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2017/01/29 RELEASE 4.2.2

This is a bug-fix release, and the last release in the 4.X.X series.

Bug fixes:

  • SPARQL bugs fixed:
    • Fix for filters in sub-queries #693
    • Fixed bind, initBindings and filter problems #294 #555 #580 #586 #601 #615 #617 #619 #630 #653 #686 #688 #692
    • Fixed unexpected None value in SPARQL-update #633 #634
    • Fix sparql, group by and count of null values with optional #631
    • Fixed sparql sub-query and aggregation bugs #607 #610 #628 #694
    • Fixed parsing Complex BGPs as triples #622 #623
    • Fixed DISTINCT being ignored inside aggregate functions #404 #611 #678
    • Fix unicode encoding errors in sparql processor #446 #599
    • Fixed SPARQL select nothing no longer returning a None row #554 #592
    • Fixed aggregate operators COUNT and SAMPLE to ignore unbound / NULL values #564 #563 #567 #568
    • Fix sparql relative uris #523 #524
    • SPARQL can now compare xsd:date type as well, fixes #532 #532 #533
    • fix sparql path order on python3: "TypeError: unorderable types: SequencePath() < SequencePath()"" #492 #525
    • SPARQL parser now robust to spurious semicolon #381 #528
    • Let paths be comparable against all nodes even in py3 (preparedQuery error) #545 #552
    • Made behavior of initN in update and query more consistent #579 #600
  • SparqlStore:
    • SparqlStore now closes underlying urllib response body #638 #683
    • SparqlStore injectPrefixes only modifies query if prefixes present and if adds a newline in between #521 #522
  • Fixes and tests for AuditableStore #537 #557
  • Trig bugs fixed:
    • trig export of multiple graphs assigns wrong prefixes to prefixedNames #679
    • Trig serialiser writing empty named graph name for default graph #433
    • Trig parser can creating multiple contexts for the default graph #432
    • Trig serialisation handling prefixes incorrectly #428 #699
  • Fixed Nquads parser handling of triples in default graph #535 #536
  • Fixed TypeError in Turtle serializer (unorderable types: DocumentFragment() > DocumentFragment()) #613 #648 #666 #676
  • Fixed serialization and parsing of inf/nan #655 #658
  • Fixed RDFa parser from failing on time elements with child nodes #576 #577
  • Fix double reduction of \ escapes in from_n3 #546 #548
  • Fixed handling of xsd:base64Binary #646 #674
  • Fixed Collection.setitem broken #604 #605
  • Fix ImportError when main already loaded #616
  • Fixed broken top_level.txt file in distribution #571 #572 #573


  • Added support for Python 3.5+ #526
  • More aliases for common formats (nt, turtle) #701
  • Improved RDF1.1 ntriples support #695 #700
  • Dependencies updated and improved compatibility with pyparsing, html5lib, SPARQLWrapper and elementtree #550 #589 #606 #641 #642 #650 #671 #675 #684 #696
  • Improved prefix for SPARQL namespace in XML serialization #493 #588
  • Performance improvements:
    • SPARQL Aggregation functions don't build up memory for each row #678
    • Collections now support += (iadd), fixes slow creation of large lists #609 #612 #691
    • SPARQL Optimisation to expand BGPs in a smarter way #547
  • SPARQLStore improvements
    • improved SPARQLStore BNode customizability #511 #512 #513 #603
    • Adding the option of using POST for long queries in SPARQLStore #672 #673
    • Exposed the timeout of SPARQLWrapper #531
  • SPARQL prepared query now carries the original (unparsed) parameters #565
  • added .n3 methods for path objects #553
  • Added support for xsd:gYear and xsd:gYearMonth #635 #636
  • Allow duplicates in rdf:List #223 #690
  • Improved slicing of Resource objects #529


  • cleanup: SPARQL Prologue and Query new style classes #566
  • Reduce amount of warnings, especially closing opened file pointers #518 #651
  • Improved ntriples parsing exceptions to actually tell you what's wrong #640 #643
  • remove ancient and broken 2.3 support code. #680 #681
  • Logger output improved #662
  • properly cite RGDA1 #624
  • Avoid class reference to imported function #574 #578
  • Use find_packages for package discovery. #590
  • Prepared ClosedNamespace (and _RDFNamespace) to inherit from Namespace (5.0.0) #551 #595
  • Avoid verbose build logging #534
  • (ultra petty) Remove an unused import #593

Testing improvements:

  • updating deprecated testing syntax #697
  • make test 375 more portable (use sys.executable rather than python) #664 #668
  • Removed outdated, skipped test for #130 that depended on content from the internet #256
  • enable all warnings during travis nosetests #517
  • travis updates #659
  • travis also builds release branches #598

Doc improvements:

  • Update list of builtin serialisers in docstring #621
  • Update reference to "Emulating container types" #575 #581 #583 #584
  • docs: clarify the use of an identifier when persisting a triplestore #654
  • DOC: unamed -> unnamed, typos #562

2015/08/12 RELEASE 4.2.1

This is a bug-fix release.

Minor enhancements:

  • Added a Networkx connector #471, #507
  • Added a graph_tool connector #473
  • Added a graphs method to the Dataset object #504, #495
  • Batch commits for SPARQLUpdateStore #486

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bnode collision bug #506, #496, #494
  • fix util.from_n3() parsing Literals with datatypes and Namespace support #503, #502
  • make Identifier.__hash__ stable wrt. multi processes #501, #500
  • fix handling URLInputSource without content-type #499, #498
  • no relative import in algebra when run as a script #497
  • Duplicate option in armstrong theme.conf removed #491
  • Variable.__repr__ returns a python representation string, not n3 #488
  • fixed broken example #482
  • trig output fixes #480
  • set PYTHONPATH to make rdfpipe tests use the right rdflib version #477
  • fix RDF/XML problem with unqualified use of rdf:about #470, #468
  • AuditableStore improvements #469, #463
  • added asserts for graph.set([s,p,o]) so s and p aren't None #467
  • threading.RLock instances are context managers #465
  • SPARQLStore does not transform Literal('') into Literal('None') anymore #459, #457
  • slight performance increase for graph.all_nodes() #458

Testing improvements:

  • travis: migrate to docker container infrastructure #508
  • test for narrow python builds (chars > 0xFFFF) (related to #453, #454 ) #456, #509
  • dropped testing py3.2 #448
  • Running a local fuseki server on travis and making it failsafe #476, #475, #474, #466, #460
  • exclude def main(): functions from test coverage analysis #472

2015/02/19 RELEASE 4.2.0

This is a new minor version of RDFLib including a handful of new features:

  • Supporting N-Triples 1.1 syntax using UTF-8 encoding #447, #449, #400
  • Graph comparison now really works using RGDA1 (RDF Graph Digest Algorithm 1) #441 #385
  • More graceful degradation than simple crashing for unicode chars > 0xFFFF on narrow python builds. Parsing such characters will now work, but issue a UnicodeWarning. If you run python -W all you will already see a warning on import rdflib will show a warning (ImportWarning). #453, #454
  • URLInputSource now supports json-ld #425
  • SPARQLStore is now graph aware #401, #402
  • SPARQLStore now uses SPARQLWrapper for updates #397
  • Certain logging output is immediately shown in interactive mode #414
  • Python 3.4 fully supported #418

Minor enhancements & bugs fixed:

  • Fixed double invocation of 2to3 #437
  • PyRDFa parser missing brackets #434
  • Correctly handle \uXXXX and \UXXXXXXXX escapes in n3 files #426
  • Logging cleanups and keeping it on stderr #420 #414 #413
  • n3: allow @base URI to have a trailing '#' #407 #379
  • microdata: add file:// to base if it's a filename so rdflib can parse its own output #406 #403
  • TSV Results parse skips empty bindings in result #390
  • fixed accidental test run due to name #389
  • Bad boolean list serialization to Turtle & fixed ambiguity between Literal(False) and None #387 #382
  • Current version number & PyPI link in #383

2014/04/15 RELEASE 4.1.2

This is a bug-fix release.

  • Fixed unicode/str bug in py3 for rdfpipe #375

2014/03/03 RELEASE 4.1.1

This is a bug-fix release.

This will be the last RDFLib release to support python 2.5.

  • The RDF/XML Parser was made stricter, now raises exceptions for illegal repeated node-elements. #363

  • The SPARQLUpdateStore now supports non-ascii unicode in update statements #356

  • Fixed a bug in the NTriple/NQuad parser wrt. to unicode escape sequences #352

  • HTML5Lib is no longer pinned to 0.95 #355

  • RDF/XML Serializer now uses parseType=Literal for well-formed XML literals

  • A bug in the manchester OWL syntax was fixed #355

2013/12/31 RELEASE 4.1

This is a new minor version RDFLib, which includes a handful of new features:

  • A TriG parser was added (we already had a serializer) - it is up-to-date wrt. to the newest spec from:

  • The Turtle parser was made up to date wrt. to the latest Turtle spec.

  • Many more tests have been added - RDFLib now has over 2000 (passing!) tests. This is mainly thanks to the NT, Turtle, TriG, NQuads and SPARQL test-suites from W3C. This also included many fixes to the nt and nquad parsers.

  • ConjunctiveGraph and Dataset now support directly adding/removing quads with add/addN/remove methods.

  • rdfpipe command now supports datasets, and reading/writing context sensitive formats.

  • Optional graph-tracking was added to the Store interface, allowing empty graphs to be tracked for Datasets. The DataSet class also saw a general clean-up, see: #309

  • After long deprecation, BackwardCompatibleGraph was removed.

Minor enhancements/bugs fixed:

  • Many code samples in the documentation were fixed thanks to @PuckCh

  • The new IOMemory store was optimised a bit

  • SPARQL(Update)Store has been made more generic.

  • MD5 sums were never reinitialized in

  • Correct default value for empty prefix in N3 #312

  • Fixed tests when running in a non UTF-8 locale #344

  • Prefix in the original turtle have an impact on SPARQL query resolution #313

  • Duplicate BNode IDs from N3 Parser #305

  • Use QNames for TriG graph names #330

  • \uXXXX escapes in Turtle/N3 were fixed #335

  • A way to limit the number of triples retrieved from the SPARQLStore was added #346

  • Dots in localnames in Turtle #345 #336

  • BNode as Graph's public ID #300

  • Introduced ordering of QuotedGraphs #291

2013/05/22 RELEASE 4.0.1

Following RDFLib tradition, some bugs snuck into the 4.0 release. This is a bug-fixing release:

  • the new URI validation caused lots of problems, but is nescessary to avoid ''RDF injection'' vulnerabilities. In the spirit of ''be liberal in what you accept, but conservative in what you produce", we moved validation to serialisation time.

  • the package was missing from the script, and was therefore not included in the PYPI tarballs.

  • RDF parser choked on empty namespace URI #288

  • Parsing from sys.stdin was broken #285

  • The new IO store had problems with concurrent modifications if several graphs used the same store #286

  • Moved HTML5Lib dependency to the recently released 1.0b1 which support python3

2013/05/16 RELEASE 4.0

This release includes several major changes:

  • The new SPARQL 1.1 engine (rdflib-sparql) has been included in the core distribution. SPARQL 1.1 queries and updates should work out of the box.

    • SPARQL paths are exposed as operators on URIRefs, these can then be be used with graph.triples and friends:

      # List names of friends of Bob:
      g.triples(( bob, FOAF.knows/ , None ))
      # All super-classes:
      g.triples(( cls, RDFS.subClassOf * '+', None ))
      • a new graph.update method will apply SPARQL update statements
  • Several RDF 1.1 features are available:

    • A new DataSet class
    • XMLLiteral and HTMLLiterals
    • BNode (de)skolemization is supported through BNode.skolemize, URIRef.de_skolemize, Graph.skolemize and Graph.de_skolemize
  • Handled of Literal equality was split into lexical comparison (for normal == operator) and value space (using new Node.eq methods). This introduces some slight backwards incomaptible changes, but was necessary, as the old version had inconsisten hash and equality methods that could lead the literals not working correctly in dicts/sets. The new way is more in line with how SPARQL 1.1 works. For the full details, see:

  • Iterating over QueryResults will generate ResultRow objects, these allow access to variable bindings as attributes or as a dict. I.e.

    for row in graph.query('select ... ') :
       print row.age, row["name"]
  • "Slicing" of Graphs and Resources as syntactic sugar: (#271)

    graph[bob : FOAF.knows/]
              -> generator over the names of Bobs friends
  • The SPARQLStore and SPARQLUpdateStore are now included in the RDFLib core

  • The documentation has been given a major overhaul, and examples for most features have been added.

Minor Changes:

  • String operations on URIRefs return new URIRefs: (#258)

    >>> URIRef('')+'test
  • Parser/Serializer plugins are also found by mime-type, not just by plugin name: (#277)

  • Namespace is no longer a subclass of URIRef

  • URIRefs and Literal language tags are validated on construction, avoiding some "RDF-injection" issues (#266)

  • A new memory store needs much less memory when loading large graphs (#268)

  • Turtle/N3 serializer now supports the base keyword correctly (#248)

  • py2exe support was fixed (#257)

  • Several bugs in the TriG serializer were fixed

  • Several bugs in the NQuads parser were fixed

2013/03/01 RELEASE 3.4

This release introduced new parsers for structured data in HTML. In particular formats: hturtle, rdfa, mdata and an auto-detecting html format were added. Thanks to Ivan Herman for this!

This release includes a lot of admin maintentance - correct dependencies for different python versions, etc. Several py3 bugs were also fixed.

This release drops python 2.4 compatability - it was just getting too expensive for us to maintain. It should however be compatible with any cpython from 2.5 through 3.3.

  • node.md5_term is now deprecated, if you use it let us know.

  • Literal.datatype/language are now read-only properties (#226)

  • Serializing to file fails in py3 (#249)

  • TriX serializer places two xmlns attributes on same element (#250)

  • RDF/XML parser fails on when XML namespace is not explicitly declared (#247)

  • Resource class should "unbox" Resource instances on add (#215)

  • Turtle/N3 does not encode final quote of a string (#239)

  • float Literal precision lost when serializing graph to turtle or n3 (#237)

  • plain-literal representation of xsd:decimals fixed

  • allow read-only sleepycat stores

  • language tag parsing in N3/Turtle fixes to allow several subtags.

2012/10/10 RELEASE 3.2.3

Almost identical to 3.2.2 A stupid bug snuck into 3.2.2, and querying graphs were broken.

  • Fixes broken querying (#234)
  • graph.transitiveClosure now works with loops (#206)

2012/09/25 RELEASE 3.2.2

This is mainly a maintenance release.

This release should be compatible with python 2.4 through to 3.


  • Improved serialization/parsing roundtrip tests led to some fixes of obscure parser/serializer bugs. In particular complex string Literals in ntriples improved a lot.
  • The terms of a triple are now asserted to be RDFLib Node's in graph.add This should avoid getting strings and other things in the store. (#200)
  • Added a specific TurtleParser that does not require the store to be non-formula aware. (#214)
  • A trig-serializer was added, see:
  • BNode generation was made thread-safe (#209) (also fixed better by dzinxed)
  • Illegal BNode IDs removed from NT output: (#212)
  • and more minor bug fixes that had no issues

2012/04/24 RELEASE 3.2.1

This is mainly a maintenance release.


  • New setuptools entry points for query processors and results

  • Literals constructed from other literals copy datatype/lang (#188)

  • Relative URIs are resolved incorrectly after redirects (#130)

  • Illegal prefixes in turtle output (#161)

  • Sleepcat store unstable prefixes (#201)

  • Consistent toPyton() for all node objects (#174)

  • Better random BNode ID in multi-thread environments (#185)

2012/01/19 RELEASE 3.2.0

Major changes:

2011/03/17 RELEASE 3.1.0

Fixed a range of minor issues:

2010/05/13 RELEASE 3.0.0

Working test suite with all tests passing.

Removed dependency on setuptools.

(Issue #43) Updated Package and Module Names to follow conventions outlined in

Removed SPARQL bits and non core plugins. They are mostly moving to at least until they are stable.

Fixed datatype for Literal(True).

Fixed Literal to enforce contraint of having either a language or datatype but not both.

Fixed Literal's repr.

Fixed to Graph Add/Sub/Mul opterators.

Upgraded RDFa parser to pyRdfa.

Upgraded N3 parser to the one from CWM.

Fixed unicode encoding issue involving N3Parser.

N3 serializer improvments.

Fixed HTTP content-negotiation

Fixed Store.namespaces method (which caused a few issues depending on Store implementation being used.)

Fixed interoperability issue with plugin module.

Fixed use of Deprecated functionality.

2009/03/30 RELEASE 2.4.1

Fixed Literal comparison case involving Literal's with datatypes of XSD.base64Binary.

Fixed case where was matching before XSD.dateTime for datetime instances.

Fixed jython interoperability issue (issue #53).

Fixed Literal repr to handle apostrophes correctly (issue #28).

Fixed Literal's repr to be consistent with its __init__ (issue #33).

2007/04/04 RELEASE 2.4.0

Improved Literal comparison / equality

Sparql cleanup.

getLiteralValue now returns the Literal object instead of the result of toPython(). Now that Literals override a good coverage of comparison operators, they should be passed around as first class objects in the SPARQL evaluation engine.

Added support for session bnodes re: sparql

Fixed prolog reduce/reduce conflict. Added Py_None IncRefs where they were being passed into Python method invokations (per drewp's patch)

Fixed sparql queries involving empty namespace prefix.

Fixed the selected variables sparql issue

Fixed support in SPARQL queries.

Fixed involving multiple unions and queries are nested more than one level (bug in _getAllVariables causing failure when is None)


Fixed sparql json result comma errors issue.

Fixed (SELECT * variables out of order)

Added a 4Suite-based SPARQL XML Writer implementation. If 4Suite is not installed, the fallback python saxutils is used instead

applied patch from

The restriction on GRAPH patterns with variables has been relieved a bit to allow such usage when the variable is provided as an initial binding

Fix for OPTIONAL patterns. P1 OPT P2, where P1 and P2 shared variables which were bound to BNodes were not unifying on these BNode variable efficiently / correctly. The fix was to add bindings for 'stored' BNodes so they aren't confused for wildcards

Added support to n3 parser for retaining namespace bindings.

Fixed several RDFaParser bugs.

Added serializer specific argument support.

Fixed a few PrettyXMLSerializer issues and added a max_depth option.

Fixed some TurtleSerializer issues.

Fixed some N3Serializer issues.

Added support easy_install

added link to long_descriptin for easy_install -U rdflib==dev to work; added download_url back

added continuous-releases-using-subversion bit

Added rdflib_tools package Added rdfpipe Added initial EARLPluging

Improved test running... using nose... added tests

Exposed generated test cases for nose to find. added bit to configure ' nosetests' to run doc tests

added nose test bits

Added md5_term_hash method to terms.

Added commit_pending_transaction argument to Graph's close method.

Added DeprecationWarning to rdflib.constants

Added a NamespaceDict class for those who want to avoid the Namespace as subclass of URIRef issues

Added bind function

Fixed type of Namespace re: URIRef vs. unicode

Improved ValueError message

Changed value method's any argument to default to True

Changed __repr__ to always reflect that it's an rdf.Literal -- as this is the case even though we now have it acting like the corresponding type in some casses

A DISTINCT was added to the SELECT clause to ensure duplicate triples are not returned (an RDF graph is a set of triples) - which can happen for certain join expressions.

Support for ConditionalAndExpressionList and RelationalExpressionList (|| and && operators in FILTER)

Fixed context column comparison. The hash integer was being compared with 'F' causing a warning:Warning: Truncated incorrect DOUBLE value: 'F'

applied patch in

fix for

General code cleanup (removing redundant imports, changing relative imports to absolute imports etc)

Removed usage of deprecated bits.

Added a number of test cases.

Added DeprecationWarning for save method

refactoring of GraphPattern

ReadOnlyGraphAggregate uses Graph constructor properly to setup (optionally) a common store

Fixed bug with . (fullstop) in localname parts.

Changed Graph's value method to return None instead of raising an AssertionError.

Fixed conversion of (exiplicit) MySQL ports to integers.

Fixed MySQL store so it properly calculates __len__ of individual Graphs

Aligned with how Sleepycat is generating events (remove events are expressed in terms of interned strings)

Added code to catch unpickling related exceptions

Added BerkeleyDB store implementation.

Merged TextIndex from michel-events branch.

2006/10/15 RELEASE 2.3.3

Added TriXParser, N3Serializer and TurtleSerializer.

Added events to store interface: StoreCreated, TripleAdded and TripleRemoved.

Added Journal Reader and Writer.

Removed Sleepycat level journaling.

Added support for triple quoted Literal's.

Fixed some corner cases with Literal comparison.

Fixed PatternResolution for patterns that return contexts only.

Fixed NodePickler not to choke on unhashable objects.

Fixed Namespace's __getattr__ hack to ignore names starting with __

Added SPARQL != operator.

Fixed query result __len__ (more efficient).

Fixed and improved RDFa parser.

redland patches from

various patches for the testsuite -

2006/08/01 RELEASE 2.3.2

Added SPARQL query support.

Added XSD to/from Python datatype support to Literals.

Fixed ConjunctiveGraph so that it is a proper subclass of Graph.

Added Deprecation Warning when BackwardCompatGraph gets used.

Added RDFa parser.

Added Collection Class for working with RDF Collections.

Added method to Graph for testing connectedness

Fixed bug in N3 parser where identical BNodes were not being combined.

Fixed literal quoting in N3 serializer.

Fixed RDF/XML serializer to skip over N3 bits.

Changed Literal and URIRef instanciation to catch UnicodeDecodeErrors - which were being thrown when the default decoding method (ascii) was hitting certain characters.

Changed Graph's bind method to also override the binding in the case of an existing generated bindings.

Added FOPLRelationalModel - a set of utility classes that implement a minimal Relational Model of FOPL implemented as a SQL database (uses identifier/value interning and integer half-md5-hashes for space and index efficiency).

Changed MySQL store to use FOPLRelationalModel plus fixes and improvements.

Added more test cases.

Cleaned up source code to follow pep8 / pep257.

2006/02/27 RELEASE 2.3.1

Added save method to BackwardCompatibleGraph so that etc work again.

Applied patch from Drew Perttula to add local_time_zone argument to util's date_time method.

Fixed a relativize bug in the rdf/xml serializer.

Fixed NameError: global name 'URIRef' is not defined error in by adding missing import.

Applied patch for Seq to sort list by integer, added by Drew Hess.

Added a preserve_bnode_ids option to rdf/xml parser.

Applied assorted patches for tests (see )

Applied redland.diff (see )

Applied changes specified

Added a set method to Graph.

Fixed RDF/XML serializer so that it does not choke on n3 bits (rather it'll just ignore them)

2005/12/23 RELEASE 2.3.0

See for most up-to-date release notes

Added N3 support to Graph and Store.

Added Sean's n3p parser, and ntriples parser.

Sleepycat implementation has been revamped in the process of expanding it to support the new requirements n3 requirements. It also now persists a journal -- more to come.

detabified source files.

Literal and parsers now distinguish between datatype of None and datatype of "".

Store-agnostic 'fallback' implementation of REGEX matching (inefficient but provides the capability to stores that don't support it natively). Implemented as a 'wrapper' around any Store which replaces REGEX terms with None (before dispatching to the store) and whittles out results that don't match the given REGEX term expression(s).

Store-agnostic 'fallback' implementation of transactional rollbacks (also inefficient but provides the capablity to stores that don't support it natively). Implemented as a wrapper that tracks a 'thread-safe' list of reversal operations (for every add, track the remove call that reverts the store, and vice versa). Upon store.rollback(), execute the reverse operations. However, this doesn't guarantee durability, since if the system fails before the rollbacks are all executed, the store will remain in an invalid state, but it provides Atomicity in the best case scenario.

2005/10/10 RELEASE 2.2.3

Fixed Sleepycat backend to commit after an add and remove. This should help just a bit with those unclean shutdowns ;)

Fixed use of logging so that it does not mess with the root logger. Thank you, Arve, for pointing this one out.

Fixed Graph's value method to have default for subject in addition to predicate and object.

Fixed Fourthought backend to be consistent with interface. It now supports an empty constructor and an open method that takes a configuration string.

2005/09/10 RELEASE 2.2.2

Applied patch from inkel to add encoding argument to all serialization related methods.

Fixed XMLSerializer bug regarding default namespace bindings.

Fixed namespace binding bug involving binding a second default namespace.

Applied patch from Gunnar AAstrand Grimnes to add context support to __iadd__ on Graph. (Am considering the lack of context support a bug. Any users currently using __iadd__, let me know if this breaks any of your code.)

Added Fourthought backend contributed by Chimezie Ogbuji.

Fixed a RDF/XML parser bug relating to XMLLiteral and escaping.

Fixed so that install does not try to uninstall (rename_old) before installing; there's now an uninstall command if one needs to uninstall.

2005/08/25 RELEASE 2.2.1

Fixed issue regarding Python2.3 compatibility.

Fixed minor issue with URIRef's absolute method.

2005/08/12 RELEASE 2.1.4

Added optional base argument to URIRef.

Fixed bug where load and parse had inconsistent behavior.

Added a FileInputSource.

Added skeleton sparql parser and test framework.

Included pyparsing ( for sparql parsing.

Added attribute support to namespaces.

2005/06/28 RELEASE 2.1.3

Added Ivan's sparql-p implementation.

Literal is now picklable.

Added optional base argument to serialize methods about which to relativize.

Applied patch to remove some dependencies on Python 2.4 features.

Fixed BNode's n3 serialization bug (recently introduced).

Fixed a collections related bug.

2005/05/13 RELEASE 2.1.2

Added patch from Sidnei da Silva that adds a sqlobject based backend.

Fixed bug in PrettyXMLSerializer (rdf prefix decl was missing sometimes)

Fixed bug in RDF/XML parser where empty collections where causing exceptions.

2005/05/01 RELEASE 2.1.1

Fixed a number of bugs relating to 2.0 backward compatibility.

Fixed split_uri to handle URIs with _ in them properly.

Fixed bug in RDF/XML handler's absolutize that would cause some URIRefs to end in ##

Added check_context to Graph.

Added patch the improves IOMemory implementation.

2005/04/12 RELEASE 2.1.0

Merged TripleStore and InformationStore into Graph.

Added plugin support (or at least cleaned up, made consistent the plugin support that existed).

Added value and seq methods to Graph.

Renamed prefix_mapping to bind.

Added namespaces method that is a generator over all prefix, namespace bindings.

Added notion of NamespaceManager.

Added couple new backends, IOMemory and ZODB.

2005/03/19 RELEASE 2.0.6

Added pretty-xml serializer (inlines BNodes where possible, typed nodes, Collections).

Fixed bug in NTParser and n3 methods where not all characters where being escaped.

Changed label and comment methods to return default passed in when there is no label or comment. Moved methods to Store Class. Store no longer inherits from Schema.

Fixed bug involving a case with rdf:about='#'

Changed InMemoryBackend to update third index in the same style it does the first two.

2005/01/08 RELEASE 2.0.5

Added publicID argument to Store's load method.

Added RDF and RDFS to top level rdflib package.

2004/10/14 RELEASE 2.0.4

Removed unfinished functionality.

Fixed bug where another prefix other than rdf was getting defined for the rdf namespace (causing an assertion to fail).

Fixed bug in serializer where nodeIDs were not valid NCNames.

2004/04/21 RELEASE 2.0.3

Added missing "from future import generators" statement to InformationStore.

Simplified RDF/XML serializer fixing a few bugs involving BNodes.

Added a reset method to RDF/XML parser.

Changed 'if foo' to "if foo is not None" in a few places in the RDF/XML parser.

Fully qualified imports in rdflib.syntax {parser, serializer}.

Context now goes through InformationStore (was bypassing it going directly to backend).

2004/03/22 RELEASE 2.0.2

Improved performance of Identifier equality tests.

Added missing "from future import generators" statements needed to run on Python2.2.

Added alternative to shlib.move() if it isn't present.

Fixed bug that occured when specifying a backend to InformationStore's constructor.

Fixed bug recently introduced into InformationStore's remove method.

2004/03/15 RELEASE 2.0.1

Fixed a bug in the SleepyCatBackend multi threaded concurrency support. (Tested fairly extensively under the following conditions: multi threaded, multi process, and both).

NOTE: fix involved change to database format -- so 2.0.1 will not be able to open databases created with 2.0.0

Removed the use of the Concurrent wrapper around InMemoryBackend and modified InMemoryBackend to handle concurrent requests. (Motivated by Concurrent's poor performance on bigger TripleStores.)

Improved the speed of len(store) by making backends responsible for implementing __len__.

Context objects now have a identifier property.

2004/03/10 RELEASE 2.0.0

Fixed a few bugs in the SleepyCatBackend multi process concurrency support.

Removed rdflib.Resource

Changed remove to now take a triple pattern and removed remove_triples method.

Added __iadd__ method to Store in support of store += another_store.

2004/01/04 RELEASE 1.3.2

Added a serialization dispatcher.

Added format arg to save method.

Store now remembers prefix/namespace bindings.

Backends are now more pluggable


2003/10/14 RELEASE 1.3.1

Fixed bug in serializer where triples where only getting serialized the first time.

Added type checking for contexts.

Fixed bug that caused comparisons with a Literal to fail when the right hand side was not a string.

Added DB_INIT_CDB flag to SCBacked for supporting multiple reader/single writer access

Changed rdf:RDF to be optional to conform with latest spec.

Fixed handling of XMLLiterals

2003/04/40 RELEASE 1.3.0

Removed bag_id support and added it to OLD_TERMS.

Added a double hash for keys in SCBacked.

Fixed _HTTPClient so that it no longer removes metadata about a context right after it adds it.

Added a KDTreeStore and RedlandStore backends.

Added a StoreTester.

2003/02/28 RELEASE 1.2.4

Fixed bug in SCBackend where language and datatype information where being ignored.

Fixed bug in transitive_subjects.

Updated some of the test cases that where not up to date.

async_load now adds more http header and error information to the InformationStore.

2003/02/11 RELEASE 1.2.3

Fixed bug in load methods where relative URLs where not being absolutized correctly on Windows.

Fixed serializer so that it throws an exception when trying to serialize a graph with a predicate that can not be split.

2003/02/07 RELEASE 1.2.2

Added an exists method to the BackwardCompatibility mixin.

Added versions of remove, remove_triples and triples methods to the BackwardCompatility mixin for TripleStores that take an s, p, o as opposed to an (s, p, o).

2003/02/03 RELEASE 1.2.1

Added support for parsing XMLLiterals.

Added support for proper charmod checking (only works in Python2.3).

Fixed remaining rdfcore test cases that where not passing.

Fixed windows bug in AbstractInformationStore's run method.

2003/01/02 RELEASE 1.2.0

Added systemID, line #, and column # to error messages.

BNode prefix is now composed of ascii_letters instead of letters.

Added a bsddb backed InformationStore.

Added an asyncronous load method, methods for scheduling context updates, and a run method.

2002/12/16 RELEASE 1.1.5

Introduction of InformationStore, a TripleStore with the addition of context support.

Resource __getitem__ now returns object (no longer returns a Resource for the object).

Fixed bug in parser that was introduced in last release regaurding unqualified names.

2002/12/10 RELEASE 1.1.4

Interface realigned with last stable release.

Serializer now uses more of the abbreviated forms where possible.

Parser optimized and cleaned up.

Added third index to InMemoryStore.

The load and parse methods now take a single argument.

Added a StringInputSource for to support parsing from strings.

Renamed rdflib.BTreeTripleStore.TripleStore to rdflib.BTreeTripleStore.BTreeTripleStore.

Minor reorganization of mix-in classes.

2002/12/03 RELEASE 1.1.3

BNodes now created with a more unique identifier so BNodes from different sessions do not collide.

Added initial support for XML Literals (for now they are parsed into Literals).

Resource is no longer a special kind of URIRef.

Resource no longer looks at range to determine default return type for __getitem__. Instead there is now a get(predicate, default) method.

2002/11/21 RELEASE 1.1.2

Fixed Literal's __eq__ method so that Literal('foo')=='foo' etc.

Fixed Resource's __setitem__ method so that it does not raise a dictionary changed size while iterating exception.

2002/11/09 RELEASE 1.1.1

Resource is now a special kind of URIRef

Resource's __getitem__ now looks at rdfs:range to determine return type in default case.

2002/11/05 RELEASE 1.1.0

A new development branch

Cleaned up interface and promoted it to SIR: Simple Interface for RDF.

Updated parser to use SAX2 interfaces instead of using expat directly.

Added BTreeTripleStore, a ZODB BTree TripleStore backend. And a default pre-mixed TripleStore that uses it.

Synced with latest (Editor's draft) RDF/XML spec.

Added datatype support.

Cleaned up interfaces for load/parse: removed generate_path from loadsave andrenamed parse_URI to parse.

2002/10/08 RELEASE 0.9.6

The end of a development branch

BNode can now be created with specified value.

Literal now has a language attribute.

Parser now creates Literals with language attribute set appropriately as determined by xml:lang attributes.

TODO: Serializer-Literals-language attribute

TODO: Change __eq__ so that Literal("foo")=="foo" etc

TripleStores now support "in" operator. For example: if (s, p, o) in store: print "Found ", s, p, o

Added APIs/object for working at level of a Resource. NOTE: This functionality is still experimental

Consecutive Collections now parse correctly.

2002/08/06 RELEASE 0.9.5

Added support for rdf:parseType="Collection"

Added items generator for getting items in a Collection

Renamed rdflib.triple_store to rdflib.TripleStore to better follow python style conventions.

Added an Identifier Class

Moved each node into its own Python module.

Added rdflib.util with a first and uniq function.

Added a little more to

Removed generate_uri since we have BNodes now.

2002/07/29 RELEASE 0.9.4

Added support for proposed rdf:nodeID to both the parser and serializer.

Reimplemented serializer which now nests things where possible.

Added partial support for XML Literal parseTypes.

2002/07/16 RELEASE 0.9.3

Fixed bug where bNodes where being created for nested property elements when they where not supposed to be.

Added lax mode that will convert rdf/xml files that contain bare IDs etc. Also, lax mode will only report parse errors instead of raising exceptions.

Added missing check for valid attribute names in the case of production 5.18 of latest WD spec.

2002/07/05 RELEASE 0.9.2

Added missing constants for SUBPROPERTYOF, ISDEFINEDBY.

Added test case for running all of the rdf/xml test cases.

Reimplemented rdf/xml parser to conform to latest WD.

2002/06/10 RELEASE 0.9.1

There is now a remove and a remove_triples (no more overloaded remove).

Layer 2 has been merged with layer 1 since there is no longer a need for them to be separate layers.

The generate_uri method has moved to LoadSave since triple stores do not have a notion of a uri. [Also, with proper bNode support on its way the need for a generate_uri might not be as high.]

Fixed bug in node's n3 function: URI -> URIRef.

Replaced string based exceptions with class based exceptions.

Added PyUnit TestCase for

Added N-Triples parser.

Added __len__ and __eq__ methods to store interface.

2002/06/04 RELEASE 0.9.0

Initial release after being split from redfootlib.