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REED Online Collection Files

This repository contains the TEI XML files that populate REED Online.

Directory Structure

The TEI/ directory contains the taxonomy.xml and glossary.xml files. These are not collection specific and will be updated with more information as each new collection is published. The records/ directory contains collection-specific files, with records transcriptions and associated editorial apparatus. The collection files reference common information in taxonomy.xml and glossary.xml.

How To Download Files

Even without a GitHub account, you can download the files.

  • To download a file, right click on the file name (control + click on Mac) and 'Save Link As' (wording will vary depending on browser). Or click on a file name to view the contents of the file and use the 'Raw' button on the top right to save the file.
  • To download the entire repository, use the 'Clone or download' button on the top right.


We welcome contributions to help improve the project; however, the files here are only copies of the files populating REED Online. Changes to the GitHub files do not affect the site. This is why we are not accepting pull requests at this time.

To suggest corrections to content or TEI encoding, please visit



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