[IN PROGRESS] Scanner to get security information on FTP servers (and automate it on IP ranges)
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FTP scanner

What is it?

This python tool library is designed to check if a FTP(S) server is secured or not and the kind of information and rights you have with or without credentials.

It can also check the FTP(S) server security of a wide IP range (even the full IPv4 network).

It is multi-platform and compatible with python 2.7+ and 3+.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This scanner is working only for unique IP at the moment.


Scan one IP with a specific port:

More examples will come soon.

How to install

This tool does not need any additional library.

  1. Download this repository

  2. Launch the Python file that matches your needs:

    • If you need to check only one FTP server: Launch "python ftp.py" command
    • If you need to check a wide IP range: No implemented yet

What is check with this tool?

For every scanned IP:

  • Is FTP port open?
  • Is it possible to log in the FTP server as anonymous user (or with specific login and password)?
  • If connected:
    • Grab the welcome banner (can contain information of deprecated FTP(s) servers)
  • If logged in:
    • Grab full or partial list of accessible files and folders in the server
    • Check write/read rights on file/folder
    • Check Unix permissions on root folders and files (000 to 777)


This project is under MIT license. This means you can use it as you want (just don't delete the library header).


If you want to add more examples or improve the library, just create a pull request with proper commit message and right wrapping.