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Scrapes all Packages from the Site
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Scrapes all Packages from the Site. At the time is wrote this script, there was no API so i used the google chrome headless mode to download the files.

The script scans each page on the packages page for the package links. In the next step the collected links will be downloaded.

The google chrome headless modes makes it very easy with the login system and the downloading.



Create a account at the site and change the settings in the script:

  • line 39 change YOUR_EMAIL with your email
  • line 42 change YOUR_PASSWORD with your password


The script and the ChromeDriver in the same directory

  • run the chrome driver in a other Terminal ./chromedriver
  • run python ./src/ to start downloading


Op1.Fun hosts its files on AWS, the script waits after each download a bit to not trigger a the spam/ddos system from AWS. After 12 downloads there is an other delay too. That helps to prevent access errors. For a complete download of all packages (140 pages 03.06.2019) you will need two daysm with my delay settings. May you can decrese the wait time in a public network.


The following regex statements are used to find the links in the page:

  • \?page\=(\d)*\">Last" to find the last page index (line 55)

  • <a class=\"pack-name parent-link\" href=\"(.)*\">(.)*<\/a to get on each packs page, the link to the packs (line 93)

  • elem = driver.find_element_by_class_name('download').click() find the download button on a pack site

TESTED MacOSX, 03.06.2019

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