Refractive Index Imaging

software libraries for refractive index imaging in 2D and in 3D

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  1. ODTbrain

    python3 library for diffraction tomography with the Born and Rytov approximations

    Python 5

  2. nrefocus

    python library for numerical focusing (refocusing, autofocusing) of complex wave fields

    Python 2

  3. radontea

    python library for tomographic image reconstruction

    Python 2 1

  4. FDTD_sinogram

    C++ scripts and Python wrappers for diffraction-tomographic sinogram generation using MEEP


  5. qpimage

    python3 library for manipulating quantitative phase images

    Python 1

  6. qpsphere

    python3 library for spheres in quantitative phase imaging

    Python 1

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