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Dockerized Theos

VS Code Dev Container

  • Objective-C code intellisense
  • Project build task

Integration Ideas

  • clang-8 and clangd lsp for better dev experience
  • make install (however I don't have jailbroken devices for testing)
  • swift code intellisense
  • install normal apps (?)
  • lldb debugging with real devices (?)

Usage Demo

$ docker pull qusic/theos
$ docker run -it --rm qusic/theos

root@container:~# cd
root@container:~# pwd

NIC 2.0 - New Instance Creator
  [1.] iphone/activator_event
  [2.] iphone/application_modern
  [3.] iphone/application_swift
  [4.] iphone/flipswitch_switch
  [5.] iphone/framework
  [6.] iphone/library
  [7.] iphone/preference_bundle_modern
  [8.] iphone/tool
  [9.] iphone/tool_swift
  [10.] iphone/tweak
  [11.] iphone/xpc_service
Choose a Template (required): 10
Project Name (required): demo
Package Name [com.yourcompany.demo]:
Author/Maintainer Name [root]:
[iphone/tweak] MobileSubstrate Bundle filter []:
[iphone/tweak] List of applications to terminate upon installation (space-separated, '-' for none) [SpringBoard]:
Instantiating iphone/tweak in demo/...

root@container:~# cd demo/
root@container:~/demo# ls
Makefile  Tweak.x  control  packages  demo.plist

root@container:~/demo# make
> Making all for tweak demo…
==> Preprocessing Tweak.x…
==> Preprocessing Tweak.x…
==> Compiling Tweak.x (armv7)…
==> Compiling Tweak.x (arm64)…
==> Linking tweak demo (armv7)…
rm /root/demo/.theos/obj/debug/armv7/Tweak.x.m
==> Linking tweak demo (arm64)…
rm /root/demo/.theos/obj/debug/arm64/Tweak.x.m
==> Merging tweak demo…
==> Signing demo…

root@container:~/demo# make package
> Making all for tweak demo…
make[2]: Nothing to be done for 'internal-library-compile'.
> Making stage for tweak demo… building package `com.yourcompany.demo:iphoneos-arm' in `./packages/com.yourcompany.demo_0.0.1-1+debug_iphoneos-arm.deb'

root@container:~/demo# make install
==> Error: make install requires that you set THEOS_DEVICE_IP in your environment.
==> Notice: It is also recommended that you have public-key authentication set up for root over SSH, or you will be entering your password a lot.
/opt/theos/makefiles/ recipe for target 'internal-install' failed
make: *** [internal-install] Error 1