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This is a simple way to retrieve Google Docs written in the ArchieML format as json for web apps. It was created for the Quartz things team, which uses it as part of our build process to streamline the editing of our work.


To install run

npm install -g aml-gdoc-server

in your terminal shell


To start the server run


in your terminal shell

On the first run

The first time you start the server it will prompt you to provide it with Google API credentials. You will be given instructions on securing those. These credentials and subsequent authorization tokens are saved in a hidden file at ~/.aml-gdoc-credentials in json format

On subsequent runs

After the one time setup procedures are completed, all future instances of the server will start immediately upon running aml-gdoc-server in your shell

On all runs

The server defaults to port 6006 i.e. "Goog."

ArchieML formatted Google Docs can can be retrieved using this url structure{google-doc-key}

Currently your Google doc needs to be set to "Allow anyone with the link to view"