndGunViolence in Spring TX and all around the country. @MomsDemand @Everytown #txlege"
"The #txlege property tax relief will now cost my family much more $ as Lovejoy ISD loses millions in funding, implements fees for busing and extra curricular activities and reduces staff. @CandyNobleHD89 @GovAbbott let’s work to make improvements."
"Great night at #TPPF with leaders like @kellyaimone and @austintalleytx. Coming together at events like this is what makes us stronger. @TXGOPCaucus @TexasGOP #txlege #TexasFirstGOP #RNHATexas"
"Rafael Bejar speaking with @Alextrevinolive on increasing Latino involvement within the #GOP. @TPPF was kind enough to host the reception to an exciting event. More to come tomorrow... @TXGOPCaucus @TexasGOP #txlege #TexasFirstGOP"
"#votegold #libertarian #txlege"
"Watch @WestonMartinez for our #fossilfuelfridays! #txlege real people who love #petroleum!"
"#greennewdeal #fossilfuelmoneypledge #weareoilandgas #GDNisFyre discussed #txlege"
"“#nofossilfuelmoneypledge is like vegan who claims to take no money from the cattle industry” #txlege #OOTT"
"Alice Tripp reassures @TSRA_outreach members #txlege safe storage funds won't be used to inform ppl it's illegal to negligently store your gun. TX has a child access prevention law, Alice. Y'all are pathetic. @momsdemand @ProsecutorsAGV @DonnaHowardTX @joanhuffman @ArtAcevedo"
"@momsdemand will continue to shine a light on the cockroaches under the fridge - the gun lobby constantly looking to undermine responsible gun ownership & common sense laws in order to sell more guns. #ExpectUs #txlege @shannonrwatts @Everytown @teamtrace"
"MEDIA - Please *fact check* when reporting on HB 1769. There is misinformation regarding bill history and bill naming being published by some news outlets. Statement below from the bill author's Chief of Staff. Thank you! #txlege"
"@DanPatrick @GovAbbott #SB11 #TxLege #Texas"
"“As legislators, we are aware that the passage of HB 3 does not signify the end of school finance reform but, rather, the beginning of its implementation.” #txlege ⁦@DonnaHowardTX⁩ ⁦@GinaForAustin⁩ ⁦@CeliaIsrael⁩ ⁦@VikkiGoodwinTX⁩"
"On this day in 1789, James Madison introduced to the U.S. House of Representatives what would eventually become the Bill of Rights. Learn more about Madison’s proposed amendments that sought to preserve our most fundamental rights & liberties here: #txlege"
"WEEKENDER ICYMI: How #Texas #energy legislation wrapped up with wins for #solar #wind #electricvehicles and next steps on #energystorage @PUCTX. Details from Suzanne Bertin @TXAdvEnergyBiz here: #txlege #txenergy #grid #utilities"
"Such a privilege to work with our great Travis County House delegation. @GinaForAustin @EddieforTexas @CeliaIsrael @SherylCole1 @VikkiGoodwinTX #txlege"
"This bad law will mostly impact the health outcomes of low income women across the state. Texans #standwithPP even if #txlege doesn’t. #electionsmatter"
"""fake newsies"" is perfect description of those #MQS stooges. #txlege"
"@pro_aktv @RandPaul @realDonaldTrump We need fresh raw #Cannabis to juice we are ignoring 483 nutrients created to Feed 🕊🌿🌱🍃💦💧 🤷🏼‍♀️ #txlege #JustSayNo has no #MedicalMarijuana #cbd is just 1 of 483 😭⚖️ #JimCrow put Food into #Prohibition It is terrible!"
"Lawmakers overlook high rates of uninsured, foster care fixes #txlege"
"This should be a national news story. The incompetence is staggering. And he failed a NICS check BEFORE he got a TX license, yet DPS claims they checked NICS? #txlege ⁦@MomsDemand⁩ Banned from guns, Texas gave him a license anyway."
"Trump suspends threat of Mexico tariffs, but with Texas teetering in 2020, he was playing with fire #txlege #TX2020"
"TY to all the TX House members who signed onto the letter opposing tariffs on MX, our top trading partner. Your voices were heard and TX is better for it. #txlege"
"Good summary of #txed #HB3 from @DonnaHowardTX and @GinaForAustin why its GREAT but why we have to keep raising the bar. With the help of @VikkiGoodwinTX @EddieforTexas I am in good company to keep fighting at #txlege"
"@RepStickland Interesting how the establishment of this institution the grow of debt went hand-in-hand. #txlege should be making contingency plans vis-a-vis gold storage, ag & energy self-sufficiency & cryptocurrency innovation. Xi Jinping isn’t going to lend us $ forever."
"It’s runoff Election Day for local races around the state, including important City Council races in Arlington and Grand Prairie. Polls are open until 7 pm. Tarrant County voters, find your polling location here: #GOVOTE #txlege"
"#OnThisDay 230 years ago James Madison introduced constitutional amendments to the U.S. House of Representatives that would later become the Bill of Rights. #txlege"
"Pirates invade the Pink Palace? #TXLege"
"We are deeply grateful for the brilliant first #txlege session of our great friend Senator @beverlypowelltx. She ran on a strong #txed platform and delivered on her promise. Beverly keeps her word and cares for our Texas schoolchildren. We need more like her in #2020Elections"
"The Father of the Bill of Rights, James Madison, introduced a proposed Bill of Rights to the Constitution #OnThisDay in 1789. #txlege"
"Happiest of birthdays to Representative @MattShaheen! We are proud to call you one of our members and are grateful for your continued efforts to make Texas the best place to live, work, and raise a family! #txlege"
"Happy birthday, Dr. @TomOliverson! Thank you for being a part of the House Republican Caucus and for your leadership on issues important to #HD130. #txlege"
"We elected an amazing State Senator in #SD16! Hope YOU will too in #nov2020. 5.4 million kids and #Texas depend upon it. #youmatter @NathanForTexas #txed #txlege"
"Senator @beverlypowelltx ran and won on a unifying pro-business, pro-#txed platform. She steered clear of cruel, divisive issues. This is the #txlege we all want and need— and will have in #2020Elections. Follow @projecteduco for details."
"Did you get a chance to see my latest newsletter? View it here: #txlege #rightonwork"
"On this day in 1789, James Madison introduced his proposed amendments to the Constitution, which would eventually be known as the Bill of Rights. #txlege"
"Since @DanPatrick leads the Senate and it votes on his agenda, the 60% is more or less Patrick’s score. With that in mind, how in the name of Sam Houston does my State Senator have a worse public education score than a former DJ who got a vasectomy on the air? #txlege #txed"
"Texas has the worst uninsured rate in the US for kids, women of childbearing age, and adults. As @JulieChang1 reports, Texas leaders did nothing to address this problem during the #TXlege session."
"It’s not too late to head to a #WearOrange event today to raise awareness about gun violence in America. Join me and RSVP for a Wear Orange weekend event! Find one near you: Text ORANGE to 644-33 @everytown ⁦@MomsDemand⁩ Spring, TX #txlege"
"Always love your history lessons Mr. Chairman! Thanks for this reminder. #txlege"
"Hey @GovAbbott, we need this for Texas! I’ll help design the plate, as I hold a PSB. Tried to do forms on MyPlates, no luck. I know many Texas Vets who are PSB holders & who would buy it! @DanPatrick @SenTedCruz @JohnCornyn @SenTedCruz @GregAbbott_TX @RepBrianBabin #TxLege"
"All- We are live today at 2:00pm CST with our President @JJT13 on the ""In the Oil Patch"" radio show! Tune in. #oil #natgas #oilandgas #txlege @Shalemag"
"#txlege Republicans’ “answer to gun violence remains ... more guns.” Point Austin: Another Year of the Gun via @austinchronicle"
"If red light cameras are unconstitutional under the Confrontation Clause of the 6th Amendment, then it it has ALWAYS been unconstitutional. Where is the enterprising attorney willing to file a class-action lawsuit against cities who collected $? Asking for a friend #txlege"
"“There has been a long debate in Texas over questions on the standardized testing system it uses, the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness — STARR.” #txed #txlege"
"@TexasTribune Cops do what they want. #txlege"
"Who wore it better: Mark Zuckerberg or the Denver assassin? #txlege"
"@JohnCornyn #txlege"
"In past sessions, the @texasgop might only show up for elections-related bills or maybe one-or-two social issues that delegates feel really strongly about. This session the state party at the Capitol daily, working on bills and building a foundation for the future. #txgop #txlege"
"Yes, there were disappointments in the 86th TX Lege -- especially the failure of the taxpayer-funded ban. But many conservative/RPT platform bills passed, the property tax provisions are solid, and we made progress on bills that didn't get committee hearings in the past. #txlege"
"“In 40% of cases, no one who had property taken from them was found guilty of a connected crime.” #txlege"
"Thanks to @TexasGOP for the time today addressing the SREC meeting. These members work tirelessly on behalf of the party. Thank you. #jjb #justicejeffboyd #txlege"
"Help! I think I saw an unlicensed plumber in my neighborhood this morning! #txlege"
"Incrementalism is the way most major policy changes come into effect, at the state and federal level, noted @MarkRamseySREC7 #txlege"
"86th #txlege saw a record number of #marijuana related bills filed. There were some important advancements, powerful hearings, and a few disappointments. Here is where they stand with links to hearings and more - #Texas #NORML #cannabis #TexasNORML"
"The @texasgop exec committee thanked @MarkRamseySREC7 for all his hard work promoting the platform and leg priorities. I concur completely & also thank the many other members of the committee who traveled to the Capitol at their own expense to promote conservative bills. #txlege"
"@JohnCornyn Should the government pick winners and losers, John? Does trump pick winners and losers? @evanasmith @JeffBoydTX Dumb GOP can't answer. #txlege"
"“President Trump’s tariff threat was good for the United States and it was good for Texas,” @DanPatrick says in new statement. #txlege"
"If @wendydavis wants to run for Congress, there’s no better opponent – philosophically and energetically – for her to face than @chiproytx. He’s a staunch defender of Life and has been extraordinarily effective for a freshman. #TXlege"
"The family that advocates together makes changes together! Great #WearOrange event in The Woodlands, TX today. @MomsDemand #StudentsDemandAction #SpringTX #TXLege 🧡"
"Catch you and @FireChiefofHFD there next time. #houston #txlege"
"#txlege Safe storage is important, esp for police! Police searching for man who stole officer's rifle from squad car during Far East Dallas fire"
"Banned from guns, Texas gave him a license anyway. Citizens paid the price. DO YOUR DAMN JOBS!!! #txlege @GeneforTexas @DonnaHowardTX @loiskolkhorst @RepStephenson @GovAbbott @DanPatrick @TxDPS @TSRA_outreach @TexasGOP @texasgov via @houstonchron"
"@justinaholland Thats odd, because I feel just the opposite. #txlege"
"@CarolforTexas @SenatorNichols @SenRoyceWest @electcharles @loiskolkhorst @DrSchwertner @JoseforTexas @TxChuy @KHancock4TX @BrooksLandgraf @lina4texas @DiegoBernalTX @BenLemanTX @GovAbbott @LtGovTX MAY2019 In Memory of the Victims Sadly Killed on #TexasHighways 🌹🌹R.I.P. 🌹🌹 #NicholasRichardson 19 Canton (fm Como) #NapoleonBraxton 44 Vidor (fm Houston, pedestrian) #DemerrickOwens 22 Stanton (fm Lake Charles LA) #TxDOT #TxLege"
"The hempette concept grows a bit bigger when one looks at the new under 21 smoking ban. #sb21 #hb1325 #txlege"
"Proposals banning #paidsickleave lost steam in #txlege. @Jackson_Walker attorney Sarah Mitchell Montgomery tells @Law360 that may have been over concerns some employment protections would be stripped by @MichelleCasady"
"Just me and my dudes catching the @astros. #Astros #txlege"
"Y’all, #thewoodlandstx just had our first #WearOrange event. It was a HUGE success! The. Woodlands. Texas. Y’all better #ExpectUs #TXLege #blooddrive @MomsDemand @shannonrwatts"
"Memorial wall at #thewoodlandstx inaugural #WearOrange event and blood drive. I’ll be real, here- I fought back tears all day. @MomsDemand @shannonrwatts #txlege #springtx #survivorstrong #keepgoing"
"No matter how you frame it, legislation for gun safety makes sense. @MomsDemand @shannonrwatts #WearOrange #WearOrangeDay #TheWoodlandsTX #TXLege #BESMART #Survivorstrong #ExpectUs #KeepGoing #FightLikeAMother"
"Our fur babies want us to be safe with guns, too. #WearOrange #WearOrangeDay #TheWoodlandsTx #TXLege @MomsDemand @shannonrwatts"
"OMG @Orioles CF robbed Yuli of 3R HR. Then doubles us up. We at least salvaged 1 run. @astros #astros #txlege"
"#TheWoodlandsTx first annual #WearOrange event featured survivors, community leaders, physicians, and students. #ASLinterpreter #hablaespanol #TXLege #SpringTX @MomsDemand @shannonrwatts"
"From the state budget and maternal health to surprise billing and end-of-life care, THA's ""End of Session"" report has the inside look at the 86th Texas Legislature's impact on Texas hospitals and patients. #txlege"
"Expressing yourself through art can ease your soul. #WearOrange #WearOrange2019 #TheWoodlandsTX #SpringTX #TXLege @MomsDemand @shannonrwatts"
"Artist Carol Wells created this amazing chalk design at #TheWoodlandsTx inaugural #WearOrange event. #TXLege @MomsDemand @shannonrwatts #SpringTX"
"""When it was reported in 2016 that Texas suffers from the highest rate of maternal deaths in the country, both sides of the aisle seemed rattled and ready to fix a glaring problem. Yet, as the dust settles upon the 86th #TXlege, lawmakers have done little"""
".@SarahforHD134’s efforts to get around roadblocks and pass great maternal health policies, managed care reforms and increased ECI funding get a big 👍 from kids advocates. #txlege"
"""A trend of voting restrictions and scrutiny of eligibility, including the recent botched effort in Texas to purge suspected noncitizens from voter rolls, took root after a Supreme Court ruling six years ago."" #txlege #VoterSuppression"
"""Two-years after @GovAbbott called for a high-quality #preK program in Texas, state lawmakers from both sides of the aisle.."" (1/2) #txlege"
"(2/2) ""...came together to find a way to fund pre-k programs for the state’s economically disadvantaged children, ensuring they will enter kindergarten ready to learn."" Happy end of Session everyone! #txlege"
"Join us and a panel of Texas lawmakers as we discuss this year's Legislative Session. Our panel includes Senator Kirk Watson, Rep. Donna Howard, Rep. Celia Israel, Rep. Sheryl Cole and Rep. James Talarico. #txlege"
"Welcome @KirkPWatson @SherylCole1 @CeliaIsrael @DonnaHowardTX & @jamestalarico to @KVUE for a special “Texas This Week” with @AshleyG_KVUE live on What did they think of this year’s legislative session? #txlege"
"Democrats make up 45% of the Texas House, but 70% of the top 20 legislators who missed the most votes this #txlege session."
"If you’re running as a conservative in next year’s @TexasGOP primary, we’d love to help you WIN! #doortodoor #GOTV #txlege"
"Here comes the report card! #txlege"
"Texas lawmakers are done. Here are this session's winners and losers. | The Texas Tribune #txlege"
"Texas Legislative Session Update – Physical Therapy Access Options Will Almost Certainly Change! #HB29 #txlege @vote4ina"
"Help us choose a name for our informational campaign to educate Texans about the Economically Distressed Areas Program, which ensures ALL Texans have access to running water. Vote for the name you think would resonate the most w voters when it's on the ballot this Nov. #txlege"
"One of the most significant conservative scorecards appears to be headed for a June 6 release, as in the 75th anniversary of D-Day #txlege"
"PRESS RELEASE | Anti-Immigrant Bills Are Out And Tuition Equity is Here To Stay! #txlege"
"The #txlege slashed the @TxDPS budget by a whopping 32.9%, or $2.3 billion. They under-budgeted @TxDOT by $2.2 billion (relative to population + inflation). The numbers don’t work. I'm worried they’re going to reverse #txed funding next session if new revenues aren't found."
"OMG! Texas @momsdemand is featured on page 85 of best selling #FightLikeAMother by @shannonrwatts ! NRA's ridonculous TX gun signage reqmts are INSANE. #txlege - can we finally fix this? @HoustonChron @SarahforHD134 @DiegoBernalTX @CarolforTexas @RepDennisBonnen"
"Thanks to #txlege, TRS retirees will see a cola for the first time in 12 years!"
"😳WHOA! Have you seen #HB3??? If you aren't following it & you serve students in the state of #Texas you WILL be impacted. Stay in the know! As soon as a Governor approved version is available I'm diving in. #SchoolFinance #Advocate #WhatHappenedToGT #HSAllotmentAnyone? #txlege"
"@SteveBresnen @farris_april @zachwolfelaw @amy_bresnen @leachfortexas @SenBryanHughes #TXLege did a horrible job. They didn’t even bother addressing the federal procedural issues raised in the Klocke and Retzlaff cases pending the the 5th Circuit."
"Here are 10 #txlege bills that voters would still have to approve on the Nov. ballot in order for them to go into effect. One of them deals with dogs! #txed"
"Welcome hope from the #txlege @GeneforTexas! Sorry the #honeydo list is so long. Your boys make a lot of laundry. 😂😂😂😂"
"Cahnman's Musings: #TXLEGE: Barring a special session, Abortion Tourism is inevitably coming to Texas: @GregAbbott_TX @JCyrier"
"@sencreighton & @willmetcalfTX push PERMITLESS CARRY of handguns after declared disaster through #txlege - barely. @momsdemand is in their districts, working to #EndGunViolence every day. #KeepGoing #WearOrange"
"Thanks .@RepJohnZerwas, .@SenJaneNelson, .@SarahforHD134 and .@86thLeglislature from the eight #CHATexas member hospitals for your support during the 86th #TxLege!"
"I've never thought of myself as a cover girl before, but there you have it! @AustinChronicle #squadgoals #TXLege"
"Politicizing trade makes NO SENSE & endangers passage of #USMCA which is pending in both the US & MX Congress. And this continued uncertainty is BAD FOR TX #TXLege #IRED"
"There is not enough talk about how we can prevent this polarizing issue of abortion, it’s the least we could do regardless if it’s a right or not. If legislators focused more on prevention, it wouldn’t be the gigantic problem we have today. It’s not hard. #TXLege #AbortionRights"
"Voter ID law keeps 97-year-old former San Antonio mayor Lila Cockrell from voting: #txlege"
"Newly revealed documents show that the Trump administration’s purpose in putting the citizenship question on the upcoming census was to disadvantage to the Democrats. #CountMeIn #txlege"
"“Michelangelo of gerrymandering” “Hofeller’s exhaustive analysis of #txlege districts concluded that such maps “would be advantageous to Republicans & non-Hispanic whites,” & would dilute the political power of the state’s Hispanics” #Census2020"
"Starting in September, Texans under 18 years old will no longer be able to buy popular over-the-counter cough medicines like NyQuil and Robitussin. #txlege"
"Check out this end of session video from the HDC regarding what I learned this session and some of the bills I filed. #txlege @TexasHDC @texasdemocrats"
"@GovAbbott @BetoORourke @tedcruz @chiproytx @DanCrenshawTX @DanPatrick @TXHouse @TXSenateDems @TexasSenateGOP @DMNPolitics @TexasGOP pls read my thread. We can prevent Tx being a focus for abortion, right or not. & It’s bipartisan. Thank y’all 🇨🇱 also, hire me lol #TXLege"
"Thanks @renurayasam for mentioning surprise medical billing, Rx pricing, and more. #txlege"
"House Speaker Dennis Bonnen altered his party’s near-term agenda in service of the GOP’s long-term political project: Power. Will it work? #txlege"
"NEW: Top Economist for Texas’ Most Influential Policy Shop is Headed to the Trump Administration, @by_jmiller #txlege"
"In case you're having withdrawals from #txlege #CelebSightings, here's one to hold you over! Thanks to everyone who followed along, we'll see you again in the 87th for Season 3 of #CelebSightings."
"For the last handful of legislative sessions, #txlege has had it in for Austin and other cities. This legislative session was no different, but state lawmakers didn't get everything they wanted. | @England_Weber"
"Texas news organizations covered the hell out of #txlege and now we’re getting together to talk about it. Nice going @TexasTribune @TexasObserver @TexasMonthly"
"No worries, I'm sure the @TexasGOP is all over this #txlege #SB22"
"This session, @GovAbbott & our Texas Legislature delivered results on the issues Texans care about most – keeping taxes low, our education system strong & our communities safe from criminals & natural disasters. Watch Gov Abbott's video highlighting these accomplishments. #txlege"
"Bills that would create a hemp program and expand medical marijuana access in Texas await @GovAbbott's signature. The bills are two of 63 marijuana or hemp-related bills filed at the beginning of the legislative session. | @jerryquijano #TxLege"
"TIL @samroblestx hearts @TPPF! Such compliments! #txlege #tcot"
"This is a great news string on #txlege issues 👇👇👇"
"Where’s Texas, @DanPatrick @GregAbbott_TX and #txlege? In the same league with California and New York..smh."
"""School districts have plenty of time between Labor Day and Memorial Day to complete the required academic hours of a full school year."" #txlege #schoolstartdate"
"Some businesses have reported that millions of dollars in expansions and capital investments have been delayed, cancelled, or moved out of state due to lost business activity caused by early start dates. #txlege #schoolstartdate"
"Another Texas Mayor doesn't back the Texas candidates; @MayorAdler supports @PeteButtigieg, @Mike_Rawlings supports @JoeBiden, skipping out on @JulianCastro and @BetoORourke. #txlege"
"Nice to see @DonnaCampbellTX still working hard for Texas! #txlege"
"PUC Allowed Outside Help In Appearances Before Regional Operators In Bill Sent to Governor #txlege"
"El Paso Electric, Xcel Could Recover Metering Costs Under Bill Signed By Governor #txlege"
"TCEQ WAMS Bill Signed By Governor Abbott #txlege"
"Permian Basin Becomes Largest Producing Oil Field #txlege"
"El Paso Energy Spin-Out Suspended on NYSE, Faces Delisting #txlege"
"At 7: Plumbing problems? Be careful who you call + @MattMackowiak & @samroblestx join us live to talk #txlege & 2020 + TX looks to shore up workforce shortages + @tedcruz & @AOC agree to partner on legislation + @RepMcCaul pushes bill to stop flow of #opioids into US"
"LCRA board approves $1 billion business plan #txlege"
"Governor Signs Bill Removing Victoria County From “Non-Attainment” Air Quality List #txlege"
"""Advances in batteries and other storage technologies raise questions about how to integrate these technologies into the electricity market."" @jneeley78 #txlege #energytwitter"
"King’s Increased Electric Car Registration Fee Dies In Committee But Chronicle Notes Notion Is Alive In Other States #txlege"
"CNG, LNG, LP Registration Instead of Licensing Okayed By Governor Abbott #txlege"
"Texas RRC Cleanup Fund to Be Cleaned Up Under New Law #txlege"
"Governor Signs Bill Removing Land Office from Discount Electricity Program #txlege"
"Texas Governor Signs Remarkable Plastics Conversion Process Legislation #txlege"
"Oil Industry Veteran New COO at Range #txlege"
"Utilities’ “Right of First Refusal” For Electricity Transmission Signed Into Law #txlege"
"@SteveBresnen @quorumreport @scottbraddock Fortunately, they'll have to do it w/ reduced growth in revenue. Power to the Conservatives. #txlege #sarcasm"
"Breaking news! #txlege Trump announces escalating tariffs against Mexico, starting at 5 percent, until illegal immigrants 'STOP'"
"The 86th #txlege raised teacher pay, lowered property taxes, stood with victims of sexual assault, and put more state dollars into our schools. If you have questions about the 86th session's accomplishments and passed bills, you can find more here:"
"The latest @realdonaldtrump fiasco regarding the USS McCain puts Trump at the lowest point of the presidency. But @lindseygrahamsc and the rest of the @gop will continue to support Trump. Not smart at all on their part. @foxnews @maddow @cnnpolitics @gregabbott_tx #txlege"
"The city of Austin needs to do what the #txlege failed to do this session as it blew past the #conservativetexasbudget: exercise fiscal restraint"
"#ICYMI: Texas Legislature Passes Law Legalizing #Hemp Growing & #CBD Sales #CBDoil #agriculture #txlege"
"The Economist takes notice @Commit2Dallas #txlege #txed"
"Discussing Texas as a battleground state, Rep. @jamestalarico says that a purple state forces legislators to truly earn their constituents’ votes, which is something that all democracy lovers should appreciate. #txlege #TXpolitics"
"NBD. This won’t mess with #Texas at all. But even if it does we’re only the 2nd largest economy in the U.S. and like 10th largest world-wide. Nothing to see here. #txlege"
"One more birthday wish to this Champ! Can’t wait to have her cross that #HD45 finish line in #victory #TakeBack45 #txlege #courageousconservative #TeamIsaac #txgop @CarrieIsaac"
"Couldnt have done it with out you! #txlege"
"The #txlege failed to pass efforts by @CeliaIsrael and @BucyForTexas, to expand Medicaid more broadly for the 1.1 million Texans who would be covered if the state had done so as envisioned (and funded) by the federal Affordable Care Act. #txlege"
"Awesome news! Incredibly well-deserved! #txlege #tcot #txed"
"#txlege #2020Census Texas at center of new evidence suggesting census citizenship question was pushed to help Republicans via @TexasTribune"
"@RedTexasyall @TxDOT @TxDOTDallas @TxDOTCommission This is why. A quarter-century Texas culture of road-death-apathy. Also, as a major stakeholder, #TxLege is a hostile team-player to reduce Texas road deaths. We need all legislators & @GovAbbott on board (actions speak louder than words, i.e. VETO banning of #RedLightCameras)."
"Congratulations ⁦@Glenn_Hegar⁩ recipient of the prestigious Bob Bullock award. #txlege"
"I’m enjoying graduations across the district!!! Congratulations to the wonderful graduates of #sd24! #txlege #86thLegislature"
"@GregAbbott_TX @AOC @tedcruz Thank you @GregAbbott_TX @tedcruz & @AOC for leading on this. I tried to do it in TX and got pretty close w SB13, and will try again next session. Lets end the revolving door of lawmaker to lobbyist #txlege"
"#TXLEGE: Breaking ""scoop""...that was announced on social media three days ago."
"Soon, anyone in Texas can call themselves a plumber without completing agency-required education and tests. “We're going to put the safety of the homeowners and the public of Texas in jeopardy.” #txlege"
"Most of @realdonaldtrump's supporters watch only @foxnews. This is why they weren't aware of what was in the Mueller report. And the coward @gop ""leaders"" aren't about to tell them. @maddow @cnnpolitics #txlege @gregabbott_tx @kirkpwatson @mayoradler @kvue @kxan_news"
"Thank you, #txlege. Finally a future voting opportunity to do right by Texas #policedogs! Senate Joint Resolution 32 would let police dogs and other law enforcement animals retire in their old age to live with their handler or other caretaker."
"Wondering what kind of effect this is going to have on our economy. Lord. | Trump announces tariffs on Mexico in response to migrants #txlege"
"This is the best round up of #txlege news ever. If you’re not already following or subscribed to the @TexasTribune, @dallasnews, @TexasMonthly & the @TexasObserver, what are you doing?!? Go support local news!"
"Texans with Disabilities are Struggling to Find Health Care Attendants. Lawmakers Didn’t Do Much to Help. #txlege"
"Texas mental health clinicians and other healthcare providers... @docrocktex26 this is pretty interesting... this bill is in the #txlege regarding “providers attempting to change the sexual orientation of a child.”"
"Regulation of Plumbers is very important to the safety of Texans. Never mind what the actors from both sides of #txlege failed to do. @GregAbbott_TX we need your help!"
"If you cannot lead on this issue. #txlege"
"""[House Bill 3] creates a long-term mechanism for ongoing tax compression without creating an equivalent mechanism for new spending."" #txlege #thetimeisnow"
"The combination of House Bill 3 and Senate Bill 2 is a MAJOR victory for taxpayers that will finally put a lid on the growth of Texas property taxes. Yes, there's more to do, but let's give credit where due. It took DECADES to pass these bills. #txlege #thetimeisnow"
"Conservatives: don't minimize the property tax reforms passed this session. The opposition was intractable and funded with our tax dollars. What passed in the #txlege in 2019 was good and sets the stage for additional reforms and tax compression in the future. #thetimeisnow"
"@GovAbbott Regulation of Plumbers is very important to the safety of Texans. Never mind what the actors from both sides of #txlege failed to do. @GregAbbott_TX we need your help!"
"The Power Politics Behind the House’s Bipartisan, Kumbaya, Feel-Good Session #txlege"
"This June marks 100 years of women having the right to vote. Every Texan has the right to have their voice heard, and we are thankful for all those who continue the fight. #txlege #VotingRights"
"The future of news is thoughtful, creative collaboration between orgs — which is why this thread made me so happy #txlege"
"@GregAbbott_TX Regulation of Plumbers is very important to the safety of Texans. Never mind what the actors from both sides of #txlege failed to do. @GregAbbott_TX we need your help!"
"If I were a reporter, I'd be insulted that they honored me because of what it might imply. #txlege"
"Follow us on Facebook! #p2 #txlege"
"How about those sales tax projections! Trump says U.S. to impose 5% tariff on all Mexican imports beginning June 10 in dramatic escalation of border clash via @TexasTribune #txlege"
"The plot thickens. #txlege #tcot"
"Impressive mega-thread to catch up on all the #txlege goings-on this session."
"Where are you, @GovAbbott? Special Session? #TxLege"
"@evanasmith The Dallas Morning News has for 56 years has enthusiastically trafficked in one of the greatest lies in world history: that a lone commie nut killed JFK. The @TexasTribune has as well. #txlege @dallasnews"
"Last session it was people upset about oak trees, now it’s people upset about plumbers. #txlege"
"Developed to be publicists for #fossilfuel companies #txlege #oott business development, sales support, branding and campaigns! With #socialmedia, broadcasts, events and advocacy! #entrepreneurship"
"Houston @MomsDemand volunteer’s role in electing @RepFletcher on p.239 of #FightLikeAMother by @shannonrwatts. Such a great read! #txlege"
"Lesson #1 for lawmakers kowtowing to the NRA: DON'T piss off a mom. @momsdemand #txlege #TX07"
"@TheLeftistEnby I started working at the #txlege."
"#atxgov's historic landmark commission can no longer initiate historic landmark zoning against property owners' wishes unless owners are given disclosures15 days in advance, and 3/4 of commission votes yes. #atxcouncil @austinmonitor #txlege"
"@DonZimmermanATX running for #txlege #HD47 Great news!!! #tcot #gop #txgop #makelibertywin The Texas House needs someone like Don Zimmerman"
"Thank you @GFColeman for supporting higher education and @UTAustin during the 86th Legislative Session! Hook 'em horns! #txlege #higheredu"
"Thank you @whitmire_john for supporting higher education and @UTAustin during the 86th Legislative Session! Hook 'em horns! #txlege #higheredu"
"Stormie loved this quote so much, she had a large framed picture of it hanging on her wall. It now hangs on mine! It’s a daily reminder. #stormieslaw #txlege #militarybrat"
"But... deregulation. #txlege"
"Texas lawmakers from the Austin delegation discuss 86th Legislative Session #txlege"
"In addition to arming teachers, messing up school finance, and not fixing healthcare, #txlege managed to screw up another thing during this session. Plumbers will no longer have to have a license to do their job."
"Too bad the #txlege killed Rule #4."
"@putkids1st @FourPriceTX @RaneyForTexas @KirkPWatson @RepMaryGonzalez @SenLarryTaylor @DanHuberty @DonnaHowardTX @James_E_White @joanhuffman @SarahforHD134 @Menendez4Texas Thank you all and colleagues and staff #txlege #childrenmatter"
"Wonder how Texas stacks up. @GiffordsCourage #txlege @GovAbbott @houstonchron @dallasnews"
"NEW BRAUNFELS, TEXAS on board with reducing gun violence. Thanks again, @momsdemand. #txlege #KeepGoing #ItsWorking"
"“We have seen this before.... If history is any guide, our public schools will end up paying the price.” ~ Rep. ⁦@TMFtx⁩ #TxLege #TxEd Via ⁦@TexasObserver⁩"
"86th Texas Legislative Session Assessment #txlege via @wordpressdotcom"
"Joining @foxandfriends at 6:45 to discuss the 2020 election and the Texas political outlook. #txlege"
"Lawmakers’ Greed Saved Taxpayers Millions @COTA #F1 #AustinFC #TxLege @shawncollins @CaryCheshireTX @GregAbbott_TX @brockwilliams @canbeadick @atomic_soccer @MayorAdler @texasscorecard @AustinFC @hinklej @CaseyOnFOX7 #mls #USL #merp @jacobngy @AshleyG_KVUE"
"There’s a grownup in the House. @GregAbbott_TX and @DanPatrick should follow his lead. Speaker Dennis Bonnen imbued 2019 Legislature with pragmatic spirit that led to results [Editorial] #TxLege"
"San Antonio state rep plays key role in school-finance breakthrough @DiegoBernalTX #txlege"
".@COSAGOV gives Toyota Motor Co. an 8-year, $10 M tax break ""and several other measures."" No word yet on what ordinary taxpayers will get. #txlege #tcot @TPPF"
"How did #SmallBiz fare in the #Txlege?"
"Best way to ensure future #propertytax relief past 2 yrs would have been to pass a state spending limit, which would create surplus each session that could only be used to cut school taxes. Senate has passed it 4 times, the House denied it a hearing in 2017/2019. #txlege"
"The Texas legislature just passed a jaw-dropping budget of more than a quarter of a trillion dollars for the next two years, a 15.7 percent increase over the last two-year budget set in 2017. #txlege"
"Friday May 31 - The Brief: Here’s a look at where #txlege started and ended — on spending priorities Via @TexasTribune @cassi_pollock"
"""another faction focused on pub schools has come into power turning heads of Repub leaders. 2018 election put more Dems in office changing the temperature in the #txlege...issues dear to the far right got only fleeting attn."" @rossramsey #ElectionsMatter"
"""The annexation of 7,000 acres of property in San Patricio County to form three new industrial districts within Corpus Christi is now official."" The great Texas land grab. @cityofcc #txlege #tcot @TPPF"
"""And the cultural conservatives who’ve dominated Republican primaries for the last decade were effectively shunted to a political siding this time as the education train moved through."" #txed #txlege #vote"
"Former Austin City Councilman Don Zimmerman to run for Texas House seat #txlege"
"Not only can the frequency of trains slowly begin to warp the tracks – Texas Central has stated that their goal is to have a train departing a station once every half hour – but the hotter summers can also damage tracks. #highriskrail #txlege"
"@james4texas .@VikkiGoodwinTX: ""“I don’t think Zimmerman’s message is going to be well-received in the district..."" #txlege @86thLegislature #SpotOn"
"Behind closed doors at the Texas Capitol, Texas lawmakers spent weeks negotiating which public programs should receive funding — and how much — in 2020 and 2021. Here's where #txlege landed."
"Legislators focused on public education this past session because educators voted. Let's keep up the good work and have an even better session next time. There is more to do! VOTE! #txed #txlege #vote #justfundittx"
"""Due to the current absence of widespread storage on the grid, Texas must have enough electric capacity on hand to meet electric demand during the hot days of summer."" @jneeley78 #txlege #energytwitter"
"Name your 5 recurring dreams as if they were movies: - Handful of Teeth / Mouthful of Dust - Icarus Part 2 - The House I Never Lived In But Know So Well - Revenge of the Texas Plumbers: Toilet Revolt (exec production credit to the #txlege, apparently) - Harold & Maude"
"""Hofeller detailed how the change would clearly be 'advantageous to Republicans and Non-Hispanic Whites' by using the Texas House as his case study."" The #txlege failed invest in a complete count for the #2020Census, leaving it up to local communities to make sure #TXCounts 🙁"
"Thank you @TXlege #txlege for listening, working together and compromising to formulate and approve legislation that improves funding for our public schools!"
"Take a listen! #txed #TXLege"
"Texas boosted special education funding this year, giving advocates some hope. But they lament that few bills passed that would impact students with disabilities in their classrooms. #txed #txlege"
"Joining @KFYO mornings with @mattmartinradio and Dave shortly to talk Texas politics. Listen live: #TxLege"
"The Texas Legislative Council has posted for an Automated Data Processing Equipment Operator II-III position: #txlege"
"ICYMI: @TPPF's Dr. Vance Ginn joins the Trump administration as the OMB's top economist. Taking the Texas Model to D.C. #txlege #tcot #txed"
"Unscrupulous companies occasionally try to swindle mineral owners into selling their mineral estates by saying it's a lease. A bill passed by the #txlege will force disclosure of a sale of mineral rights versus leasing mineral rights"
"Thank you to @KonniBurton and @TheTexanNews for inviting me to discuss the 86th Legislative Session, the Hill Country, and our efforts to continue to work for you, the taxpayer. Keep up the great work, Konni and everyone at the Texan. #txlege"
"House Speaker Dennis Bonnen altered his party’s near-term agenda in service of the GOP’s long-term political project: Power. Will it work? #txlege"
"""Legislature passes major school finance bill, reducing recapture by $3.6 billion statewide"" #TxEd #TxLege #HISD @HISD_HEAR @HoustonISD"
"NEW from @tombenning: President Trump's tariff ante against Mexico would hammer Texas, which counts country as top trading partner. #txlege"
"""Texas lawmakers limit opioid prescriptions for acute pain patients"" #txlege"
"My latest in @thehill - ""Shadow Removals: How safety plans allow CPS to avoid judicial oversight."" #kypol #txlege"
"@sh_aes @Network4pubEd @TXKidsCantWait @HoustonCVPE @CFISDCLC @SenLarryTaylor @DanHuberty @SenRoyceWest @RafaelAnchia The policy is not perfect. But it is a good step in the right direction, and we are grateful to #txlege for passing it. We take a similar step next session, fix the revenue side through better tax policy, we’ll be on our way to properly funded Texas Public Schools. #txed"
"Love this initiative. It’s time to support #LGBTQ youth! #txlege"
"I think this is a great group to start closing the gaps that Texans with IDD fall through in our criminal justice system! Thank you to all of these dedicated professionals!#TXlege @Austin_Police @TravisCountyTX @TheArcUS @DisRightsTx @IntegralCareATX"
"Plumes of cancer-causing benzene were detected in communities near the Houston Ship Channel after the waterway’s second industrial accident in two months. State and local leaders must step up to protect Texas families. #TXLege"
"What happened to plumbers this #TxLege is what’s happening to teachers but in a slower piecemeal process. Police & firefighters are on the menu, too. These kinds of policies come from free-market worshippers who think the least regulation is the best regulation. #TxEd"
"My brother ⁦@RobertMLars⁩ is making his podcast debut! Y’all take a listen on how he was able to navigate a Freshman member’s first term and what it like being 1 of 13 black chiefs in the whole legislature! #FreshmanOfTheYear #txlege #proudbro"
"@asian_emmett @_RebeccaMarques She suffered my touching of her phone only under her close supervision and only cause I’m the one who bought her the album. She has punished me by refusing the #txlege #selfcare I offered her. You know what’s true about a functioning democracy? #yallmeansall"
"Thank you to @TXCivilRights & @RAICESTEXAS for bringing us together! #FamiliesBelongTogether Convening Day 2 #txlege"
"How will Texas' 86th legislative session affect Texas public schools? We chat about the school finance bill (HB 3), property tax relief, and school safety. #txed #txlege"
"In a historic move, the Texas House and Senate approved legislation to promote free market for liquor store ownership, marking one of the most significant reforms Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code since the 1930s. #txlege #ModernizeTXSpirits"
"Kids need summer camp now more than ever! #saveoursummer #txlege"
"The Texas Legislature wrapped up their session and made some important decisions around family law. Keep yourself informed and up to date. #TXLege #FamilyLaw @TXlege"
"For all the talk about the ""Big Three"", the 86th Texas Legislature came up small. #txlege"
"If you’re wondering what the Texas Legislature did to prevent dangerous fires in the Houston’s petrochemical corridor this year, the answer is very little. #txlege"
"5th grade science teacher: ""I never enjoyed teaching earth science, but after attending the TMRA Teacher Workshop, suddenly the earth sciences came alive for me."" #TXlege #education #mining"
"ICYMI: Texas Stiff Arming D.C. Democrats #txlege"
"@wkpixley1 @TheRickWilson Look I’m just expanding my client service offerings to the full extent the #txlege will allow."
"Curious what happened (and didn't) in the Texas Legislature's latest session? Here's a really comprehensive look at the biggest issues from @dallasnews @TexasTribune @TexasMonthly @TexasObserver. #txlege"
"An oil and gas industry-backed bill could blunt environmental groups’ fight against the Jupiter oil pipeline and Kinder Morgan’s Permian Highway gas pipeline. #txlege"