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This commit adds a working CI pipeline back to TeleIRC, given the recent
pricing changes to TravisCI has rendered it nonfunctional for TeleIRC.
This migrates our existing test suite to CircleCI, along with the
following changes:

* Go jobs:
	* Drop support for Go 1.14
	* Add support for Go 1.17
	* Update golangci-lint from v1.31.0 to v1.43.0
* Python job (for Sphinx documentation):
	* Update Python runtime from 3.7 to 3.10
	* Drop Pipenv for a simple requirements.txt for simplicity

Signed-off-by: Justin W. Flory (he/him) <>

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Go implementation of a Telegram <=> IRC bridge for use with any IRC channel and Telegram group


RITlug TeleIRC is a Go implementation of a Telegram <=> IRC bridge. TeleIRC works with any IRC channel and Telegram group. It bridges messages between a Telegram group and an IRC channel.

This bot was originally written for RITlug. Today, it is used by various communities.

Live demo

A public Telegram supergroup and IRC channel (on Freenode) are available for testing. Our developer community is found in these channels.

Contribute to TeleIRC

See our contributing guidelines.

Who uses TeleIRC?

See what projects and communities use TeleIRC.

Who uses TeleIRC?


See the project documentation to install and use TeleIRC.


TeleIRC is licensed under the GNU General Public License 3.0. Not a lawyer? Get a quick summary from on what you can, cannot, and must do.