Augmented Reality Chat for iOS code sample (works with Facebook API and QuickBlox API)
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ChattAR, Augmented Reality Chat for iOS

ChattAR project is a code sample for QuickBlox platform and a real app at the same time. It is a great way for developers using QuickBlox platform to learn how to implement specific APIs. ChattAR features Facebook API, Location, Chat and Augmented Reality view

This is an iOS build, integrated QuickBlox components are described below:

Location Based Chat (MapChat) for iOS: This blox allows to see users POIs and content over GoogleMap Location based Chat iOS

Augmented Reality Chat (AR Chat) for iOS This blox allows to see users' POIs and content in Augmented Reality world (phone camera overlay)

Augmented Reality Chat iOS       

Group Chat (Local Chat room) for iOS This blox allows to connect local users in a group chat room Group Chat room iOS

Important - how to build your own Augmented Reality Chat app

If you want to build your own iOS app using ChattAR as a basis, please do the following:
Note: you can also watch our video turotial on Youtube.
1) download the project from here (GIT)
2) register a QuickBlox account (if you don't have one yet):
3) log in to QuickBlox admin panel []
4) create a new app
5) click on the app title in the list to reveal app details:

App credentials

6) copy credentials (App ID, Authorization key, Authorization secret) into your ChattAR project code in ChattARAppDelegate.m
7) Enjoy!