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  • Logging – should go to a file or file+stdout
  • headers field from results JSON should add headers to the http:request


  • use new connection for each file transfer so we don’t have so many flow control issues when you want to dispatch queries but the connection is full of audio data.
  • integrate upnp port-fwd setup as a driver (miniupnpc)


  • integrate mxcl’s inotify/mac-equiv driver for insta-scanning. figure out if we can do it on windows too.
  • store dirs to be monitored somewhere (config file/fixed dir of symlinks? needs to be configured by a gui)


  • tidy up, build an internal api so other apps can use it, then make p2p bootstrap the mesh network by negotiating connections via xmpp msgs.


  • Provide a “can not download” option for streaming sites that don’t allow saving per their TOS (Rhapsody).
  • Can a resolver provide a url to a “listen” page that’s not an MP3? Unfortunately looks like we can’t stream directly – Rhapsody TOS


  • Hosted magnatune search index so clients can resolve free magnatune tracks
  • Spotify resolver (use despotify (premium subcribers only). or via spotify metadata api? )
  • Rhapsody resolver (USA only?)
  • Sexier web + desktop demos
  • Unit testing?
  • DAAP resolver (ie Firefly Media Server, etc)

XSPF Handling

XSPF urls can be handled by playlick or playgrub, like so:

Create in your /usr/bin:

firefox “$1”

and chmod +x it.

Go to firefox preferences, applications, and change the default app for XSPF to this script.
If not set, click an XSPF in firefox and set it to remember to use

Example XSPF file

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